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  1. The Eye of the World: Book One of The Wheel of Time Audiobook The Eye of the World: Book One of The Wheel of Time
  2. Go Tell the Bees that I am Gone Audiobook Go Tell the Bees that I am Gone
  3. Under the Whispering Door Audiobook Under the Whispering Door
  4. The Last Days of John Lennon Audiobook The Last Days of John Lennon
  5. Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing: Inspired by the hit BBC series Audiobook Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing: Inspired by the hit BBC series
  6. Go Set a Watchman Audiobook Go Set a Watchman
  7. Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life Audiobook Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life
  8. It Ends With Us Audiobook It Ends With Us
  10. Ride Audiobook Ride
Nephilim's Rise [Dramatized Adaptation]: Templar Chronicles 8 Audiobook

Nephilim's Rise [Dramatized Adaptation]: Templar Chronicles 8

'From out of the darkness comes a light... For five long years the Adversary and his infernal allies have ruled the earth, herding mankind into demon-controlled enclaves and hunting those that remain near to extinction. The Templars, a mere shadow of their once-powerful organization have continued to fight against overwhelming odds, but for many hope and a belief in a human victory are things of the past. Then, from the depths of the Beyond, a pair of legends emerge. The return of Cade Williams and his beloved wife, Gabrielle, a mighty warrior in her own right, galvanize the Templars. The Heretic's presence lights a fire in their souls and a flame in their hearts. Now, they prepare for their greatest challenge yet. It is time to reclaim what was thought lost. It is time, at long last, to take the battle to the enemy. Performed by Steve Wannall, David Coyne, Laura C. Harris, Thomas Penny, Dawn Ursula, Christopher Walker, Rob McFadyen, Robb Moreira, Bradley Foster Smith, Matthew Pauli, Karen Novack, Stephon Walker, Nora Achrati, Richard Rohan, David Cui Cui, and Scott McCormick.'

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Rootbound [Dramatized Adaptation]: Elemental 5 Audiobook

Rootbound [Dramatized Adaptation]: Elemental 5

'My people use the power of the earth to sustain life and defy our enemies. I am the half-breed bastard child of a king. I was not meant to survive the trials cast my way. Yet, here I stand. The world has deteriorated in the years I was banished. The Elemental families are rife with deception, violence, and madness more than ever before. A voice I know all too well calls me to do her bidding. A voice I no longer wish to hear. The mother goddess begs me to save the four families, and stop my nemesis. To do it, I must face each of the Elemental leaders and take from them the power they hold close: the stones I once entrusted to them. Now, the secrets I unearth as I pursue the stones shatter everything I know about my world, and everything I was taught. Yet, I am not the naïve girl I once was. If I am to see this through, I must completely embrace the new reality of my life and all its obstacles while forging ahead. Four stones abused. Four families broken. A half-breed princess as their only hope. Through it all, the one I love waits for me to find him. When I do, will he, like everything else in my world, not be what he once was? Performed by Yasmin Tuazon, Anthony Palmini, Chris Davenport, Chris Stinson, Christopher Williams, Colleen Delany, Dawn Ursula, Elena Anderson, Eva Wilhelm, Hannah Curtis, Holly Adams, Joel David Santner, Julie-Ann Elliott, Ken Jackson, Laura C. Harris, Mark Harrietha, Matthew Bassett, Matthew Pauli, Niusha Nawab, Nora Achrati, Robb, Moreira, Rose Elizabeth Supan, Ryan Carlo Dalusung, Terence Aselford, Triya Leong, Yasmin Tuazon, and Zeke Alton.'

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Under My Heel [Dramatized Adaptation]: The Kurtherian Gambit 6 Audiobook

Under My Heel [Dramatized Adaptation]: The Kurtherian Gambit 6

'Europe is erupting in tension and violence. David is only adding to the conflagration by setting a trap, one our team will trip to save those people still alive. There is one thing every enemy of Bethany Anne finds out: they will be ground under her heels. Now, something is heating up between Bethany Anne and Michael, and it isn't her anger over him leaving her behind. Well, much. Further, the Patriarch is learning there might be someone worth sticking around for in his future. If she would just stop being so hard-headed. David believes he is smarter than the rest. Now, he must fight both the Patriarch and the Queen Bitch. Are his days numbered? Performed by Colleen Delany, Emily Beresford, James Konicek, Terence Aselford, Michael John Casey, Steve Wannall, Bianca Bryan, Christopher Graybill, Rob McFadyen, Eva Wilhelm, Eric Messner, Bradley Foster Smith, Matthew Schleigh, Matthew Pauli, James Lewis, Nora Achrati, Matthew Bassett, Danny Gavigan, Joel David Santner, Anthony Palmini, Alejandro Ruiz, Jacob Yeh, Yasmin Tuazon, Holly Adams, Ken Jackson, Robb Moreira, Zeke Alton, Jonathan Lee Taylor, Darius Johnson, Henry W. Kramer, Chris Stinson, Jason Keller, Tyler Hyrchuk, Mort Shelby and Rose Elizabeth Supan.'

