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  1. Unsettled Ground Audiobook Unsettled Ground
  2. King of Rabbits Audiobook King of Rabbits
  3. Find You First Audiobook Find You First
  4. Just Work: Get it Done, Fast and Fair Audiobook Just Work: Get it Done, Fast and Fair
  5. The World at My Feet Audiobook The World at My Feet
  6. Tap to Tidy: Organising, Crafting & Creating Happiness in a Messy World Audiobook Tap to Tidy: Organising, Crafting & Creating Happiness in a Messy World
  7. Many Different Kinds of Love: A story of life, death and the NHS Audiobook Many Different Kinds of Love: A story of life, death and the NHS
  8. Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind Audiobook Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind
  9. A Touch of Ruin Audiobook A Touch of Ruin
  10. A History of What Comes Next: The captivating speculative fiction for fans of The Man in the High Ca Audiobook A History of What Comes Next: The captivating speculative fiction for fans of The Man in the High Ca
One Line Drive: A Life-Threatening Injury and a Faith-Fueled Comeback Audiobook

One Line Drive: A Life-Threatening Injury and a Faith-Fueled Comeback

Author: Daniel Ponce De Leon Narrator: Daniel Ponce De Leon, Edward Thomas Release Date: March 2021

Daniel Ponce de Leon's hard-fought journey to Major League Baseball and recovery from a near-death injury, followed by his astonishing big league debut, will inspire readers to trust God in all circumstances. ​ ​The path you take to achieving your dreams is not always easy. Daniel Ponce de Leon, an acclaimed pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals, overcame many challenges to get to the Major Leagues. Drafted four times, he spent a long four years climbing his way up through the minors before finally reaching AAA, only one step away from the Major Leagues. Then, Daniel's dream was almost shattered when he was struck in the head by a line drive. Spending weeks in the hospital and months recovering from a large epidural hematoma, skull fracture, brain swelling, and hemorrhaging, Daniel held on to his belief that he would one day realize his dream. Fourteen months later, and fully recovered, he made his first Major League start, becoming the fifth pitcher in modern Major League history to throw seven innings of no-hit ball in his first outing. referred to it as one of the greatest debuts in Major League Baseball history. In One Line Drive, Daniel retells his remarkable journey, sharing how he never would have made it without his faith in God and the support of family and friends. Full of grit, determination, and faith, Daniel's story is an inspiring reminder to keep pressing on regardless of any setback or disappointment.

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A Burning in My Bones: The Authorized Biography of Eugene H. Peterson, Translator of The Message Audiobook

A Burning in My Bones: The Authorized Biography of Eugene H. Peterson, Translator of The Message

Author: Winn Collier Narrator: Richard Poe Release Date: March 2021

This essential authorized biography of Eugene Peterson offers unique insights into the experiences and spiritual convictions of the iconic American pastor and beloved translator of The Message.   "In the time of a generation-wide breakdown in trust with leaders in every sphere of society, Eugene's quiet life of deep integrity and gospel purpose is a bright light against a dark backdrop."-John Mark Comer, author of The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry "This hunger for something radical-something so true that it burned in his bones-was a constant in Eugene's life. His longing for God ignited a ferocity in his soul."   Encounter the multifaceted life of one of the most influential and creative pastors of the past half century with unforgettable stories of Eugene's lifelong devotion to his craft and love of language, the influences and experiences that shaped his unquenchable faith, the inspiration for his decision to translate The Message, and his success and struggles as a pastor, husband, and father.   Author Winn Collier was given exclusive access to Eugene and his materials for the production of this landmark work. Drawing from his friendship and expansive view of Peterson's life, Collier offers an intimate, beautiful, and earthy look into a remarkable life.   For Eugene, the gifts of life were inexhaustible: the glint of fading light over the lake, a kiss from Jan, a good joke, a bowl of butter pecan ice cream. As you enter into his story, you'll find yourself doing the same-noticing how the most ordinary things shimmer with a new and unexpected beauty.

