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  1. freckles Audiobook freckles
  2. A Slow Fire Burning: The addictive new Sunday Times No.1 bestseller from the author of The Girl on t Audiobook A Slow Fire Burning: The addictive new Sunday Times No.1 bestseller from the author of The Girl on t
  4. Piranesi Audiobook Piranesi
  5. 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think Audiobook 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think
  6. Impostor: An Alexander Gregory Thriller (The Alexander Gregory Thrillers Book 1): The Alexander Greg Audiobook Impostor: An Alexander Gregory Thriller (The Alexander Gregory Thrillers Book 1): The Alexander Greg
  7. State of Terror Audiobook State of Terror
  8. The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music Audiobook The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music
  9. Humanocracy: Creating Organizations as Amazing as the People Inside Them Audiobook Humanocracy: Creating Organizations as Amazing as the People Inside Them
  10. Bad Boss Audiobook Bad Boss
A Nation of Women: An Early Feminist Speaks Out Audiobook

A Nation of Women: An Early Feminist Speaks Out

Author: Luisa Capetillo Narrator: Félix V. Matos Rodríguez, Melanie Martinez Release Date: September 2021

The groundbreaking feminist and socialist writings of Puerto Rican author and activist Luisa Capetillo A Penguin Classic In 1915, Puerto Rican activist Luisa Capetillo was arrested and acquitted for being the first woman to wear men's trousers publicly. While this act of gender-nonconforming rebellion elevated her to feminist icon status in modern pop culture, it also overshadowed the significant contributions she made to the women's movement and anarchist labor movements of the early twentieth century--both in her native Puerto Rico and in the migrant labor belt in the eastern United States. With the volume A Nation of Women, Capetillo's socialist and feminist activism is given the spotlight it deserves with its inclusion of the first English translation of Capetillo's landmark Mi opinión sobre las libertades, derechos y deberes de la mujer. Originally published in Spanish in 1911, Mi opinión is considered by many to be the first feminist treatise in Puerto Rico and one of the first in Latin America and the Caribbean. In concise prose, Capetillo advocates a workers' revolution, forcefully demanding an end to the exploitation and subordination of workers and women. Her essays challenge big business in favor of socialism, call for legalizing divorce and the acceptance of 'free love' in relationships, and cover topics such as sexuality, mental and physical health, hygiene, spirituality, and nutrition. At once a sharp critique and a celebration of the gathering fervor of world politics, A Nation of Women embraces the humanistic thinking of the early twentieth century and envisions a world in which economic and social structures can be broken down, allowing both the worker and the woman to be free.

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Openhearted: Eighty Years of Love, Loss, Laughter and Letting Go Audiobook

Openhearted: Eighty Years of Love, Loss, Laughter and Letting Go

Author: Ann Ingle Narrator: Ann Ingle, Michael Ingle Release Date: September 2021

Brought to you by Penguin. 'Something they don't tell you about getting older is that you fall. Oh, you hear about it in passing, of course, 'She had a fall, poor thing'. Falling is not something you ever think about as a younger woman. You think about falling in love . . .' At 20 Londoner Ann Ingle fell madly in love with an Irish fellow she met on holiday in Cornwall. At the church to arrange their shotgun wedding she discovered that he hadn't even told her his real name. Sixty-odd years later Ann looks back on that first glorious fall and in a series of essays considers what she has learned from the life that followed - bringing eight children into the world, their father's years of mental illness and tragic death at 40, being a cash-strapped single mother in 1980s Dublin, coming into her own in her middle years - going to college, working and writing, and continuing to evolve and learn into her ninth decade, even as she accepts the realities of being 'old'. Candid about everything that matters - love, sex, heartbreak, money, class, religion, mental health, rearing children (and letting them go), reading and writing, ageing - Open-Hearted is a compelling story about living life in a spirit of curiosity and delight and with a willingness to look for good in others. © Ann Ingle 2021 (P) Penguin Audio 2021

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Letters to Gil Audiobook

Letters to Gil

Author: Malik Al Nasir Narrator: Benjamin Zephania, Gil Scott-Heron Release Date: September 2021

‘A searing, triumphant story. A testament to the tenacity of the human spirit as well as a beautiful ode to an iconic figure’ IRENOSEN OKOJIE Exclusive content in this audio edition includes interviews between Malik and Benjamin Zephaniah, Jalal Munsur Nuriddin, and Rod Youngs as well as musical and lyrical performances from Gil and Malik. Letters to Gil is Malik Al Nasir’s profound coming of age memoir – the story of surviving physical and racial abuse and discovering a new sense of self-worth under the wing of the great artist, poet and civil rights activist Gil Scott-Heron. Born in Liverpool, Malik was taken into care at the age of nine after his seafaring father became paralysed. He would spend his adolescence in a system that proved violent, neglectful, exploitative, traumatising and mired in abuse. Aged eighteen, he emerged semi-literate, penniless with no connections or sense of where he was going – until a chance meeting with Gil Scott-Heron. Letters to Gil will tell the story of Malik’s empowerment and awakening while mentored by Gil, from his introduction to the legacy of Black history to the development of his voice through poetry and music. Written with lyricism and power, it is a frank and moving memoir, highlighting how institutional racism can debilitate and disadvantage a child, as well as how mentoring, creativity, self-expression and solidarity helped him to uncover his potential.

