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Atheism Audiobooks in Religion & Spirituality

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LoveReading Top 10

  1. People of Abandoned Character Audiobook People of Abandoned Character
  2. Box 88 Audiobook Box 88
  3. Help Yourself: Three scalding stories from the bestselling author of AMERICAN WIFE Audiobook Help Yourself: Three scalding stories from the bestselling author of AMERICAN WIFE
  4. A Nurse's Story: My Life in A&E During the Covid Crisis Audiobook A Nurse's Story: My Life in A&E During the Covid Crisis
  5. Mantel Pieces: Royal Bodies and Other Writing from the London Review of Books Audiobook Mantel Pieces: Royal Bodies and Other Writing from the London Review of Books
  6. A Life on Our Planet: My Witness Statement and A Vision for the Future Audiobook A Life on Our Planet: My Witness Statement and A Vision for the Future
  7. The Thursday Murder Club: The Record-Breaking Sunday Times Number One Bestseller Audiobook The Thursday Murder Club: The Record-Breaking Sunday Times Number One Bestseller
  8. The Boy from the Woods: New from the #1 bestselling creator of the hit Netflix series The Stranger Audiobook The Boy from the Woods: New from the #1 bestselling creator of the hit Netflix series The Stranger
  9. Us Three Audiobook Us Three
  10. Grown-Ups Audiobook Grown-Ups
About the Holy Bible Audiobook

About the Holy Bible

Author: Robert Ingersoll Narrator: Denis Daly Release Date: October 2020

About the Holy Bible A Lecture By Robert G. Ingersoll Narrated by Denis Daly This aggressive diatribe against the Bible was published in 1894 and is based on an assertion that formed the basis of many of Ingersoll's attacks on organized religion -the concept of divine inspiration and the evils that spring from this contention. On the title page the author states: 'In the nature of things there can be no evidence to establish the claim of Inspiration.'   Production copyright 2020 Voices of Today

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The Case Against Miracles Audiobook

The Case Against Miracles

Author: John W. Loftus Narrator: Michael Butler Murray, Teri Schnaubelt Release Date: August 2020

For as long as the idea of 'miracles' has been in the public sphere, the conversation about them has been shaped exclusively by religious apologists and Christian leaders. The definitions for what a miracles are have been forged by the same men who fought hard to promote their own beliefs as fitting under that umbrella. It's time for a change. Enter John W. Loftus, an atheist author who has earned three master's degrees from Lincoln Christian Seminary and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Loftus, a former student of noted Christian apologist William Lane Craig, got some of the biggest names in the field to contribute to this book, which represents a critical analysis of the very idea of miracles. Incorporating his own thoughts along with those of noted academics, philosophers, and theologians, Loftus is able to properly define 'miracle' and then show why there's no reason to believe such a thing even exists. Addressing every single issue that touches on miracles in a thorough and academic manner, this compilation represents the most extensive look at the phenomenon ever displayed through the lens of an ardent non-believer.

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Speak of the Devil: How The Satanic Temple is Changing the Way We Talk about Religion Audiobook

Speak of the Devil: How The Satanic Temple is Changing the Way We Talk about Religion

Author: Joseph P. Laycock Narrator: Thomas Allen Release Date: June 2020

In 2013, when the state of Oklahoma erected a statue of the Ten Commandments on the grounds of the state capitol, a group calling themselves The Satanic Temple applied to erect a statue of Baphomet alongside the Judeo-Christian tablets. Since that time, The Satanic Temple has become a regular voice in national conversations about religious freedom, disestablishment, and government overreach. In addition to petitioning for Baphomet to appear alongside another monument of the Ten Commandments in Arkansas, the group has launched campaigns to include Satanic 'nativity scenes' on government property in Florida, Michigan, and Indiana, offer Satanic prayers at a high school football game in Seattle, and create 'After School Satan' programs in elementary schools that host Christian extracurricular programs. Since their 2012 founding, The Satanic Temple has established nineteen chapters and now claims 100,000 supporters. Is this just a political group perpetuating a series of stunts? Or is it a sincere religious movement? Speak of the Devil is the first book-length study of The Satanic Temple. Joseph Laycock, a scholar of new religious movements, contends that the emergence of 'political Satanism' marks a significant moment in American religious history that will have a lasting impact on how Americans frame debates about religious freedom.

