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LoveReading Top 10

  1. Piece of My Heart Audiobook Piece of My Heart
  2. Shuggie Bain Audiobook Shuggie Bain
  3. Burnt Sugar: Longlisted for the Booker Prize 2020 Audiobook Burnt Sugar: Longlisted for the Booker Prize 2020
  4. Get Out of Your Head: Stopping the Spiral of Toxic Thoughts Audiobook Get Out of Your Head: Stopping the Spiral of Toxic Thoughts
  5. The Cousins Audiobook The Cousins
  6. A Time to Lie Audiobook A Time to Lie
  7. Dark Tides: The compelling new novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Tidelands Audiobook Dark Tides: The compelling new novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Tidelands
  8. The Crown: The Official History Behind Season 3: Political Scandal, Personal Struggle and the Years  Audiobook The Crown: The Official History Behind Season 3: Political Scandal, Personal Struggle and the Years
  9. The Harpy Audiobook The Harpy
  10. Anything is Possible: Be Brave, Be Kind and Follow Your Dreams Audiobook Anything is Possible: Be Brave, Be Kind and Follow Your Dreams
Spring-Heeled Jack Audiobook

Spring-Heeled Jack

Author: Philip Pullman Narrator: Ariyon Bakare, Full Cast Release Date: November 2020

Brought to you by Puffin. A fun, thriller of an adventure told in words and pictures from master storyteller, Philip Pullman, including beautiful cover illustration by Peter Bailey and sumptuous illustrations throughout by David Mostyn. Rose and Lily and their little brother Ned live in an orphanage - a terrible place, where the porridge is thin and cold, and nobody smiles. One dark and stormy night, they decide enough is enough, and they run away. But hiding in the shadows, as they make their way through the dangerous back streets of London, is Mack the Knife: the most villainous of villains . . . Hiding above the streets, leaping through the air, is Spring-Heeled Jack. He dresses like the devil and his name creates shivers in people, but he is ready for action against the evil-doers and scallywags of the city's dark streets - Mack the Knife included - and he might just be able to save the orphans. © Philip Pullman 1989 (P) Penguin Audio 2020

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Villager's Tales Book 2: An Unofficial Minecraft Series Audiobook

Villager's Tales Book 2: An Unofficial Minecraft Series

Author: Mr. Crafty Narrator: Steve Relish Release Date: November 2020

A 21,000 Word Story Packed with Fun and Adventure! With the help of his new Enderman friend, Marco is able to escape the fiery landscape of the Nether, and make his way back to his own world. Dropped off in a strange place, he now travels into the unknown to return to his village. Along the way, he runs into another village, but this one is far from peaceful. An Illager outpost has been built just outside its borders, and they aren’t there to play nice. Forced to make equipment and food for the Illagers, the villagers have no choice but to do as they are told, or else they will be taken to the dark tower. With no other choice but to help the poor villagers, Marco must find a way to take down an entire towerful of Illagers and rescue the villagers that have been taken. Will Marco become the hero of the village, or will he find himself trapped behind bars far away from home once again?

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Stepping Stones Audiobook

Stepping Stones

This contemporary middle-grade graphic novel, adapted for audio with a full cast production, about family and belonging from New York Times bestselling author Lucy Knisley is a perfect listen for fans of Awkward and Be Prepared. Jen is used to not getting what she wants. So suddenly moving the country and getting new stepsisters shouldn't be too much of a surprise. Jen did not want to leave the city. She did not want to move to a farm with her mom and her mom's new boyfriend, Walter. She did not want to leave her friends and her dad. Most of all, Jen did not want to get new 'sisters,' Andy and Reese. As if learning new chores on Peapod Farm wasn't hard enough, having to deal with perfect-at-everything Andy might be the last straw for Jen. Besides cleaning the chicken coop, trying to keep up with the customers at the local farmers' market, and missing her old life, Jen has to deal with her own insecurities about this new family . . . and where she fits in. New York Times bestselling author Lucy Knisley brings to life a story inspired from her own childhood in an amazing journey of unlikely friends, sisters, and home. AUDIO CAST LIST: * Lauren Fortgang as Jen * Sarah Mollo-Christensen as Mom * Patricia Santomasso as Andy with Kristen DiMercurio as Reese, Bailey Carr as Victoria, James Fouhey as Eddie, Neil Hellegers as Steve Morgan, Sean Patrick Hopkins as Walter, Joshua Kane as the Post Office Clerk, Amy Landon as Bonnie, and Barrett Leddy as Mr. Archer 'Funny, sweet, and real.' -Jennifer & Matthew Holm, co-creators of the bestselling Babymouse series 'This book is gorgeous. Highly recommended.' -Kristen Gudsnuk, creator of Making Friends

