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Jesús: El Dios que sabe tu nombre (Jesus, Spanish Edition) Audiobook

Jesús: El Dios que sabe tu nombre (Jesus, Spanish Edition)

Author: Max Lucado Narrator: Johnny Pena Release Date: January 2020

En este trabajo seminal, el amado pastor y autor de gran éxito Max Lucado explora la vida y el carácter de Jesús, ahora con contenido inédito. El Dios del universo sabe tu nombre. Ha caminado por tus calles. Jesús. Quizás hayas oído hablar de él, lo hayas estudiado o le hayas orado. ¿Pero lo conoces? Esta es la pregunta que Max plantea al lector. Dividido en seis secciones (Emmanuel, Amigo, Maestro, Trabajador de milagros, Cordero de Dios, Rey que regresa), cada uno con varios capítulos, este libro no solo describe a la persona de Jesús, sino que también se zambulle en el corazón de Jesús hacia el lector. Al explorar la vida, la muerte y la resurrección de Jesús, así como detalles específicos: como la forma en que interactuó con sus amigos y enemigos, lo que hizo con su tiempo solo, cómo actuó en una fiesta, etc. esta compilación de Max Lucado, ahora con contenido original nunca visto, Max les da a los lectores la oportunidad de familiarizarse con el hombre que está en el centro de la historia más grandiosa jamás contada. Al aprender más acerca de la persona que Jesús fue y es, el lector entenderá más claramente a la persona para la cual fue creado. Max escribe: «No te conformes con una mirada superficial o una comprensión superficial. Mira mucho al corazón de Cristo y lo verás. Gracia y vida. El perdón del pecado. La derrota de la muerte. Esta es la esperanza que él da. Esta es la esperanza que necesitamos».

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She Laughs: Choosing Faith Over Fear Audiobook

She Laughs: Choosing Faith Over Fear

Author: Carolanne Miljavac Narrator: Carolanne Miljavac Release Date: January 2020

In the face of..Poverty, Grief, Brokenness, Disaster, Hopeless Situations.  Life's Struggles.  SHE LAUGHS!  Readers will join social media star and author CA Miljavac on a journey of joy in this relatable read.  CA Believes with all her heart that laughter is a gift, providing a sliver of distraction from life's struggles...relief when you need rescuing...hope in the midst of hardship.  Though her life has been dotted with disaster, it's through laughter that she found the strength and courage to for the journey.  And she'll help women of all ages discover the ways laughter can carry them through their very own painful situations.

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The Naked Now: Learning To See As the Mystics See Audiobook

The Naked Now: Learning To See As the Mystics See

Author: Richard Rohr Narrator: Rick Adamson Release Date: January 2020

The enlightenment you seek in other religions has been present in Christianity from the beginning. Richard Rohr, a global leader in spiritual awakening, helps you recognize the forces (such as ego resistance and dual thinking) that separate you from your deeper self. Then, drawing from Gospels and the greatest Christian contemplatives, he shows you what it means to be spiritually awake. You will learn why your ego resists change and growth, what is useful about popular ideas such as the law of attraction, what Jesus, the first mythical leader in the West, can teach you, and how you can enhance spiritual awareness without sacrificing reason.

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The Seamless Life: A Tapestry of Love and Learning, Worship and Work Audiobook

The Seamless Life: A Tapestry of Love and Learning, Worship and Work

Author: Steven Garber Narrator: Kirby Heyborne Release Date: January 2020

We all want to make sense of life, of who we are and why we are, and to know that what we do day in and day out means something. We want it to matter. But the daily demands-work, eat, sleep, repeat-often lead to a life that feels void of meaning and disjointed from our deepest beliefs about faith, hope, and love. But what if we began to see all we are and all we do-our work, our play, our relationships, our worship, our loves-as significant to God and to what God is doing in the world? In these essays Steven Garber challenges us to move beyond our fragmented sense of reality, and to view life differently. Once we discover that there is no chasm between heaven and earth, and begin to see the truest truths of the universe woven into the very meaning of life and labor, of learning and liturgy, we are able to understand the coherence between the work of God and our lives in the world. This is the seamless life-to recognize the hand of God and the handiwork of God right in the middle of our ordinary lives. To see all of life as sacred.

