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LoveReading Top 10

  1. How to Own the Room: Women and the Art of Brilliant Speaking Audiobook How to Own the Room: Women and the Art of Brilliant Speaking
  2. Between the World and Me Audiobook Between the World and Me
  3. The Gates of Athens: Book One of Athenian Audiobook The Gates of Athens: Book One of Athenian
  4. Written in Blood Audiobook Written in Blood
  5. The Giver of Stars: Fall in love with the enchanting Sunday Times bestseller from the author of Me B Audiobook The Giver of Stars: Fall in love with the enchanting Sunday Times bestseller from the author of Me B
  6. The Last Widow Audiobook The Last Widow
  7. Daughters of Cornwall Audiobook Daughters of Cornwall
  8. How Do We Know We're Doing It Right?: Essays on Modern Life Audiobook How Do We Know We're Doing It Right?: Essays on Modern Life
  9. The Facilitator Audiobook The Facilitator
  10. The Lying Life of Adults Audiobook The Lying Life of Adults
Chicago Blues (Medicine for the Blues) Audiobook

Chicago Blues (Medicine for the Blues)

Author: Jeff Stookey Narrator: Michael Self Release Date: May 2020

Chicago Blues, Book 2 of the trilogy Medicine for the Blues Jimmy Harper arrives in Chicago with the Diggs Monroe Jazz Orchestra, seeking fame and fortune. Instead he descends into the jazz underworld where he becomes entangled in dark dealings with a sinister mob boss and in an erotic affair with a black drag performer. In this unfamiliar world, Jimmy begins to question whether he can trust anyone, even his old band members. The trilogy Medicine for the Blues explores the complexities of gender and sexuality through the historical lens of the early 1920s. Chicago Blues follows Book 1 Acquaintance. The story continues in Book 3 Dangerous Medicine.

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Erotica Short Stories For Bad Women: A Dominance and Submission Romance for Adults Audiobook

Erotica Short Stories For Bad Women: A Dominance and Submission Romance for Adults

Author: Ivana Swirl Narrator: Alexxia Michelle Release Date: January 2020

'Are you looking for a naughty & kinky story for tonight? Something to read in your bed to meet your hot dreams? If the asnwer for this question is yes, you may have found the perfect book. Th? ?t?r? ?x?l?r?s th? thrill ?f th? ??????t? ?f ?n?t?nt gr?tifi??ti?n, w?th ?rg??m? ?ll th? m?r? ?x?l??iv? b???u?? ?f ?t. Th??? ?h?r??t?r? ?r? m?d? t? w??t ?nd th?? l?v? ?v?r? minut?. Fr?m d?m?n?nt/?ubm????v? r?l?ti?n?hi?? t? futur??t?? ??tt?ng?, th?? h?v? ??rf??t?d th? thr?ll. 'Ellen was ??rt??nl? r?ght about ?n? th?ng, ?? w?? her ?wn brother B?ll f?r that matter. Wh?t?v?r had g?n? wr?ng in her m?rr??g?, ?r even wh? that ?t had, ?h? w??n't ??t ready t? thr?w ?n th? t?w?l ju?t yet ??th?r'. M??t ?f th? characters are imaginary, though it goes with spiece of romance in it, on? ?f th? m??t ?d?r?d n?v?l? ?f ?ur t?m?, th?? ?? th? b??k th?t d?fin?d a g?n?r?ti?n ? ?t?r? ?f un??m?r?m???ng d?v?ti?n, ?f l?f? ?? ?t r??ll? ?? ?nd l?v? th?t ?h?ng?? ?v?r?th?ng. For a hot and pleasant read don't wait any longer, Buy your copy today!

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Valentine Audiobook


Author: Vanessa De Sade Narrator: Alexis Portner Release Date: October 2019

Many girls want to join Sonaro's circus, but most of them just don't cut it. Valentine, however, is different. Sexy as hell and a skilled dancer and gymnast, the ringmaster knows he'll have to be careful with her. But what a crowd-puller she'll be! As for Valentine herself, well, there's more than one kind of fulfilment to be had in a travelling show...

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Serving the Master Audiobook

Serving the Master

Author: Giselle Renarde Narrator: Giselle Renarde Release Date: September 2019

Carlisle Islington III is Lord of the Manor, master of all he surveys. But there's one thing he can't control, and all the wealth and influence in the world can't give him power over it. Enter the maid, Matilda. In her neat white cap, eyes wide as the moon, she gazes at him with sheer adoration. Could such a young woman possibly lust after a man Carlisle's age? The idea seems improbable, and yet the look in this girl's eyes can tell no lies. Matilda has come to stoke his fire. The manor house awaits. Are you ready to cross the threshold?

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The Well-Born Strumpet Audiobook