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The Way of Gratitude: A New Spirituality for Today Audiobook

The Way of Gratitude: A New Spirituality for Today

Author: Galen Guengerich Narrator: Galen Guengerich Release Date: May 2020

A leading minister offers an inspiring guide to living a meaningful life by embracing the power of gratitude. "Galen Guengerich's wise and tender words about belonging, connection, and gratitudeare like keys to unlock our hearts, give us courage, and call us into the kind ofrelationships and community we are all longing for."-Elizabeth Lesser, bestselling author of Broken Open Galen Guengerich, the charismatic, brilliant leader of one of the nation's most prominent Unitarian Universalist congregations, All Souls in New York City, shares with readers his wisdom on how to lead a purposeful and joyful life through the practice of gratitude. When Guengerich was in his midtwenties, he left the Conservative Mennonite Church, the faith of his upbringing. The prospect of venturing out on his own was daunting, but he needed to find the way of life that was right for him. For Guengerich, transcendence is not limited to experiences of the divine; it can also be reached through gratitude's ability to take us beyond ourselves and create connection to others and the universe. Through his personal story, poems that resonate with his spiritual message, and guided spiritual practice, including "gratitude goals," this book helps readers discover how the way of gratitude can make them happier and healthier, and provide a new sense of belonging, not only to the universe as a whole but also to themselves.

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Outgrowing God: A Beginner's Guide Audiobook

Outgrowing God: A Beginner's Guide

Author: Richard Dawkins Narrator: Richard Dawkins Release Date: September 2019

Brought to you by Penguin. Should we believe in God? In this new book, written for a new generation, the brilliant science writer and author of The God Delusion, explains why we shouldn't. Should we believe in God? Do we need God in order to explain the existence of the universe? Do we need God in order to be good? In twelve chapters that address some of the most profound questions human beings confront, Dawkins marshals science, philosophy and comparative religion to interrogate the hypocrisies of all the religious systems and explain to readers of all ages how life emerged without a Creator, how evolution works and how our world came into being. For anyone hoping to grapple with the meaning of life and what to believe, Outgrowing God is a challenging, thrilling and revelatory read. Includes a supplementary PDF.

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The Founding Myth: Why Christian Nationalism Is Un-American Audiobook

The Founding Myth: Why Christian Nationalism Is Un-American

Author: Andrew L. Seidel Narrator: Christopher Grove Release Date: July 2019

Do 'In God We Trust,' the Declaration of Independence, and other historical 'evidence' prove that America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles? Are the Ten Commandments the basis for American law? A constitutional attorney dives into the debate about religion's role in America's founding. In today's contentious political climate, understanding religion's role in American government is more important than ever. Christian nationalists assert that our nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, and advocate an agenda based on this popular historical claim. But is this belief true? The Founding Myth answers the question once and for all. Andrew L. Seidel, a constitutional attorney at the Freedom from Religion Foundation, builds his case point by point, comparing the Ten Commandments to the Constitution and contrasting biblical doctrine with America's founding philosophy, showing that the Bible contradicts the Declaration of Independence's central tenets. Thoroughly researched, this persuasively argued and fascinating book proves that America was not built on the Bible and that Christian nationalism is, in fact, un-American.

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Mere Morality Audiobook

Mere Morality

Author: Dan Barker Narrator: Dan Barker Release Date: February 2019

What drives us to be good? How do we even know how to be good? Philosophers and theologians have dealt with such questions for millennia, but Dan Barker thinks the answers are not so complicated. In Mere Morality, he argues there's no need to appeal to supernatural commandments or the fear of some higher power when considering morality. Stripping "good" and "evil" down to the basics, he offers a simple compass for navigating life's most difficult moral and ethical dilemmas."Former pastor Dan Barker's eloquent and subtle antidote to Mere Christianity shows us by example how a very good person can get along fine without religion, inspiring others, accomplishing great works, and having a lot of fun in the bargain." -Daniel C. Dennett, University Professor and Austin B. Fletcher Professor of Philosophy at Tufts University"Dan Barker's Mere Morality is a potent riposte to C. S. Lewis' Mere Christianity, a book much beloved by Christian apologists. Barker exposes the myriad of biblical practices that could be deemed immoral today, especially because so much of the Bible was written within a master-slave view of the world. Mere Morality offers a real-world view of morality grounded in behavioral biology, reason, and law." -Hector Avalos, author of Fighting Words: The Origins of Religious Violence

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Godless Citizens in a Godly Republic: Atheists in American Public Life Audiobook