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Church, Interrupted: Havoc & Hope: The Tender Revolt of Pope Francis Audiobook

Church, Interrupted: Havoc & Hope: The Tender Revolt of Pope Francis

Author: John Cornwell Narrator: Alan Robertson Release Date: March 2021

Church, Interrupted: Havoc & Hope: The Tender Revolt of Pope Francis is a revealing portrait of Pope Francis's hopeful yet controversial efforts to recreate the Catholic Church to become, once again, a welcoming place of empathy, love, and inclusiveness. Bestselling author, Vanity Fair contributor, and papal biographer John Cornwell tells the gripping insider story of Pope Francis's bid to bring renewal and hope to a crisis-plagued Church and the world at large. With unique insights and original reporting, Cornwell reveals how Francis has persistently provoked and disrupted his stubbornly unchanging Church, purging clerical corruption and reforming entrenched institutions, while calling for action against global poverty, climate change, and racism. Cornwell argues that despite fierce opposition from traditionalist clergy and right-wing media, the pope has radically widened Catholic moral priorities, calling for mercy and compassion over rigid dogmatism. Francis, according to Cornwell, has transformed the Vatican from being a top-down centralized authority to being a spiritual service for a global Church. He has welcomed the rejected, abused, and disheartened; reached out to people of other faiths and those of none; and proved a providential spiritual leader for future generations. Highly acclaimed author John Cornwell's riveting account of the hopeful-and contentious-efforts undertaken by Pope Francis to rebuild the Catholic Church. • Well researched and brilliantly written, readers, scholars, and fans of John Cornwell will want to read his most controversial and compelling work yet. • More than a third of America's 74 million Catholics said they were contemplating departure in 2018. It is estimated that over the past twenty years, the Catholic Church has been losing $2.5 billion dollars annually in revenues, legal fees, and damages due to clerical abuse cases. The decline in church attendance, marriages, and vocations to the priesthood and sisterhood tell a story of major decline and disillusion. Cornwell showcases Pope Francis's way forward, a hopeful message that gives reinvigorated reasons to stay with the church and help be the change the new generation would like to see. • For readers within and outside Catholicism fascinated by the future and restructuring of the church, this will be a book they want to read again and again as the church continues to change and grow.

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Benedict XVI: A Life: Volume One: Youth in Nazi Germany to the Second Vatican Council, 1927-1965 Audiobook

Benedict XVI: A Life: Volume One: Youth in Nazi Germany to the Second Vatican Council, 1927-1965

Author: Peter Seewald Narrator: Jim Meskimen Release Date: March 2021

The long-awaited and authoritative biography of Pope Benedict XVI, a giant of the Catholic Church Benedict XVI: A Life offers insight into the young life and rise through the Church's ranks of a man who would become a hero and a lightning rod for Catholics the world over. Based on countless hours of interviews in Rome with Benedict himself, this much-anticipated two-volume biography is the definitive record of the life of Joseph Ratzinger and the legacy of Pope Benedict XVI. This first volume follows the early life of the future pope, from his days growing up in Germany and his conscription into the Hitler Youth during World War II to his career as an academic theologian and eventual Archbishop of Munich. The second volume, set to be published in 2021, will cover his move to Rome under Pope John Paul II, his ascension to the papacy, and his controversial retirement and news-making statements under his successor, Pope Francis I. This necessary companion to Benedict's own memoir, Last Testament, is the fullest account to date of the life of a radical Catholic leader who has continued to make news while cloistered in retirement in the Vatican gardens.