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Mopsy Mops, Folge 1: Ein Comic-Hörspiel Audiobook

Mopsy Mops, Folge 1: Ein Comic-Hörspiel

Mopsy Mops hört im Radio, dass zwei Gangster, Baller-Otto und Stoff-Ede, die Schokoladefabrik von Onkel Henry überfallen haben. Mit 10.000 Mark und 50 Kartons Schokoladenosterhasen sind sie auf der Flucht. Bei der Verfolgung mit seinem Freund Peky stößt Mopsy auf eine Spur, die genau zum Flughafen Hundeweiler führt. Dort erfahren sie, dass die beiden Gangster mit der gleichen Maschine wie der Bürgermeister von Hundeweiler nach Sardinia fliegen. Mit der Düsenmaschine von Onkel Henry nehmen sie die Spur auf. Eine spannende Verfolgungsjagd beginnt. Gewagte Wortverdrehungen und Sprachspiele lassen Freunde des schrägen Humors bei diesem etwas anderen Hörspiel voll auf ihre Kosten kommen.

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Mopsy Mops, Folge 2: Mopsy Mops und das Geheimnis der alten Mühle Audiobook

Mopsy Mops, Folge 2: Mopsy Mops und das Geheimnis der alten Mühle

Mopsy Mops wird diesmal das Opfer einer hinterhältig eingeleiteten Rache- und Verwechslungsaktion. Sein Vetter Ethelbert spielt den Hilfreichen, als Mopsy mit einer fälschlich an ihn adressierten Karte nichts anzufangen weiß. 'Rache ist süß', sagt sich Ethelbert, nachdem ihn Mopsy nur so aus Quatsch in einen Hundehaufen befördert hat. Er schickt deshalb die Karte mit Mopsys Anschrift versehen an das Statistische Amt Hundeweiler, ohne so recht zu wissen, was das für Mopsy, seine Freundin Elfi Fuchs, Inspektor Bullrich Dogge, Frau Pinguin und die beiden Knastologen Baller-Otto und Stoff-Ede bedeuten wird.

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Mopsy Mops, Folge 3: Mopsy Mops und die verrückte Erfindung Audiobook

Mopsy Mops, Folge 3: Mopsy Mops und die verrückte Erfindung

Professor Zweistein bittet Mopsy Mops und seine Freunde, ihm bei der Verteilung einer Impfung zu helfen. Doch im Labor des zerstreuten Wissenschaftlers gibt es eine folgenschwere Verwechslung der Munition. Anstatt die UweVerschmuSchuPi-Impfung zu verwenden, schießen Mopsy Mops, Alchibert und Peky mit der Umkrempelpille auf die Leute. Während die Opfer sich umkrempeln und der Professor nicht zu erreichen ist, reißt Rillen-Manni voller Wut eine Waffe an sich ... Das spannende Hörspiel lebt von einfallsreichen Dialogen und bietet Freunden des schrägen Humors großartige Unterhaltung.

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Mopsy Mops, Folge 4: Mopsy Mops jagt Dr. Seltsam Audiobook

Mopsy Mops, Folge 4: Mopsy Mops jagt Dr. Seltsam

Dr. Seltsam verkündet, dass er die Weltherrschaft antreten will, aber in der Republik Hundeweiler lässt man sich das nicht bieten! Mopsy Mops stößt auf erste Zerstörungen durch Komplizen des machtgierigen Doktors und kommt so dem Plan des irren Wissenschaftlers auf der Spur. Währenddessen werden die Massen durch einen unverständlich brüllenden Gustav Gewaltthätig aufgepeitscht. Aber Mopsy Mops lässt sich nicht beirren, mit viel Mut und einer feinen Nase kommt er Dr. Seltsam immer näher ... Eine singende Erzählerin, gewagte Wortverdrehungen und Sprachspiele lassen Freunde des schrägen Humors bei diesem etwas anderen Hörspiel voll auf ihre Kosten kommen.