Godless Citizens in a Godly Republic: Atheists in American Public Life

Author: Isaac Kramnick, R. Laurence Moore Narrator: Matthew Boston Release Date: August 2018

From colonial times into the twentieth century, our laws and court cases ignored atheism, assuming that all good Americans were religious. Americans came to associate atheism with radical social philosophies that advocated violence-especially anarchism and communism. Avowed nonbelievers were derided, even the famous patriot Thomas Paine. Only in the twentieth century, with the passage of laws allowing for conscientious objection to war, did nonbelief enter debates about religious liberty. Still, today every one of the fifty states has God written into its constitution, with eight requiring a belief in God for holding public office. God is everywhere in American public life: on our currency, in the Pledge of Allegiance, and in the national motto. R. Laurence Moore and Isaac Kramnick explore both God's omnipresence and the dramatic rise in nonbelievers that has led to an "atheist awakening" intent on holding the country to its secular principles.

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Inside the Atheist Mind: Unmasking the Religion of Those Who Say There Is No God Audiobook

Inside the Atheist Mind: Unmasking the Religion of Those Who Say There Is No God

Author: Anthony DeStefano, Anthony Destefano Narrator: Anthony DeStefano Release Date: March 2018

From USA Today bestselling author Anthony DeStefano, an entertaining retort to atheism and its proponents, revealing the intellectual bankruptcy at atheism’s core and equipping Christians to respond to its hollow arguments.

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50 Great Myths About Atheism Audiobook

50 Great Myths About Atheism

Author: Russell Blackford, Udo Schuklenk, Udo Schüklenk Narrator: Tim Andres Pabon Release Date: August 2017

Tackling a host of myths and prejudices commonly leveled at atheism, this captivating audiobook bursts with sparkling, eloquent arguments. The authors rebut claims that range from atheism being just another religion to the alleged atrocities committed in its name. An accessible yet scholarly commentary on hot-button issues in the debate over religious belief Teaches critical thinking skills through detailed, rational argument Objectively considers each myth on its meritsIncludes a history of atheism and its advocates Explains the differences between atheism and related concepts such as agnosticism and naturalism

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Unbelief: Understanding Atheism Audiobook

Unbelief: Understanding Atheism

Author: Joseph J. Godfrey Narrator: Joseph J. Godfrey Release Date: August 2017

For much of Western history, belief in God was taken for granted. As society has grown more secular, however, people have increasingly expressed disbelief in God. Today, a quarter of Americans are religiously unaffiliated, many of whom identify as atheists and agnostics. As the number of atheists has grown, so too have debates around the legitimacy of religion. Too often, these debates become embroiled in vitriol and personal attacks. And even those that take a more civil approach often focus on proving or disproving God's existence rather than fostering dialogue. This audio course presents balanced ways for believers and non-believers to engage in thoughtful conversations with each other. Presented by Joseph Godfrey, a leading professor on the philosophy of religion, these lectures are both analytical and sensitive. You will explore the different forms of atheism and scientific theories used to support the nonexistence of God. You'll also delve into classic texts by atheist (Nietzsche, Sartre, Marx) as well as insights about atheism from Christians like Aquinas, Karl Rahner, and John Hick. As you grapple with the complex questions that arise from these thinkers and texts, you will gain a deeper understanding of evidential arguments against God while also considering how such evidence does not necessarily block paths to belief. This course is part of the Learn25 collection.

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From Bacteria to Bach and Back: The Evolution of Minds Audiobook

From Bacteria to Bach and Back: The Evolution of Minds

Author: Daniel C. Dennett Narrator: Tom Perkins Release Date: February 2017

What is human consciousness and how is it possible? This question fascinates thinking people from poets and painters to physicists, psychologists, and philosophers. From Bacteria to Bach and Back is Daniel C. Dennett's brilliant answer, extending perspectives from his earlier work in surprising directions, exploring the deep interactions of evolution, brains, and human culture. Part philosophical whodunit, part bold scientific conjecture, this landmark work enlarges themes that have sustained Dennett's legendary career at the forefront of philosophical thought. In his inimitable style?laced with wit and arresting thought experiments?Dennett shows how culture enables reflection by installing a bounty of thinking tools, or memes, in our brains. Language, itself composed of memes, turbocharged this interplay. The result, a mind that can comprehend the questions it poses, emerges from a process of cultural evolution. An agenda-setting book for a new generation of philosophers and other researchers, From Bacteria to Bach and Back will delight and entertain anyone who hopes to understand human creativity in all its wondrous applications.

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