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LoveReading Top 10

  1. Piece of My Heart Audiobook Piece of My Heart
  2. Shuggie Bain Audiobook Shuggie Bain
  3. Burnt Sugar: Longlisted for the Booker Prize 2020 Audiobook Burnt Sugar: Longlisted for the Booker Prize 2020
  4. Get Out of Your Head: Stopping the Spiral of Toxic Thoughts Audiobook Get Out of Your Head: Stopping the Spiral of Toxic Thoughts
  5. The Cousins Audiobook The Cousins
  6. A Time to Lie Audiobook A Time to Lie
  7. Dark Tides: The compelling new novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Tidelands Audiobook Dark Tides: The compelling new novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Tidelands
  8. The Crown: The Official History Behind Season 3: Political Scandal, Personal Struggle and the Years  Audiobook The Crown: The Official History Behind Season 3: Political Scandal, Personal Struggle and the Years
  9. The Harpy Audiobook The Harpy
  10. Anything is Possible: Be Brave, Be Kind and Follow Your Dreams Audiobook Anything is Possible: Be Brave, Be Kind and Follow Your Dreams
Our Darkest Night: A Novel of Italy and the Second World War Audiobook

Our Darkest Night: A Novel of Italy and the Second World War

Author: Jennifer Robson Narrator: Marisa Calin Release Date: January 2021

To survive the Holocaust, a young Jewish woman must pose as a Christian farmer’s wife in this unforgettable novel from USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Robson—a story of terror, hope, love, and sacrifice, inspired by true events, that vividly evokes the most perilous days of World War II. It is the autumn of 1943, and life is becoming increasingly perilous for Italian Jews like the Mazin family. With Nazi Germany now occupying most of her beloved homeland, and the threat of imprisonment and deportation growing ever more certain, Antonina Mazin has but one hope to survive—to leave Venice and her beloved parents and hide in the countryside with a man she has only just met. Nico Gerardi was studying for the priesthood until circumstances forced him to leave the seminary to run his family’s farm. A moral and just man, he could not stand by when the fascists and Nazis began taking innocent lives. Rather than risk a perilous escape across the mountains, Nina will pose as his new bride. And to keep her safe and protect secrets of his own, Nico and Nina must convince prying eyes they are happily married and in love. But farm life is not easy for a cultured city girl who dreams of becoming a doctor like her father, and Nico’s provincial neighbors are wary of this soft and educated woman they do not know. Even worse, their distrust is shared by a local Nazi official with a vendetta against Nico. The more he learns of Nina, the more his suspicions grow—and with them his determination to exact revenge.  As Nina and Nico come to know each other, their feelings deepen, transforming their relationship into much more than a charade. Yet both fear that every passing day brings them closer to being torn apart . . .  

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Faith's Mountain Home Audiobook

Faith's Mountain Home

Author: Misty Beller Narrator: Melissa Hurst Release Date: January 2021

Nate Long has always watched over his identical twin brother, Aaron, even when it put him on the wrong side of the law. When Aaron is wounded in a shootout, the brothers are taken to Settler's Fort to recover. As Nate works to make reparations for their past, he marvels at the nursing Aaron receives under the care of a woman with all the reason in the world to resent him. Laura Hannon knows what it is to start over, and she knows Nate's newfound faith is real. What she can't look past is how far he allowed himself to be led astray by his brother's weaknesses. As a fledgling trust grows between Nate and Laura, they stumble upon a mysterious cave in the mountains that may not be as uninhabited as it seems. As they work together for a common cause, will the new lives they seek for themselves include love, or is there too much that stands between them?

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All That We Carried Audiobook

All That We Carried

Author: Erin Bartels Narrator: Lori Gardner Release Date: January 2021

Ten years ago, sisters Olivia and Melanie Greene were on a backcountry hiking trip when their parents were in a fatal car accident. Over the years, they grew apart, each coping with the loss in her own way. Olivia plunged herself into law school, work, and a materialist view of the world--what you see is what you get, and that's all you get. Melanie dropped out of college and developed an online life-coaching business around her cafeteria-style spirituality--a little of this, a little of that, whatever makes you happy. Now, at Melanie's insistence (and against Olivia's better judgment), they are embarking on a hike in the Porcupine Mountains of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. In this remote wilderness they'll face their deepest fears, question their most dearly held beliefs, and begin to see that perhaps the best way to move forward is the one way they had never considered. Michigan Notable Book Award winner Erin Bartels draws from personal experience hiking backcountry trails with her sister to bring you a story about the complexities of grief, faith, and sisterhood.