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Read Until You Understand: The Profound Wisdom of Black Life and Literature Audiobook

Read Until You Understand: The Profound Wisdom of Black Life and Literature

Author: Farah Jasmine Griffin Narrator: Farah Jasmine Griffin Release Date: September 2021

A BRILLIANT SCHOLAR IMPARTS THE LESSONS BEQUEATHED BY THE BLACK COMMUNITY AND ITS REMARKABLE ARTISTS AND THINKERS. Farah Jasmine Griffin has taken to her heart the phrase "read until you understand," a line her father, who died when she was nine, wrote in a note to her. She has made it central to this book about love of the majestic power of words and love of the magnificence of Black life. Griffin has spent years rooted in the culture of Black genius and the legacy of books that her father left her. A beloved professor, she has devoted herself to passing these works and their wisdom on to generations of students. Here, she shares a lifetime of discoveries: the ideas that inspired the stunning oratory of Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X, the soulful music of Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder, the daring literature of Phillis Wheatley and Toni Morrison, the inventive artistry of Romare Bearden, and many more. Exploring these works through such themes as justice, rage, self-determination, beauty, joy, and mercy allows her to move from her aunt's love of yellow roses to Gil Scott-Heron's "Winter in America." Griffin entwines memoir, history, and art while she keeps her finger on the pulse of the present, asking us to grapple with the continuing struggle for Black freedom and the ongoing project that is American democracy. She challenges us to reckon with our commitment to all the nation's inhabitants and our responsibilities to all humanity.

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Mennonite Valley Girl: A Wayward Coming of Age Audiobook

Mennonite Valley Girl: A Wayward Coming of Age

Author: Carla Funk Narrator: Carla Funk Release Date: September 2021

Carla Funk is a teenager with her hands on the church piano keys and her feet edging toward the flames. Coming of age in a remote valley town-a place rich in Mennonites, loggers, and dutiful wives who submit to their husbands-she knows her destiny is to marry, have babies, and join the church ladies' sewing circle. In her world, the body is hidden in shame, the lines between the sexes are strictly drawn, and the wrong thoughts can tip you over into sin. But increasingly, she wants to push the limits: of her family, her religion, and the little town that can't contain her desires for much longer. In poignant and hilarious stories, Funk chronicles her 1980s adolescence in all its awkward glory: from summer Bible camp to forbidden school dances, from questionable makeovers to hair-raising pranks. Through it all runs the longing to make her life into a new and different story, as she asks the questions we all must face about where we come from and who we want to be. At once an affectionate coming-of-age tale and a contemplation on meaning, morality, and destiny, Mennonite Valley Girl is about the places we all long to escape-even if they are the same places that define us.

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The Book Burners: Salman Rushdie, the fatwa, and the consequences for us all Audiobook

The Book Burners: Salman Rushdie, the fatwa, and the consequences for us all

In 1989, the literary world was rocked by an unprecedented event: Ayatollah Khomeini, the leader of Revolutionary Iran, issued a fatwa against Salman Rushdie, the author of The Satanic Verses. Rushdie's book was considered by many Muslims to be blasphemy for its depiction of Mohammed, and Khomeini had just ordered Rushdie's death. The book was banned in several countries and led to attacks against those involved in its publication. Hanif Kureishi called the fatwa 'one of the most significant events in postwar literary history'. In Fatwa, Chloe Hadjimatheou and Mobeen Azhar tell the hidden story of the fatwa - the forces which led to the death sentence and the consequences for all of us. Covers a 20-year period from 1979 to 1999, they speak to extraordinary voices from often overlooked British communities to explore race relations in Britain, identity, free speech and the connection between the fatwa and contemporary violent jihad. Also included is an interview with Salman Rushdie three years after the fatwa, Life after The Satanic Verses, in which the author talks about his life and work with Christopher Bigsby. Finally in The Book Burners: Salman Rushdie, Mike Wooldridge hears from Muslims who protested against The Satanic Verses twenty years after the fatwa - what do they think it achieved? ©2021 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd (P)2021 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd

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The Life of the Author: John Milton Audiobook

The Life of the Author: John Milton

Author: Richard Bradford Narrator: David Vickery Release Date: September 2021

It is hard to overstate the role that John Milton played in the historical, political, and literary controversies of seventeenth century England; his writings and very life challenged the status quo. Struggling to reconcile his private beliefs with his involvement with a radical political experiment, a republic which involved the killing of the monarch, his star rose and fell several times during his life. Married three times, struck blind at a cruelly early age, he was a famed pamphleteer and political activist whose revolutionary political credos placed him in mortal danger after the Restoration. This fascinating new biography is divided into two parts. The first separates the man from the myth, and elucidates the complicated details of Milton's life from his early years as a literary artist uncertain of his destiny, through his work as a propagandist for the Cromwellian republic, to his rewriting of the Old Testament story of the Fall as a poetic allegory of more recent history. The second looks at how biographers and critics from the seventeenth century to the present day have distorted and manipulated the personality of Milton to suit their biases.

