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  1. Over My Dead Body Audiobook Over My Dead Body
  2. The Whalebone Theatre: The instant Sunday Times bestseller Audiobook The Whalebone Theatre: The instant Sunday Times bestseller
  3. Bridgerton: Romancing Mister Bridgerton: Bridgertons Book 4 Audiobook Bridgerton: Romancing Mister Bridgerton: Bridgertons Book 4
  4. Lapvona Audiobook Lapvona
  5. You Are Not a Before Picture: How to finally make peace with your body, for good Audiobook You Are Not a Before Picture: How to finally make peace with your body, for good
  6. Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big, 10th-Anniversary Edition Audiobook Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big, 10th-Anniversary Edition
  7. The Murders at Fleat House Audiobook The Murders at Fleat House
  8. Modern Romance: An Investigation Audiobook Modern Romance: An Investigation
  9. Counterfeit Audiobook Counterfeit
  10. Richer Than Sin Audiobook Richer Than Sin
The John Stone Action Pack: Books 4-6: Military Action Thriller Series Audiobook

The John Stone Action Pack: Books 4-6: Military Action Thriller Series

Author: Allen Manning, Brian Manning Narrator: Roger Wayne Release Date: June 2022

This collection bundles the next three books of the action-packed John Stone adventure. Head of the Serpent: A vicious new terrorist cell emerges. With the Hostile Response Division disbanded, John Stone wants to go back to a quiet life. But word of a tragic terrorist attack draws John back into the fight. Now he must find the leader of a new terror cell, and stop their plan to unleash chaos and destruction on a scale never before seen. The Hard Core: The war is on, and John is taking the offensive. Worlds collide when John joins forces with a Detroit homicide detective to bring down a sinister organization destroying young lives for financial gain. A privatized prison provider takes the battle to the streets to stop John. Now he must work with a group of unlikely allies from both sides of the law to fight back. Danger Close: The hunt continues as danger strikes too close to home. Now John Stone must pursue his quarry onto the enemy's home turf. As the battle threatens to claim another in John's inner circle, he is driven to lead the fight, chasing another power player in The Order's web of power and influence. But to do that, he and his team must step into dangerous territory.

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Plays Well With Others: The Surprising Science Behind Why Everything You Know About Relationships is Audiobook

Plays Well With Others: The Surprising Science Behind Why Everything You Know About Relationships is

Author: Eric Barker Narrator: Roger Wayne Release Date: May 2022

From the author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller Barking Up the Wrong Tree comes a cure-all for our increasing emotional distance and loneliness—a smart, surprising, and thoroughly entertaining guide to help build better friendships, reignite love, and get closer to others, whether you’re an extrovert or introvert, socially adept or socially anxious. Can you judge a book by its cover?  Is a friend in need truly a friend indeed?  Does love conquer all?  Is no man an island?  In Plays Well With Others, Eric Barker dives into these questions, drawing on science to reveal the truth beyond the conventional wisdom about human relationships. Combining his compelling storytelling and humor, Barker explains what hostage negotiation techniques and marital arguments have in common, how an expert con-man lied his way into a twenty-year professional soccer career, and why those holding views diametrically opposed to our own actually have the potential to become our closest, most trusted friends. Leveraging the best evidence available—free of platitudes or magical thinking—Barker analyzes multiple sides of an issue before rendering his verdict. What he’s uncovered is surprising, counterintuitive, and timely—and will change the way you interact in the world and with those around you just when you need it most. Supplemental enhancement PDF accompanies the audiobook.

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Build: An Unorthodox Guide to Making Things Worth Making Audiobook

