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  1. Me: Elton John Official Autobiography Audiobook Me: Elton John Official Autobiography
  2. Twas The Nightshift Before Christmas: Festive hospital diaries from the author of million-copy hit T Audiobook Twas The Nightshift Before Christmas: Festive hospital diaries from the author of million-copy hit T
  3. Christmas Shopaholic Audiobook Christmas Shopaholic
  4. The Guilty Mother Audiobook The Guilty Mother
  5. Girl, Woman, Other Audiobook Girl, Woman, Other
  6. Postscript: The sequel to PS, I Love You Audiobook Postscript: The sequel to PS, I Love You
  7. Indulge Audiobook Indulge
  8. Shut Up and Listen!: Hard Business Truths that Will Help You Succeed Audiobook Shut Up and Listen!: Hard Business Truths that Will Help You Succeed
  9. The Family Upstairs: The Number One bestseller from the author of Then She Was Gone Audiobook The Family Upstairs: The Number One bestseller from the author of Then She Was Gone
  10. The Uninhabitable Earth: A Story of the Future Audiobook The Uninhabitable Earth: A Story of the Future
EL Kamasutra de la innovación: Guía disrupta para transformar vidas y negocios Audiobook

EL Kamasutra de la innovación: Guía disrupta para transformar vidas y negocios

Author: Jorge Cuevas Narrator: Mauricio Pérez Release Date: October 2019

¡Atrévete a practicar las cuatro posiciones mentales para cambiar el mundo! Haz uso de tu pensamiento creativo y descubre soluciones para tu vida personal y tus negocios, a través de cuatro posiciones mentales. De Jorge Cuevas, autor de los bestsellers El Buscalocos y Liderazgo quántico, así como de la app digital Tu coach para innovar, que guía a personas y equipos a salirse de la caja. En el Kamasutra de la sexualidad se requiere una flexibilidad física fuera de serie, pero yo no alcanzo a hacer ni la mitad de las posiciones. Lo bueno es que en El Kamasutra de la innovación no necesitarás una gran flexibilidad física, sino mental, porque llegarás a soluciones que nunca antes te habías imaginado. Cuando compré por primera vez un volumen del Kamasutra de la sexualidad, no leía tres páginas cuando ya estaba ansioso por encontrar a alguien con quien practicar, y eso mismo me gustaría que te sucediera: que siempre estés con ganas de cerrar este libro para aplicar lo aprendido en las situaciones de tu vida personal y de negocios donde pretendas transformar la realidad. Divertido, irreverente y práctico al mismo tiempo, Jorge Cuevas, el Buscalocos, nos ayuda a aumentar nuestra inteligencia innovadora a través de cuatro posiciones mentales. Un libro sorprendentemente útil en la era más rápida de la historia de la humanidad, donde el pensamiento divergente y creativo se ha convertido en el principal diferenciador.

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The Case Against Socialism Audiobook

The Case Against Socialism

Author: Rand Paul Narrator: Kelley Paul Release Date: October 2019

A recent poll showed 43% of Americans think more socialism would be a good thing. What do these people not know? Socialism has killed millions, but it's now the ideology du jour on American college campuses and among many leftists. Reintroduced by leaders such as Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the ideology manifests itself in starry-eyed calls for free-spending policies like Medicare-for-all and student loan forgiveness. In The Case Against Socialism, Rand Paul outlines the history of socialism, from Stalin's gulags to the current famine in Venezuela. He tackles common misconceptions about the "utopia" of socialist Europe. As it turns out, Scandinavian countries love capitalism as much as Americans, and have, for decades, been cutting back on the things Bernie loves the most. Socialism's return is only possible because many Americans have forgotten the true dangers of the twentieth-century's deadliest ideology. Paul reveals the devastating truth: for every college student sporting a Che Guevara T-shirt, there's a Venezuelan child dying of starvation. Desperate refugees flee communist Cuba to escape oppressive censorship, rationed food and squalid hospitals, not "free" healthcare. Socialist dictatorships like the People's Republic of China crush freedom of speech and run massive surveillance states while masquerading as enlightened modern nations. Far from providing economic freedom, socialist governments enslave their citizens. They offer illusory promises of safety and equality while restricting personal liberty, tightening state power, sapping human enterprise and making citizens dependent on the dole. If socialism takes hold in America, it will imperil the fate of the world's freest nation, unleashing a plague of oppressive government control. The Case Against Socialism is a timely response to that threat and a call to action against the forces menacing American liberty.

