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LoveReading Top 10

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  2. King of Rabbits Audiobook King of Rabbits
  3. Find You First Audiobook Find You First
  4. Just Work: Get it Done, Fast and Fair Audiobook Just Work: Get it Done, Fast and Fair
  5. The World at My Feet Audiobook The World at My Feet
  6. Tap to Tidy: Organising, Crafting & Creating Happiness in a Messy World Audiobook Tap to Tidy: Organising, Crafting & Creating Happiness in a Messy World
  7. Many Different Kinds of Love: A story of life, death and the NHS Audiobook Many Different Kinds of Love: A story of life, death and the NHS
  8. Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind Audiobook Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind
  9. A Touch of Ruin Audiobook A Touch of Ruin
  10. A History of What Comes Next: The captivating speculative fiction for fans of The Man in the High Ca Audiobook A History of What Comes Next: The captivating speculative fiction for fans of The Man in the High Ca
Big Time: Stories Audiobook

Big Time: Stories

The debut collection of raucous, dark, strange, satirical stories from the former Late Show with Stephen Colbert writer and New Yorker contributor, featuring a foreword by Stephen Colbert  "Jen Spyra's stories are shocking, silly, smart, and absurdly funny. Underline both those words, I don't care how much it costs!"-Tina Fey A bride so desperate to get in shape for her wedding that she enrolls in a new kind of workout program that promises the moon but costs more than she bargained for. A snowman who, on the wish of a child, comes to life in a decidedly less savory way than in the childhood classic. And in the title story, a time-hopping 1940s starlet tries to claw her way to the top in modern-day Hollywood, despite being ridiculously unwoke.  In this uproarious, addictive debut, Jen Spyra takes a culture that seems almost beyond parody and holds it up to a funhouse mirror, immersing the reader in a world of prehistoric influencers, woodland creatures plagued by millennial neuroses, and an all-out birthday bash determined to be the most lavish celebration of all time, by any means necessary.  Welcome, brave soul, to the world of Jen Spyra.

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Today I F****d Up Audiobook

Today I F****d Up

Author: Thomas Mitchell Narrator: Coralie Bywater, Simon Kennedy Release Date: March 2021

A toe curling, laugh out loud collection of worst day disasters.   I'd always rolled my eyes when people describe things as 'happening in slow motion'. Surely everything happens in regular time and it's only when you replay it in your head that it seems to slow down?But as the car lurched forward and I found myself sailing through the back of the garage, I finally understood what they meant.   When a trip to meet his new girlfriend's grandparents ends in disaster (think a crashed ute, an angry wasp and a cranky farmer with a shotgun), Thomas Mitchell knows one thing for sure: bad days make for great stories.   While we might not like to admit it, we can't help but find a sneaky pleasure in other people's misfortune. It's the reason fail compilations rack up millions of views on YouTube or television shows like Funniest Home Videos exist at all.   Deep down we're addicted to the downfall of our fellow humans, and if there was ever a point in history when we needed a laugh, it's now.   Today I F***D Up is a collection of tall tales but true that are equal parts hilarious and horrifying; a timely reminder that no matter how terrible things get, they could always be worse. So much worse. Praise for Today I F***D Up `I signed my first ever book for a kid who dreamed of writing his own books.. and here he is, turning disasters, catastrophes, abject humiliations and pure mortification into pure gold. Essential reading for anyone who's been there as many times as I have. Read the book and you'll laugh for sure, and you might even cry!' Markus Zusak `You know those days where everything goes wrong? We've all had them and now Thomas Mitchell has written a book about them. It's very funny. You can do what we love to do the most... laugh at other people's expense.' Larry Emdur    `If you're in need of a good laugh do yourself a favour and give it a read.' Francesca Hung   `Thomas Mitchell has written a book. He says it's hilarious and I concur!' Samantha Armytage   `I'm reading this - it's so good. Thomas Mitchell is very funny. And talented. If you want a laugh and a great read - can't recommend it enough.' Sally Obermeder   `He's hilarious!' Kylie Gillies   `Ever had a bad day? It's nothing compared to the hilarious stories in this book. Filled to the brim with stories about dating, sex, losing your job, capitulating in a job interview and accidentally throwing a house party (we've all been there), Mitchell has compiled the best of the best for your enjoyment.' Pop Sugar   `Bad day? This book will help you feel 100 per cent better about your life choices.' TV WEEK  

