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  1. freckles Audiobook freckles
  2. A Slow Fire Burning: The addictive new Sunday Times No.1 bestseller from the author of The Girl on t Audiobook A Slow Fire Burning: The addictive new Sunday Times No.1 bestseller from the author of The Girl on t
  4. Piranesi Audiobook Piranesi
  5. 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think Audiobook 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think
  6. Impostor: An Alexander Gregory Thriller (The Alexander Gregory Thrillers Book 1): The Alexander Greg Audiobook Impostor: An Alexander Gregory Thriller (The Alexander Gregory Thrillers Book 1): The Alexander Greg
  7. State of Terror Audiobook State of Terror
  8. The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music Audiobook The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music
  9. Humanocracy: Creating Organizations as Amazing as the People Inside Them Audiobook Humanocracy: Creating Organizations as Amazing as the People Inside Them
  10. Bad Boss Audiobook Bad Boss
My Vanishing Country  Mi país se desvanece (Spanish edition): Memorias Audiobook

My Vanishing Country Mi país se desvanece (Spanish edition): Memorias

Author: Bakari Sellers Narrator: Daniel Cubillo Release Date: September 2021

En estas memorias, el analista político y representante de estado más joven de Carolina del Sur ahonda sobre las vidas del olvidado sur negro. «Soy del llamado País Bajo de Carolina del Sur, donde se entrelazan la belleza, la historia y la desgracia. Basta conducir cincuenta millas en cualquier dirección para hallarse en los mismos campos donde los esclavos —algunos de ellos, ancestros no tan lejanos— sudaban sobre el algodón, el índigo, la caña de azúcar, el arroz, el trigo y la soja. Específicamente, soy de Dinamarca, Carolina del Sur, un lugar donde todo el mundo conocía mi apellido; un apellido, según descubrí en mi infancia, teñido por el honor y la infamia». En cada capítulo, Bakari Sellers nos permite presenciar las vidas y luchas cotidianas de la población afroamericana rural del sur de los Estados Unidos a través de tanto sus vivencias como anécdotas históricas y políticas. Mi país se desvanece es un recorrido nostálgico, conmovedor y sincero sobre los acontecimientos e injusticas que marcaron a generaciones de hombres y mujeres negras, incluida la familia Sellers, hasta hoy día. Con estas memorias, Sellers adopta una nueva vía de lucha por los derechos civiles afroamericanos. Bakari Sellers es analista político en CNN y el miembro más joven en toda la historia de la legislatura estatal de Carolina del Sur. Incluido en la lista de «Los 40 de menos de 40» de la revista Time en 2010, también es abogado que lucha por dar voz a los que no la tienen.

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Return: Why We Go Back to Where We Come From Audiobook

Return: Why We Go Back to Where We Come From

Author: Kamal Al-Solaylee Narrator: Fajer Al-Kaisi Release Date: September 2021

Drawing on extensive reporting from around the world and astute political analysis, Return: Why We Go Back to Where We Come From illuminates a personal quest. Kamal Al-Solaylee, author of the bestselling and award-winning Intolerable: A Memoir of Extremes and Brown: What Being Brown in the World Today Means (for Everyone), yearns to return to his homeland of Yemen, now wracked by war, starvation and daily violence, to reconnect with his family. Yemen, as well as Egypt, another childhood home, call to him, even though he ran away from them in his youth and found peace and prosperity on the calm shores of Toronto.  In Return, Al-Solaylee interviews dozens of people who have chosen to or long to return to their homelands, from the Basques to the Irish to the Taiwanese. The author does make a return of sorts himself, to the Middle East, visiting Israel and the West Bank as well as Egypt to meet up with his sisters. His Arabic stilted and his mannerisms foreign, Al-Solaylee finds that the English language and Western customs are now his only cultural currency. Return is a chronicle of love and loss, of global reach and personal desires. It sets the narrative of going home against geopolitical forces that are likely to shape the rest of this century and beyond. It’s a book for anyone who has ever wondered what it would be like to return to their roots.

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Shutdown: How Covid Shook the World's Economy Audiobook

Shutdown: How Covid Shook the World's Economy

Author: Adam Tooze Narrator: Adam Tooze, Simon Vance Release Date: September 2021

Brought to you by Penguin. When the news first began to trickle out of China about a new virus in December 2019, risk-averse financial markets were alert to its potential for disruption. Yet they could never have predicted the total economic collapse that would follow in Covid-19's wake, as stock markets fell faster and harder than at any time since 1929, currencies across the world plunged, investors panicked and even gold was sold off. In a matter of weeks, the world's economy was brought to an abrupt halt by governments trying to contain a spiralling public health catastrophe. Flights were grounded; supply chains broken; industries from tourism to oil to hospitality collapsed overnight, leaving hundreds of millions of people unemployed. Central banks responded with unprecedented interventions, just to keep their economies on life-support. For the first time since the Second World War, the entire global economic system contracted. This book tells the story of that shutdown. We do not yet know how this story ends, or what new world we will find on the other side. In this fast-paced, compelling and at times shocking analysis, Adam Tooze surveys the wreckage, and looks at where we might be headed next. © Adam Tooze 2021 (P) Penguin Audio 2021