The Well-Born Strumpet

Author: Pornelope Narrator: Aiden Black Release Date: April 2019

Alyssa is a good girl-until her father dies and their home is sold to pay his gambling debts. Lord Worthington may have hired her to tutor his grandchildren, but first she has to reach his fine manor safely after being abandoned in a horrible storm! The four virile men who run the country inn where she takes sanctuary are happy to offer her food and exchange for her innocence! ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ Nate kept telling her more stories that were so funny, she barely even cared when they began bordering on raunchy. Her blushes, she assured herself, could be written off to laughter and the stove's heat as easily as virginal embarrassment. "But that was afore Khenan joined us," he suddenly interrupted himself as he washed dirty dishes and stacked them neatly on the counter. "Gods alive, what a stir that caused! Brigands stole the ship he was on, and killed or ditched most of the crew; he was one of the few who made it safely to shore. He wandered about for a few days-daft in his head, you could say-and finally chanced on our little inn just at dinner's hour when a certain high lordship and his fair lady were stayin' the night. "Now she's such a one that a man's interest just has to stand and salute," he added enthusiastically, and wiggled his eyebrows for emphasis. "No way around it, and to my way o' thinkin', that's the finest praise any man can pay a woman, be she maid or maiden. And this one..." He sighed in blissful delight at some memory only he could see. "What a woman she is, and none too proud to reward a man for admirin' the view. "Then Khenan staggers in, naked as the day he was born, with his staff already hard and high from spyin' our cleanin' girl out in the yard. And a fine pretty lass she is, too, and never too busy for a kiss or a toss in the hay. "So this fine lady," he grinned, noting that Alyssa hadn't understood a single one of his lewd references, "jumps up from her table and coos over him like a mother hen with a wounded chick. Nothin' would do but she take him up to her own room and nurse him back to full health, so to speak, and she even barred her rich husband from the room so they wouldn't be disturbed. He was in a fine takin' over that, believe me! "But our Betsy, who'd followed Khenan inside, took his lordship in hand, you could say, and soothed his ruffled feathers half the night, bless her heart. None of us got a wink of sleep with Khenan and her ladyship upstairs, and Betsy with his lordship downstairs, and half the other patrons makin' their own party in the dinin' room. It was a wild night we'll never forget!" Alyssa envisioned an entirely different scenario, and nodded her confused agreement. "Her ladyship insisted on stayin' an extra three days 'til she was sure Khenan was in top form. He bore it like a trooper, to be sure, and decided the country life was so much to his likin', he stayed on to tend our horses." So he wasn't a slave after all, she realized, and tried to wrap her mind around the concept of a black man being a valued employee. "...she had to be carried out to their coach, poor woman, she was that tuckered out," Nate was saying when she finally recalled herself. "But his lordship had enjoyed the stay, and Betsy got a nice purse from it, so everyone was happy. And she makes certain they pass through here every fortnight or so-to check on Khenan's, ah, good health." "She sounds like a remarkable lady," Alyssa murmured, baffled but warmed by the woman's obvious devotion to the massive black stablehand. "Aye, that she is." Nate chuckled, and turned away to unobtrusively adjust the fit of his breeches. Just the lurid memory had made

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The Lesbian Escort: Lesbian Erotica Audiobook

The Lesbian Escort: Lesbian Erotica

Author: Conner Hayden Narrator: Jessica Howard Release Date: July 2018

A woman with growing fantasies about a lesbian encounter finally decides to act on them. Hiring an escort, the woman invites her home at the end of the evening and is shown just how good lesbian sex can be with a female partner.  This story contains sex scenes and is suitable for adults only. All characters are fictional and are over 18 years old.

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No Shit Sherlock Audiobook

No Shit Sherlock

Author: Jaron Summers Narrator: Jack Wynters Release Date: February 2018

When Samantha Watson walked into The Bank of England and inherited six million dollars she had no idea that she would fall in love with the world's greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes. Nor did she have the slightest inkling she would be drawn into a sinister world of vampires and evil.

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Erotica Romana Audiobook

Erotica Romana

Author: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Narrator: Matt Montanez Release Date: October 2017

Also known as the "Roman Elegies," Erotica Romana is von Goethe's literary tribute to human sexuality and eroticism. Written in 24 elegies to emulate classical Roman elegy writers such as Tibullus, Propertius, and Catullus, von Goethe creates a lyrical work of art that has often been subject to censorship because of the erotic content.

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Henry & June Audiobook

Henry & June

Author: Anais Nin Narrator: Cherie Lunghi Release Date: May 2017

Anais Nin wrote her diary at the end of 1931, at the close of a sexually tumultuous and emotional year as part of a ménage a trois with fellow writer Henry Miller and his beautiful wife June Mansfield. 'I really believe that if I were not a writer, not a creator, not an experimenter, I might have been a very faithful wife.' Nin's passionate and consuming relationship with Henry & June transformed a previously monogamous wife into an uninhibited and sexually liberated woman. Henry & June is a forthright and riveting account of a woman discovering her sensuality. Our production is read by Cherie Lunghi. As a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company she has appeared in London and Stratford in many of its productions. Amongst her many film appearances have been Roland Joffe's 'The Mission', John Boorman's 'Excalibur' and Kenneth Branagh's 'Frankenstein'.

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Eveline Audiobook


Author: James Jennings Narrator: Sally Farmiloe Release Date: May 2017

These adventures of a Victorian heroine are considered by some to still be shocking as Eveline explores her sexuality in a series of erotic encounters from a very young age. She has a veneer of propriety which heightens her casual sexual behaviour and provides a revealing insight into our perceptions of Victorian society. Talented actress Sally Farmiloe captures this dichotomy beautifully.

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Venus in Furs Audiobook

Venus in Furs

Author: Leopold von Sacher-Masoch Narrator: Michael Praed Release Date: May 2017

This is the best known work of the Austrian writer and poet Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch who based this tale of love, humiliation and obsession largely on his own life and gave the English language the word masochism. A compelling well written story it has inspired and influenced many psychologists, artists, writers and musicians from Thomas Mann to the Velvet Underground and even Freud, since its first publication in 1870. The reader Michael Praed is an accomplished actor whose extensive experience confidently captures this fascinating story of torment and sexual female domination.

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My Life & Loves - Volume 2 Audiobook

My Life & Loves - Volume 2

Author: Frank Harris Narrator: Leslie Grantham Release Date: May 2017

Notorious Frank Harris in his own lifetime at the beginning of the 20th century was an editor, journalist and publisher - a well known personality both professionally and personally as his aggression and bravado made him larger than life. However, it is undoubtedly his detailed scandalous account of his sexual exploits that remain his lasting legacy. Leslie Grantham's reading, admirably captures this vivid depiction of his many erotic encounters.

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