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Try Softer: A Fresh Approach to Move Us out of Anxiety, Stress, and Survival Mode-and into a Life of Audiobook

Try Softer: A Fresh Approach to Move Us out of Anxiety, Stress, and Survival Mode-and into a Life of

Author: Aundi Kolber Narrator: Aundi Kolber Release Date: January 2020

In a world that preaches a 'try harder' gospel-just keep going, keep hustling, keep pretending we're all fine-we're left exhausted, overwhelmed, and so numb to our lives. If we're honest, we've been overfunctioning for so long, we can't even imagine another way. How else will things get done? How else will we survive? It doesn't have to be this way. Aundi Kolber believes that we don't have to white-knuckle our way through life. In her debut book, Try Softer, she'll show us how God specifically designed our bodies and minds to work together to process our stories and work through obstacles. Through the latest psychology, practical clinical exercises, and her own personal story, Aundi equips and empowers us to connect us to our truest self and truly live. This is the 'try softer' life. In Try Softer, you'll learn how to: know and set emotional and relational boundaries; make sense of the difficult experiences you've had; identify your attachment style-and how that affects your relationships today; move through emotions rather than get stuck by them; and grow in self-compassion and talk back to your inner critic. Trying softer is sacred work. And while it won't be perfect or easy, it will be worth it. Because this is what we were made for: a living, breathing, moving, feeling, connected, beautifully incarnational life.

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Does God Really Like Me?: Discovering The God Who Wants To Be With Us Audiobook

Does God Really Like Me?: Discovering The God Who Wants To Be With Us

Author: Cyd Holsclaw, Geoff Holsclaw Narrator: Jim Denison, Susan Hanfield Release Date: January 2020

'I guess I believe that God loves me. But does he like me?' We all know what it's like to feel overlooked, disconnected, and ashamed. We might believe in God's love in the abstract, but we often live our lives without experiencing it in any deep or lasting way. Pastors Cyd and Geoff Holsclaw understand this-indeed, they've felt it themselves. In this warm, engaging book, they explain from the story of Scripture that God not only likes us and wants to be with us, he also wants to work through us to bless the whole world. Filled with personal stories and simple, clear teaching from the Bible, Does God Really Like Me? applies the good news of the gospel to the shame and disconnection that we all experience in our everyday lives. God wants to be with us-we belong in his presence. And from that place of belonging, we can bless the whole world with the message of God's love.

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Saints: Becoming More Than 'Christians' Audiobook

Saints: Becoming More Than 'Christians'

Author: Addison D. Bevere Narrator: Addison D. Bevere Release Date: January 2020

The Bible uses the word Christian to describe followers of Jesus a grand total of three times. But there's another identifier that fills the pages of the New Testament-a word we've mistakenly reserved for the halo-wearing elite, losing something profound in the process. Saints. Wrapped in this ancient word is a divine invitation to discover who God created you to be and awaken to the life you were meant to know. Using Scripture and stories from his own experience, Addison Bevere makes a compelling case that the life you desire is found in the mystery of this sacred identity. If you want to exchange lifeless religion for the wonder of following Jesus, this book will spur you onward in your journey.

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Remember Me: A Novella about Finding Our Way to the Cross Audiobook

Remember Me: A Novella about Finding Our Way to the Cross

Author: Sharon Garlough Brown Narrator: Erin Bennett Release Date: January 2020

'It is finished,' Jesus says. It's a bold declaration for us to make too. What does it mean to say 'It is finished' when so much is unfinished? It means we are people who live hope in two directions, both backward and forward. We long for the kingdom to come in fullness, even as it has already come. And we trust that the One who has begun the good work in us and for us will indeed complete it.' In this sequel to Shades of Light, Katherine Rhodes, the beloved director of the New Hope Retreat Center, finds her own grief tapped by Wren Crawford's struggles with depression and loss. Through a series of letters to Wren, Katherine reflects on the meaning of Christ's suffering and shares her own story of finding hope. How does one begin to live again under the crushing weight of grief? And how can healing come when there's so much left unresolved? With Katherine as a companion in sorrow, Wren moves forward in her commitment to paint the stations of the cross for a prayer journey at New Hope, discovering along the way a deeper communion with the Man of Sorrows, acquainted with grief. Readers are invited into a similar journey of reflection through Katherine's words and Wren's paintings. At the back of the book, a devotional guide with Scripture readings, prayer prompts, and full-color art provides the opportunity to ponder the depths of God's love by meditating on Jesus' journey to the cross.

