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  1. It Happened One Summer: A Novel Audiobook It Happened One Summer: A Novel
  2. The Viscount Who Loved Me Audiobook The Viscount Who Loved Me
  3. Manifest: The Sunday Times bestseller that will change your life Audiobook Manifest: The Sunday Times bestseller that will change your life
  4. The Dark Queens: The Bloody Rivalry that Forged the Medieval World Audiobook The Dark Queens: The Bloody Rivalry that Forged the Medieval World
  5. The Dictionary of Lost Words Audiobook The Dictionary of Lost Words
  6. The Match: From the #1 bestselling creator of the hit Netflix series Stay Close Audiobook The Match: From the #1 bestselling creator of the hit Netflix series Stay Close
  7. Arsenic and Adobo Audiobook Arsenic and Adobo
  8. The Cabinet Audiobook The Cabinet
  9. The Night Circus Audiobook The Night Circus
  10. Open Mind Audiobook Open Mind
There Once is a Queen Audiobook

There Once is a Queen

Author: Michael Morpurgo Narrator: Michael Morpurgo Release Date: May 2022

“There once is a Queen ever constant to her people…” From the Nation’s Favourite Storyteller Sir Michael Morpurgo comes a poetic celebration of our Queen and longest reigning monarch. There once was a little girl, born a princess. While she was still a young woman, she became a queen, our Queen Elizabeth. Now, seventy years later, her reign as the longest serving female monarch in history has seen her stand steadfast through triumph and tribulation, and through the monumental changes that have shaped our world. This remarkable queen has remained devoted to crown, to country . . . and a corgi or two! Beginning with the queen as a little girl, planting an oak tree with her father, There Once is a Queen follows her incredible story in a way that will bring this historic reign vividly to life for readers, big and small, around the globe. An exquisite gift book and commemoration of the Platinum Jubilee, it marks a unique moment in our shared history and will be a treasured keepsake for generations to come.

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Boss Lively and The Berry County Juvenile Suspects Audiobook

Boss Lively and The Berry County Juvenile Suspects

Author: Doc King Cole Narrator: Cole Bolchoz Release Date: May 2022

We were four teens, Timmy, Ronald, Billy and I. This book is fiction. Most authors write about the what and who they are familiar. This novella or short book is about town bent like a junkyard. Yet there came no revolution nor reform to fix the dents. It is full of misadventures of the Police chasing myself. If you are a fan of Stranger Things on Netflix, or movies like Stand By Me or The Outsiders, then I hope you will enjoy these reflections. Time ran slower in the late 70s and early 80s. So did people, so did cognition.

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Red Dove, Listen to the Wind Audiobook

Red Dove, Listen to the Wind

Author: Sonia Antaki Narrator: Shelley Baldiga Release Date: May 2022

Red Dove, Listen to the Wind is a captivating middle grade historical novel set in the Dakota Territory of the 1890s, against the backdrop of Wounded Knee. It is the tale of a young girl caught between worlds, and the value of empathy. Abandoned by her white father, twelve-year-old Red Dove faces another lean winter with her Lakota family on the Great Plains, now empty of the buffalo that once sustained them. Willful and proud, she is presented with a stark choice: leave her people to live in the white world--or stay, and watch them starve. When she breaks a sacred tradition and eats the fruit of the Dead Man’s Plum Bush, her wise old grandfather gives her a medicine pouch that allows her to enter the thoughts and feelings of others—and truly listen. With it, she confronts the cruelties of the nun who runs the school, and the horrors of the massacre at Wounded Knee. Accompanied by her beloved pony, she begins a journey to find her true place in the world—and learns that her greatest power comes from within herself.