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A Beginner's Guide to America: For the Immigrant and the Curious Audiobook

A Beginner's Guide to America: For the Immigrant and the Curious

Author: Roya Hakakian Narrator: Roya Hakakian Release Date: March 2021

A stirring, witty, and poignant glimpse into the bewildering American immigrant experience from someone who has lived it. Also, a mirror held up to America. Into the maelstrom of unprecedented contemporary debates about immigrants in the United States, this perfectly timed book gives us a portrait of what the new immigrant experience in America is really like. Written as a 'guide' for the newly arrived, and providing 'practical information and advice,' Roya Hakakian, an immigrant herself, reveals what those who settle here love about the country, what they miss about their homes, the cruelty of some Americans, and the unceasing generosity of others. She captures the texture of life in a new place in all its complexity, laying bare both its beauty and its darkness as she discusses race, sex, love, death, consumerism, and what it is like to be from a country that is in America's crosshairs. Her tenderly perceptive and surprisingly humorous account invites us to see ourselves as we appear to others, making it possible for us to rediscover our many American gifts through the perspective of the outsider. In shattering myths and embracing painful contradictions that are unique to this place, A Beginner's Guide to America is Hakakian's candid love letter to America.

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How to be a Brit: The Classic Bestselling Guide Audiobook

How to be a Brit: The Classic Bestselling Guide

Author: George Mikes Narrator: Richard Goulding Release Date: March 2021

Brought to you by Penguin. George Mikes's perceptive manual for everyone who longs to attain True Britishness provides a complete guide to the British Way of Life. Having been born in Hungary, he eventually spent more than forty years in the field, and the fruits of his labour include insights on important topics including the weather, how to be rude and how to panic quietly. Loved by readers and authors alike, How to Be a Brit contains Mikes's three major works - How to be an Alien, How to be Inimitable and How to be Decadent. If you're British, you'll love it; if you're a foreigner, you'll appreciate it. - How to plan a town: 'Street names should be painted clearly and distinctly on large boards. Then hide these boards carefully.' - Queuing: 'An Englishman, even if he is alone, forms an orderly queue of one.' - Sex: 'Continental people have sex lives: the English have hot water bottles.' © George Mikes 1986 (P) Penguin Audio 2020

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The Complete Uncle Mort Adventures: North Country, South Country & Celtic Fringe: A BBC Comedy Audiobook

The Complete Uncle Mort Adventures: North Country, South Country & Celtic Fringe: A BBC Comedy

Author: Peter Tinniswood Narrator: Christian Rodska, Full Cast, Liz Goulding, Sam Kelly, Stephen Thorne Release Date: March 2021

For the first time ever all three much-loved series featuring the legendary creations Uncle Mort and Carter Brandon are brought together in one collection. As the pair tour Britain, Uncle Mort's recollections make for some hilarious moments. Uncle Mort and his Yorkshire based family first appeared in Tinniswood's novel 'A Touch of Daniel' which earned them a run of four series of 'I Didn't Know You Cared' on BBC TV from 1975-1979. In Uncle Mort's North Country, having been granted a week's holiday, Carter Brandon, with his uncle Mort for company, takes a series of day trips around the north. From day one the week is quite eventful, from a burning barn and a death in a pub where they stop for a drink, to a trip to the seaside where events are equally interesting and amusing. In Uncle Mort's South Country, these famous sons of the north find a fruitful new patch of Tinniswood country in which to air their views. Soho and Hampton Court, southern hotels and southern pubs, southern beer and southern food, that caustic one-nation philosopher, Uncle Mort, has to stomach them all. In the Celtic Fringe the adventures continue west of the English border. Carter Brandon and his Uncle continue their epic journey through Wales, in his Beetle. They sample an eclectic mix of Welsh hospitality, from spending a night in a very eccentric hotel, spending time with famed sportsman Icky Williams and lodging with a sex mad Reverend. Uncle Mort has strange visions and the eccentric trip takes an unusual turn when they look up Mort's old flame. Uncle Mort... Stephen Thorne Carter Brandon ... Sam Kelly Narrator... Christian Rodska

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Basketball (and Other Things): A Collection of Questions Asked, Answered, Illustrated Overtime Editi Audiobook