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Institutional Intelligence: How to Build an Effective Organization Audiobook

Institutional Intelligence: How to Build an Effective Organization

Author: Gordon T. Smith Narrator: David Cochran Heath Release Date: December 2020

Institutions matter. They give us an opportunity to have an influence for the common good that far outlasts us. But we often assume that institutions are at cross-purposes with dynamic communities, with personal vocational calling, and with core human values. We view them somewhat cynically as, perhaps, a necessary evil. Institutions, far from that, remain essential to human flourishing. They are the very means by which communities thrive, individual vocations are fulfilled, and society is changed for the good. As a result, we all need to learn how to work effectively within institutions. That is just what Gordon Smith provides. He unpacks the core of institutional intelligence-the wisdom of working effectively within an organization. At the same time, he shows how team leaders, directors, executives, board members, key stakeholders, and employees can avoid what is often their greatest source of stress on the job-working with the institutional character of their organizations.

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The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur's Guide to Goal Setting Audiobook

The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur's Guide to Goal Setting

Author: Shae Bynes Narrator: Shae Bynes Release Date: December 2020

The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur's Guide To Goal Setting (Second Edition) defies the status quo and provides a framework to help you achieve God's best in business by the power of His grace.Author Shae Bynes provides entrepreneurs with a Bible-based and Holy Spirit inspired guide with a powerful approach to setting and pursuing business goals in partnership with God. In this short and practical guide, you will learn: - How goal setting is a godly pursuit - Why the popular S.M.A.R.T. framework for goal setting is inadequate for the Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur - The 7 key components to Kingdom-driven goal setting (and how to apply them) - Three key steps for pursuing your goals once they have been set. Plus you receive access to free Kingdom business planning tools!

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Calm the H*ck Down: How to Let Go and Lighten Up About Parenting Audiobook

Calm the H*ck Down: How to Let Go and Lighten Up About Parenting

Author: Melanie Dale Narrator: Melanie Dale Release Date: December 2020

From author and speaker Melanie Dale comes a laugh-out-loud hilarious parenting book that teaches you how to dial back the stress of raising children with the simple premise that we all just need to lighten up a little bit. Most of us thought we'd be amazing parents—and then we had kids. Now we spend what little free time we have comparing ourselves to other parents, comparing our kids to other kids, and panicking that everyone else is nailing it except us. Between constant social media postings to conflicting advice found in parenting books, we often have no choice but to freak out. But there is another way. We all just need to calm the h*ck down. Melanie Dale—a special needs parent, adoptive parent, in vitro parent, and reluctant cheer mom—believes we are all putting too much pressure on ourselves and our kids to be perfect. Instead, she argues, we need to take a step back so we can actually enjoy this journey called parenting. Calm the H*ck Down is filled with stories from Melanie's own life, as well as real-life research for learning how to lighten up about every aspect of parenting—from poopy diapers and germs to family vacations and adolescent angst. She also discusses the pressure to knock it all out of the Pinterest park, the challenge of instilling some kind of faith into your kids, and worrying about their future while still trying to live in the present. Infused with quirky humor, profound insight, and accessible advice, Calm the H*ck Down gives you the permission to finally relax and enjoy this ridiculous thing we do called parenting.

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The Saint Makers: Inside the Catholic Church and How a War Hero Inspired a Journey of Faith Audiobook

The Saint Makers: Inside the Catholic Church and How a War Hero Inspired a Journey of Faith

Author: Joe Drape Narrator: Kiff Vandenheuvel Release Date: December 2020

Part biography of a wartime adventurer, part detective story, and part faith journey, this intriguing book from New York Times journalist and bestselling author Joe Drape takes us inside the modern-day process of the making of a saint. The Saint Makers chronicles the unlikely alliance between Father Hotze and Dr. Andrea Ambrosi, a country priest and a cosmopolitan Italian canon lawyer, as the two piece together the life of a long dead Korean War hero and military chaplain and fashion it into a case for eternal divinity. Joe Drape offers a front row seat to the Catholic Church's saint-making machinery-which, in many ways, has changed little in two thousand years-and examines how, or if, faith and science can co-exist. This rich and unique narrative leads from the plains of Kansas to the opulent halls of the Vatican, through brutal Korean War prison camps, and into the stories of two individuals, Avery Gerleman and Chase Kear, whose lives were threatened by illness and injury and whose family and friends prayed to Father Kapaun, sparking miraculous recoveries in the heart of America. Gerleman is now a nurse, and Kear works as a mechanic in the aerospace industry. Both remain devoted to Father Kapaun, whose opportunity for sainthood relies in their belief and medical charts. At a time when the church has faced severe scandal and damage, and the world is at the mercy of a pandemic, this is an uplifting story about a priest who continues to an example of goodness and faith. Ultimately, The Saint Makers is the story of a journey of faith -- for two priests separated by seventy years, for the two young athletes who were miraculously brought back to life with (or without) the intercession of the divine, as well as for readers -- and the author -- trying to understand and accept what makes a person truly worthy of the Congregation of Saints in the eyes of the Catholic Church.