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Daylight Robbery: How Tax Shaped Our Past and Will Change Our Future Audiobook

Daylight Robbery: How Tax Shaped Our Past and Will Change Our Future

Author: Dominic Frisby Narrator: Dominic Frisby Release Date: October 2019

Death and taxes are our inevitable fate. We've been told this since the beginning of civilisation. But what if we stopped to question our antiquated system? Is it fair? And is it capable of serving the needs of our rapidly-changing, modern society? In Daylight Robbery, Dominic Frisby traces the origins of taxation, from its roots in the ancient world, through to today. He explores the role of tax in the formation of our global religions, the part tax played in wars and revolutions throughout the ages, why, at one stage, we paid tax for daylight or for growing a beard. Ranging from the despotic to the absurd, the tax laws of the past reveal so much about how we got to where we are today and what we can do to build a system fit for the future. 'This entertaining, surprising, contrarian book is a tour de force!' - Matt Ridley, author of The Evolution of Everything 'In this spectacular gallop through history, Frisby shows how taxation has warped, stunted and thwarted human progress' - Mark Littlewood, Director General, Institute of Economic Affairs 'Against all expectations, Dominic's book on tax is a real page-turner. His historical interpretation and utopian ideas will outrage Left and Right. Both should read the book' - Steve Baker, MP for Wycombe and Member of the House of Commons Treasury Committee 'Fascinating book which exposes the political and economic basis of tax. A must read for those of us who believe in simpler, lower taxes' - Rt Hon Liz Truss, MP for South West Norfolk, Secretary of State for International Trade and President of the Board of Trade 'Both amusing and informative, it's a romp' - Bill Bonner, author of Empire of Debt

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The Triumph of Injustice: How the Rich Dodge Taxes and How to Make Them Pay Audiobook

The Triumph of Injustice: How the Rich Dodge Taxes and How to Make Them Pay

Author: Emmanuel Saez, Gabriel Zucman Narrator: Steve Menasche Release Date: October 2019

America's runaway inequality has an engine: our unjust tax system. Even as they became fabulously wealthy, the ultra-rich have seen their taxes collapse to levels last seen in the 1920s. Meanwhile, working-class Americans have been asked to pay more. The Triumph of Injustice presents a forensic investigation into this dramatic transformation, written by two economists who revolutionized the study of inequality. Eschewing anecdotes and case studies, Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman offer a comprehensive view of America's tax system, based on new statistics covering all taxes paid at all levels of government. Their conclusion? For the first time in more than a century, billionaires now pay lower tax rates than their secretaries. Blending history and cutting-edge economic analysis, and writing in lively and jargon-free prose, Saez and Zucman dissect the deliberate choices (and sins of indecision) that have brought us to today: the gradual exemption of capital owners; the surge of a new tax avoidance industry; and the spiral of tax competition among nations. With clarity and concision, they explain how America turned away from the most progressive tax system in history to embrace policies that only serve to compound the wealth of a few.

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Sell More Faster: The Ultimate Sales Playbook for Start-Ups Audiobook

Sell More Faster: The Ultimate Sales Playbook for Start-Ups

Author: Amos Schwartzfarb Narrator: Sean Pratt Release Date: October 2019

Most startups fail because they can't grow revenue early or quickly enough. Startup CEOs will tell you their early missteps can be attributed to not finding their product market fit early enough, or at all. Founders overspend time and money trying to find product-market fit and make false starts, follow the wrong signals, and struggle to generate enough revenue to scale and raise funding. And all the while they never really knew who their customers were, what product they really needed, and why they needed it. But it doesn't have to be this way. The ultimate guide for building and scaling any startup sales organization, Sell More Faster shares the proven systems, methods, and lessons from Managing Director of Techstars Austin and sales expert Amos Schwartzfarb. Hear from founders of multi-million-dollar companies and CEOs who learned firsthand with Techstars, the leading mentorship-driven startup accelerator and venture capital firm that has invested in and mentored thousands of companies, collectively representing billions of dollars in funding and market cap. Schwartzfarb and the Techstars Worldwide Network of more than 10,000 mentors do one thing better than anyone: help startup entrepreneurs succeed. They know how to sell, how to hire people who know how to sell, and how to use sales to gain venture funding-and now you can, too.