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Jesus: The God Who Knows Your Name Audiobook

Jesus: The God Who Knows Your Name

Author: Max Lucado Narrator: Ben Holland Release Date: January 2020

Do you ever feel like Jesus couldn't possibly know what you are going through? He's the God of the universe after all! Does he really know your daily struggles? The good news is: he does. For thirty-three years Jesus felt everything you have ever felt. Weakness. Weariness. Sadness. Rejection. His feet got tired. And his head ached. He was tempted and his strength was tested. And you know why? Because in becoming human, Jesus made it possible for us to see God. His tears, God's tears. His voice, God's voice. Want to know what matters to God? Find out what matters to Jesus. Want to know what in the world God is doing? Ponder the words and life of Jesus. For more than three decades, pastor and bestselling author Max Lucado has shown us Jesus. In this capstone audiobook, he takes us further on the journey to know the life and character of the Savior. Divided into six sections (Immanuel, Friend, Teacher, Miracle Worker, Lamb of God, Returning King), each containing multiple chapters, this audiobook describes both the person Jesus was on earth and how to live in a personal relationship with him. By exploring Jesus' life, death, and resurrection as well as specific details like how he interacted with his friends and his enemies, what he did with time alone, how he acted at a party, this compilation from Max Lucado-now with new content from Max-gives listeners the chance to become more familiar with the man at the center of the greatest story ever told. Max wrote "Don't settle for a cursory glance or a superficial understanding. Look long into the heart of Christ and you'll see it. Grace and life. Forgiveness of sin. The defeat of death. This is the hope he gives." Jesus wants you to know him. As you listen, may the Hero of all history talk to you personally, and may you find in him the answer to your deepest needs. A study guide is available in the audiobook companion PDF download.

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Radical Compassion: Learning to Love Yourself and Your World with the Practice of RAIN Audiobook

Radical Compassion: Learning to Love Yourself and Your World with the Practice of RAIN

Author: Tara Brach Narrator: Tara Brach Release Date: January 2020

Brought to you by Penguin. 'A powerful book that will free you from shame, fear, and negative self-beliefs. You will feel wiser, happier, and kinder after reading it' Haemin Sunim World-renowned meditation teacher Tara Brach shares a simple four-step practice to awaken compassion and release the grip of painful emotions: Recognize Allow Investigate Nurture Heartfelt and deeply practical, Radical Compassion teaches us to find healing and freedom through the sources of love, courage and deep wisdom alive within us all. 'Radical Compassion lays out a path of straightforward, accessible practices grounded in both modern brain science and ancient wisdom ... a masterpiece' Rick Hanson 'This book is a treasure from one of the most spiritual teachers of our time' Kristin Neff © Tara Brach 2020 (P) Penguin Audio 2020

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A Student's Guide to Culture Audiobook

A Student's Guide to Culture

Author: John Stonestreet Narrator: Jim Denison Release Date: January 2020

The student edition of the popular A Practical Guide to Culture by John Stonestreet and Brett Kunkle delivers a hopeful message to listeners ages fifteen through twenty-five who live every day with increasing cultural pressure. These young people struggle to navigate contemporary challenges to their Christian faith and values but are encouraged to emerge as leaders. In A Student's Guide to Culture, Stonestreet and Kunkle write in a highly relatable style, sharing insight and experience. Jumping off from the original version, this guide includes all-new discussion questions and stories that remind young listeners that they can live differently and be a light in a culture that sometimes feels overwhelming.

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I Still Do: Growing Closer and Stronger Through Life's Defining Moments Audiobook

I Still Do: Growing Closer and Stronger Through Life's Defining Moments

Author: Dave Harvey Narrator: Al Kessel Release Date: January 2020

Lasting marriages are built one defining moment at a time. The moment of blame. The moment of weakness. When your spouse suffers. When dreams disappoint. When the kids leave the nest. It's how we think and behave toward one another in moments like these that determines whether our marriage endures or falters. Ultimately, these are invitations from God to consider our direction and pursue transformation. With thirty-seven years of marriage and thirty-three years of pastoring under his belt, Dave Harvey has identified those life-defining moments of a post-newlywed marriage. He wants to help couples recognize them in their own relationships so that they can take a proactive, godly approach to resolving conflicts, holding one another up as change inevitably happens, and ensuring that their marriage survives and thrives. Whether your relationship is maturing gracefully, just needs a tune-up, or you and your spouse are locked in conflict and your future seems uncertain, Dave Harvey has encouragement and practical tools to help strengthen what remains and build a rock-solid union for the days to come.

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