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Pyramid Schemes [Dramatized Adaptation]: Sir Apropos of Nothing 4 Audiobook

Pyramid Schemes [Dramatized Adaptation]: Sir Apropos of Nothing 4

'He's back. Despite absolutely no requests at all, Sir Apropos of Nothing-he who was spawned from the violent assault of a tavern wench by a group of drunken knights-has returned. This time his voyages take him to the land of Rogypt, a surprisingly ancient realm where the tragic people known as the Shews labor endlessly in building pyramids for their masters. When Apropos inadvertently interferes with he who is destined to be their savior, no less than a deity reaches down and points His fickle finger upon him, informing him it is now his responsibility to liberate the people. All that stands in his way? An unpredictable young ruler, his insanely duplicitous sister and, oh yes, an ancient mummy's curse. So basically, just a typical day for the roguish Apropos. Performed by Scott McCormick, Rayner Gabriel, John Kielty, Ryan Carlo Dalusung, Nazia Chaudhry, Holly Adams, Dani Stoller, Rob McFadyen, Nick DePinto, Nora Achrati, Chris Davenport, Michael John Casey, Yasmin Tuazon, Eric Messner, Steve Wannall, Richard Rohan, Ken Jackson, Bradley Foster Smith, Colleen Delany, Karen Novack, Terence Aselford, Rose Elizabeth Supan and Mort Shelby.'

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Grave Capitol [Dramatized Adaptation]: Deathlands 143 Audiobook

Grave Capitol [Dramatized Adaptation]: Deathlands 143

'Continuing from Deathlands 142: Into Delirium. One Nation Under Sod. Washington DC was hardest hit in the nukecaust that heralded the Deathlands era. But beneath the crater of radioactive ruins, a functioning city of survivors is crafting a culture that plans to reshape America. Ryan Cawdor and his companions enter into this enclosed, underground world and find an ordered and progressive society based on the tenets of the US Constitution. But as they settle into this seeming idyll, the companions uncover a sinister threat at the ville's heart, and a bold plan to finally wipe out the last remnants of humankind. Performed by Alejandro Ruiz, Alysia Beltran, Amanda Forstrom, Amin Shravan, Cody Roberts, Coleen Delany, David Zitney, Donald Guzzi, Eric Messner, Jason Keller, Julie Hoverson, Karen Novack, Karenna Foley, Ken Jackson, Laura C. Harris, Lise Bruneau, Lolita Horne, Mark Harrietha, Melody Muze, Mike Ciporkin, Nazia Chaudhry, Nicole Perez, Richard Rohan, Ryan Haugen, Ryan Reid, Scott McCormick, Steve Wannall, Terence Aselford, and Triya Leong.'

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The Guns of Nana Joan [Dramatized Adaptation]: Space Team 5 Audiobook

The Guns of Nana Joan [Dramatized Adaptation]: Space Team 5

'The galaxy is at war, and Space Team just can't seem to stay out of trouble. Following one close-call too many, the team hides out on a tiny backwater moon, hoping the hostilities between Zertex and the Symmorium will all just blow over. But when first officer Loren's brother is taken prisoner and sentenced to death by the Symmorium, Cal and the others must make a choice - a choice that could spell the end of Space Team forever.... Packed with space battles, giant robots, and a dangerously obese man being sponged down with soup, The Guns of Nana Joan is the hilarious fifth audiobook in the Space Team saga. Performed by Phil Thron, Danny Gavigan, Carolyn Kashner, Darius Johnson, Yasmin Tuazon, Christopher Walker, Alejandro Ruiz, Bradley Smith, Elena Anderson, Ken Jackson, Nathanial Perry, Chris Stinson, Rose Elizabeth Supan, Mort Shelby, Michael John Casey, Richard Rohan, Karen Novack, Scott McCormick, Tia Shearer, Robb Moreira, Eric Messner, David Cui Cui, Colleen Delany, Zeke Alton, Ryan Carlo Dalusung, Laura C. Harris, Nanette Savard and Chris Davenport.'

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Prometheus Unites [Dramatized Adaptation]: The Great Insurrection 5 Audiobook

Prometheus Unites [Dramatized Adaptation]: The Great Insurrection 5

'His reputation had grown... ...and the fear it bred had one unintended consequence. Cristin de Monaham is a powerful and respected warlord. Her family and the planet of ice she rules are all that matters. When she hears about how Prometheus freed the slaves, she grows worried. Would he come for her next? On a barren world of freezing wind and snow, one doesn't get second chances. It is better to kill and survive than risk diplomacy. Rather than wait on this conqueror, she'll go to him-with her allies in tow, she'll crush him. Alistair is struggling in his new role. Rebuilding a society is more than he bargained for and he's forgotten his goal. Defeating the Commonwealth. Will he be ready for this new threat? Or is Prometheus' fire about to be extinguished by an ice planet and its warlord? You'll love this fifth audiobook in The Great Insurrection series, because not everything is black and white. Everyone has something to protect. Performed by Terence Aselford, Bradley Foster Smith, Marni Penning, Danny Gavigan, Lise Bruneau, Nanette Savard, Chris Stinson, Rob McFadyen, Zeke Alton, Colleen Delany, Joe Mallon, David Jourdan, Tony Nam, Chris Genebach, Peter Holdway, Amanda Forstrom, James Konicek, Christopher Williams, Scott McCormick, Ken Jackson, Christopher Walker, Alejandro Ruiz, Nora Achrati, Eric Messner, Daniel Llaca, Michael John Casey, Rose Elizabeth Supan, Mort Shelby, Eva Wilhelm, and Richard Rohan.'