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Exponential: How Accelerating Technology Is Leaving Us Behind and What to Do About It Audiobook

Exponential: How Accelerating Technology Is Leaving Us Behind and What to Do About It

Author: Azeem Azhar Narrator: Azeem Azhar Release Date: September 2021

Brought to you by Penguin. A revelatory guide to how technology is changing the world, from the creator of Exponential View We are entering the Exponential Age. Between faster computers, better software and bigger data, ours is the first era in human history in which technology is constantly accelerating. Azeem Azhar - writer, technologist, and creator of the acclaimed Exponential View newsletter - understands this shift better than anyone. Technology, he argues, is developing at an increasing, exponential rate. But human society - from our businesses to our political institutions - can only ever adapt at a slower, incremental pace. The result is an 'exponential gap' - between the power of new technology and humans' ability to keep up. In Exponential, Azhar shows how this exponential gap can explain our society's most pressing problems. The gulf between established businesses and fast-growing digital platforms. The inability of nation states to deal with new forms of cyberwarfare. And the sclerotic response of liberal democracies to fast-moving social problems. But the exponential gap is not inevitable. Drawing on fields as varied as economics, political science and psychology, Azhar sketches out how we can harness the power of tech to serve our real needs - fostering new ways of doing business, innovative forms of politics, and fresh approaches to national defence. The result is a holistic new way to make sense of the modern world. Exponential technology is transforming all of our lives. This book explains how. 'Comprehensive but lively . . . An essential addition to the ongoing discourse about where remarkable new technologies can take us, and where we should be aiming to go. Highly recommended!' Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and author of Blitzscaling 'Read this book if you are interested in how we can design a more inclusive and sustainable system with a re-direction of technological change at its centre.' Mariana Mazzucato, UCL professor and author of The Value of Everything 'A powerful argument . . . Azeem Azhar's writing is informative and accessible, and his prescient ideas are only going to become more important as time goes on.' Hannah Fry, BBC Radio 4 presenter and author of Hello World 'Brilliant . . . Demystifies exponentially fast changes and - importantly - shows how the chronic volatility can be harnessed for good. Essential reading for anyone who wants to understand how to reclaim a good society from the snapping jaws of looming chaos.' Robert Peston, ITV Political Editor and author of WTF 'Azeem Azhar is one of the best-regarded thought leaders in the industry . . . He has a broad understanding of the ways technology can be used to solve our biggest problems, shape our society, and bridge cultural divides.' Daniel Ek, co-founder and CEO of Spotify 'Azeem Azhar is a globally recognised voice on technology and its impact. He has written a fascinating and important book, required reading for anyone seeking to understand the new economy and the massive global corporations that seek to dominate that economy.' Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive, Royal Society of Arts © Azeem Azhar 2021 (P) Penguin Audio 2021

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The Enemy Of Mankind & The Power Of Lies: A Sociopolitical & Religious look at the world & where it  Audiobook

The Enemy Of Mankind & The Power Of Lies: A Sociopolitical & Religious look at the world & where it

Author: Emiri Akozo Narrator: Mark Williams Release Date: September 2021

A Sociopolitical & Religious look at the world & where it is headed, with respect to the actions of a small group of extremely dangerous & ambitious people. THE CONSTITUTION & THE DANGERS OF NEPOTISM A constitution is a document that embodies the laws, beliefs,and principles that govern a country, state, or system. In a multi-racial,multi-religious society, this document should guarantee the conformance of actions of anyone holding office at all levels. Whether the president or prime minister, the constitution stipulates details of due process in the exercise of powers associated with that office regardless of the person's convictions or extremist beliefs in all forms. A constitution is only amended if all stakeholders of government decide to do so. If all arms of government decide that it is in the best interest of society for such an amendment to be made, the United States second amendment, which stipulates that American citizens have the right to bear arms, is a recent example of this. Also, in 2019 / 2020, Russia, its president Vladimir Putin is calling for a constitutional amendment that could allow him to remain as Russia's president indefinitely! The effect is the resignation of his prime minister and his entire government. What happens if a president has all and only his men, allies, or stooges at key positions of government? Then a constitutional review would be possible regardless of the

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The Gate to China: A New History of the People’s Republic & Hong Kong Audiobook