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The Scandal of the Century, and Other Writings Audiobook

The Scandal of the Century, and Other Writings

Author: Cristóbal Pera, Gabriel García Márquez Narrator: Bernardo De Paula Release Date: September 2021

From one of the titans of twentieth-century literature, collected here for the first time: a selection of his journalism from the late 1940s to the mid-1980s-work that he considered even more important to his legacy than his universally acclaimed works of fiction. "I don't want to be remembered for One Hundred Years of Solitude or for the Nobel Prize, but rather for my journalism," Gabriel García Márquez said in the final years of his life. And while some of his journalistic writings have been made available over the years, this is the first volume to gather a representative selection from across the first four decades of his career-years during which he worked as a full-time, often muckraking, and controversial journalist, even as he penned the fiction that would bring him the Nobel Prize in 1982. Here are the first pieces he wrote while working for newspapers in the coastal Colombian cities of Cartagena and Barranquilla ... his longer, more fiction-like reportage from Paris and Rome ... his monthly columns for Spain's El País. And while all the work points in style, wit, depth, and passion to his fiction, these fifty pieces are, more than anything, a revelation of the writer working at the profession he believed to be "the best in the world."

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A Country Of Our Clay Audiobook

A Country Of Our Clay

Author: Joe Jeney Narrator: Joe Jeney Release Date: September 2021

Going back where you came from is harder if it's where you already are...   Migrants arrive in the Lucky Country from lands their forebears knew for a thousand years. They know where they are and why they’re here and what they face.   Then there are their children…born in a country that can't spell their names, and of a heritage that doesn't know they were born.   Reminded every day that he doesn't quite belong, and reminding himself where others forget or couldn't care less, second generation Ed Kaspar sets out on a journey to not only be an Australian but to be his country, to “be Australia,” with nineteenth century bush-balladist Henry Lawson as his guide.   Determined to “romance the swag,” Ed abandons his career for outback sheep stations. He works his way to an iconic identity while at a crossroads in his life, while his nation is at a crossroads of its own.   The chronicle explores the changing face of Australia, and a name among many that it went by, Ed Kaspar.   With its small town focus, A Country Of Our Clay nonetheless brings a universality to a narrative with the power to awaken and share wherever anyone needs a place to call home.   Published by Light River Books The World’s A Better Place Because We Read Books…

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I Strongly Believe in Incredible Things: A creative journey through the everyday wonders of our worl Audiobook

I Strongly Believe in Incredible Things: A creative journey through the everyday wonders of our worl

Author: Rob Auton Narrator: Rob Auton Release Date: September 2021

A selection of the world’s most incredible things according to award-winning writer, comedian, artist and podcaster Rob Auton I Strongly Believe In Incredible Things is a book of poetic prose, musings, short stories and biro drawings detailing a selection of the Earth’s incredible things by award-winning writer, comedian, artist and podcaster Rob Auton. Unique, enchanting and utterly life affirming, this is a collection of pages that come together to create the opposite of the news, becoming the tonic for the complicated gin that is the world we find ourselves in today: a humorous and heartfelt book that is the ying to the yang that is politics ;a book of breathing space that gives oxygen to rediscovering the beauty of living on earth with the aim of fuelling people to return to the coal-face of everyday life with optimism and wonder in their pockets. Inhaling all we have in common, exhaling all we don’t. From bubble wrap to Killer Whales; frog spawn to empathy, hand-dryers to parents, I Strongly Believe in Incredible Things wants to take you on a journey back to the incredible planet we live on.

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Who Carry Shit? Audiobook

Who Carry Shit?

Author: Gideon Husswin Narrator: Gideon Husswin Release Date: September 2021

This audio-drama is in Pidgin English, widely spoken across Anglophonic West Africa. It centres on a masquerade festival that tells a story about the positive and the negative energies of human kind. Using colour semiotics, it centres on the achromatic scheme of black and white. The story is based on a pre-creation and creation biblical allusion, embedded within an imaginary hybrid African cultural context. It is a fight between Baba God and Oga Devil over who runs the affair of Man Pickin.

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Sleeping with the Senator #2: Her First Time Audiobook

Sleeping with the Senator #2: Her First Time

Author: Lacy Wren Narrator: Fiona Audron Release Date: September 2021

Shy college intern Jen pleasures herself repeatedly with illicit pictures of her boss, Senator Norwood, making love to a female friend. The college girl can't plunge her fingers into herself forever...eventually, she's going to need a real man's touch! Jen puts a plan in motion to seduce the hot senator and discover if he's into younger women. Can the horny senator resist 'breaking in' his innocent intern? Is she ready for the older man to take her hard and raw for her first time?

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