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Leading Clarity: The Breakthrough Strategy to Unleash People, Profit and Performance Audiobook

Leading Clarity: The Breakthrough Strategy to Unleash People, Profit and Performance

Author: Brad Deuster Narrator: Brad Deutser Release Date: October 2019

Leading Clarity offers a bold proposal that changes the trajectory of your business and leadership. Today's business environment is more complex than at any time in history with greater ambiguity, chaos, and uncertainty. Too often, individuals and organizations become bogged down with competing priorities and the constant press of daily demands. This tangled mass of noise effectively handicaps every facet of business. This book provides a proven, time-tested strategy that has brought dynamic results to hundreds of organizations of all scope and size. Leading Clarity takes you beyond understanding the strengths and weaknesses of individuals and teams, and guides you through a dynamic process that unveils what is most critical and most enduring about your business. Clarity is the key measure of unprecedented success and a vital factor in productivity, engagement, and performance. Now, Deutser is sharing the secrets of his proven blueprint for creating clarity. With these powerful principles and stories of how to put them to work, you too can leverage the exponential impact of clarity. Clarity is the dynamic force that aligns and connects the most critical business principles. Leading Clarity moves you beyond any preconceived limitations and sets new direction, expectation, and pathways for success.

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The Intelligent Leader: Unlocking the 7 Secrets to Leading Others and Leaving Your Legacy Audiobook

The Intelligent Leader: Unlocking the 7 Secrets to Leading Others and Leaving Your Legacy

Author: John Mattone Narrator: Michael Butler Murray Release Date: October 2019

What is great leadership? What separates the merely competent leaders from those rare individuals who leave a lasting impression on everyone around them? As one of the world's most in-demand CEO coaches and top leadership gurus, John Mattone has worked with some of our brightest business minds-Apple's Steve Jobs, Pepsi's Roger Enrico, and Nielsen's Armando Uriegas-and he's identified the key qualities that, together, make up the mindset of great leadership. In The Intelligent Leader, Mattone lays out an accessible, practical, and compelling path that anyone can take to become the kind of leader that brings enrichment to the lives of others, enjoys a more fulfilling life, and leaves a lasting legacy. Each chapter uses a variety of real-world examples, tools, and assessments to explore one of Mattone's seven dimensions of Intelligent Leadership, including thinking differently, thinking big; having a mindset of duty vs. a mindset of entitlement; leveraging your gifts and addressing your gaps; and having the courage to execute with pride, passion, and precision.

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Hello, My Name Is Awesome: How to Create Brand Names That Stick Audiobook

Hello, My Name Is Awesome: How to Create Brand Names That Stick

Author: Alexandra Watkins Narrator: Claire Buchignani Release Date: October 2019

The ultimate guide to naming your product or business has been updated throughout with twice as many resources as before, new stories (of both hits and flops), and an entirely new chapter on the power of names in the workplace. Too many new companies and products have names that look like the results of a drunken Scrabble game (Xobni, Svbtle, Doostang). In this entertaining and engaging book, ace-naming consultant Alexandra Watkins explains how anyone-even noncreative types-can create memorable and effective brand names. No degree in linguistics required. The heart of the book is Watkins's proven SMILE and SCRATCH Test. A great name makes you SMILE because it is Suggestive-evokes something about your brand; is Memorable-makes an association with the familiar; uses Imagery-aids memory through evocative visuals; has Legs-lends itself to a theme for extended mileage; and is Emotional-moves people. A bad name, on the other hand, makes you SCRATCH your head because it is Spelling challenged-looks like a typo; is a Copycat-similar to competitors' names; is Restrictive-limits future growth; is Annoying-seems forced and frustrates customers; is Tame-feels flat, merely descriptive, and uninspired; suffers from the Curse of Knowledge-speaks only to insiders; and is Hard to pronounce-confuses and distances customers. This 50 percent-new second edition has double the number of brainstorming tools and techniques, even more secrets and strategies to nab an available domain name, a brand-new chapter on how companies are using creative names around the office to add personality to everything from cafeterias to conference rooms, and much more.

