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LoveReading Top 10

  1. Little Secrets Audiobook Little Secrets
  2. Winning the War in Your Mind: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life Audiobook Winning the War in Your Mind: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life
  3. Shelter in Place Audiobook Shelter in Place
  4. People Like Us Audiobook People Like Us
  5. The Secret Keeper of Jaipur Audiobook The Secret Keeper of Jaipur
  6. What Happened to You?: Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing Audiobook What Happened to You?: Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing
  7. The Squiggly Career: Ditch the Ladder, Discover Opportunity, Design Your Career Audiobook The Squiggly Career: Ditch the Ladder, Discover Opportunity, Design Your Career
  8. Virgin River Audiobook Virgin River
  9. Life's Too Short Audiobook Life's Too Short
  10. False Witness Audiobook False Witness
The Coming Collapse of China Audiobook

The Coming Collapse of China

Author: Gordon G. Chang Narrator: Nancy Wu Release Date: July 2021

China is hot. The world sees a glorious future for this sleeping giant, three times larger than the United States, predicting it will blossom into the world's biggest economy by 2010. According to Chang, however, a Chinese-American lawyer and China specialist, the People's Republic is a paper dragon. Peer beneath the veneer of modernization since Mao's death, and the symptoms of decay are everywhere: Deflation grips the economy, state-owned enterprises are failing, banks are hopelessly insolvent, foreign investment continues to decline, and Communist party corruption eats away at the fabric of society. Beijing's cautious reforms have left the country stuck midway between communism and capitalism, Chang writes. With its impending World Trade Organization membership, for the first time China will be forced to open itself to foreign competition, which will shake the country to its foundations. Economic failure will be followed by government collapse. Covering subjects from party politics to the Falun Gong to the government's insupportable position on Taiwan, Chang presents a thorough and very chilling overview of China's present and not-so-distant future.

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Full-Time Rv Living. Traveling Without Boundaries (Extended Edition): The Modern Nomad's Complete Ha Audiobook

Full-Time Rv Living. Traveling Without Boundaries (Extended Edition): The Modern Nomad's Complete Ha

Author: Edwards Getaway Narrator: James Woodstock Release Date: July 2021

Find Freedom on the Road RV life is a big decision. It's not something that most people just jump into. It takes planning, money and there are lots of unknowns involved. But it doesn't have to be as scary as you think! The thing about traveling full time is that it's a lifestyle change like no other. Some people love it and never want to go back home again, while others simply can't deal with the uncertainty day after day for months at a time. Thousands upon thousands of people have made a life on the road work for them. It can definitely be done, and it's getting easier every day. But it doesn't happen automatically. The Modern Nomad's Complete Handbook for Full-Time RV Living has been designed to help you realize your dream. Written by Edward Getaway, it contains an all-encompassing overview of full-time RV living. Whether you're brand new or already putting your plan into motion, this guide will help you get started on the right foot and answer any questions you have. Learn how to: - RV Living, RV Traveling and How to Do It All Without Sacrifice or Compromise - The top reasons why Full-time RV living is not for everyone. Get a complete list of what's crucial in an RV before deciding to live life on your own terms. - A Complete List of Common Pitfalls When Pursuing Full Time RV Living And How You Can Avoid Them Like A Pro. - All the different kinds of RV's and where they're best suited to travel. You'll be able to narrow down your choices based on location, budget, and what you want the RV for specifically (family, desert exploring, beach bumming, etc.) There's no reason to keep dreaming about life on the road when it can be yours right now. Stop fantasizing about a better future. Seize control of your destiny. End the waiting game and learn how to become a modern nomad today!

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We Need to Talk About Money Audiobook

We Need to Talk About Money

Author: Otegha Uwagba Narrator: Otegha Uwagba Release Date: July 2021

‘One of the most original and talented young writers we have.’ Sathnam Sanghera ‘A must-read.’ Elizabeth Day ‘A beautiful, searingly personal account of a world defined by money, full of courage and truth telling.’ Owen Jones An extraordinarily candid personal account of the ups and downs wrought by money, We Need To Talk About Money is a vital exploration of stories and issues that will be familiar to most. This is a book about toxic workplaces and misogynist men, about getting payrises and getting evicted. About class and privilege and racism and beauty. About shame and pride, compulsion and fear. In unpicking the shroud of secrecy surrounding money – who has it, how they got it, and how it shapes our lives – this boldly honest account of one woman’s journey upturns countless social conventions, and uncovers some startling truths about our complex relationships with money in the process.

