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LoveReading Top 10

  1. What It Takes: How I Built a $100 Million Business Against the Odds Audiobook What It Takes: How I Built a $100 Million Business Against the Odds
  2. Stop Doing That Sh*t Audiobook Stop Doing That Sh*t
  3. Children of Blood and Bone Audiobook Children of Blood and Bone
  4. Let Love Have the Last Word Audiobook Let Love Have the Last Word
  5. What Red Was Audiobook What Red Was
  6. The Mister Audiobook The Mister
  7. Break Point: SAS: Who Dares Wins Host's Incredible True Story Audiobook Break Point: SAS: Who Dares Wins Host's Incredible True Story
  8. Love for Imperfect Things: How to Accept Yourself in a World Striving for Perfection Audiobook Love for Imperfect Things: How to Accept Yourself in a World Striving for Perfection
  9. The Doll Factory Audiobook The Doll Factory
  10. Hinch Yourself Happy: All The Best Cleaning Tips To Shine Your Sink And Soothe Your Soul Audiobook Hinch Yourself Happy: All The Best Cleaning Tips To Shine Your Sink And Soothe Your Soul
Spellslinger 5: Queenslayer Audiobook

Spellslinger 5: Queenslayer

Author: Sebastien De Castell Narrator: Joe Jameson Release Date: May 2019

The fifth book in the captivating SPELLSLINGER fantasy series. Kellen and Reichis have just finished fighting a duel in the desert when Kellen inadvertently smears blood on the Daroman flag - an act of treason for which the Marshals have no choice but to arrest him. Just before he's put before the Queen to be executed, Kellen is given a strange piece of advice from one of his fellow prisoners: kill the Queen and he'll be given clemency by those who take power. But when Kellen comes face-to-face with the eleven year-old monarch, he realises she's vastly smarter than he expected - and in a great deal more danger. Perfect for fans of The Dark Tower, Firefly, Guardians of the Galaxy, Terry Pratchett, Ben Aaronovitch and Jim Butcher.

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The Hooded Man Audiobook

The Hooded Man

Author: Barbara G. Tarn Narrator: Russell Newton Release Date: May 2019

Going home after fifteen years can be surprising... A young man heads back to his hometown to his beloved and finds a cruel governor ruling the city. But now he has secret skills to help him overcome. A Silvery Earth novella.

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Time's Demon Audiobook

Time's Demon

Author: D.B. Jackson Narrator: Helen Keeley Release Date: May 2019

Fifteen-year-old Tobias Doljan Walked back in time to prevent a war, but he instead found himself trapped in an adult body, with his king murdered and with an infant princess, Sofya, to protect. Now he's been joined by fellow Walker and Spanner Mara, and, together, they must find a way to undo the timeline that orphaned the princess and destroyed their future. Arrayed against them are assassins who share their time-traveling powers but have dark ambitions of their own, and the Tirribin demon Droë, whose desperate quest for human love and Tobias leads her into alliances that threaten all of Islevale.

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Sorcery of the Stony Heart Audiobook

Sorcery of the Stony Heart

Author: Kevan Dale Narrator: Rafe Beckley Release Date: May 2019

The key to unlocking the heart of sorcery August Swaine's secret pursuit of sorcery has cost him-he's down to his last few pennies. Agents of His Majesty scrutinize his every move, ready to jail him for practicing the unseen arts. Worse, a demon more powerful than any he's ever faced stalks him through the shadowy streets of London. As Swaine untangles the mystery of a cursed book, a beautiful actress, and the wanton heir to a brilliant magician's fortune, the key to all research comes tantalizingly within reach. But only if he can outwit those, both human and inhuman, intent on driving him into oblivion. Kevan Dale returns to the historical fantasy world of The Books of Conjury with the supernatural adventure novella Sorcery of the Stony Heart. Listen today!

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Last of My Kind Audiobook

Last of My Kind

Author: Antoine Bandele Narrator: Vondexter Montegut Ii Release Date: May 2019

When the war with the humans started, there were hundreds of us, then it was just me and Father. Now it's just me.  Uzoma, known throughout the land as the Human's Savior, the Great and Mighty, the Kishi Killer, has been devastating the demons called the kishi. After Yemi's father becomes Uzoma's latest casualty, Yemi realizes that he is all that is left of his kind. Set on avenging his father, he must begin a dark journey down a path he's not ready for. Because taking Uzoma down will not be easy. He has the village of Bajok under his thumb and possesses a weapon not even the humans know about.  But Yemi knows something. A secret known only to him and Uzoma. Will Yemi be able to use that secret to take down such a renowned and mighty warrior? Delve into this companion novella to The Kishi, an African fantasy based on Angola folklore.