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A Collection of Eastern Stories and Legends: for narration or later reading in schools Audiobook

A Collection of Eastern Stories and Legends: for narration or later reading in schools

Author: Marie. L. Shedlock Narrator: Russell Stamets Release Date: December 2020

In offering this volume to teachers, my chief aim is to provide material for narration which shall deal, not with things temporal but with the “ Eternal Verities.” These, if presented to our boys and girls in dramatic form, at the most impressionable period of their lives, will sink deeply into their minds. When presented in more direct and didactic fashion, the same truths often fail to impress. These stories of the Buddha are not for one age or one country, but for all time and for the world. I have suggested their meaning in the index to enable teachers to -see the contents at a glance. I strongly urge that little or no explanation should be offered to the children themselves. They will be sufficiently interested in the dramatic setting to absorb (unconsciously) the meaning of the story. The book is not intended primarily for children to read but for teachers to use in telling these tales, but' when they have received the dramatic impression through the telling, they will have an added interest in reading the book for themselves. I have purposely avoided using illustrations to these stories. I want the children to make the mental picture suggested to them by the spoken word, and if they read the story afterwards, I do not wish to force them to abandon their own conception and adopt a general one, because this would mean eliminating one of the most potent educational factors in the telling of the story.

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Kingdom You: Because God's Solution For The World is YOU Audiobook

Kingdom You: Because God's Solution For The World is YOU

Author: Chibuzor Tina Amadi Narrator: Chibuzor Tina Amadi Release Date: December 2020

Kingdom Politics | Kingdom Culture | Kingdom CitizenshipKingdom YOU The agenda and business of every Kingdom Citizen is to institute ‘Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’, Matthew 6:10. You and God working together. Handling earth the same way God handles heaven.  Kingdom You cleverly lays out in a uniquely political way (marrying it to the government of the United Kingdom) almost everything a Kingdom Citizen needs to know about the Kingdom of God: its rulership, its formation, principles, governance, laws, policies, what the Kingdom is meant to look like and the Kingdom mandate. It does this without ever assuming any prior political knowledge or even the need to like politics at all (who does?).  Kingdom You then helps the Kingdom citizen to understand what Kingdom Politics, Kingdom Culture and Kingdom Citizenship really means to them. That true citizenship encompasses two parts: leisure and business.  The premises are simple:  1. The Kingdom lives inside of you. You are actually the Kingdom. The Kingdom is You. The Kingdom of God is truly a government of the people, by the people and for the people.  2. Who you were created to be and what you were created to do: your purpose, your gifts and your talents were all given to you for a special reason. That through you and through your job the Kingdom of God would be manifested as you cultivate Kingdom Culture and set Kingdom standards within that specific sphere of society.  3. Consequently, by us all living according to Kingdom policies, participating in the Kingdom, sharing the Kingdom and encouraging Kingdom growth, we effectively become what Chibuzor Tina has coined ‘Crowned Politicians’.  Realise How Powerful YOU AreRealise that YOU are to live naturally supernatural Kingdom You - Because God's Solution For The World Is YOU

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Systematic Theology, Second Edition Part 1: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine Audiobook

Systematic Theology, Second Edition Part 1: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine