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Potty Training In 3 Days: A Parent's Easy Guide with Step-By-Step for a Quickly Clean Without Stress Audiobook

Potty Training In 3 Days: A Parent's Easy Guide with Step-By-Step for a Quickly Clean Without Stress

Author: Corie Herolds Narrator: Corie Production Release Date: May 2022

Are you sick and tired of changing diapers all day?  Do you find yourself longing for the days that you no longer have to cart around the hefty, overstuffed diaper bag and the bag of wipes that always seems to be on the verge of running out?  If you are the parent of a small child that is still in diapers, and you are ready for the freedom that potty training can offer you, then this audiobook is for you! You won’t have to worry anymore about potty training: Potty Training in Three Days covers everything you need to know and do, you'll learn a proven plan with clear steps to get your baby diaper-free without stress and tears, and this training will help you forget about diapers for good.  Here's a glimpse of what you are going to learn:  - Potty trains your child quickly with a step-by-step plan that provides helpful tips and tricks for every step of the way to succeed.  - Understand what's going on in your kid's brain, how to know when they're ready for potty training, and more.  - Ways to stay calm during the training phase.  - Know how to prepare your child and make things much smoother during potty training.  - A simple, three-day plan for any action.  - Treating injuries/managing accidents when they occur.  - Child care tips.  - Balancing discipline and love  - And lots more!    Do you want to know more? Just buy this audiobook to get started, and forget about diapers for good!

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Ask Jesus: Discover a Faith that Makes a Real Difference; Trusting God Through the Storms of Life; H Audiobook

Ask Jesus: Discover a Faith that Makes a Real Difference; Trusting God Through the Storms of Life; H

Author: James Doss Narrator: James Doss Release Date: May 2022

There are a whole lot of us, who secretly wonder as to why GOD doesn’t say yes more often. Statistically, it seems that there are some people, who seem to have their prayers answered a lot more often than others. While for others, heaven seems to be awfully silent towards their hard-pressed requests. By logical deduction you cannot help but wonder, “Does Prayer make any difference, does it change things? if so when, or how?” The answer is an overwhelming yes! Yes, Prayer does change things but it might not always bring about the changes we are expecting. GOD does not say “YES” to our every request, but desiring that HIS will be done before our own, changes us. Which is the most important change of all.

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Every Bird a Prince Audiobook

Every Bird a Prince

Author: Jenn Reese Narrator: Hope Newhouse Release Date: May 2022

A girl's quest to save a forest kingdom is intertwined with her exploration of identity in Every Bird a Prince, a gorgeous middle-grade contemporary fantasy by Jenn Reese, the award-winning author of A Game of Fox & Squirrels, perfect for fans of Josephine Cameron and Barbara O'Connor. The only time Eren Evers feels like herself is when she’s on her bike, racing through the deep woods. While so much of her life at home and at school is flying out of control, the muddy trails and the sting of wind in her face are familiar comforts. Until she rescues a strange, magical bird, who reveals a shocking secret: their forest kingdom is under attack by an ancient foe—the vile Frostfangs—and the birds need Eren's help to survive. Seventh grade is hard enough without adding “bird champion” to her list of after-school activities. Lately, Eren’s friends seem obsessed with their crushes and the upcoming dance, while Eren can’t figure out what a crush should even feel like. Still, if she doesn’t play along, they may leave her behind…or just leave her all together. Then the birds enlist one of Eren's classmates, forcing her separate lives to collide. When her own mother starts behaving oddly, Eren realizes that the Frostfangs—with their insidious whispers—are now hunting outside the woods. In order to save her mom, defend an entire kingdom, and keep the friendships she holds dearest, Eren will need to do something utterly terrifying: be brave enough to embrace her innermost truths, no matter the cost.

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Mr. Lemoncello's Very First Game Audiobook

