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Apocalyptic & Dystopian Audiobooks in Science Fiction & Fantasy

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LoveReading Top 10

  1. How to Own the Room: Women and the Art of Brilliant Speaking Audiobook How to Own the Room: Women and the Art of Brilliant Speaking
  2. Between the World and Me Audiobook Between the World and Me
  3. The Gates of Athens: Book One of Athenian Audiobook The Gates of Athens: Book One of Athenian
  4. Written in Blood Audiobook Written in Blood
  5. The Giver of Stars: Fall in love with the enchanting Sunday Times bestseller from the author of Me B Audiobook The Giver of Stars: Fall in love with the enchanting Sunday Times bestseller from the author of Me B
  6. The Last Widow Audiobook The Last Widow
  7. Daughters of Cornwall Audiobook Daughters of Cornwall
  8. How Do We Know We're Doing It Right?: Essays on Modern Life Audiobook How Do We Know We're Doing It Right?: Essays on Modern Life
  9. The Facilitator Audiobook The Facilitator
  10. The Lying Life of Adults Audiobook The Lying Life of Adults
Failed State: A Novel Audiobook

Failed State: A Novel

Author: Christopher Brown Narrator: Macleod Andrews Release Date: August 2020

'The novel is as tense and thrilling as any of Brown's work, and as full of rage and hope. It's a novel that truly reckons with the enormity of  both our climate emergency and the system that produced it - a tale of  human imperfection and redemption.' -- Cory Doctorow, bestselling author of Walkaway In this second dystopian legal thriller from the author of the acclaimed Rule of Capture and Tropic of Kansas, lawyer Donny Kimoe juggles two intertwined cases whose outcomes will determine the course of America’s future—and his own. In the aftermath of a second American revolution, peace rests on a fragile truce. The old regime has been deposed, but the ex-president has vanished, escaping justice for his crimes. Some believe he is dead. Others fear he is in hiding, gathering forces. As the factions in Washington work to restore order, Donny Kimoe is in court to settle old scores—and pay his own debts come due. Meanwhile, the rebels Donny once defended are exacting their own kind of justice. In the ruins of New Orleans, they are building a green utopia—and kidnapping their defeated adversaries to pay for it. The newest hostage is the young heiress to a fortune made from plundering the country—and the daughter of one of Donny’s oldest friends. In a desperate gambit to save his own skin, Donny switches sides to defend her before the show trial. If he fails, so will the truce, dragging the country back into violence. But by taking the case, he risks his last chance to expose the atrocities of the dictatorship—and being tried for his own crimes against the revolution. To save the future, Donny has to gamble his own. The only way out is to find the evidence that will get both sides back to the table, and secure a more lasting peace. To do that, Donny must betray his clients’ secrets. Including one explosive secret hidden in the ruins, the discovery of which could extinguish the last hope for a better tomorrow—or, if Donny plays it right, keep it burning.

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The Dark Winter Audiobook

The Dark Winter

Author: Flint Maxwell Narrator: Matt Godfrey Release Date: August 2020

Can you survive the cold? After the initial series of summer blizzards, the snowfall has decreased, but the temperatures continue to drop, the icy wind still blows, and with each passing day, the darkness lasts longer and longer. It is in the darkness the monsters thrive. Confined to the lake house and having no communication with the outside world, Grady and the others live every day in fear, questioning what the future holds. Will the snow melt? Will the sun ever rise? Can the wraiths be defeated? But as the days turn to weeks, no answers come. Soon, the survivors' supplies lessen, and rather they're ready to or not, they must venture out into the snowy wasteland. They must fight. That is, if they want to continue to survive.

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In The Ruins Audiobook

In The Ruins

Author: Lilith Saintcrow Narrator: Erin Deward Release Date: August 2020

Ginny Mills is a librarian with a mission. She's determined to get to her family, and not even the crowds of shuffling, infected undead will stop her. Lee Quartine's spent his life making do and getting by. He knows how to survive, but now he has Ginny and a small band of survivors to care for. The power is out. Winter has arrived. The infected roam in packs. Survivors are showing up in the strangest places. And Ginny and Lee haven't even crossed the state line yet. It's gonna be a long trip . . .

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Apocalypse Z: Book 3 Audiobook

Apocalypse Z: Book 3

Author: Baileigh Higgins Narrator: Kristin James Release Date: August 2020

Survival is just the beginning . . . After a dangerous cross-country journey through the post-apocalyptic United States, Saul and his companions reach Fort Detrick only to find it infested by the living dead. If they are to have any hope of creating a cure they must take back the facility one bloody floor at a time. The war for humanity's future has just begun. In the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse, humankind has been pushed to the brink of extinction. For the few remaining survivors, each day is a test of survival. Can they fight back or will they fall prey to the relentless undead hordes?

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The Lucky Prepper: A Gardner's Story of Surviving a Pandemic Audiobook

The Lucky Prepper: A Gardner's Story of Surviving a Pandemic

Author: Emma Zeth Narrator: Esther Wane Release Date: August 2020

What do you eat when the shops run out of food? Zoe loves teaching science, she loves her garden, and most of all she loves her quiet peaceful bungalow. Then at school, people start falling ill. The virus is airborne and highly infectious. It starts with flu symptoms, confusion, and sleepiness, which worsen until one day they just don't wake up. It decimates the population and leaves chaos in its wake. Now Zoe has to find a way to survive. Luckily, when the pandemic strikes, she already has a greenhouse full of vegetable seedlings, but not everyone around is as prepared. Can she avoid the people hunting for food: the 'knockers' who don't always just knock? And will her strategy of stay in, hide, and wait, be enough?