Basketball (and Other Things): A Collection of Questions Asked, Answered, Illustrated Overtime Editi

Author: Shea Serrano Narrator: Sean Crisden Release Date: March 2021

Who is the greatest dunker of all time? Which version of the Michael Jordan was the best Michael Jordan? What is allowed and absolutely not allowed in a game of pickup basketball? Basketball (and Other Things) presents listeners with a whole new set of pivotal and ridiculous fan disputes from basketball history, providing arguments and answers, explained with the wit and wisdom that is unique to Shea Serrano. Serrano breaks down debates that NBA fans didn't even know they needed, from the classic (How many years during his career was Kobe Bryant actually the best player in the league?) to the fantastical (If you could assign different values to different shots throughout basketball history, what would they be and why?). This book is a must-have for anyone who has ever stayed up late into the night debating basketball's greatest moments, what-ifs, stories, and legends, or for those who are discovering the mythology of basketball for the first time.

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Hasta La Vista, America: Trump's Farewell Address Audiobook

Hasta La Vista, America: Trump's Farewell Address

Author: Kurt Andersen Narrator: Alec Baldwin Release Date: March 2021

A deranged finale for a deranged era. Hasta la Vista, America: Trump’s Farewell Address is an original audiobook written by Kurt Andersen and performed by Alec Baldwin. The duo are the creative team behind 2017’s New York Times bestselling Trump parody You Can’t Spell America Without Me. In Hasta la Vista, America, we hear Baldwin’s Trump holed up in the White House with only advisor Hope Hicks there to run the recording session. “Trump” endeavors to deliver not only his Farewell Address but also his 2021 State of the Union Address plus a preview of his forthcoming blockbuster presidential memoir. With music and sound effects.

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We Had a Little Real Estate Problem: The Unheralded Story of Native Americans & Comedy Audiobook

We Had a Little Real Estate Problem: The Unheralded Story of Native Americans & Comedy

Author: Kliph Nesteroff Narrator: Kliph Nesteroff Release Date: February 2021

From Kliph Nesteroff, "the human encyclopedia of comedy" (VICE), comes the important and underappreciated story of Native Americans and comedy. It was one of the most reliable jokes in Charlie Hill's stand-up routine: "My people are from Wisconsin. We used to be from New York. We had a little real estate problem." In We Had a Little Real Estate Problem, acclaimed comedy historian Kliph Nesteroff focuses on one of comedy's most significant and little-known stories: how, despite having been denied representation in the entertainment industry, Native Americans have influenced and advanced the art form. The account begins in the late 1880s, when Native Americans were forced to tour in wild west shows as an alternative to prison. (One modern comedian said it was as "if a Guantanamo detainee suddenly had to appear on X-Factor.") This is followed by a detailed look at the life and work of seminal figures such as Cherokee humorist Will Rogers and Hill, who in the 1970s was the first Native American comedian to appear The Tonight Show. Also profiled are several contemporary comedians, including Jonny Roberts, a social worker from the Red Lake Nation who drives five hours to the closest comedy club to pursue his stand-up dreams; Kiowa-Apache comic Adrianne Chalepah, who formed the touring group the Native Ladies of Comedy; and the 1491s, a sketch troupe whose satire is smashing stereotypes to critical acclaim. As Ryan Red Corn, the Osage member of the 1491s, says: "The American narrative dictates that Indians are supposed to be sad. It's not really true and it's not indicative of the community experience itself…Laughter and joy is very much a part of Native culture." Featuring dozens of original interviews and the exhaustive research that is Nesteroff's trademark, We Had a Little Real Estate Problem is a powerful tribute to a neglected legacy.

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Lady Sidekick Audiobook

Lady Sidekick

Author: Anneka Harry Narrator: Alya Mooro, Anneka Harry, Jade Anouka, Rosie Jones Release Date: February 2021

With special guest appearances from comedian Rosie Jones, actor and poet Jade Anouka and journalist and author Alya Mooro, comedy performer and writer Anneka Harry has gathered up all the tired tropes for women so you don't have to! From the English Rose to the Creepy Little Girl, the Tomboy to the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, Anneka calls them out and, most importantly, RECLAIMS them. For too long women have been pigeonholed into a handful of tired and basic characters, their personality and behaviour criticised if they don't fit the role society thinks they should be playing. Anneka Harry analyses twenty of the most antiquated, cookie-cutter clichés and tokens that twenty-first-century women are SO over. Through hilarious tongue-in-cheek-fuelled study, Anneka examines each trope, sprinkling them with sarcasm, seasoning them with feminism, infusing them with activism, before serving them up ready for the modern masses to enjoy. It's time to shove a stick of dynamite up the arse of the out-of-date - and Lady Sidekick is ready to light the wick.

