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Buddhism Audiobooks in Religion & Spirituality

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LoveReading Top 10

  1. The Testaments: The Sequel to The Handmaid's Tale Audiobook The Testaments: The Sequel to The Handmaid's Tale
  2. Gotta Get Theroux This: My life and strange times in television Audiobook Gotta Get Theroux This: My life and strange times in television
  3. Behind Closed Doors: Life, Laughs and Football Audiobook Behind Closed Doors: Life, Laughs and Football
  4. We are the Weather: Saving the Planet Begins at Breakfast Audiobook We are the Weather: Saving the Planet Begins at Breakfast
  5. Entangled Audiobook Entangled
  6. The School of Life: An Emotional Education Audiobook The School of Life: An Emotional Education
  7. My Name Is Why Audiobook My Name Is Why
  8. Sweet Sorrow Audiobook Sweet Sorrow
  9. Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know about the People We Don't Know Audiobook Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know about the People We Don't Know
  10. Behind Closed Doors Audiobook Behind Closed Doors
Buddhism For Dummies: 2nd Edition Audiobook

Buddhism For Dummies: 2nd Edition

Author: Gudrun Buhnemann, Jonathan Landaw, Stephan Bodian Narrator: Sean Runnette Release Date: August 2019

Your hands-on guide to this widely practiced and ancient religion. Buddhism, one of the world's most widely practiced religions, is a fascinating yet complex eastern religion that is rapidly spreading throughout western civilization. What does it mean to be a Buddhist? What are the fundamental beliefs and history behind this religion? Buddhism For Dummies explores these questions and more in this updated guide to Buddhist culture. You'll gain an understanding of the origins of this ancient practice and how they're currently applied to everyday life. Whether you're a searcher of truth, a student of religions, or just curious about what makes Buddhism such a widely practiced religion, this guide is for you. In plain English, it defines the important terms, explains the key concepts, and explores in-depth a wide range of fascinating topics. - New and expanded coverage on all the schools of Buddhism, including Theravada, Tibetan, and Mahayana - The continuing relevance of the Dalai Lama - Updated coverage on daily observances, celebrations, styles, practices, meditation, and more

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Counsels from My Heart Audiobook

Counsels from My Heart

Author: Dudjom Rinpoche Narrator: Simon Callow Release Date: August 2019

Counsels from My Heart is one of the few volumes of teachings by Dudjom Rinpoche, a legendary meditation master of the Nyingma lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, to become available in English. It features talks to students presented in Dudjom Rinpoche's characteristically incisive and direct style, bringing the timeless heart-counsels of this great teacher vividly to life.

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A Garland of Views: A Guide to View, Meditation, and Result in the Nine Vehicles Audiobook

A Garland of Views: A Guide to View, Meditation, and Result in the Nine Vehicles

Author: Jamgon Mipham, Padmasambhava Narrator: Simon Callow Release Date: August 2019

A core text of the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, presented in English for the first time, with commentary by Jamgön Mipham, one of the Nyingma tradition's most lucid and brilliant minds. A concise commentary by the eighth-century Indian Buddhist master Padmasambhava on a chapter from the Guhyagarbha Tantra, which gives an overview of the different Buddhist and non-Buddhist philosophical views, including the Great Perfection (Dzogchen), with an explicative commentary by the nineteenth-century scholar Jamgön Mipham (1846-1912). Padmasambhava's text is a core text of the Nyingma tradition because it provides the basis for the system of nine vehicles (three sutra vehicles and six tantra vehicles) that subsequently became the accepted way of classifying the different Buddhist paths in the Nyingma tradition. Mipham's commentary is the one most commonly used to explain Padmasambhava's teaching. Mipham is well known for his prolific, lucid, and original writings on many subjects, including science, medicine, and philosophy, in addition to Tibetan Buddhist practice and theory.

