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Religious Fiction Audiobooks in Religion & Spirituality

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LoveReading Top 10

  1. Shuggie Bain Audiobook Shuggie Bain
  2. A Promised Land Audiobook A Promised Land
  3. Piece of My Heart Audiobook Piece of My Heart
  4. Sweet Sorrow Audiobook Sweet Sorrow
  5. Ready Player Two: The highly anticipated sequel to READY PLAYER ONE Audiobook Ready Player Two: The highly anticipated sequel to READY PLAYER ONE
  6. Not a Life Coach: Push Your Boundaries. Unlock Your Potential. Redefine Your Life. Audiobook Not a Life Coach: Push Your Boundaries. Unlock Your Potential. Redefine Your Life.
  7. The Alchemist Audiobook The Alchemist
  8. Didn't See That Coming: Putting Life Back Together When Your World Falls Apart Audiobook Didn't See That Coming: Putting Life Back Together When Your World Falls Apart
  9. The Sentinel: (Jack Reacher 25) Audiobook The Sentinel: (Jack Reacher 25)
  10. Fire In His Blood Audiobook Fire In His Blood
Whispers in the Reading Room Audiobook

Whispers in the Reading Room

Author: Shelley Shepard Gray Narrator: Tavia Gilbert Release Date: November 2020

Lydia's job at the library is her world-she never expected to be a suspect to a murder. And now she must rely on the one man she's not sure she can trust. Just months after the closure of the Chicago World's Fair, librarian Lydia Bancroft finds herself fascinated by a mysterious dark-haired and dark-eyed patron. He has never given her his name; he actually never speaks to a single person. All she knows about him is that he loves books as much as she does. Only when he rescues her in the lobby of the Hartman Hotel does she discover that his name is Sebastian Marks. She also discovers that he lives at the top of the prestigious hotel and that most everyone in Chicago is intrigued by him. Lydia and Sebastian form a fragile friendship, but when she discovers that Mr. Marks isn't merely a very wealthy gentleman, but also the proprietor of an infamous saloon and gambling club, she is shocked. Lydia insists on visiting the club one fateful night and suddenly is a suspect to a murder. She must determine who she can trust, who is innocent, and if Sebastian Marks-the man so many people fear-is actually everything her heart believes him to be. "Shelley Gray writes a well-paced story full of historical detail that will invite you into the romance, the glamour . . . and the mystery surrounding the Chicago World's Fair." -Colleen Coble, USA Today bestselling author of Rosemary Cottage and the Hope Beach series - The Chicago World Fair Mystery series - Book 1-Secrets of Sloane House - Book 2-Deception on Sable Hill - Book 3-Whispers in the Reading Room - Book length: 86,000 words - Includes discussion questions for book clubs

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Dead West Audiobook

Dead West

Author: Matt Goldman Narrator: Bronson Pinchot Release Date: November 2020

In the words of Lee Child on Gone to Dust, "I want more of Nils Shapiro." New York Times bestselling and Emmy Award-winning author Matt Goldman happily obliges by bringing the Minneapolis private detective back for another thrilling, standalone adventure in Dead West. Nils Shapiro accepts what appears to be an easy, lucrative job: find out if Beverly Mayer's grandson is foolishly throwing away his trust fund in Hollywood, especially now, in the wake of his fiancée's tragic death. However, that easy job becomes much more complicated once Nils arrives in Los Angeles, a disorienting place where the sunshine hides dark secrets. Nils quickly suspects that Ebben Mayer's fiancée was murdered, and that Ebben himself may have been the target. As Nils moves into Ebben's inner circle, he discovers that everyone in Ebben's professional life?his agent, manager, a screenwriter, a producer?seem to have dubious motives at best. With Nil's friend Jameson White, who has come to Los Angeles to deal with demons of his own, acting as Ebben's bodyguard, Nils sets out to find a killer before it's too late.

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This Present Darkness Audiobook

This Present Darkness

Author: Frank E. Peretti Narrator: Richard Ferrone Release Date: November 2020

Ashton is a typical small town where everyone knows everyone else, and the pace of life is predictable. No one would suspect that Ashton has drawn powerful demonic beings to it. Planning to gain control of the town-and eventually the world-these evil forces are looking for allies. When Pastor Young and the town's newspaper reporter begin to discover this dark plan, they turn to God for guidance, but others have already succumbed to temptation. As angelic forces rally against the demons, breathtaking visions of spiritual warfare fill each fast-paced chapter. Richard Ferrone's dramatic narration highlights these powerful illustrations of the strength of prayer and faith. There are more than 2 million copies of This Present Darkness in print.

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Soul Raging Audiobook

Soul Raging

Author: Ronie Kendig Narrator: Brian Hutchison Release Date: November 2020

Sometimes, the only hope is the enemy. Leif Metcalfe is done waiting for answers and seizes control, a move that comes with a high price and a deadly risk: teaming up with the enemy. He can only hope that what he uncovers will heal the wounds he's inflicted on those he loves. Iskra Todorova believes Leif is on a collision course with death and knows firsthand the irrevocable cost of that path to the soul. While trying to protect her daughter and intervene with Leif, Iskra is forced to set her sights on the man behind the evil organization ArC--Ciro Veratti. Torn apart by injuries and opposing views on how to handle Leif's act of treachery, team Reaper hunts one of their own. The only thing they agree on is not stopping but starting the final battle prophesied in the Book of the Wars.