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Leading Things You Didn't Start: Winning Big When You Inherit People, Places, and Possibilities Audiobook

Leading Things You Didn't Start: Winning Big When You Inherit People, Places, and Possibilities

Author: Tyler Reagin Narrator: P.J. Ochlan, Tyler Reagin Release Date: March 2021

A high-impact leadership coach gives you the tools you need to maximize your influence in a new role, giving you the ability to meet any challenge and take your team, organization, church, or company to new heights. "A practical path to maximizing your influence, navigating transitions, and producing positive results."-Jon Gordon, 10x bestselling author of The Power of Positive Leadership Sure, it's inspirational when we hear stories about those who founded companies from their garages with one hundred dollars cash while in high school. But such success is super rare and not always how it plays out for great leaders.   The reality is that most leaders are responsible for corporations, teams, and products they didn't launch from the ground up. Tyler Reagin saw the immense need to address this mission-critical but often overlooked aspect of leadership: healthy transition for leaders who inherit teams, places, or platforms others created.   His groundbreaking book Leading Things You Didn't Start provides a faith-based four-step plan that answers practical questions such as: • Do I really want to take over something loved by so many? • Is there a secret sauce to doing what the leaders before me did? • How do I get the current team on board with my leadership? • How do I honor the past without being trapped by it? • How do I steward the legacy of the leaders who started the movement? Through the use of tried-and-true coaching principles and practical case studies with leaders like Buzz Williams, head coach at Texas A&M, and Cheryl Bachelder, former CEO of Popeyes, Reagin helps you maximize your newfound influx of influence and master the intentions of an inheriting leader.

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7 Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership: Overcome Self-Defeating Behavior in Work and Ministry Audiobook

7 Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership: Overcome Self-Defeating Behavior in Work and Ministry

Author: Kate Coleman Narrator: Nana-Adwoa Mbeutcha Release Date: March 2021

For the first time in modern history, women are making their way into strategic positions of influence and leadership within the church, public, corporate, charity and voluntary sectors, in unprecedented numbers. Women are called by God to flourish in these arenas. However, there are significant external and internal issues that hinder women in leadership in unique ways. But if you think this book is only for women, you are gravely mistaken. While women's entry onto the leadership arena may have been the catalyst to uncover deep-seated issues in leadership culture, the challenges addressed here are not unique to women in leadership alone. In 7 Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership, Kate Coleman considers what lies at the root of the many challenges facing today's leaders--women and men--and proposes ways of dealing with them. Effective leadership starts with you and, based on her 35 years of leadership experience, Kate explains how you can: - Overcome limiting self-perceptions - Establish boundaries - Develop a tailor-made personal vision - Cultivate a healthy work/life rhythm - Stop being a people-pleaser - Learn to confront not collude - Be intentional with your inner circle Written for every leader from any sector, this proven and practical book will enable you to identify and overcome self-defeating patterns of behavior, in ways that will radically transform your leadership. Leadership exercises are available in the audiobook companion PDF download.

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Simple and Free: 7 Experiments Against Excess Audiobook

Simple and Free: 7 Experiments Against Excess

Author: Jen Hatmaker Narrator: Jen Hatmaker Release Date: March 2021

Why do we pursue more when we'd be happier with less? In this updated edition of 7, New York Times bestselling author Jen Hatmaker tells the story of how she and her family tried to combat overindulgence-and what they learned along the way about living a truly meaningful life. Simple and Free is the true story of how Jen Hatmaker (along with her family) identified seven areas of excess-food, clothes, spending, media, possessions, waste, and stress-and made seven simple choices to fight back against the modern-day diseases of greed, materialism, and overindulgence. So, what's the payoff from living a deeply reduced life? It's the discovery of a greatly increased connection with God-a call toward simplicity and generosity that transcends social experiment to become a radically better life. In this new edition, written not just for readers of faith but for everyone who craves a gentler, simpler life, Hatmaker shares how sustainability and generosity still impact and challenge her today. Annotated throughout with new reflections from the author, this book offers thoughtful insights on the vastly different world of Simple and Free from back when it was first published as 7, and considers the dramatically different space Hatmaker occupies now. Simple and Free is funny, raw, and not a guilt trip in the making. Come along and discover what Jesus' version of rich, blessed, and generous might look like in your life.