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Driftwood Audiobook


Author: Marie Brennan Narrator: Christina Delaine Release Date: August 2020

In this first novel set in award-winning author Marie Brennan's incomparable Driftwood fantasy universe, enter a post-apocalyptic realm where the apocalypse has not ended, where fragments of worlds cohere into shifting myths. Yet even as everything fades, Drifters gather to tell conflicting legends of Last, the guide-the one man who seemed immortal, but may have been a fraud. Who is Last? Fame is rare in Driftwood-it's hard to get famous if you don't stick around long enough for people to know you. But many know the guide, Last, a one-blooded survivor who has seen his world end many lifetimes ago. For Driftwood is a strange place of slow apocalypses, where continents eventually crumble into mere neighborhoods, pulled inexorably towards the center in the Crush. Cultures clash, countries fall, and everything eventually disintegrates. Within the Shreds, a rumor goes around that Last has died. Drifters come together to commemorate him. But who really was Last? Lying liar, or heroic savior? A mercenary, a charlatan, a legend? A man, an immortal-perhaps even a god?

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History's Great Plagues: How Germs Shaped Civilization Audiobook

History's Great Plagues: How Germs Shaped Civilization

Author: Christopher R. Fee Narrator: Christopher R. Fee Release Date: August 2020

Plague has terrified and fascinated humanity for all of recorded history. Now, in the current moment of COVID-19, people around the globe are again struggling to learn how to navigate life during a pandemic. As in times of uncertainty throughout history, we seek the insights of the great minds who have lived through and reflected on similar historical moments. Your guide for this fascinating 12-lecture audio course is medieval literature expert Chris Fee, a presenter beloved for his evocative delivery by Learn25 listeners and his own students at Gettysburg College. YouÕll begin by examining literary attempts to understand and to interpret pestilence and plagues, starting with the Bible and Ancient poets, playwrights, and historians. YouÕll then move on to some of the greatest works of the Middle Ages and Renaissance that were inspired by or reflect aspects of the infamous Black Death. Entering the Modern Age, youÕll explore works by authors that employ plague as a metaphor. Along the way, you will also delve into popular books and movies, such as "12 Monkeys," that take plague as their subject or subtext. YouÕll conclude by discovering that the literature of plague has much to teach us, not just about the current moment, but about the very nature of being human. This course is part of the Learn25 collection.

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Blood World Audiobook

Blood World

Author: Chris Mooney Narrator: Frankie Corzo Release Date: August 2020

Everything changed when scientists discovered the drug. It looked like the cure for aging, but all progress comes with a price tag. Now, eternal youthfulness will be paid for by the blood of the innocent.  The blood of "carriers" is the most valuable commodity on earth. When treated with a new wonder drug, it cures disease, increases power, and makes the recipient a virtual superman.  It also makes the carriers targets. Young people with the right genes are ripped from their families and stashed in "blood farms." Ellie Batista became an LAPD officer specifically to fight this evil as a member of the Blood Squad, but her ambitions are thwarted-until the day she and her partner are ambushed during a routine stop. The resulting events plunge her into an undercover world more dangerous than she could have ever imagined. Because a madman has found a way to increase the potency of the blood to levels previously unimagined. As he cuts a bloody swath through the already deadly world of blood cartels, Ellie is the only hope to stop him before the body count explodes.

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Pocalypse Road Audiobook

Pocalypse Road

Author: Lilith Saintcrow Narrator: Erin Deward Release Date: August 2020

Winter has arrived, the walking dead are hungry, and Ginny and Lee's small group of survivors is making its way towards New York. Other survivors, shaking off the daze of catastrophe, are moving as well. In a wasteland of snow and failing power, of course the zombies are dangerous . . . but it's the other people you really have to watch out for. It's gonna be a long trip . . .

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Cascade Audiobook


Author: Matthew Peed Narrator: Eva Kaminsky, Gabriel Vaughan Release Date: August 2020

The horde dealt with, Regan turns his attention to the north. As he works to increase his children's and his power, events in the world seem to be against him. Powers continues to grow all around the continent in response to this new player emerging on the map. Louella only wants a few moments of peace to process the changes happening to her and her valley. No one wants to give her that peace as her valley grows to be the center of the continent. Adventurers from both Lecazar and Thonaca rush to Robia Valley as the rumors of gold, power, and adventure only grow stronger.

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Apocalypse Z: Book 4 Audiobook

Apocalypse Z: Book 4

Author: Baileigh Higgins Narrator: Kristin James Release Date: August 2020

Survival is just the beginning . . . As if living in a zombie-infested world wasn't bad enough, Dr. Tara Lee and her companions reach Fort Detrick only to discover that for some betrayal is second nature. Having thwarted Lieutenant King's attempted coup, they believe the worst is finally behind them. They couldn't be more wrong. Danger lurks in the shadows. Biding his time, Lieutenant King launches an audacious attack abducting Tara and Amy, and leaving Alex on the brink of death. Captured and isolated from friends and family, Tara and Amy have only each other to rely on. Can they escape and find their way back home? Or will they become pawns in a struggle for power?

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Wicker City Audiobook

Wicker City

Author: Justin Sloan, P.T. Hylton Narrator: Thérèse Plummer, Tom Taylorson Release Date: August 2020

In the post-apocalyptic remnants of Chicago, the warlord who holds Wicker City holds the power. After years spent surviving in the wastelands, a young woman returns to the city to find answers about her past. Instead she discovers a violently shifting landscape of betrayal and a power-hungry man who, if given control, might be unstoppable. Wicker City is no place for a lone wolf. Will she choose a side in the city’s constant power struggle? Or will she forge her own path? Blending the ruthless political maneuvering of Gangs of New York with the survival horror of The Last of Us, Wicker City paints a picture of mankind not united, but fractured by a monstrous threat.

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