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LoveReading Top 10

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  2. The Rosie Result Audiobook The Rosie Result
  3. In at the Deep End Audiobook In at the Deep End
  4. The Hate U Give Audiobook The Hate U Give
  5. The Future of Capitalism: Facing the New Anxieties Audiobook The Future of Capitalism: Facing the New Anxieties
  6. Best Self: Be You, Only Better Audiobook Best Self: Be You, Only Better
  7. 10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This Strange World Audiobook 10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This Strange World
  8. The Beekeeper of Aleppo: A moving testament to the human spirit Audiobook The Beekeeper of Aleppo: A moving testament to the human spirit
  9. Hired: Six Months Undercover in Low-Wage Britain Audiobook Hired: Six Months Undercover in Low-Wage Britain
  10. The Whisper Man: The chilling must-read thriller of summer 2019 Audiobook The Whisper Man: The chilling must-read thriller of summer 2019
Shadow Warrior Audiobook

Shadow Warrior

Author: Christine Feehan Narrator: Jim Frangione Release Date: June 2019

Danger inspires fierce passion when a serial killer threatens Chicago's Ferraro crime family in this novel in Christine Feehan's New York Times bestselling series. Vittorio Ferraro is a man whose family loyalty knows no bounds. He would die for his siblings and the people they love, but what he really wants is to start a family of his own. Deep down, Vittorio has always known finding a woman who could ride shadows would be nearly impossible, let alone one who could accept his particular needs, but he never expected to find her in the middle of a kidnapping... Grace Murphy has always been drawn to Vittorio Ferraro-or at least to the billionaire's public bad boy persona. Now that she's under his protection and the sole focus of his intense caring, she can't help wanting to get as close to him as possible. But Grace knows her presence is putting the entire Ferraro family in danger. Her monster of a brother will never let her go, but Vittorio has no intention of losing the woman whose shadow matches his own...

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Queen Takes Checkmate Audiobook

Queen Takes Checkmate

Author: Joely Sue Burkhart Narrator: Cassandra Myles, Tristan James Release Date: June 2019

The god of light has met his match. But whose life will the red serpent claim? Killing the queen of New York City has added a million new responsibilities to Shara Isador's list. The former queen's Blood must be dealt with before they turn thrall. The queens Keisha Skye coerced into sibling relationships must either be formally sworn to House Isador or freed. Though Shara can't in good conscience allow anyone into her house who took part in the rampant torture in which House Skye indulged. While every single day, Shara feels the weight of the red serpent coiled around her throat. The goddess's gift grows heavier with every passing moment. If she doesn't act, the serpent will consume everything she loves. But if she goes after Ra as promised, someone she loves very much will die. Any of her Blood will gladly pay that cost, but Shara loves them too much to even consider losing one of them. Who will survive the epic showdown with Ra, the god of light, and will this be the end of Shara Isador's story? Contains mature themes.

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Awakened and Betrayed Audiobook

Awakened and Betrayed

Author: Ivy Asher Narrator: Mia Madison Release Date: June 2019

My name is Vinna and I am a Sentinel. I'm the last in a line of a hunted, magical race, coveted and killed for our power and abilities. I was hidden and protected, but now that I've been found, it's a race to see who can command and control me. Joke's on them, I bow to no one. I need to master my magic, and protect the five guys I've marked as my own at all costs. Because the line between friend and foe is dangerously blurry, and I'm collecting enemies like Sentinels collect runes. It's time to prepare for battle, claim my place, and get ready to fuck up anything or anyone that comes for me and my Chosen. Contains mature themes.

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Breathless Audiobook


Author: Helen Hardt Narrator: John Lane, Lauren Rowe, M. Hendley Release Date: June 2019

Marjorie Steel is still healing from the events of the past year, and she’s happy to put her plans to study culinary arts on hold to help her best friend deal with a difficult pregnancy and two recently adopted troubled boys. The fact that Bryce Simpson spends a lot of time at the Steel Ranch is a benefit, and she’s ready to see if her attraction to him might be something more. Bryce wants to do a hard day’s work on the ranch. Once his muscles give out and he collapses from exhaustion, maybe he’ll stop torturing himself over his late father’s horrific double life. The Steels have a different idea. They ask Bryce to take an executive position complete with a profit share. As he has a young son and widowed mother to support, it’s an offer he can’t refuse. The only catch is Marjorie. She’s beautiful, smart, feisty, and her kisses set him on fire. But he’s an empty shell with nothing to offer her, and she deserves the world. As the sins of his father continue to haunt him, Bryce learns the horrors of the past may not yet be buried.

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Death Untold: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance Audiobook

Death Untold: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance

Author: Sarah Piper Narrator: Aletha George, Tristan James Release Date: June 2019

All magic comes with a price tag. It's a lesson witches are taught from a young age, along with the ones about how we'll never survive a vampire turning, how hunters will always seek to eradicate us, and how a devil's bargain can never be broken. But together, my rebels and I have shattered every last rule, ignored every last warning. We've grown stronger because of it, and so far, we've survived everything fate has thrown our way. So what's one more warning shunned, one more cosmic law overturned in the face of such a devastating loss? To keep the men I love safe, there's nothing I won't risk. Break. Destroy. What's done is done. All we can do now is face the consequences, and hope that when fate comes to collect, we can afford to pay the price. Contains mature themes.