The Gate to China: A New History of the People’s Republic & Hong Kong

Author: Michael Sheridan Narrator: Daniel York Release Date: September 2021

‘A delightful piece of writing and research which describes the remarkable history behind the handover of this unique and exciting city’ Jasper Becker ‘Deeply researched and beautifully written’ Mike Chinoy A superb new history of the rise of China and the fall of Hong Kong to authoritarian rule. The rise of China and the fall of Hong Kong to authoritarian rule are told with unique insight in this new history by Michael Sheridan, drawing on eyewitness reporting over three decades, interviews with key figures and documents from archives in China and the West. The story sweeps the reader from the earliest days of trade through the Opium Wars of the 19th century to the age of globalisation and the handover of Hong Kong from Britain to China. It ends with the battle for democracy on the city’s streets and the ultimate victory of the Chinese Communist Party. How did it come to this? We learn from private papers that Margaret Thatcher anguished over the fate of Hong Kong, sought secret American briefings on how to handle China and put her trust in an adviser who was torn between duty and pride. The deal they made with Beijing did not last. The Chinese side of this history, so often unheard, emerges from memoirs and documents, many new to the foreign reader, revealing how the party’s iron will and negotiating tactics crushed its opponents. Yet the voices of Hong Kong people – eloquent, smart and bold – speak out here for ideals that refuse to die. Sheridan’s book tells how Hong Kong opened the way for the People’s Republic as it reformed its economy and changed the world, emerging to challenge the West with a new order that raises fundamental questions about progress, identity and freedom. It is critical reading for all who study, trade or deal with China.

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People Love Dead Jews: Reports from a Haunted Present Audiobook

People Love Dead Jews: Reports from a Haunted Present

Author: Dara Horn Narrator: Xe Sands Release Date: September 2021

A startling and profound exploration of how Jewish history is exploited to appease the living. Renowned and beloved as a prizewinning novelist, Dara Horn has also been publishing penetrating essays since she was a teenager. Often asked by major publications to write on subjects related to Jewish culture-and increasingly in response to a recent wave of deadly antisemitic attacks-Horn was troubled to realize what all of these assignments had in common: she was being asked to write about dead Jews, never about living ones. In these essays, Horn reflects on subjects as far-flung as the international veneration of Anne Frank, the mythology that Jewish family names were changed at Ellis Island, the blockbuster traveling exhibition Auschwitz, the marketing of the Jewish history of Harbin, China, and the little-known life of the "righteous Gentile" Varian Fry. Throughout, she challenges us to confront the reasons why there might be so much fascination with Jewish deaths, and so little respect for Jewish lives unfolding in the present. Horn draws upon her travels, her research, and also her own family life-trying to explain Shakespeare's Shylock to a curious ten-year-old, her anger when swastikas are drawn on desks in her children's school, the profound perspective offered by traditional religious practice and study-to assert the vitality, complexity, and depth of Jewish life against an antisemitism that, far from being disarmed by the mantra of "Never forget," is on the rise. As Horn explores the (not so) shocking attacks on the American Jewish community in recent years, she reveals the subtler dehumanization built into the public piety that surrounds the Jewish past- making the radical argument that the benign reverence we give to past horrors is itself a profound affront to human dignity.

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Freedomville: The Story of a 21st-Century Slave Revolt Audiobook

Freedomville: The Story of a 21st-Century Slave Revolt

Author: Laura T. Murphy Narrator: Reena Dutt Release Date: September 2021

How do Enslaved People Today Win (and Sometimes Lose) their Freedom? A community of rock quarry miners in a village in Uttar Pradesh, India gave their tiny cluster of thatched roofed houses the name Azad Nagar. Freedomville. But it hasn't always been identified by that auspicious moniker. The miners renamed their village in 2000, after they staged a revolt that overthrew the profit-driven landowners who held their families in debt bondage for generations. Non-profits celebrated their tenacity; a film promoted their non-violent grassroots efforts; their success inspired other villages to fight for their own freedom. But the complex story of Freedomville, the murder that these revolutionaries nearly got away with, and the short-lived freedom its inhabitants created for themselves has never before been told until now. Laura T. Murphy, a leading scholar of contemporary global slavery, spent years following the story of a small group of transgenerationally-enslaved men and women who fought to liberate themselves from their overseers, wrest control of the rock quarry in which they worked, and become masters of their own fates. Their journey reveals the precarity of that hard-won freedom, as those rock quarry miners fight to sustain their freedom after liberation without the literal and figurative tools necessary to run their own businesses, develop their village, and improve the opportunities available to their children. Their struggle suggests that the effort to sustain freedom after liberation is as much about successful revolution as it is about the stories we tell about societal change. In the process of capturing the constantly changing narrative that emerged, Murphy reveals how it is that slavery continues to exist in the twenty-first century, how the slow and possibly interminable dissolution of the caste system has led to a veritable class war in India, and how the global construction boom has contributed to the continued alienation of impoverished people around the world.