Mr. Lemoncello's Very First Game

Author: Chris Grabenstein Narrator: Kirby Heyborne Release Date: May 2022

Before Mr. Lemoncello became everyone's favorite game maker, he was a kid who liked to roll the dice . . . Discover the origins of what James Patterson calls "the coolest library in the world" in this PREQUEL to the New York Times bestselling Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library. Go back to the START and meet thirteen-year-old, PUZZLE-obsessed Luigi Lemoncello! Luigi has a knack for games and puzzles. But sometimes it feels like the cards are stacked against him. UNTIL a carnival arrives in town and Luigi gets the CHANCE OF A LIFETIME-the opportunity to work for the world famous Professor Marvelmous--a dazzling, banana-hat-wearing barker who puts the SHOW in SHOWMAN! When the carnival closes, Professor Marvelmous leaves behind a mysterious puzzle box along with a clue. A clue that will lead Luigi and his friends on a fantastical treasure hunt to a prize beyond anything they could imagine--if they can find it! Can Luigi crack the codes and unlock the box's secrets? Will there be puzzles? Of course! Balloons? You bet! Will it be fun? Hello! It's a Lemon-cello! BONUS! Can YOU crack the hidden puzzle inside?! * 'A worthy successor to . . . Willy Wonka.' -Booklist, starred review of Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library

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Phantom Stallion: Wild Honey Audiobook

Phantom Stallion: Wild Honey

Author: Terri Farley Narrator: Natalie Budig Release Date: May 2022

The Phantom's lead mare is injured, and Samantha wants to help her. But she can't call the vet -- what if he won't let the mare return to the wild? So Sam starts treating the mare's injuries in secret. But the horse seems awfully calm for a mustang, and she matches the description of a missing mare from California. Is Sam helping a mustang, or has she accidentally stolen someone's horse? 

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Karen's Haircut Audiobook

Karen's Haircut

Author: M. Martin Ann Narrator: Stephanie Drake Release Date: May 2022

Karen feels like an ugly duckling. Her baby teeth are all falling out, and she has to wear new glasses, too! Karen needs a new haircut to make her look glamorous. But the beauty parlor lady cuts Karen's hair all wrong. Now she's uglier than ever! What will all the kids at school say?

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History Smashers: Pearl Harbor Audiobook

History Smashers: Pearl Harbor

Author: Kate Messner Narrator: James Malloch Release Date: May 2022

Myths! Lies! Secrets! Uncover the hidden truth behind the infamous Pearl Harbor attack with beloved educator/author Kate Messner. Perfect for fans of I Survived! and Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales. On December 7, 1941, the Japanese launched a completely unpredictable attack on the U.S. Navy base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Right? Well, that's not quite the real deal. Some military experts had suggested that Pearl Harbor was a likely target. There were other warning signs, too, but nobody paid much attention. From the first wave of the Japanese bombers to the United States' internment of thousands of Japanese Americans, acclaimed author Kate Messner smashes history by exploring the little-known truths behind the story of Pearl Harbor and its aftermath. Don't miss History Smashers: The Mayflower and Women's Right to Vote

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Apple Crush Audiobook

Apple Crush

After finally adjusting to life on a family farm with two brand new step-sisters, a young girl faces an even bigger challenge - figuring out where she fits in at her first year in middle school. This middle grade graphic novel explores family, friendship, and change! Jen is just getting used to her life on Peapod Farm with her new stepsisters, Andy and Reese. But when the school year starts, there are even more changes in store for her. Jen has to navigate new friends and new challenges--but at least she'll have Andy with her, right? As she starts the sixth grade, she finds that her stepsister seems way more interested in crushes and boys than hanging out with her, while Jen wants to know when the world decided boys and girls couldn't be 'just friends' anymore. Jen's story continues in the standout sequel to Stepping Stones that captures everything awesome (and scary) about growing up.

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A Gift for Nana Audiobook

A Gift for Nana

Author: Lane Smith Narrator: Kevin R. Free Release Date: May 2022

Two-time Caldecott Honor author/illustrator Lane Smith tells a whimsical story about a little rabbit searching for the best gift for someone very special. A thoughtful little Rabbit sets out to find the perfect gift for his Nana. He knows she will love anything he brings her but Rabbit wants this gift to be extra special. As he travels on his quest, Rabbit encounters an assortment of creatures-a crow, a smiling full moon, a stickler (whatever that is), a big fish, and a volcano. Each is certain they offer the best advice but nothing they suggest seems right for his Nana. It's not until Rabbit reaches the highest peak, that he finds exactly what he's been searching for. The award -winning illustrator of bestsellers including Penguin Problems and Giraffe Problems, brings originality and gentle humor to a story that parents and grandparents will be sharing with their children for years to come.

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