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The Miracle Mentality: Tap into the Source of Magical Transformation in Your Life Audiobook

The Miracle Mentality: Tap into the Source of Magical Transformation in Your Life

Author: Tim Storey Narrator: Tim Storey Release Date: March 2021

During challenging times, toxic thoughts can drag you into a mindset that's mundane, messy, and mad. Negative thinking can undermine all aspects of your life, from family and romantic relationships to career satisfaction, financial stability, and physical and spiritual health. To overcome these obstacles, you need a new mindset--a miracle mentality--where dreams are achievable, hope is actionable, and spiritual healing is possible. In the Miracle Mentality, life coach, speaker, and author Tim Storey provides you with a road map to transcend negative thinking, leading you to bigger adventures, more opportunities, and deeper meaning. Experience a miracle mentality transformation with… - Tim's honest and powerful testament that will strengthen your perspective, positivity, and personal choice - Essential coaching that will help you navigate friendships and romantic relationships - Tips on establishing a fulfilling work-life balance - An encouraging and practical approach to physical, mental, and spiritual health - The discovery of a new mindset and freedom that can be applied to your personal finances - Honest talk about the influential role of a parent and information to help you improve your parenting skills Bonus features in the accompanying PDF include: - Chapter Summaries, to provide a quick reference of each topic's key points - The Miracle Mentality Total Mindset Assessment, to gauge whether you're living in the mundane, messy, or mad in six areas of your life (parenting, love relationships, friendships, work/career, money, and health) - Miracle Mentality Workbook, to help you apply what you've learned and brainstorm ways to infuse all areas of your life with a Miracle Mentality Praise for The Miracle Mentality: "The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your mindset! Tim Storey has been helping people transform their lives for decades and his timeless wisdom in this book will support you in turning any setback into your biggest comeback!" -- Lewis Howes, New York Times bestselling author, entrepreneur, and host of The School of Greatness podcast "You are incredibly powerful. And that's the good news and the bad news. You can make anything happen with the right thinking--and you also can make a lot of bad stuff happen to you with the wrong thinking. Mindset and how you approach life, business, and problems determines the outcome and conditions of your life. You can do anything with the right mindset." -- Grant Cardone, bestselling author, renowned speaker, social media influencer, and real estate mogul "I have known Tim Storey for quite some time now, and his dedication to spirituality and mental health are unparalleled. The Miracle Mentality is just that. In his new book, Tim captures the essence of what a miracle really looks like, and it only made me believe in them more." -- Dylan McDermott, Golden Globe Award winning actor "The quality of our lives is directly correlated to the quality of our thoughts. My friend Tim Storey understands miraculous thinking better than anyone I know." -- Ed Mylett, speaker, podcaster, and one of the fastest-growing business personalities in the history of social media "Mindset: pay attention to what you are paying attention to. Your mindset is everything when it comes to championship--champion living, champion giving, champion choices, and champion impact." -- Gloria Mayfield Banks, author, entrepreneur, international speaker, and #1 Elite Executive National Sales Director for Mary Kay, Inc.

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The Power of 1440: Making the Most of Every Minute in a Day Audiobook

The Power of 1440: Making the Most of Every Minute in a Day

Author: Tim Timberlake Narrator: Tim Timberlake Release Date: March 2021

A thirty-day story-driven manual to celebrate the importance and blessing of each of the 1,440 minutes we are given every day, written by an up-and-coming lead pastor of a global church. The son of a preacher, eighteen-year-old Tim Timberlake's tragic and painful personal story of the sudden loss of his father began his journey toward seeing the benefit and blessing of each day. And not just to get through it, but to exhaust every opportunity of potential of that day, moment by moment, fulfilling his God-given purpose. Today Pastor Tim inspires others to approach each day with its 1,440 minutes in a way that they live out their own God-given purposes and passions. Comprised of thirty bite-size chapters, The Power of 1440 is a day-by-day manual to help listeners deal with topics like forgiveness, perspective, mistakes, rest, and living a life that matters. He says, "Win some, learn some . . . but never lose." Every day should be magnificent, not mundane; filled with delight, not drudgery; and a grand adventure, not a grind. It is possible to make today and every day truly remarkable.