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Where Flows the Creek: a Romp in the eDimension Audiobook

Where Flows the Creek: a Romp in the eDimension

Author: David Colin Carr Narrator: Becky Parker Release Date: November 2020

Intrigued by a dream, an aging elf adventures beyond the meadow creek he has called home since being sent into the wilderness as an orphan. Driven by insatiable curiosity, he sets off with only the words of a nursery rhyme to direct him: If ever you’re lost in confusion, Turn to the creek and its flow: Meandering, falling through gorge, Through desert, in drought, or in snow. Step forth with a stride quick and steady. Trust guidance to come as you go. Its course from the crest of the Rockies to the vast Pacific leads him through a colorful spectrum of lives and deaths of roadrunners that heal and hummingbird historians, a halfling and a blundering alchemist, both empathic and aggressive cacti, an effete bullfrog and a giggling mama bear. The lyrical prose builds till the Deepest Longing we each carry calls his heart Homeward. Learn the ways of water and glimpse the biodiversity of our spectacular American West. Join the ever-changing dance of creek and elf as they pass among a delightful contingent of creatures who have lessons for Rowan’s ebbing life . . . and perhaps yours. “A cult classic.” Nancy London, co-author of Our Bodies, Our Selves. “Rich imagery to be enjoyed in small bites . . . like chocolate.” Rev. Jane Bronson “A charming, untraditional introduction to the realms of aging and dying and death.” L James Johnson, author of The Jesus Principle “Exquisite, precious, pure delight.” Connie Clark, author of Joy After 50: A Woman’s Guide “But elves don’t die!” Elizabeth Pomada, literary agent. As the otter asks, entrusting the elf to the rapids he has never dared pass through himself: “You must enter the river as you entered life: with eyes focused on the journey. Would we choose life if we were looking only at its destination?”

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The Orchard: A Novel Audiobook

The Orchard: A Novel

Author: David Hopen Narrator: Micky Shiloah Release Date: November 2020

A Recommended Book From: Entertainment Weekly * Electric Literature * Alma A commanding debut and a poignant coming-of-age story about a devout Jewish high school student whose plunge into the secularized world threatens everything he knows of himself Ari Eden’s life has always been governed by strict rules. In ultra-Orthodox Brooklyn, his days are dedicated to intense study and religious rituals, and adolescence feels profoundly lonely. So when his family announces that they are moving to a glitzy Miami suburb, Ari seizes his unexpected chance for reinvention. Enrolling in an opulent Jewish academy, Ari is stunned by his peers’ dizzying wealth, ambition, and shameless pursuit of life’s pleasures. When the academy’s golden boy, Noah, takes Ari under his wing, Ari finds himself entangled in the school’s most exclusive and wayward group. These friends are magnetic and defiant—especially Evan, the brooding genius of the bunch, still living in the shadow of his mother’s death. Influenced by their charismatic rabbi, the group begins testing their religion in unconventional ways. Soon Ari and his friends are pushing moral boundaries and careening toward a perilous future—one in which the traditions of their faith are repurposed to mysterious, tragic ends. Mesmerizing and playful, heartrending and darkly romantic, The Orchard probes the conflicting forces that determine who we become: the heady relationships of youth, the allure of greatness, the doctrines we inherit, and our concealed desires.

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A Room of Marvels: A Story about Heaven that Heals the Heart Audiobook

A Room of Marvels: A Story about Heaven that Heals the Heart

Author: James Bryan Smith Narrator: William Sarris Release Date: November 2020

Three deaths in three years. His mother. His best friend. And now, his two-year-old daughter. In this moving story a Christian author goes to a retreat center to grieve and face the hard questions about God that he is asking in the wake of these losses. If you have ever felt alone, betrayed, abandoned-if you have found yourself asking God why-this novel may be a source of hope. And if you have ever wondered what heaven is like, this book provides a beautiful vision. Room of Marvels is a masterful, dream-like tale that speaks to the eternal in the midst of our most painful earthly losses. This expanded edition of the beloved book has a new afterword from James Bryan Smith. Finding your room of marvels will give you reason to live. Again.

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Barefoot: A Story of Surrendering to God Audiobook

Barefoot: A Story of Surrendering to God

Author: Sharon Garlough Brown Narrator: Erin Bennett Release Date: November 2020

The spiritual journey takes unexpected turns for the women of Sensible Shoes in this third book of the series, continuing on from the events of Two Steps Forward. Having been challenged to persevere in hope, can they now embrace the joy of complete surrender? Mara: With two boys at home and a divorce on the way, can she let go of her resentment and bitterness and find a rhythm of grace in her "new normal"? Hannah: With Nathan by her side, can she let go of expectations―and even her reputation―as she charts a new course? Charissa: As her approaching due date threatens to collide with new professional opportunities, can she let go of her need for control and embrace the unknown future with trust? Meg: With disappointment over broken relationships and unfulfilled dreams, can she let go of her fear and worry in the face of even greater challenges that lie ahead? Join the women of the Sensible Shoes Club in a poignant story that reveals the joy that comes from laying our lives at the feet of God and standing barefoot on holy ground.