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Implementing Six Sigma: Smarter Solutions Using Statistical Methods 2nd Edition Audiobook

Implementing Six Sigma: Smarter Solutions Using Statistical Methods 2nd Edition

Author: Forrest W. Breyfogle Iii Narrator: Timothy Andrés Pabon Release Date: October 2019

This new and significantly revised edition of Implementing Six Sigma goes well beyond traditional Six Sigma methodologies,introducing an enhanced roadmap-S4/IEE (Smarter Six Sigma Solution ssm/Integrated Enterprise Excellence). This cutting-edge approach offers a solution to the common problem of sustaining Six Sigma activities and downplays the traditional policy stating that Six Sigma projects must have a defined defect. A variety of plans,checklists, metrics, and warnings of potential pitfalls provide thorough preparation for anyone implementing Six Sigma strategies. With new coverage of Six Sigma infrastructure building,benchmarking, and real-world 'lessons learned,' this Second Edition is the best available tool for implementing these powerful,profit-building strategies.

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Technical Analysis For Dummies: 3rd Edition Audiobook

Technical Analysis For Dummies: 3rd Edition

Author: Barbara Rockefeller Narrator: Megan Tusing Release Date: October 2019

A simple, straightforward guide to the fundamentals of technical analysis. Technical analysis is a collection of techniques designed to help you make trading decisions in securities markets. Technical Analysis For Dummies helps you take a hard-headed look at what securities prices are actually doing rather than what economists or analysts say they should be doing, giving you the know-how to use that data to decide whether to buy or sell individual securities. Since the publication of the first edition, listeners have been faced with many changes, such as new interest rates, looming bank crises, and adjusting market climates. This new edition provides an updated look at unique formulas and key indicators, as well as refreshed and practical examples that reflect today today's financial atmosphere. ● Determine how markets are performing and make decisions using real data ● Spot investment trends and turning points ● Improve your profits and your portfolio performance With straightforward coverage of concepts and execution, Technical Analysis For Dummies shows you how to make better trading decisions in no time.

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Jolt!: Get the Jump on a World That's Constantly Changing Audiobook

Jolt!: Get the Jump on a World That's Constantly Changing

Author: Phil Howard Cooke Narrator: Bill Dewees Release Date: October 2019

In Jolt! television producer, social media guru, and cultural commentator Phil Cooke helps you discover how you can navigate today's culture of disruption and actually use it to your advantage. You'll learn that changing a company and changing your life are based on virtually the same key principles. The world is changing at light speed, but mastering the power of change can revolutionize your business and your life. Stop feeling overwhelmed with changing technology, culture, business, trends, and values and regain the confidence that can give you a real advantage.The book reveals twenty-five 'jolts' that anyone can leverage to establish a new direction, maximize potential, overcome insecurity, and create an amazing future and legacy. Jolt! will revolutionize your thinking and shake up your life!

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Simple Scripts to Say 'No' Without Guilt Audiobook

Simple Scripts to Say 'No' Without Guilt

Author: Careertrack Publications Narrator: Pryor Lecturer Release Date: October 2019

Learn how to say 'no' to your boss's unrealistic deadline; deal with coworkers who depend on you to pick up the slack, or ask you to chip in for expensive gifts; refuse a customer's impossible request; object to your spouse's poor financial decision; respond to your child's begging; or turn down a friend's demands on your time. Simple Scripts to Say 'No' Without Guilt is a fun, positive, motivational program what helps you build the skills and confidence to say 'no' when you need to, and to communicate honestly and effectively with coworkers, bosses, friends, family members, and clients.

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