Build: An Unorthodox Guide to Making Things Worth Making

Author: Tony Fadell Narrator: Roger Wayne Release Date: May 2022

Brought to you by Penguin. Tony Fadell led the teams that created the iPod, iPhone and Nest Learning Thermostat and learned enough in 30+ years in Silicon Valley about leadership, design, startups, Apple, Google, decision-making, mentorship, devastating failure and unbelievable success to fill an encyclopedia. So that's what this book is. An advice encyclopedia. A mentor in a box. Written for anyone who wants to grow at work - from young grads navigating their first jobs to CEOs deciding whether to sell their companies - Build is full of personal stories, practical advice and fascinating insights into some of the most impactful products and people of the 20th century. Each quick 5-20 page entry builds on the previous one, charting Tony's personal journey from a product designer to a leader, from a startup founder to an executive to a mentor. Tony uses examples that are instantly captivating, like the process of building the very first iPod and iPhone. Every chapter is designed to help readers with a problem they're facing right now - how to get funding for their startup, whether to quit their job or not, or just how to deal with the jerk in the next cubicle. Tony forged his path to success alongside mentors like Steve Jobs and Bill Campbell, icons of Silicon Valley who succeeded time and time again. But Tony doesn't follow the Silicon Valley credo that you have to reinvent everything from scratch to make something great. His advice is unorthodox because it's old school. Because Tony's learned that human nature doesn't change. You don't have to reinvent how you lead and manage - just what you make. And Tony's ready to help everyone make things worth making. © Tony Fadell 2022 (P) Penguin Audio 2022

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Sound of Darkness Audiobook

Sound of Darkness

Author: Heather Graham Narrator: Roger Wayne Release Date: May 2022

The cries of the dead are deafening Women are being taken in Virginia, and FBI agent Mark Gallagher is determined to put a stop to it. Certain he's closing in on the killer known as The Embracer, Mark is less than thrilled when he's partnered with rookie agent Colleen Law, worried she's a liability when there's so much at stake. But like everyone in the Krewe of Hunters, Colleen has talents that extend beyond the usual investigative toolbox. She can hear the voices of the victims in her head, and they're telling her she and Mark are near to uncovering the truth. When Mark's prime suspect takes a liking to Colleen, he's surprisingly protective of his new partner, even as he admits her connection to the victims is key. But tense interrogations turn dangerously personal when someone close to Colleen goes missing, luring the agents deep into the shadows of wooded rural Virginia, where nobody can hear them scream. "A high-octane page turner that's two parts thrills, one part cautionary tale, and an absolute blast to read." -Providence Journal on Danger in Numbers Krewe of Hunters Book 1: Phantom Evil Book 2: Heart of Evil Book 3: Sacred Evil Book 4: The Evil Inside Book 5: The Unseen Book 6: The Unholy Book 7: The Unspoken Book 8: The Uninvited Book 9: THE NIGHT IS WATCHING Book 10: The Night Is Alive Book 11: THE NIGHT IS FOREVER Book 12: The Cursed Book 13: The Hexed Book 14: The Betrayed Book 15: The Silenced Book 16: The Forgotten Book 17: The Hidden Book 18: Haunted Destiny Book 19: Deadly Fate Book 20: Darkest Journey Book 21: Dying Breath Book 22: Dark Rites Book 23: Wicked Deeds Book 24: Fade to Black Book 25: Pale as Death Book 26: Echoes of Evil Book 27: The Summoning Book 28: The Seekers Book 29: The Stalking Book 30: Seeing Darkness Book 31: Deadly Touch Book 32: Dreaming Death Book 33: The Unforgiven Book 34: The Forbidden Book 35: The Unknown Book 36: Sound of Darkness Book 37: Aura of Night Book 38: Voice of Fear

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Linked: Conquer LinkedIn. Get Your Dream Job. Own Your Future. Audiobook

Linked: Conquer LinkedIn. Get Your Dream Job. Own Your Future.

Author: Jeremy Schifeling, Omar Garriott Narrator: Roger Wayne Release Date: May 2022

An estimated seven in ten American employees want a new job. Millions more are making for their first career step after graduating. And most of them will use LinkedIn—or try. Because while LinkedIn is the dominant platform for hiring, networking, and recruiting, very few job seekers know how to maximize its incredible power. Here are two who do: Omar Garriott and Jeremy Schifeling, career coaches who ran LinkedIn’s education team, then formed the Job InSiders to advise all levels of job seekers. Now they’re sharing all they know in Linked, the definitive guide to conquering LinkedIn, written for everyone from the newly minted college graduate to midlife career-changer. At the core of Linked is an indispensable five-step framework for the modern job search. It gives candidates the tools and techniques that matter most to cut through the clutter on LinkedIn’s massive site while focusing on the new realities of the job market—including how employers actually zero in on new hires, and how you can you ensure that you stand out. Clear, lively, accessible, and direct, Linked teaches how to burnish your increasingly important personal online brand. Work the powerful Network Effect, like turning a simple introduction into an invaluable referral. Learn how to think like a recruiter and tailor your profile and job application to their needs. Master the three rules of the LinkedIn search algorithm, and game the Applicant Tracking Systems used by more and more recruiters. And employ advanced LinkedIn hacks, like playing “Who Viewed My Profile Roulette,” and strategically post articles relevant to the industry you want to join.             The result: not just the job of your dreams, but a future secured  