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Trespassers Audiobook


Author: Brenna Bard Narrator: Brenna Bard Release Date: July 2020

Gabby Woods loves a mystery, but is breaking into an abandoned lake house going too far to uncover the truth? Thirteen-year-old Gabby Woods is looking forward to another summer vacation at her family's lake house, even though she would rather bury herself in a mystery novel than make new friends. But soon Gabby befriends Paige, a snarky kid from Chicago, and they get caught up in a local mystery: the sudden disappearance of a glamorous couple and the extravagant lake house they left behind. To gather clues about the missing couple, Paige coaxes Gabby into trespassing, even though she knows it's wrong. Yet, each sneaky visit to the abandoned lake house uncovers new mysteries. With suspicions mounting about foul play, Gabby must decide what she's willing to risk to uncover the truth, or if solving this mystery -- and keeping her friendship with Paige -- are more trouble than they're worth.

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The Energy Wizard: A Light Science Adventure Audiobook

The Energy Wizard: A Light Science Adventure

Author: John Richards Narrator: Stephen Ochsner Release Date: June 2020

Jeremy, a rapping drummer, and his friends Sophia and Jacob, must find a way to save their performing arts school. The Conservatory will close if they can't help it save money. The Energy Wizard takes them on a magical light science tour to discover how to save money on energy. On the tour they meet energy superheros Calora and her sunlight sword, Kid Savings and his insulation blaster, and Solar Electric Girl, whose solar wings let her release bursts of explosive light energy from her fingertips. The superheros use their super powers to show how to save energy and get energy. But, take notice! A sinister force called Dark Energ is in cold pursuit and threatens to put a cold end to the tour and, to Jeremy, Sophia, and Jacob.

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Substitute Creacher Audiobook

Substitute Creacher

Author: Chris Gall Narrator: Steve Hendrickson Release Date: June 2020

The troublemaking students of Ms. Jenkins' class arrive at school one day to discover a substitute creacher has come to put a stop to their monkey business! He regales them with mind-boggling stories about his former students who didn't follow the rules: Keith the glue-eater, Zach the daydreamer, and Hank the prankster, to name a few. But even this multi-tentacled, yellow-spotted, one-eyed monster's cautionary tales about the consequences of mischief-making can't seem to change the students' wicked ways until he reveals the spookiest and most surprising story of all: his own. Chris Gall's vibrant artwork leaps off the page with a dynamic comic book aesthetic that will grab both parents and monster-loving kids!

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The Last Kids on Earth: June's Wild Flight Audiobook

The Last Kids on Earth: June's Wild Flight

Author: Max Brallier Narrator: Montse Hernandez Release Date: April 2020

The New York Times bestselling Last Kids on Earth series presents June Del Toro in her very own adventure! Told from June's point of view--and set between the shattering events of The Midnight Blade and the upcoming 6th book in the series--June's Wild Flight brings new characters, high-stakes action, and stunning revelations in an adventure that could only be June's. An essential Last Kids story that readers won't want to miss! The Midnight Blade ended with a shocking twist: a long-missing villain has returned and now has an army of the dead at his command! Jack, June, Quint, and Dirk have battled the worst kind of monsters, zombies, and cosmic servants, but an endless horde of animated skeletons is next-level. While the kids plan their next move, an unexpected threat emerges and June gets separated from her friends, dragged miles away from Wakefield to a town overgrown with monstrous vines and never-before-seen creatures. Drawing on her post-apocalyptic survival and action skills--and with the help of some odd new companions--June attempts to make her way back home. But not before she uncovers critical information about the mysterious 'Tower.' Information that the future of our world may hinge upon . . .

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The Little Mermaid Audiobook

The Little Mermaid

Author: Hans Christian Andersen Narrator: Jacqueline Ainsworth Release Date: February 2020

‘The Little Mermaid’ as adapted by Hans Christian Andersen, is a long tale with a complex plot which was first published in 1836. It tells the story of a young mermaid who ascends to the surface on her fifteenth birthday, as is the custom. She happens upon a ship in the throes of a storm, and saves the life of a prince who was about to drown. She falls in love with him, vows to find him again and to love him forever. There are, however, different rules and fates that separate mermaids from people, and the little mermaid undergoes many trials because of the choice she made.

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