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The War of the Worlds HCR 104 fm Edition Audiobook

The War of the Worlds HCR 104 fm Edition

Author: H G Wells Narrator: Michael Ward Release Date: May 2019

This timeless science fiction classic, depicting mans struggle by technologically superior invaders from Mars. Narrated by Michael Ward

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Wolf in the Attic Audiobook

Wolf in the Attic

Author: Paul Kearney Narrator: Bronwen Price Release Date: May 2019

Anna Francis lives in a tall old house with her father and her doll Penelope. She is a refugee, a piece of flotsam washed up in England by the tides of the Great War. Once upon a time, she had a mother and a brother, and they all lived together in the most beautiful city in the world. But that is all gone now, and only to her doll does she ever speak of it. And then one winter day, she finds an interloper in the attic. A boy named Luca with yellow eyes, who is as alone as she is. That day, she'll lose everything in her life, and find the only real friend she may ever know. "Very good indeed. A great Oxford novel; and the wonderfully conjured period detail...The characters are expertly written: they feel absolutely real, and the real-ness evocatively off sets the deftly handled supernatural elements." ADAM ROBERTS

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Bitten At Daybreak Audiobook

Bitten At Daybreak

Author: Deanna Chase Narrator: Traci Odom Release Date: May 2019

Badass witch Phoebe Kilsen has spent years looking for her brother. Now that she's found him, her world is turned upside down and everything she has ever known to be true appears to be false. Cut off from everyone except her brother, can she find a way back to her partner Dax, her best friend Willow, and her life's work with the Void? Or will she be destined to live a lie with a vampire she's never trusted? Contains mature themes.

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Tales of Kingshold Audiobook

Tales of Kingshold

Author: D.P. Woolliscroft Narrator: Sheila Dearden Release Date: May 2019

I am Mareth, and I collect tales-tales that do not make the official histories. Join me and learn the secret stories of those who sparked the wildfire. Stories from our past, from that fateful summer and its aftermath. If you loved Kingshold, discover the next installment in the epic Wildfire Cycle. Tales of Kingshold, Book 1.5 of the Wildfire Cycle, includes four novelettes and six short stories.

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The Falling Sky Collection Audiobook

The Falling Sky Collection

Author: L.A. Witt Narrator: Nick J. Russo Release Date: May 2019

Liam Lansing is heir to a prominent family of bio-modified vampires. That is, until he chooses the wrong lover and is cast down to the Gutter to scrape for his life. Daniel Harding is heir to Cybernetix and a prince of the corporate Sky. That is, until his ideology drives his father to put a price on his head, forcing him into the Gutter. Years of anger and a heap of mods have kept Daniel and Liam apart. They have no reason to trust each other, but a bargain that began with the simple urge to live soon reminds them of the love they once shared. Together, they plan to rip open the hidden corruption that runs the Sky - for vengeance, for justice, and for hope. Only through courage in the face of death - or worse - might Daniel and Liam change the world they live in and create something new under the sun. This collection includes the following titles, both of which are also available individually: - A Chip in His Shoulder - Something New Under the Sun

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The Daemon of Synar Audiobook

The Daemon of Synar

Author: Donna Mcdonald Narrator: Allyson Johnson Release Date: May 2019

Space is the final frontier, but it's never been this sexy or fun. Being the captain of the Liberator for many years, Liam Synar is familiar with fixing mistakes. But he's not sure how to fix the worst one he's made concerning his official mate. Merging Ania with Malachi, the Synar family's daemon, had been a desperate act to save her life after she'd all but died saving his. Since Ania being dead is not an option in Liam's reality, how could saving her be wrong?  Now not telling her what he did? Okay, that definitely isn't the smartest decision he's made. Leaving her and the Daemon of Synar behind on her planet had been for the good of all. Or so he's been telling himself over and over for the last two years they've been separated.  Things have changed though. His time of keeping Ania unaware of her symbiotic host has run out. Coveting Malachi's enormous power, Conor Synar, Liam's exiled brother, now hunts his ship. His brother wants to control the powerful and destructive alien force and won't stop until he's become Malachi's master.  Liam understands now that the only way he can truly protect Ania from Conor's evil is to keep her by his side. That leaves Liam no choice except to tell his mate what he's done, even if it means facing the wrath of the only female he's ever loved.  Everything Liam did was to save her. How impossible is it to hope Ania might one day forgive him?  ***The books in the Forced To Serve series are humorous science fiction and romance which are both elements in a great space opera. Book 1 is a small introduction to the series.

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The Siren's Call Audiobook

The Siren's Call

Author: Donna Mcdonald Narrator: Allyson Johnson Release Date: May 2019

Captured by traders, Zade has forgotten her. How is Gwen supposed to save him when he wants her dead? Book 3 continues this epic space adventure with an unofficial mission of rescuing one of their own.  Commander Gwen Jet's Siren mate and his mother have been abducted by black market traders and sold to a planet slated to join the Alliance. It a political mess but the Liberator is not leaving its crew behind.  Accepting that Dorian Zade is her mate, a repentant Gwen is willing to do what it takes to get him and his mother back, even going undercover as a slave. But when she and Ania are both captured as well, the situation goes from bad to far worse than Gwen could ever have imagined.  Gwen finally escapes her captors only to find a drugged, angry, and very dangerous version of Zade who doesn't remember her at all. The energy cord from answering the Siren's call may be the only weapon Gwen can use to save them all.  

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