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An Introduction to Buddhism Audiobook

An Introduction to Buddhism

Author: The Dalai Lama Narrator: Roger Allum Release Date: August 2019

The 'Core Teachings of the Dalai Lama' series begins with this small book of teachings by His Holiness, the perfect introduction to traditional Tibetan Buddhist thought and practice. There is no one more suited to introduce beginners—and remind seasoned practitioners— of the fundamentals of Tibetan Buddhism than His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Speaking to an audience of Western students, the Dalai Lama shows us how to apply basic Buddhist principles to our day-to-day lives. Starting with the very foundation of Buddhism, the Four Noble Truths, he provides the framework for understanding the Buddha’s first teachings on suffering, happiness, and peace. He follows with commentary on two of Buddhism’s most profound texts: The Eight Verses on Training the Mind and Atisha’s Lamp for the Path to Enlightenment, often referring to the former as one of his main sources of inspiration for the practice of compassion. With clear, accessible language and the familiar sense of humor that infuses nearly all of his work, the Dalai Lama invites us all to develop innermost awareness, a proper understanding of the nature of reality, and heartfelt compassion for all beings. This book was previously published under the title Lighting the Way.

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Buddhism: An Introduction to the Buddha's Life, Teachings, and Practices (The Essential Wisdom Libra Audiobook

Buddhism: An Introduction to the Buddha's Life, Teachings, and Practices (The Essential Wisdom Libra

Author: Joan Duncan Oliver Narrator: Joan Duncan Oliver, Juanita Rockwell Release Date: April 2019

This program includes an introduction read by the author. A modern guide to the teachings of Buddhism. Buddhism: An Introduction to the Buddha's Life, Teachings, and Practices is an indispensable guide to a 2,600-year-old wisdom tradition that has transformed the lives of millions across centuries and around the world. Readers will learn how Siddhartha Gautama became the Buddha, one of the most influential spiritual leaders of all time, and discover how they too can follow his revolutionary methods to attain happiness and inner freedom. Along with accessible overviews of central teachings-the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path, karma, core virtues like kindness and compassion, and more-Buddhism covers such basics as: - the three main Buddhist traditions-Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana-historically and their relevance today - the role of meditation and mindfulness in Buddhist practice - step-by-step instruction in key Buddhist practices Writing in an engaging, approachable style, author Joan Duncan Oliver outlines the fundamentals of Buddhism for every listener, revealing its timeless truths and their relevance for finding peace in uncertain times. A practitioner of Buddhist meditation for forty years, Oliver has written extensively on Buddhist wisdom and its application to daily life. Her practical approach makes Buddhism an essential modern guidebook to an ancient tradition.

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El universo en un solo átomo: Cómo la unión entre la ciencia y espiritualidad pueden salvar el mundo Audiobook

El universo en un solo átomo: Cómo la unión entre la ciencia y espiritualidad pueden salvar el mundo

Author: Dalai Lama, The Dalai Lama Narrator: Josué Morales Release Date: March 2019

Cómo la unión entre la ciencia y espiritualidad pueden salvar el mundo. Su Santidad el Dalai Lama expone su visión de la ciencia y de la fe con una única intención: aliviar el sufrimiento humano. Mediante el estudio científico, que nunca ha abandonado, y el llamamiento a la práctica religiosa, el Dalai Lama explora muchos de los grandes y eternos debates y realiza asombrosas conexiones entre algunas cuestiones aparentemente dispares, como la evolución o el karma, llamadas a cambiar nuestra forma de percibir el mundo. Considera que la ciencia y la fe, cuyo antagonismo se encuentra en el origen del conflicto humano desde hace siglos, son «distintos enfoques de la investigación, que se complementan con un objetivo compartido, que es la búsqueda de la verdad». En El universo en un solo átomo, el Dalai Lama nos desafía a que comprobemos que los beneficios de abrir nuestro corazón y nuestra mente a las conexiones entre ciencia y fe son preferibles a perpetuar la fractura, más retórica que otra cosa, que a menudo los envuelve y rodea. Considera que esta aclaración es la clave para conseguir la paz, no sólo en nuestro interior sino en todo el mundo. Ahora que nos enfrentamos a tiempos tan difíciles, los extraordinarios pensamientos de este hombre, sus sabias palabras, adquieren una dimensión nueva y urgente. Ello proporciona a este luminoso libro su actualidad y su necesidad.