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Vision or Mirage: Saudi Arabia at the Crossroads Audiobook

Vision or Mirage: Saudi Arabia at the Crossroads

Author: David Rundell Narrator: Fajer Al-Kaisi Release Date: September 2021

Something extraordinary is happening in Saudi Arabia. A traditional, tribal society once known for its lack of tolerance is rapidly implementing significant economic and social reforms. An army of foreign consultants is rewriting the social contract, King Salman has cracked down hard on corruption, and his dynamic though inexperienced son, the Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, is promoting a more tolerant Islam. But is all this a new vision for Saudi Arabia or merely a mirage likely to dissolve into Iranian-style revolution? David Rundell-one of America's foremost experts on Saudi Arabia-explains how the country has been stable for so long, why it is less so today, and what is most likely to happen in the future. The book is based on the author's close contacts and intimate knowledge of the country where he spent fifteen years living and working as a diplomat. Vision or Mirage demystifies one of the most powerful, but least understood, states in the Middle East and is essential for anyone interested in the power dynamics and politics of the Arab World.

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Reflections of a Nonpolitical Man Audiobook

Reflections of a Nonpolitical Man

Author: Thomas Mann Narrator: Graham Rowat Release Date: September 2021

A classic, controversial book exploring German culture and identity by the author of Death in Venice and The Magic Mountain, now back in print. When the Great War broke out in August 1914, Thomas Mann, like so many people on both sides of the conflict, was exhilarated. Finally, the era of decadence that he had anatomized in Death in Venice had come to an end; finally, there was a cause worth fighting and even dying for, or, at least when it came to Mann himself, writing about. Mann immediately picked up his pen to compose a paean to the German cause. Soon after, his elder brother and lifelong rival, the novelist Heinrich Mann, responded with a no less determined denunciation. Thomas took it as an unforgivable stab in the back. The bitter dispute between the brothers would swell into the strange, tortured, brilliant, sometimes perverse literary performance that is Reflections of a Nonpolitical Man, a book that Mann worked on and added to throughout the war and that bears an intimate relation to his postwar masterpiece The Magic Mountain. Wild and ungainly though Mann's reflections can be, they nonetheless constitute, as Mark Lilla demonstrates in a new introduction, a key meditation on the freedom of the artist and the distance between literature and politics.

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Space Force!: A Quirky and Opinionated Look at America's Newest Military Service Audiobook

Space Force!: A Quirky and Opinionated Look at America's Newest Military Service

Author: Taylor Dinerman Narrator: Jeffrey Kafer Release Date: September 2021

The United States Space Force has a noble mission-to protect America, to support our allies, and to support our nation's interest as we, along with other nations, move out into the little patch of the universe that is our home system. The desire to establish a US Space Force has been around for decades, in both science fiction and in the minds of people who attempt to seriously consider what our nation needs in order to deter future wars (and if necessary, to fight and win them). As an institution, the US Space Force has gotten off to a shaky start; however, prolific space writer Taylor Dinerman has great confidence that someday soon, it will find the right leadership and eventually be emancipated from the Department of the Air Force. At that point, the institution can begin to truly serve the great cause of creating a spacefaring civilization-as it was always meant to.

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Eight Days in May: How Germany's War Ended Audiobook

Eight Days in May: How Germany's War Ended

Author: Volker Ullrich Narrator: John Mclain Release Date: September 2021

Brought to you by Penguin. 1 May 1945. The world did not know it yet, but the final week of the Third Reich's existence had begun. Hitler was dead, but the war had still not ended. Everything had both ground to a halt and yet remained agonizingly uncertain. Volker Ullrich's remarkable book takes the reader into a world torn between hope and terror, violence and peace. Ullrich describes how each day unfolds, with Germany now under a new Führer, Admiral Dönitz, based improbably in the small Baltic town of Flensburg. With Hitler dead, Berlin in ruins and the war undoubtedly lost, the process by which the fighting would end remained horrifyingly unclear. Many major Nazis were still on the loose, wild rumours continued to circulate about a last stand in the Alps and the Western allies falling out with the Soviet Union. All over Europe, millions of soldiers, prisoners, slave labourers and countless exhausted, grief-stricken and often homeless families watched and waited for the war's end. Eight Days in May is the story of people, in Erich Kästner's striking phrase, stuck in 'the gap between no longer and not yet'. 'The last days of the Third Reich have often been told, but seldom with the verve, perception and elegance of Volker Ulrich's rich narrative ... an instructive lesson in how societies cope with the devastating reality of a surrender that they grimly await' Richard Overy, author of The Bombing War 'A fast-paced, brilliant recounting of the turbulent last days of the Third Reich, with all the energy and chaos of a Jackson Pollock canvas' Helmut Walser Smith, author of Germany: A Nation in its Time © Volker Ullrich 2021 (P) Penguin Audio 2021

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