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Earthcore [Dramatized Adaptation]: Sun Symbol 1 Audiobook

Earthcore [Dramatized Adaptation]: Sun Symbol 1

Deep below a desolate Utah mountain lies the largest platinum deposit ever discovered. A billion-dollar find, it waits for any company that can drill a world's record, three-mile-deep mine shaft. EarthCore is the company with the technology, the resources and the guts to go after the mother lode. Young executive Connell Kirkland is the company's driving force, pushing himself and those around him to uncover the massive treasure. But far beneath the surface, where the rocks are so hot they burn bare skin, something has been waiting for centuries. Waiting ... and guarding. Kirkland is about to find out firsthand why this treasure has never been unearthed.

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AstroNuts Mission Three: The Perfect Planet [Dramatized Adaptation]: AstroNuts 3 Audiobook

AstroNuts Mission Three: The Perfect Planet [Dramatized Adaptation]: AstroNuts 3

'This hilarious audiobook is the conclusion to a major series by children's literature legend Jon Scieszka. We follow their final mission, where AstroWolf, LaserShark, SmartHawk, and StinkBug must find a planet fit for human life after we've finally made Earth unlivable. Time is up for our friends the AstroNuts. In fact, time is up for you, too. If they don't succeed on this mission, Earth is doomed! So when the team finds out they're being sent to a place called ''the perfect planet,'' their mission sounds way too easy. Unfortunately, the second they land, they realize they'll be dealing with the most dangerous species of all time... humans. Huh? Where in the universe is this supposedly perfect place? And how will the Nuts manage to convince the humans to risk death... for the sake of their lives?! Eager and reluctant readers alike will be over the moon about this new mission! Performed by Nanette Savard, Danny Gavigan, Dawn Ursula, Tia Shearer, Chris Stinson, Terence Aselford, Richard Rohan, Rob McFadyen, Holly Adams, Robb Moreira, Ken Jackson, Alejandro Ruiz, Yasmin Tuazon, Bradley Foster Smith and Nora Achrati.'

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Archie: Volume 3 [Dramatized Adaptation]: Archie Comics Audiobook

Archie: Volume 3 [Dramatized Adaptation]: Archie Comics

'The all-new ARCHIE adventure continues! Superstar writer Mark Waid teams up with the best and brightest artists in comics to bring a modern take to the legendary Riverdale cast of characters. The audiobook captures the bite and hilarious edge of Archie's original tales in a modern, forward-looking manner, while still retaining the character's all-ages appeal. If classic Archie is a Saturday morning cartoon, this new series is prime time! Adapted from Archie issues and produced with a full cast of actors, immersive sound effects and cinematic music. Performed by Bradley Foster Smith, Laura C. Harris, Yasmin Tuazon, Robb Moreira, Alejandro Ruiz, Matthew Schleigh, Steven Carpenter, Triya Leong, Jason Keller, Karen Novack, Joel David Santner, Niusha Nawab, Carolyn Kashner, Jeff Baker, Dawn Ursula, Nora Achrati, Rick Rohan, Rob McFadyen, Mort Shelby, Rose Elizabeth Supan, Sara Matsui-Colby, Shanta Parasuraman, Nanette Savard, Ryan Carlo Dalusung, Scott McCormick, Holly Adams, Chris Davenport, and Terence Aselford.'

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X Volume 1: Big Bad [Dramatized Adaptation]: Dark Horse Comics Audiobook

X Volume 1: Big Bad [Dramatized Adaptation]: Dark Horse Comics

'A masked vigilante known only as ''X'' dispenses justice without mercy to the criminals who rule the decaying city of Arcadia. When muckraking blogger Leigh Ferguson snoops down the wrong alley, she gets swept into X's bloody war with a politically powerful crime lord. Duane Swierczynski (Godzilla, Cable and X-Force) and Eric Nguyen (Batman: Arkham Unchained) dish out nonstop, visceral action, with Dark Horse's most brutal and exciting character -- X! Collects issues #0 - #4 of the ongoing series. Adapted from the issues and produced with a full cast of actors, immersive sound effects and cinematic music. Performed by Eric Messner, Natalie Van Sistine, Matthew Bassett, Joe Mallon, Jonathan Lee Taylor, Christopher Graybill, Terence Aselford, Rayner Gabriel, Tyler Hyrchuck, Richard Rohan, Laura C Harris, Anthony Palmini, Cody Roberts, Ryan Haugen, Bradley Foster Smith, Mark Harrietha, Michael John Casey, Scott McCormick, Ryan Reid, Karen Novack, and Alejandro Ruiz.'

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