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What's Beyond Mindfulness?: Waking Up to this Precious Life Audiobook

What's Beyond Mindfulness?: Waking Up to this Precious Life

Author: Stephen Fulder Narrator: Pete Cross Release Date: January 2019

This book reveals exactly how radical, exciting, and life-changing the full picture of Buddhist ideas about concepts such as compassion, joy, detachment, and liberation can be. Its key aim, however, is to do this in a way that appeals to everyone, whether they are interested in Buddhism or not. Written in simple, straightforward language, What's Beyond Mindfulness? contains fifty essays covering every aspect of modern life, ranging from the mundane to the spiritual. Topics include how to be fulfilled at work, how to relate to money, what mindfulness really means, how to find the magic of the moment, and much, much more. This book will imbue your life with the sense of magic and mystery that you felt as a child, allowing you to put down the burdens of anxiety, joylessness, restlessness, or a judging mind, and it will do all this by enabling you to shift your experience of the world in a truly profound way.

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Sadness, Love, Openness: The Buddhist Path of Joy Audiobook

Sadness, Love, Openness: The Buddhist Path of Joy

Author: Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche Narrator: Richard Gere Release Date: January 2019

A direct, pithy, and accessible guide to the entire path of Tibetan Buddhism by one of the most beloved and respected contemporary lamas Accessible, playful, and genuine, this concise guide shows how we can incorporate our own daily experiences into our spiritual path and awaken to how things truly are. By embracing sadness, love, and openness in our lives, we develop an altruistic attitude to help all beings who suffer and to reduce our own greed and aggression. This easy-to-read manual by one of the most widely loved and respected Tibetan Buddhist teachers of our time teaches us how to honestly explore and deal with our own hang-ups and neuroses. Through knowing our own true nature as aware and compassionate, we can progress, step-by-step, on the Buddhist path and use Rinpoche's pithy wisdom along the way as a touchstone. Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche's fresh and engaged approach to timeless Buddhist wisdom enables us to deeply connect with authentic teachings in a modern context. This work is a delight and inspiration to read, outlining the major teachings and practices of Buddhism in a succinct way.

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The Spirit of Zen Audiobook

The Spirit of Zen

Author: Sam Van Schaik Narrator: Fred Stella Release Date: January 2019

An engaging introduction to Zen Buddhism, featuring a new English translation of one of the earliest Zen texts Leading Buddhist scholar Sam van Schaik explores the history and essence of Zen, based on a new translation of one of the earliest surviving collections of teachings by Zen masters. These teachings, titled The Masters and Students of the Lanka, were discovered in a sealed cave on the old Silk Road, in modern Gansu, China, in the early twentieth century. All more than a thousand years old, the manuscripts have sometimes been called the Buddhist Dead Sea Scrolls, and their translation has opened a new window onto the history of Buddhism. Both accessible and illuminating, this book explores the continuities between the ways in which Zen was practiced in ancient times, and how it is practiced today in East Asian countries such as Japan, China, Korea, and Vietnam, as well as in the emerging Western Zen tradition.

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The Early Teachings of the Buddha Audiobook

