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  1. The Silence of Scheherazade Audiobook The Silence of Scheherazade
  2. Think Big: Take Small Steps and Build the Future You Want Audiobook Think Big: Take Small Steps and Build the Future You Want
  3. Appetite: A Memoir in Recipes of Family and Food Audiobook Appetite: A Memoir in Recipes of Family and Food
  4. A Line to Kill: from the global bestselling author of Moonflower Murders Audiobook A Line to Kill: from the global bestselling author of Moonflower Murders
  5. Such a Quiet Place Audiobook Such a Quiet Place
  6. 1979 Audiobook 1979
  7. The Reckoning: America's Trauma and Finding a Way to Heal Audiobook The Reckoning: America's Trauma and Finding a Way to Heal
  8. Land of Big Numbers Audiobook Land of Big Numbers
  9. Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose Audiobook Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose
  10. What We Find Audiobook What We Find
A Grand Tour of Italy Audiobook

A Grand Tour of Italy

Author: Joseph Luzzi Narrator: Joseph Luzzi Release Date: August 2021

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Don't Forget Us Here: Lost and Found at Guantanamo Audiobook

Don't Forget Us Here: Lost and Found at Guantanamo

Author: Mansoor Adayfi Narrator: Mansoor Adayfi, Roxanna Hope Radja Release Date: August 2021

This moving, eye-opening memoir of an innocent man detained at Guantánamo Bay for fifteen years tells a story of humanity in the unlikeliest of places and an unprecedented look at life at Guantánamo. At the age of 18, Mansoor Adayfi left his home in Yemen for a cultural mission to Afghanistan. He never returned. Kidnapped by warlords and then sold to the US after 9/11, he was disappeared to Guantánamo Bay, where he spent the next 14 years as Detainee #441. Don't Forget Us Here tells two coming-of-age stories in parallel: a makeshift island outpost becoming the world's most notorious prison and an innocent young man emerging from its darkness. Arriving as a stubborn teenager, Mansoor survived the camp's infamous interrogation program and became a feared and hardened resistance fighter leading prison riots and hunger strikes. With time though, he grew into the man nicknamed "Smiley Troublemaker": a student, writer, advocate, and historian. While at Guantánamo, he wrote a series of manuscripts he sent as letters to his attorneys, which he then transformed into this vital chronicle, in collaboration with award-winning writer Antonio Aiello. With unexpected warmth and empathy, Mansoor unwinds a narrative of fighting for hope and survival in unimaginable circumstances, illuminating the limitlessness of the human spirit. And through his own story, he also tells Guantánamo's story, offering an unprecedented window into one of the most secretive places on earth and the people-detainees and guards alike-who lived there with him. Twenty years after 9/11, Guantánamo remains open, and at a moment of due reckoning, Mansoor Adayfi helps us understand what actually happened there-both the horror and the beauty-a stunning record of an experience we cannot afford to forget.

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The Kennedys in the World: How Jack, Bobby, and Ted Remade America's Empire Audiobook

The Kennedys in the World: How Jack, Bobby, and Ted Remade America's Empire

Author: Lawrence J. Haas Narrator: David De Vries Release Date: August 2021

The Kennedys in the World tells a new, rich, fascinating, and consequential story about Jack, Bobby, and Ted Kennedy. From an early age the brothers developed a deep understanding of the different peoples, cultures, and ideologies around the world; a keen appreciation for the challenges that such differences created for the United States; and a strong desire to reshape America's response to them. From their childhoods in the first half of the twentieth century, the brothers were prodded by their ruthless, demanding, win-at-all-costs father, Joe Kennedy, and their cold and distant mother, Rose, to learn and care about the world-and told they could shape America's role in it. For more than six decades after World War II, the brothers shaped broad issues of war and peace as well as the U.S. response to almost every major global challenge of their times: the Soviet Union and China, the Cold War and Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Chile, Nicaragua and El Salvador, Korea and Vietnam, South Africa and Northern Ireland, and Iraq (twice). In their time, America was what it remains today-the world's greatest power, with roles and responsibilities that stretch across the planet. Consequently, as the brothers remade America's empire, they invariably changed the world.

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The Fabric of Civilization: How Textiles Made the World Audiobook

The Fabric of Civilization: How Textiles Made the World

Author: Virginia I. Postrel Narrator: Caroline Cole Release Date: August 2021

From Paleolithic flax to 3D knitting, explore the global history of textiles and the world they weave together in this enthralling and educational guide. The story of humanity is the story of textiles -- as old as civilization itself. Since the first thread was spun, the need for textiles has driven technology, business, politics, and culture. In The Fabric of Civilization, Virginia Postrel synthesizes groundbreaking research from archaeology, economics, and science to reveal a surprising history. From Minoans exporting wool colored with precious purple dye to Egypt, to Romans arrayed in costly Chinese silk, the cloth trade paved the crossroads of the ancient world. Textiles funded the Renaissance and the Mughal Empire; they gave us banks and bookkeeping, Michelangelo's David and the Taj Mahal. The cloth business spread the alphabet and arithmetic, propelled chemical research, and taught people to think in binary code. Assiduously researched and deftly narrated, The Fabric of Civilization tells the story of the world's most influential commodity.