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Raising Ollie: How My Nonbinary Art-Nerd Kid Changed (Nearly) Everything I Know Audiobook

Raising Ollie: How My Nonbinary Art-Nerd Kid Changed (Nearly) Everything I Know

Author: Tom Rademacher Narrator: Roger Wayne Release Date: March 2022

Ollie, who used to hate weekends because they meant no school, was crying on the way to school almost every day. Sure, there were the slings and arrows of bullies and bad teachers, but, maybe worse, Ollie, a funny, anxious, smart kid, was gravely underchallenged and also struggling with identity and how to live totally as themselves. Ollie begged to switch to a new school with 'kids like me,' and so they made the change. Raising Ollie is dad Tom Rademacher's story (really, many stories) of that eventful and sometimes painful school year, parenting Ollie and relearning every day what it means to be a father and teacher. As Ollie-who is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns-flourishes in their new school, Rademacher is making an eye-opening adjustment to a new school of his own, one that's whiter and more suburban than anywhere he has previously taught, with a history of racial tension that he tries to address and navigate. While Ollie is learning to finally feel comfortable at school, Rademacher increasingly sees how his own educational struggles, anxieties, and childhood upbringing are reflected in his teaching, writing, and parenting, as well as in Ollie's experience. He shows us how raising a kid changes everything-and how much raising a kid like Ollie can teach us about who we are and what we're doing in the world.

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Making Your Crazy Work for You: From Trauma and Isolation to Self-Acceptance and Love Audiobook

Making Your Crazy Work for You: From Trauma and Isolation to Self-Acceptance and Love

From the authors of the Irrelationship series comes an insightful guidebook for enhancing the most vital relationship in every person's life-the one they have with themselves. Making Your Crazy Work for You adopts the irrelationship model to present a step-by-step program for self-understanding and catalyzing change. Our 'crazy' refers to our unique reaction to our own pain, fear, and anxiety brought on by isolation from others and ourselves. This unrecognized isolation can occur even when we are surrounded by other people in our daily lives. However, by learning to listen to our craziness, we can use it as a tool for ending isolation and opening up to love. Drawn from the authors' experience in clinical practice, this book features new case studies, exercises, and tools to help listeners to reverse unhealthy behavior patterns; learn to access their genuine emotions, needs, and ideas; and create better relationships.

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The Realm Divers Audiobook

The Realm Divers

Author: Jared Mandani Narrator: Roger Wayne Release Date: February 2022

The life of a Diver can be a really short and violent one. There are not many prospects more terrifying than having to jump into a mysterious portal to find out what lies on the other side. To say that the odds are stacked against them would be a huge understatement, yet the reason why so many are ready to risk everything is that the rewards are on par with the magnitude of the dangers. In no other profession can you go from rags to riches so quickly. For Mikhael Corvin, life was supposed to be a breeze. Born into the nobility, he was destined to become a Cartographer and live a safe and peaceful existence, but fate had other plans in store for him. Now, he finds himself at the training grounds of the Seven Portals, about to start his crash course in how to become a Diver. To Mikhael, this whole charade is little more than a suicide mission, a way to get back at those parents that wronged and abandoned him. But as his self-preservation kicks in, Mikhael learns that life-no matter how harsh-can be worth living. The life of a Diver can be a short and violent one, for certain. But every time Mikhael steps into a portal, he's determined to make the most of whatever time he has left.

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Making the Climb: From Salesperson to Sales Manager - And Beyond Audiobook

Making the Climb: From Salesperson to Sales Manager - And Beyond

Author: Peter Oliver Narrator: Roger Wayne Release Date: December 2021

This book is the antidote to the 'sink or swim' approach that sabotages too many aspiring sales professionals. Most emerging sales managers receive little or no training before taking on the job. That is a huge mistake. The climb from individual contributor to manager is worth planning and preparing for, because this role is not only among the toughest on the organizational chart, but it is also the one that offers the most upside (and downside), both personally and for the organization. Making the Climb by Peter Oliver is the must-have playbook for anyone making the transition from salesperson to sales manager: - Allows managers and leaders to identify the mindsets, key behaviors, and skills needed to achieve success. - Provides strategies for overcoming the three most common pitfalls emerging sales managers face, to a successful move from salesperson to sales manager. - Outlines a proven action plan for emerging sales managers and their mentors. - Helps salespeople emerge on purpose into the next phase of their career-and become true sales leaders.