The Early Teachings of the Buddha

Author: Sarah Shaw Narrator: Sarah Shaw Release Date: November 2018

The Early Teachings of The BuddhaThis lecture series with Sarah Shaw looks at several texts in the Pali Canon from the D?gha Nik?ya, the "collection of long discourses". Sarah explores the Buddha's teachings on subjects including meditation, ethics, meditative states and conditionality. This series is an excellent foundation for understanding the underpinnings of all Buddhist philosophy.The discourses are set within narratives of the Buddha's life. These texts have varied genres designed to have different effects. They range from prescriptive ways to apply the practice, to evocative imagery that symbolises the teaching, to ethical recommendations about how to act in the world. This course explains the context and background of these timeless teachings.Session 1: Sarah gives an overview of the course. She offers a historical and cultural background for the early suttas and discusses some of the key teachings in Buddhist philosophy including the four noble truths and the eightfold path.Session 2: Samaññaphala-Sutta: The Fruits of the Contemplative Life - Through the story of King Aj?tasattu's visit to see the Buddha we are introduced to the stages of meditative absorption, the jh?nas.Session 3: Mah?satipa??h?na-Sutta: The Great Discourse on the Establishing of Mindfulness - Sarah covers the four foundations of mindfulness in this, one of the most famous, important and most widely studied texts in the Pali Canon.Session 4: The Mah?sam?ya-Sutta, a very popular ceremonial text, and the Mah?sudassana-Sutta, a visualization of the 'palace' in the 'city' of the mind, ruled by a great king, the Buddha in an earlier life as Bodhisattva.Session 5: The Sang?ti-Sutta - Sariputta, one of the Buddha's chief disciples, gives a talk listing the principles of the Buddha's teaching.Session 6: The Sig?lov?da-Sutta - The Buddha instructs a young man on how to live an ethical life.Session 7: The Mah?nid?na-Sutta - The Great Causes Discourse - In this session Sarah explains this key text on the principle of dependent origination.Sarah Shaw received her Phd in English from Manchester University. After studying Pali and Sanskrit at Oxford, she began teaching and writing on Buddhist subjects. She has written several books on meditation theory and practice, and j?taka literature. She is the author of several books including Introduction to Buddhist Meditation, The J?takas: Birth Stories of the Bodhisatta and her most recent book, The Spirit of Buddhist Meditation. She is a member of the Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford, and Wolfson College. She is a fellow of the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies.

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The Original Buddhist Psychology: What the Abhidharma Tells Us About How We Think, Feel, and Experie Audiobook

The Original Buddhist Psychology: What the Abhidharma Tells Us About How We Think, Feel, and Experie

Author: Beth Jacobs, PH.D., Ph.D. Beth Jacobs Narrator: Margo Trueblood, Sam Scholl Release Date: July 2018

The Abhidharma, one of the three major text collections of the original Buddhist canon, frames the psychological system of Buddhism, explaining the workings of reality and the nature of the human mind. It is composed of detailed matrixes and lists that outline the interaction of consciousness and reality, the essence of perception and experience, and the reasons and methods behind mindfulness and meditation. Because of its complexity, the Abhidharma has traditionally been reserved only for academic or monastic study; now, for the first time, clinical psychologist Beth Jacobs brings this dynamic body of work to general readers, using practical explanation, personal stories, and vivid examples to gently untangle the technical aspects of the Abhidharma. Drawing on decades of experience as both a therapist and a Buddhist, Jacobs illuminates this classic area of Buddhist thought, highlighting the ways it can broaden and deepen our experience of the human psyche and offering profound insights into spiritual practice.

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The Way of the Bodhisattva Audiobook

The Way of the Bodhisattva

Author: Shantideva Narrator: Wulstan Fletcher Release Date: July 2018

Treasured by Buddhists of all traditions, The Way of the Bodhisattva (Bodhicharyavatara) is a guide to cultivating the mind of enlightenment, and to generating the qualities of love, compassion, generosity, and patience. This text has been studied, practiced, and expounded upon in an unbroken tradition for centuries, first in India, and later in Tibet. Presented in the form of a personal meditation in verse, it outlines the path of the Bodhisattvas--those who renounce the peace of individual enlightenment and vow to work for the liberation of all beings and to attain buddhahood for their sake. This version, translated from the Tibetan, is a revision by the translators of the 1997 edition. Included are a foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, a new translator's preface, a thorough introduction, a note on the translation, and three appendices of commentary by the Nyingma master Kunzang Pelden.Cover art: Guanyin of the Southern Sea, Chinese, Liao (907-1125) or Jin Dynasty (1115-1234),  wood with polychrome, 95 by 65 inches, courtesy of The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, MO. Purchase: William Rockhill Nelson Trust, 34-10. Photo: Nelson-Atkins Media Services/Jamison Miller.

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