Author: Wayne A. Grudem Narrator: Tom Parks Release Date: December 2020

This new edition of Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem may be the most important resource you can own for helping you understand Scripture and grow as a Christian. The most widely used resource of the last 25 years in its area, Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem has been thoroughly revised and expanded for the first time while retaining the features that have made it the standard in its field: clear explanations, an emphasis on each doctrine's scriptural basis, and practical applications to daily life. This audiobook (Part I) includes the introduction, 'The Doctrine of the Word of God' (7 chapters), 'The Doctrine of God' (12 chapters), 'The Doctrine of Man in the Image of God' (5 chapters), and 'The Doctrines of Christ and the Holy Spirit' (5 chapters). Topics treated include Scripture, the attributes of God, providence, the Trinity, creation, miracles, prayer, sin, atonement, Christ's resurrection, the work of the Holy Spirit, and much more. Praise for the second edition: 'After a quarter century of remarkable usefulness globally . . . it remains remarkable. I thank God for this precious gift to Christ's people worldwide.' - John Piper 'Stands out for its clarity and accessibility.' - Thomas R. Schreiner With nearly 200 pages of new content and revisions that took several years, this new edition now includes the following distinctive features, making it even better: - Updated, fuller analysis of several recent controversies within evangelicalism, including the eternal relationship between the Father and the Son in the Trinity, the question of God's atemporal eternity, the role of women in the church, 'seeker-sensitive' churches, miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit, and contemporary worship music. - New, thoughtful critiques of open theism, the 'new perspective on Paul,' Molinism (or 'middle knowledge'), 'Free Grace' theology, and the preterist view of Christ's second coming - Completely revised, stronger chapter on the clarity of Scripture - Completely revised, stronger chapter on creation and evolution, including a longer critique of theistic evolution and an extensive discussion on the age of the earth - New discussion of how biblical inerrancy applies to some specific 'problem verses' in the Gospels - Additional material respectfully explaining evangelical Protestant differences with Roman Catholicism (with extensive interaction with the Catechism of the Roman Catholic Church), Protestant liberalism, and Mormonism - Completely updated bibliographies - All Scripture quotations updated from RSV to ESV - An explanation of why monogenes in John 3:16 and elsewhere should be translated as 'only begotten' rather than merely 'only' (this is a change from the first edition) - New discussion on the impassibility of God - An extensive discussion on the eternal submission of the Son to the Father, taking into account controversies in recent years - A discussion of recent criticisms of the penal substitutionary view of the atonement - Numerous other updates and corrections that have be prompted by letters and emails from people around the world and by interaction with the students Wayne has taught over the last 26 years both at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and at Phoenix Seminary Part of the brilliance of Systematic Theology over the years has been its simplicity and ease of use. Each chapter follows the same structure. First, there is discussion of the doctrine being considered, such as justification or the Trinity or the deity of Christ. An explanation of that doctrine's biblical support and possible objections follow. Personal application and key terms to know for personal growth are provided in the accompanying PDF. The accompanying PDF also includes a Scripture memory passage, references to other literature on the topic, and suggested hymns. If you are someone who thinks theology is hard to understand or boring, then this new edition of Systematic Theology will likely change your mind.

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The Rule of St. Benedict: An Introduction to the Contemplative Life Audiobook

The Rule of St. Benedict: An Introduction to the Contemplative Life

Author: St. Benedict Narrator: Adam Barr Release Date: December 2020

A timeless source of wisdom for people looking to lead a life of simplicity, purpose, and serenity The Rule of St. Benedict has governed monastic communities for centuries, but it is far more than a standard religious text. The Rule is, above all, a handbook for living a deliberate life—no matter your religious background or beliefs. It teaches the importance of contemplation and silence, of solitude, and the power of community and unity. With lessons focusing on the simple acts of everyday life, like eating and daily work, along with wisdom for the deeply personal and internal facets of living, such as cultivating humility and practicing forgiveness, The Rule of St. Benedict is a profound guide to living a good and meaningful life. An award-winning translator, Philip Freeman’s version of The Rule is beautifully accessible in its language. With a simple and direct style, the book lays out a way of living that is transformative in its simplicity and striking in its power. A Macmillan Audio production from St. Martin's Essentials

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Dare to Bloom: Trusting God Through Painful Endings and New Beginnings Audiobook

Dare to Bloom: Trusting God Through Painful Endings and New Beginnings

Author: Zim Flores Narrator: Zim Flores Release Date: December 2020

Either by choice or by circumstance, we all encounter times of starting over. Seasons of hardships, abundance, seeking, and struggle all have a purpose because growth demands change. Dare to Bloom urges us to be both vulnerable and resilient in new seasons of life as we boldly position ourselves for what God has for us next. Serial entrepreneur and author, Zim Flores (neè Ugochukwu), reveals the challenges she's faced and how even her failures have helped shape her sense of purpose. Her parents had big plans for her life. The daughter of Nigerian immigrants, Zim Flores was uprooted from her community as a young girl, marking the beginning of her quest for true identity. Though she experienced unprecedented worldly success as a teenager and young adult, Zim declares that even when we feel pressured by the world around us, our true identity is never at risk. In Dare to Bloom, Zim offers practical and hard-won truths about: - How to reclaim your true identity - How to surrender your desired outcomes to God - How to move forward after broken friendships - How to find comfort during your darkest hours - How to navigate new beginnings with hope for whatever is next - How to joyfully participate in your own story--even when you don't know what the future holds Dare to Bloom is a powerful gift for listeners in times of transition or struggle who need a reminder that their true identity never changes. It empowers those who feel stuck in their current circumstances to follow God obediently into the unknown, finding joy in each new beginning. When everything changes around us, it can be easy to think that we're only as good as our last success. Though our identities are challenged day by day, Dare to Bloom encourages us to reclaim our identity in God, who is unchanging through it all. Reflection questions and interactive elements are available in the audiobook companion PDF download.

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