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White Malice: The CIA and the Covert Recolonization of Africa Audiobook

White Malice: The CIA and the Covert Recolonization of Africa

Author: Susan Williams Narrator: Chanté Mccormick Release Date: August 2021

 A revelatory history of how post-colonial African Independence movements were systematically undermined by one nation above all: the US.    In 1958 in Accra, Ghana, the Hands Off Africa conference brought together the leading figures of African independence in a public show of political strength and purpose. Led by the charismatic Kwame Nkrumah, who had just won Ghana's independence, his determined call for Pan-Africanism was heeded by young, idealistic leaders across the continent and by African Americans seeking civil rights at home. Yet, a moment that signified a new era of African freedom simultaneously marked a new era of foreign intervention and control.   In White Malice, Susan Williams unearths the covert operations pursued by the CIA from Ghana to the Congo to the UN in an effort to frustrate and deny Africa's new generation of nationalist leaders. This dramatically upends the conventional belief that the African nations failed to establish effective, democratic states on their own accord. As the old European powers moved out, the US moved in.      Drawing on original research and recently declassified documents, and told through an engaging narrative, Williams introduces readers to idealistic African leaders and to the secret agents, ambassadors, and even presidents who deliberately worked against them, forever altering the future of a continent.  

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The Ambassador: Joseph P. Kennedy at the Court of St. James's 1938-1940 Audiobook

The Ambassador: Joseph P. Kennedy at the Court of St. James's 1938-1940

Author: Susan Ronald Narrator: Victor Bevine Release Date: August 2021

Acclaimed biographer Susan Ronald reveals the truth about Joseph P. Kennedy's shockingly controversial tenure as Ambassador to Great Britain on the eve of World War II. On February 18, 1938, Joseph P. Kennedy was sworn in as US Ambassador to the Court of St. James. To say his appointment to the most prestigious and strategic diplomatic post in the world shocked the Establishment was an understatement: known for his profound Irish roots and staunch Catholicism, not to mention his "plain-spoken" opinions and womanizing, he was a curious choice as Europe hurtled toward war. Initially welcomed by the British, in less than two short years Kennedy was loathed by the White House, the State Department and the British Government. Believing firmly that Fascism was the inevitable wave of the future, he consistently misrepresented official US foreign policy internationally as well as direct instructions from FDR himself. The Americans were the first to disown him and the British and the Nazis used Kennedy to their own ends. Through meticulous research and many newly available sources, Ronald confirms in impressive detail what has long been believed by many: that Kennedy was a Fascist sympathizer and an anti-Semite whose only loyalty was to his family's advancement. She also reveals the ambitions of the Kennedy dynasty during this period abroad, as they sought to enter the world of high society London and establish themselves as America's first family. Thorough and utterly readable, The Ambassador explores a darker side of the Kennedy patriarch in an account sure to generate attention and controversy.

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Empire of the Romans: From Julius Caesar to Justinian: Six Hundred Years of Peace and War, Volume 1 Audiobook

Empire of the Romans: From Julius Caesar to Justinian: Six Hundred Years of Peace and War, Volume 1

Author: John Matthews Narrator: David Stifel Release Date: August 2021

A wide-ranging survey of the history of the Roman Empire-from its establishment to decline and beyond Empire of the Romans, from Julius Caesar to Justinian provides a sweeping historical survey of the Roman empire. Uncommonly expansive in its chronological scope, this unique two-volume text explores the time period encompassing Julius Caesar's death in 44 BCE to the end of Justinian's reign six centuries later. Internationally-recognized author and scholar of Roman history John Matthews balances broad historical narrative with discussions of important occurrences in their thematic contexts. This integrative approach helps listeners learn the timeline of events, understand their significance, and consider their historical sources. Defining the time period in a clear, yet not overly restrictive manner, the narrative reflects contemporary trends in the study of social, cultural, and literary themes. Chapters examine key points in the development of the Roman Empire, including the establishment of empire under Augustus, Pax Romana and the Antonine Age, the reforms of Diocletian and Constantine, and the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Discussions of the Justinianic Age, the emergence of Byzantium, and the post-Roman West help listeners understand the later Roman world and its impact on the subsequent history of Europe.

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Resolved: Uniting Nations in a Divided World Audiobook

Resolved: Uniting Nations in a Divided World

Author: Ban Ki-Moon Narrator: David Shih Release Date: August 2021

Born just one year before the United Nations itself, Ban Ki-moon came of age with the world body. His earliest memories are haunted by the sound of bombs dropping on his Korean village and the sight of fires consuming what remained. The six-year-old boy fled with his family, trudging for miles in mud-soaked shoes, suffering from incessant hunger, and wondering how they would survive-until the United Nations rescued them. Young Ban Ki-moon grew up determined to repay this lifesaving generosity. Resolved is Ban Ki-moon's personal account of his decade at the helm of the organization during a period of historic turmoil and promise. Meeting challenges and resistance with a belief in the UN's mission of peace, development, and human rights, he steered the United Nations through a volatile period that included the Arab Spring, nuclear pursuits in Iran and North Korea, the Ebola epidemic, and brutal new conflicts in Central Africa. Ban performed what has been called 'the most impossible job on this earth' with a genuine belief in collective action and global transformation. Freed from the diplomatic constraints of a lifetime of public service, he offers a candid assessment of the people and events that shape our era and a bracing analysis of what lies ahead.

