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Our Consumer Reader Review Panel

LoveReading is the UK’s Leading Book Recommendation site. To help us provide the best recommendations we can we utilise our Consumer Reader Review Panel. This ensures that you get honest and candid reviews from fellow readers with a passion for books in addition to the opinions from our Editorial Experts. Our amazing Consumer Reader Review Panel offer their feelings on the latest books and have the chance to read a range of titles before they are on the shelves.

We currently have 900 people on our Reader Review Panel who are contacted when we have copies of books available to review. Our Panel then select the books that they would be interested in reviewing and are then randomly chosen to receive a free copy of the book to review. Our Consumer Reader Review Panel will receive books before they are released for sale, so that we offer the best possible recommendations for our books when publication date arrives.

Consumer Reader Reviews feature on each book page and are also shared with publishers so that they can use them in their own promotion of the book. All the reviews submitted by our Consumer Reader Review Panel are honest and candid, and we encourage constructive honesty in all our reviews. We want to make sure that the recommendations we offer are as detailed as possible and because of this we ask our Reader Review Panel to provide an extended review of the book they receive (around 250 words) without any spoilers that could impact the experience of other readers.

If you are wanting more information about writing reviews for LoveReading, head over our blog post filled with useful review writing tips. If you are interested in becoming a member of our Consumer Reader Review Panel, then sign up using the link below.

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