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After Nationalism: Being American in an Age of Division Audiobook

After Nationalism: Being American in an Age of Division

Author: Samuel Goldman Narrator: Roger Wayne Release Date: December 2021

Nationalism is on the rise across the Western world, serving as a rallying cry for voters angry at the unacknowledged failures of globalization that has dominated politics and economics since the end of the Cold War. In After Nationalism, Samuel Goldman trains a sympathetic but skeptical eye on the trend, highlighting the deep challenges that face any contemporary effort to revive social cohesion at the national level. Noting the obstacles standing in the way of basing any unifying political project on a singular vision of national identity, Goldman highlights three pillars of mid-twentieth-century nationalism, all of which are absent today: the social dominance of Protestant Christianity, the absorption of European immigrants in a broader white identity, and the defense of democracy abroad. Most of today's nationalists fail to recognize these necessary underpinnings of any renewed nationalism, or the potentially troubling consequences that they would engender. To secure the general welfare in a new century, the future of American unity lies not in monolithic nationalism. Rather, Goldman suggests we move in the opposite direction: go small, embrace difference as the driving characteristic of American society, and support political projects grounded in local communities.

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Deep in the Woods: The 1935 Kidnapping of Nine-Year-Old George Weyerhaeuser, Heir to America's Might Audiobook

Deep in the Woods: The 1935 Kidnapping of Nine-Year-Old George Weyerhaeuser, Heir to America's Might

Author: Bryan Johnston Narrator: Roger Wayne Release Date: October 2021

It is a crime even the FBI must have considered fantastic and absurd. In 1935, nine-year-old George Weyerhaeuser, heir to one of the wealthiest families in America, is snatched off the streets two blocks from his home. The boy is kept manacled in a pit, chained to a tree, and locked in a closet. The perps-a career bank robber, a petty thief, and his nineteen-year-old never-been-in-trouble Mormon wife-quickly become the targets of the biggest manhunt in Northwest history. The caper plays out like a Hollywood thriller with countless twists and improbable developments. Perhaps the most astonishing thing of all, though, is how it all ends.

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A Season in the Sun: The Inside Story of Bruce Arians, Tom Brady, and the Making of a Champion Audiobook

A Season in the Sun: The Inside Story of Bruce Arians, Tom Brady, and the Making of a Champion

Author: Lars Anderson Narrator: Roger Wayne Release Date: October 2021

WITH A FOREWORD BY COACH BRUCE ARIANS The extraordinary behind-the-scenes story of how Coach Bruce Arians, Tom Brady, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers came together to deliver one of the most improbable Super Bowl victories in NFL history. The pursuit was so shrouded in secrecy that it was referred to within the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ organization by codename: Operation Shoeless Joe Jackson. Indeed, the prospect of Tom Brady, six-time Super Bowl champion and widely-acknowledged greatest football player ever, joining the Bucs, a historically hapless franchise that hadn’t made the playoffs in more than a decade, seemed about as likely as Jackson emerging out of an Iowa cornfield in the movie Field of Dreams. But come Brady did. At age forty-three, pushing the boundaries of football mortality and without Bill Belichick by his side for the first time in his NFL career, this would be the ultimate test for the ultimate football legacy. Brady’s new coach, Bruce Arians, also had much to prove. One of the great offensive minds of his generation, Arians returned to coaching in 2018, at the age of 65, in search of the one achievement that had eluded him throughout his illustrious career: a Super Bowl championship. Together, like so many aged snowbirds, Brady and Arians had decamped to Florida to make the most of their remaining years. Renowned sports journalist Lars Anderson was granted extraordinary access to the inner workings of the Bucs’ organization. The result is a remarkable work of sports journalism, peppered with wild inside stories and new insights into Brady, Arians, and the Bucs. From the practice facility to the team plane, from the garage where Brady treats his footballs to the huddle on gameday, Anderson captures the rhythms of perhaps the strangest NFL season ever, turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic. In his telling, the Bucs’ quest for one glorious season in the sun becomes a riveting sports epic.

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