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The Orchard Audiobook

The Orchard

Author: Yochi Brandes Narrator: Dara Rosenberg Release Date: November 2020

This spellbinding historical novel by celebrated Israeli author Yochi Brandes tells the story of the venerated yet enigmatic Rabbi Akiva, placing him in the context of his contemporaries, the Sages of Jewish tradition and of early Christianity. Rabbi Eliezer, Rabbi Ishmael, Rabban Gamaliel, Paul of Tarsus, and many others become flesh and blood in this stunning interweaving of biblical and Talmudic lore. At the heart of the novel is Rabbi Akiva and his complicated relationship with his wife Rachel, who meets him as a forty-year-old illiterate shepherd, marries him against her father's wishes, and compels him to study until he becomes the nation of Israel's greatest sage. Rabbi Akiva's innovative method of interpreting Scripture provides his people with a life-giving elixir after Rome's destruction of the Second Temple, but also fuels the lethal Bar Kokhba Revolt, with disastrous consequences. The Orchard offers a brilliant narrative solution to the fascinating story of four sages who entered a metaphysical orchard: one died, one lost his mind, one became a hater of God, and one-Rabbi Akiva-made it out unscathed. Or did he?

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Syblings the Syrial, Season One: Episodes 1-22: Audiobook Version Audiobook

Syblings the Syrial, Season One: Episodes 1-22: Audiobook Version

Author: Paul Du Preez Narrator: Paul Du Preez Release Date: November 2020

It’s the near-future: angelic and demonic forces are trying to influence the destiny of siblings Darren and Leandré. But Darren and Leandré are not controllable. Not easily – they are individualistic, unruly, passionate, each in their own way. Different and real. Leandré takes charge of Darren. “What was that all about?” “Sis, you know me; I’m a philosophical guy,” he drawls. “Oh, right.” They glare. Behind smoky AR glasses, they can’t see each other’s eyes. But there’s still a charge – a sense of unspoken history flashing between them. “Put your mask on.” “Why? I didn’t wear one on stage.” “Because it’s socially responsible.”

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Soulwaves : Insertions Audiobook

Soulwaves : Insertions

Author: Tom Evans Narrator: Tom Evans Release Date: November 2020

Soulwaves : Insertions is a book comprising of 12 short stories. They are wild rides of imagination. It is both the prequel and sequel to the novel Soulwaves : A Future History. The stories straddle the present day and stretch from the beginning to the end of time in this particular Universe. Like the novel that inspired them, they are of course completely fictitious, laced with threads of universal truths. They are complete conjecture and wild rides of the imagination. They can be savoured and enjoyed if you have not listened to the novel but will make more sense when both books have been consumed. The order in which you read them is not important. Soulwaves themselves will pull you in the direction which is right for you. Discover how life may have started and might end on Earth. Learn how humans got the word and became self-aware. Find out how affairs on planet Earth, and in the Density, are influenced by benevolent intelligences that sit in the Void. Insertions describe twelve different ways this intelligence enters the Density when the course of history, and humanity, requires a nudge and a redirection. If you have ever felt your strings were being pulled, these short stories will open your mind to new possibilities and new thinking. The author, Tom Evans, is a modern day mystic and channel who is able to tap into possible future events and alternate past histories. He is a meditation guide who teaches people how to tap into the collective consciousness. Nothing in this book, or the novel Soulwaves : A Future History, is true. Neither is it necessarily false.

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The Promised Land Audiobook

The Promised Land

Author: Elizabeth Musser Narrator: Andrea Gallo, Nick Walther, Sandy Rustin Release Date: November 2020

You'd be surprised at what gets through when everything else is taken away. Abbie Jowett always has every detail perfectly planned out, including her husband's upcoming surprise fiftieth birthday party. But when he surprises her instead with news that he's leaving, she feels her life unraveling. Already distressed by her son Bobby's determination to take a gap year in Europe in addition to her father's failing health, Abbie is immobilized by grief. Bobby Jowett has dared to take a gap year to really think about his future. His first stop is volunteering at a refugee center in Austria where he meets a beautiful Iranian girl named Rasa. For idealistic Bobby, it is love at first sight. On the spur of the moment, he invites her to join him in hiking the famed French Camino. But his mother, out of desperation, has also chosen to follow him to France. Caroline Lefort, a young photojournalist, is writing an article about pilgrims on the Camino. However, she has been like a wandering pilgrim herself for the past ten years, having abandoned her family after a devastating event. As the lives of these people intersect, they find that the Camino strips them bare, calling each one into deep soul-searching. Against all odds, can they find themselves again?

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