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Rebuild: How to thrive in the new Kindness Economy Audiobook

Rebuild: How to thrive in the new Kindness Economy

Author: Mary Portas Narrator: Mary Portas Release Date: July 2021

Brought to you by Penguin. Since the pandemic, many businesses have gone under. Others are fighting to stay afloat. But some are thriving. Why is that? Rebuild is a lift raft, a vital guide to how we reset and build back better. Retail and brand expert Mary Portas argues that over the past thirty years the business of what we buy has been dominated by the biggest, fastest and cheapest. But those values no longer resonate. We've come to realize that more doesn't equal better. Good business is now about putting people and planet before profit. The post-pandemic era is all about care, respect and understanding the implications of what we're doing. This 'Kindness Economy' is a new value system which means that in order to thrive businesses must understand the fundamental role they can play in the fabric of our lives. They need to rediscover their authenticity, and balance brand magnetism and commerce with social progress. We're not simply consuming anymore, we're buying into something. Which means that, whether physical or digital, the most important space that any business can now occupy is the space in peoples' hearts. How to rebuild? Here's how. Full of expert insight and invaluable advice, Rebuild shows you how to reset the dial, reignite the passion and build back better. © Mary Portas 2021 (P) Penguin Audio 2021

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The Key Man: How the Global Elite Was Duped by a Capitalist Fairy Tale Audiobook

The Key Man: How the Global Elite Was Duped by a Capitalist Fairy Tale

Author: Simon Clark, Will Louch Narrator: Peter Noble Release Date: July 2021

Brought to you by Penguin. 'Impeccably researched and sumptuous in its detail... It's a page-turner' The Economist 'This book tells the story brilliantly... Well-paced and cleverly organised. It also draws some devastating conclusions' The Sunday Times 'A riveting account of the intertwining of brilliance and greed' The Business Standard In this compelling story of greed, chicanery and tarnished idealism, two Wall Street Journal reporters investigate a man who Bill Gates and Western governments entrusted with hundreds of millions of dollars to make profits and end poverty but now stands accused of masterminding one of the biggest, most brazen frauds ever. Arif Naqvi was charismatic, inspiring and self-made. The founder of the Dubai-based private-equity firm Abraaj, he was the Key Man to the global elite searching for impact investments to make money and do good. He persuaded politicians he could help stabilize the Middle East after 9/11 by providing jobs and guided executives to opportunities in cities they struggled to find on the map. Bill Gates helped him start a billion-dollar fund to improve health care in poor countries, and the UN and Interpol appointed him to boards. Naqvi also won the support of President Obama's administration and the chief of a British government fund compared him to Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible. The only problem? In 2019 Arif Naqvi was arrested on charges of fraud and racketeering at Heathrow airport. A British judge has approved his extradition to the US and he faces up to 291 years in jail if found guilty. With a cast featuring famous billionaires and statesmen moving across Asia, Africa, Europe and America, The Key Man is the story of how the global elite was duped by a capitalist fairy tale. Clark and Louch's thrilling investigation exposes one of the world's most audacious scams and shines a light on the hypocrisy, corruption and greed at the heart of the global financial system. 'An unbelievable true tale of greed, corruption and manipulation among the world's financial elite' Harry Markopolos, the Bernie Madoff whistleblower

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Marketing to Mindstates: The Practical Guide to Applying Behavior Design to Research and Marketing Audiobook

Marketing to Mindstates: The Practical Guide to Applying Behavior Design to Research and Marketing

Author: Will Leach Narrator: Mike Rylander Release Date: July 2021

Your nonconscious mind will filter out more than 99 percent of marketing you “see” today. Traditional marketing simply doesn’t work in today’s complex world. To reach today’s customers and influence their purchases, marketers and market researchers need to understand and harness the power of applied behavior psychology and behavior economics to break through these nonconscious filters and drive purchase behaviors—a process called Behavior Design. In Marketing to Mindstates, Will Leach, founder of TriggerPoint Design, a leading behavior research and design consultancy, demystifies this nonconscious filter and explains how to bypass it, introducing readers to temporary moments of influence called mindstates. Using his Mindstate Behavioral Model, he shows you specifically how to create behaviorally optimized messaging designed to activate these mindstates and trigger real emotional engagement. With this book, researchers and marketers will finally have a practical guide to creating behaviorally designed marketing that psychologically breaks through your customers’ nonconscious to drive new behaviors and topline growth.

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Why Trust Matters: An Economist's Guide to the Ties That Bind Us Audiobook

Why Trust Matters: An Economist's Guide to the Ties That Bind Us

Author: Benjamin Ho Narrator: Sean Pratt Release Date: July 2021

Have economists neglected trust? The economy is fundamentally a network of relationships built on mutual expectations. More than that, trust is the glue that holds civilization together. Every time we interact with another person-to make a purchase, work on a project, or share a living space-we rely on trust. Institutions and relationships function because people place confidence in them. Benjamin Ho reveals the surprising importance of trust to how we understand our day-to-day economic lives. Starting with the earliest societies and proceeding through the evolution of the modern economy, he explores its role across an astonishing range of institutions and practices. From contracts and banking to blockchain and the sharing economy to health care and climate change, Ho shows how trust shapes the workings of the world. He provides an accessible account of how economists have applied the mathematical tools of game theory and the experimental methods of behavioral economics to bring rigor to understanding trust. Bringing together insights from decades of research in an approachable format, Why Trust Matters shows how a concept that we rarely associate with the discipline of economics is central to the social systems that govern our lives.