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Give Grace: How To Embrace the Beauty of Life's Brokenness Audiobook

Give Grace: How To Embrace the Beauty of Life's Brokenness

Author: Megan Smalley Narrator: Megan Smalley Release Date: March 2021

Are you traveling through a difficult season? With reflection in mind and inspiring stories throughout, Give Grace, written by Megan Smalley, provides you with a safe place to process the ups and downs of life and find new inspiration to trust God's plan as you rest in his unfailing love. Through her own journey with loss and hope, Megan is passionate about sharing the message of God's grace for our lives, whatever we are experiencing today. In Give Grace, she shares her painful experience with infertility, as well as heartfelt stories of encouragement and personal growth from her own life, in order to come alongside us in our own times of questioning and waiting. Give Grace will help you: - Feel comfortable discussing the challenging times - Grow spiritually and reflect on deeper thoughts - Identify the purpose behind your pain Give Grace is also an ideal gift for anyone going through a challenging time to let them know that they are cared for, loved, and able to handle anything with God's grace. If you are traveling through a difficult season--however big or small--you will find comfort in the Scripture, stories, and reflections in this beautiful book. Reflection questions are available in the audiobook companion PDF download.

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Growing Boldly: Dare to Build a Life You Love Audiobook

Growing Boldly: Dare to Build a Life You Love

Author: Emily Ley Narrator: Emily Ley Release Date: March 2021

Includes an audiobook-exclusive bonus chapter, "Building a Life You Love When It Feels Like Everything Is Falling Apart"! From bestselling author and founder of the Simplified® brand of organizational tools for busy women comes Growing Boldly, a how-to book that inspires us to imagine big, plan well, and then gather the equipment and the courage to go out and do. In Growing Boldly, Emily will help you: - Believe in who you are and Whose you are . . . and move past the lies and fears holding you back - Figure out what makes you tick and own it confidently - Gather all your grit, learned lessons, and tools because it's all valuable - Imagine the life you dream of and decide how to make it happen - Love your people well so that you create a lasting legacy - Clear the clutter and cultivate clarity so you can do what matters most - Do the hard work without forgetting to feed your soul Growing Boldly is: - A thoughtful gift for a friend or family member - Perfect for Mother's Day, birthdays, or holidays - A let's-get-rolling encouragement incentive for yourself Emily Ley has shown us how to give ourselves grace in Grace, Not Perfection, how to simplify our lives in A Simplified Life, and how to replace busyness with true connection in When Less Becomes More. Now for the first time, Emily draws on her own story of creating a highly successful business--and loving the process--as she teaches us how to move forward in our own vocations and serve others at the same time. This is the start of something good. Get ready to build a life you love. Journaling questions are available in the audiobook companion PDF download.

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Praying the Scriptures for Your Teens: Opening the Door for God's Provision in Their Lives Audiobook

Praying the Scriptures for Your Teens: Opening the Door for God's Provision in Their Lives

Author: Jodie Berndt Narrator: Sarah Zimmerman Release Date: March 2021

Prayer can be your greatest asset and source of wisdom in raising teenagers in today's world. Now expanded, this book features updated content on issues like pornography, addiction, self-harm, anxiety, rebellion, technology use, dealing with disappointment, and more. It's never been tougher to be a teen--or the parent of one. Thankfully, from your teen's first date to the next time they borrow the car keys, you can take your concerns to God through prayer. Drawing on the power of God's Word, this updated and expanded edition of Praying the Scriptures for Your Teens equips you to pray about the difficult issues your teen may face: - Relationship challenges - Doubts about their faith - Depression - Rejection - Sexual purity - Substance abuse - Eating disorders - . . . and much more This book also guides you in praying about everything from your teen's character and safety to the purposes and plans that God has for his or her future. Filled with engaging illustrations, biblical insights, and compelling prayer principles, Praying the Scriptures for Your Teens shows how to make the Bible your source for prayers that can powerfully influence your teen's life. With a grace-filled approach and a warm, personal style, author Jodie Berndt encourages you that there is not a need your teen will face that God has not already thought of, and provided for, in his Word--and that, no matter how far away our kids may be, they are never out of his reach. A reference version of the prayers is available in the audiobook companion PDF download.

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