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Germany: A Nation in Its Time: Before, During, and After Nationalism, 1500-2000 Audiobook

Germany: A Nation in Its Time: Before, During, and After Nationalism, 1500-2000

Author: Helmut Walser Smith Narrator: Paul Woodson Release Date: August 2021

For nearly a century, historians have depicted Germany as a rabidly nationalist land, born in a sea of aggression. Not so, says Helmut Walser Smith, who, in this groundbreaking 500-year history challenges traditional perceptions of Germany's conflicted past, revealing a nation far more thematically complicated than twentieth-century historians have imagined. Contrary to widespread perception, the people who first described Germany were pacific in temperament, and the pernicious ideology of German nationalism would only enter into the nation's history centuries later. Tracing the significant tension between the idea of the nation and the ideology of its nationalism, Smith shows a nation constantly reinventing itself and explains how radical nationalism ultimately turned Germany into a genocidal nation. Smith's aim, then, is nothing less than to redefine our understanding of Germany: Is it essentially a bellicose nation that murdered over six million people? Or a pacific, twenty-first-century model of tolerant democracy? Smith recreates the national euphoria that accompanied the beginning of World War I, followed by the existential despair caused by Germany's shattering defeat. This psychic devastation would simultaneously produce both the modernist glories of the Bauhaus and the meteoric rise of the Nazi party.

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The Wages of Destruction: The Making and Breaking of the Nazi Economy Audiobook

The Wages of Destruction: The Making and Breaking of the Nazi Economy

Author: Adam Tooze Narrator: Adam Tooze, Simon Vance Release Date: August 2021

'Masterful . . . [A] painstakingly researched, astonishingly erudite study…Tooze has added his name to the roll call of top-class scholars of Nazism.' -Financial Times An extraordinary mythology has grown up around the Third Reich that hovers over political and moral debate even today. Adam Tooze's controversial book challenges the conventional economic interpretations of that period to explore how Hitler's surprisingly prescient vision--ultimately hindered by Germany's limited resources and his own racial ideology--was to create a German super-state to dominate Europe and compete with what he saw as America's overwhelming power in a soon-to- be globalized world. The Wages of Destruction is a chilling work of originality and tremendous scholarship that set off debate in Germany and will fundamentally change the way in which history views the Second World War. * This audiobook contains a downloadable PDF of tables and figures from the book.

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El regreso de Quetzalcóatl: Una historia sagrada de México Audiobook

El regreso de Quetzalcóatl: Una historia sagrada de México

Author: Juan Miguel Zunzunegui Narrator: Juan Miguel Zunzunegui Release Date: August 2021

Ésta es la profecía de Quetzalcóatl, su revelación, nuestro destino. El 13 de agosto de 1521 cayó Tenochtitlán en manos de decenas de miles de guerreros de diversos pueblos y ciudades del Anáhuac. Los herederos de los toltecas se liberaron del terrible yugo de los hijos de Huitzilopochtli, con el inesperado pero indispensable apoyo de un puñado de aventureros castellanos. Una era llegó a su fin y, como siempre ocurre en la historia humana, una nueva comenzó a nacer. Descendió la noche sobre el Pueblo del Sol e inició el amanecer de un México que no ha sabido salir de las tinieblas. El regreso de Quetzalcóatl es un recorrido que abarca a toda la humanidad, y que pasa de la historia a la filosofía, de la psicología a la religión, y de ahí al misticismo para volver a la historia. Va de Teotihuacán a Roma , del mundo maya al valle del Nilo, de Mesoamérica a la India, de la toltequidad a la filosofía griega, y ante todo del pasado que debemos superar al presente en el que tenemos una última oportunidad para tratar de vislumbrar el futuro. Si descifras a Quetzalcóatl podrás salvar a México de hundirse en su inframundo.

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The War Against the Jews: 1933-1945 Audiobook

The War Against the Jews: 1933-1945

Author: Lucy S. Dawidowicz Narrator: Suzanne Toren Release Date: August 2021

A history of how anti-Semitism evolved into the Holocaust in Germany: 'If any book can tell what Hitlerism was like, this is it' (Alfred Kazin). Lucy Dawidowicz's groundbreaking The War Against the Jews inspired waves of both acclaim and controversy upon its release in 1975. Dawidowicz argues that genocide was, to the Nazis, as central a war goal as conquering Europe, and was made possible by a combination of political, social, and technological factors. She explores the full history of Hitler's 'Final Solution,' from the rise of anti-Semitism to the creation of Jewish ghettos to the brutal tactics of mass murder employed by the Nazis. Written with devastating detail, The War Against the Jews is the definitive and comprehensive book on one of history's darkest chapters.

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