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Fire In His Veins Audiobook

Fire In His Veins

Author: Ruby Dixon Narrator: Jeremy York, Noelle Bridges Release Date: June 2019

I've wanted Andrea since the moment I saw her. But she's human. I'm drakoni. The only way I'll stay sane and not lose myself to the madness that's swept over my people is if I keep my mental walls strong. I have to give up everything that makes me a dragon. That means no telepathy, no fire breathing, and no battle form. I certainly can't take a mate. Andrea can't be mine. When her brother escapes the fort, though, she needs help tracking him down. That means I'll be alone with her, breathing in her sweet scent, and it may be too much for my control. What happens if I give in to my dragon? Will I take her as my mate . . . or tear her throat out? Contains mature themes.

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The Dragon of New Orleans Audiobook

The Dragon of New Orleans

Author: Genevieve Jack Narrator: Rock Engle Release Date: June 2019

New Orleans: city of intrigue, supernatural secrets, and one enigmatic dragon. A deadly curse . . . For 300 years, Gabriel Blakemore has survived in New Orleans after a coup in his native realm of Paragon scattered him and his dragon siblings across the globe. Now a voodoo curse threatens to end his immortal existence. His only hope is to find an antidote, one that may rest in a mortal woman. A lifesaving gift . . . After five years of unsuccessful treatment for her brain cancer, death is a welcome end for Raven Tanglewood. Her illness has become a prison her adventurous spirit cannot abide. Salvation comes in the form of Gabriel, who uses dragon magic to save her. A harrowing price . . . To Raven, the bond that results from Gabriel's gift is another kind of captivity. Can Gabriel win Raven's love and trust in time to awaken the life-saving magic within her? Or will his fiery personality and possessive ways drive her from his side and seal his fate? Contains mature themes.

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Smoke And Mirrors Audiobook

Smoke And Mirrors

Author: Crystal Ash Narrator: Alexander Cendese, Amelie Griffin Release Date: June 2019

The hardest part of being ringmistress? Juggling my feelings for three men. Connor, my stubborn protector always battling his demons. Hunter, the dashing wolf shifter who sends my heart into overdrive. And Razvan, the dragon I wish I could stop thinking about. What was supposed to be a fun, lighthearted date turns into a shocking discovery about myself. I wasn't ready for this, and I'm not sure I'm up for the responsibility this discovery brings me. I'm so consumed by the shifter visions in my head, I don't realize how much Connor is hurting. He's walking down a dark path and this time, I'm not sure if even I can save him. Step right up and take a front row seat to my heart breaking. Contains mature themes.

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Divine and Dateless Audiobook

Divine and Dateless

Author: Tara West Narrator: Hollie Jackson Release Date: June 2019

Good girls go to Heaven. Bad girls go all the way . . . What can be worse than electrocuting yourself while getting ready for your internet date? Realizing the hot stud you've been fondling is the Grim Reaper? Being chased by a sex-crazed bloated, naked corpse? How about an eternity of more bad hair days and horrific dates? Or lusting after the one guy in all the afterlife whose hydrophobia rivals his fear of commitment? Yeah, that's a whole lot worse. Contains mature themes.

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Elizabeth, Guardian of Dragons: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance Audiobook

Elizabeth, Guardian of Dragons: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance

Author: Ava Mason Narrator: Angela Dawe Release Date: June 2019

A dragon's heart. A queen's quest. A reverse harem paranormal romance. Elizabeth yearns to retake her home and regain her pack, but the Queen of Aerwyna has one more task for her. To complete it, she needs to unify her team, but can she? Her possessive dragons are pressing her to make a choice. Avery wants out but won't say why. On a mission for the Queen, the team comes face to face with the threat to Elizabeth's life. Forced into hiding, Elizabeth tries desperately to hold her team together. Can she survive long enough to complete her mission for the Queen? Can she mend Avery's broken heart? Or will the dragons force her to make the decision she can't bear to make? Contains mature themes.

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Circle of Darkness Audiobook

Circle of Darkness

Author: Aimee Nicole Walker, Nicholas Bella Narrator: Joel Leslie Release Date: June 2019

There isn't a monster D'Angelo Kumar can't destroy or a crisis he can't manage until he meets Angel Bai. The insane attraction he feels toward the sexy waiter is unwelcome because D'Angelo doesn't have room in his life for relationships. A solitary path is the only option for a man like him, but fighting his growing feelings for Angel may be the first battle he can't win. Angel's abilities extend beyond memorizing the menu at D'Angelo's favorite Italian restaurant, but he knows better than to trust anyone with his secret. When a vision reveals that D'Angelo's life is in danger, he will risk everything to save him. The only thing scarier than monsters and demons to Angel is never knowing D'Angelo's touch. To say the demon hunter is reluctant to form a partnership with the psychic is putting it mildly, but D'Angelo needs every advantage he can get when the world's very existence is threatened. As darkness looms nearer, D'Angelo and Angel's unexplainable connection grows stronger. For a chance at happiness, the two men will need to call upon unlikely allies for an epic showdown between good and evil. Contains mature themes.

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A Nurse for the Wolfman Audiobook

A Nurse for the Wolfman

Author: Eve Langlais Narrator: Troy Duran Release Date: June 2019

What happens when a nurse falls for the wolfman?The job offer is a dream come true. Three times her usual salary. Free meals and a suite. The only catch? Margaret can't tell anyone about it. Hidden in the Rockies, the clinic is well protected and...odd. It doesn't take her long to realize the doctors and scientists are up to no good. Especially once she meets Luke. Her patient is an angry man who used to be a soldier. Now, he's something else. A savage beast with gentle eyes that glow green when he's agitated. What has he become? And will she be next?

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