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January 2022 Featured Books

The End of the World and the Last God

The End of the World and the Last God

Author: Pierre-Henri dArgenson Format: Hardback Release Date: 02/11/2021

‘The End of the World and the Last God’ by Pierre-Henri d'Argenson is an idea-based book that explores the reasons why space exploration seems to have captured the human imagination once again. Looking at a range of difficult and philosophical questions about evolution and modern life, this book questions whether our aims to reach for the stars come from our innate desire to explore or a boredom with life on Earth. I found the arguments in this book to be well written, and well translated by James Christie. Taking us through human history, our complete exploration of the world and development from hunters to more sedentary work, to consumerism and the part that religion could possibly play in any future interstellar life. Within these pages you will find intelligent arguments and plenty of food for thought as to what a life among the stars would look like. With journeys into space coming in to the forefront of our minds and the media in recent years, ‘The End of the World and the Last God’ looks into what could be driving us as a species to head to space and what some of the realities of space living may be. I found the section looking at religion to be particularly interesting, as an atheist I’d never thought of the contradiction of space travel and a God who we usually depict as living among the stars and how our aims for space travels and looking for other hospitable planets is potentially a “rejection” of what a God has provided us.

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Science has never been more popular. You don’t have to understand it to love it. We live in a golden age where we know more about the world and its origins than ever before. Here, some of the biggest questions ever asked find answers, as well as some of the smallest. This is a section bursting from its nucleus with protons of knowledge especially compiled for the lay enthusiast and the curious. Accessible science is no longer the domain of the scientist. We can all have a go at broadening our minds … and what’s more, we can do it from the relative comfort of our favourite chair. Relative comfort, because the chair is merely a mass of vibrating particles on a planet, hurtling through space and time, bending both as it goes in a Universe that may itself just be one of an infinite number of possible universes in an undefinable dimension of matter.

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