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50 Risks to Take With Your Kids Audiobook

50 Risks to Take With Your Kids

Author: Daisy Turnbull Narrator: Sarah Borges Release Date: February 2021

50 Risks to Take With Your Kids is an easy-to-use framework of challenges for children aged up to ten. You'll find risks that build physical skills, social confidence and character development, plus some all-important parenting risks that will encourage you to think a little differently about raising children. This book is not about developmental KPIs, and it's certainly not about judgement. It's about teaching kids to recognise and assess risk before they enter those 'risky' teenage years, and about readying them to take on life and all that it brings. And most importantly it's about having fun and connecting as a family along the way. 'An honest, funny and beautifully written account of parenting with all of its accursed uncertainties. For a book about risk-taking, it's hugely reassuring.' ANNABEL CRABB, journalist and author 'Full of smart, evidence-based steps that parents (and grandparents!) can take to assist the emotional and cognitive development of their children.' PROFESSOR IAN HICKIE AM, clinical psychiatry researcher 'A practical, sympathetic guide to giving kids back the chance to make some 'bad' moves and grow from them.' LENORE SKENAZY, founder of the free-range kids movement

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Thanks a Lot, Milton Jones!: Complete Series 4: 6 Episodes of the BBC Radio 4 Comedy Audiobook

Thanks a Lot, Milton Jones!: Complete Series 4: 6 Episodes of the BBC Radio 4 Comedy

The man they call 'Britain's Funniest Milton' and the genius in the mad shirts in 'Mock The Week' stars in the fourth series of Thanks A Lot, Milton Jones! co-starring Tom Goodman-Hill (Mr Selfridge, Humans), Josie Lawrence (Who's Line Is It Anyway?), Ben Willbond (Ghosts, Yonderland), Dan Tetsell (Upstart Crow) & Colin Hoult (Russell Howard's Good News). Mention Milton Jones to most people and the first thing they think is 'Help!'. And in this show he has decided to set himself up as a man who can help anyone, anywhere - whether they need it or not. Because, in his own words - 'No problem too problemy'. So when you're close to the edge, then Milton can give you a push... The show comes from Pozzitive, proud producers of Cabin Pressure, Jeremy Hardy Speaks To The Nation, The Brig Society, Armando Iannucci's Charm Offensive, Shush! & Kevin Eldon Will See You Now... In the first episode - 'Police, Camera, Milton!' - there is high drama in the line of duty when Milton is asked to form a Police Corruption Unit and takes it a little too literally... In Episode 2, 'The Art Dealer', Milton's attempt to become an international Art Dealer leads to a deadly brush with danger... In the third episode, ('The Theatrical Impresario'), the curtains are up, and Milton's got nothing to hit but the people from the rival theatre who are trying to destroy his theatrical dreams... In Episode 4- 'The Eco Worrier' - Milton goes under the sea to save the earth and stumbles across a mysterious Great Aunt at the same time, while Anton gets his fingers burnt by an old flame. In the fifth episode, 'The Petsman', Milton turns to social media to calm things down when dog and cat owners go to war... because that usually works, right? ... And in the final episode, 'The Cruiseman', Milton thinks his luck is in when he unexpectedly wins a luxury cruise. But who would want him out of the way? Apart from everyone, that is... 'Milton Jones is one of Britain's best gagsmiths with a flair for creating daft yet perfect one-liners' - The Guardian. 'King of the surreal one-liners' - The Times 'If you haven't caught up with Jones yet - do so!' - The Daily Mail'

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Fakin' Eh: How To Pretend To Be Canadian Audiobook

Fakin' Eh: How To Pretend To Be Canadian

Author: Dan De Figueiredo Narrator: Dana Negrey Release Date: February 2021

A madcap guide to hiding out in Canada and passing oneself off as a local; the how-to book on quirky Canadian ways.

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