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The 5 Mistakes Every Investor Makes and How to Avoid Them: Getting Investing Right, 2nd Edition Audiobook

The 5 Mistakes Every Investor Makes and How to Avoid Them: Getting Investing Right, 2nd Edition

Author: Peter Mallouk Narrator: Jonathan Yen Release Date: July 2021

A reliable resource for investors who want to make more informed choices, this book steers listeners away from past investment errors and guides them in the right direction. The Five Mistakes Every Investor Makes and How to Avoid Them, second edition, focuses on what investors do wrong, so you can avoid these common errors and set yourself on the right path to success. In this comprehensive reference, you'll learn to navigate the ever-changing variables and market dilemmas that can make investing a risky and daunting endeavor. In this second edition, Peter Mallouk shares new investment techniques, an expanded discussion of the importance of disciplined investment management, and updated advice on avoiding common pitfalls. This updated second edition offers updated discussion and investment techniques to improve your performance in today's market conditions; details the major mistakes made by professional and everyday investors, including fighting the market, overactive trading, and not having an endgame; highlights the strategies and mindset necessary for navigating ever-changing variables and market dilemmas; includes useful investment techniques; and discusses the importance of discipline in investment management.

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Change: How Organizations Achieve Hard-to-Imagine Results in Uncertain and Volatile Times Audiobook

Change: How Organizations Achieve Hard-to-Imagine Results in Uncertain and Volatile Times

Author: Gaurav Gupta, John P. Kotter, Vanessa Akhtar Narrator: Noah Michael Levine Release Date: July 2021

Incremental improvement is no longer sufficient in helping organizations navigate the complexity, uncertainty and volatility of today's world. In Change: How Organizations Achieve Hard-to-Imagine Results in Uncertain and Volatile Times, authors John P. Kotter, Vanessa Akhtar, and Gaurav Gupta explore how to create non-linear, dramatic change in your organization. You'll discover the emerging science of change that teaches us about how to build organizations-from businesses to governments-that change and adapt rapidly. In Change you'll discover: why the ability of organizations to deal with threats and take advantage of opportunities in the face of ever greater complexity and uncertainty is being severely challenged; in-depth, evidence-based, actionable solutions for dealing with institutional resistance to change; case studies and success stories that describe organizations who have successfully built the ability to change quickly into their DNA; and a universal approach for how to dramatically improve outcomes from various change efforts, including: strategy execution, digital transformation, restructuring, and more. Perfect for managers, executives, and leaders at companies of all types and sizes, Change will also prove to be a valuable asset to other professionals who serve these organizations.

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Relentless Solution Focus: Train Your Mind to Conquer Stress, Pressure, and Underperformance Audiobook

Relentless Solution Focus: Train Your Mind to Conquer Stress, Pressure, and Underperformance

Author: Dr. Ellen Reed, Dr. Jason Selk Narrator: Kyle Tait Release Date: July 2021

From bestselling author and mental toughness expert Jason Selk comes a mind-training regimen for reframing every problem into an opportunity for productive action. The one characteristic all phenomenally successful people share is mental toughness. Mentally tough people are better at making decisions more quickly and with better results. They possess the uncanny ability to control what goes on between their ears. Instead of allowing their minds to focus on their problems when adversity strikes, the most successful people have learned to direct their thoughts in a systematic manner that produces positive emotions and productive actions: they have a Relentless Solution Focus. In this book, top performance coach Dr. Jason Selk-former director of mental training for the World Series champions St. Louis Cardinals-and his colleague Dr. Ellen Reed provide the insight, tools, and proven step-by-step framework for you to do the same. When you have Relentless Solution Focus, you think better. Your decisions garner positive results. You take action and follow through-every time. And when you do get off track, you get back on with less effort and less drama. Weakness shrinks and strength grows, creating confidence and momentum, taking you and your team to higher levels of performance and achievement.

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Cryptocurrency (WIRED guides): How Digital Money Could Transform Finance Audiobook

Cryptocurrency (WIRED guides): How Digital Money Could Transform Finance

Author: Gian Volpicelli Narrator: Roy Mcmillan Release Date: July 2021

Brought to you by Penguin. The past decade has seen the relentless rise of cryptocurrency as an alternative form of digital currency. But what precisely is it and what potential does it have to change the world of money? In this brilliantly clear, one-stop guide WIRED Senior Editor Gian Vopicelli explains everything you need to know about cryptocurrency. He outlines its development and describes precisely how it operates. He demystifies the jargon it has spawned, from blockchain, Bitcoin and stablecoins to mining, smart contracts and forking. He looks at the political and economic ideologies that drive it. And he addresses the central question: will cryptocurrency have the transformative economic and social impact that its champions claim for it? © Gian Volpicelli 2021 (P) Penguin Audio 2021

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Understanding Socialism Audiobook

Understanding Socialism

Author: Richard D. Wolff Narrator: Rick Adamson Release Date: July 2021

A blend of history, analysis, and theory, Understanding Socialism is an honest and approachable text that knocks down false narratives, confronts failures and challenges of various socialist experiments throughout history, and offers a path to a new socialism based on workplace democracy.

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