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LoveReading Top 10

  1. People of Abandoned Character Audiobook People of Abandoned Character
  2. Box 88 Audiobook Box 88
  3. Help Yourself: Three scalding stories from the bestselling author of AMERICAN WIFE Audiobook Help Yourself: Three scalding stories from the bestselling author of AMERICAN WIFE
  4. A Nurse's Story: My Life in A&E During the Covid Crisis Audiobook A Nurse's Story: My Life in A&E During the Covid Crisis
  5. Mantel Pieces: Royal Bodies and Other Writing from the London Review of Books Audiobook Mantel Pieces: Royal Bodies and Other Writing from the London Review of Books
  6. A Life on Our Planet: My Witness Statement and A Vision for the Future Audiobook A Life on Our Planet: My Witness Statement and A Vision for the Future
  7. The Thursday Murder Club: The Record-Breaking Sunday Times Number One Bestseller Audiobook The Thursday Murder Club: The Record-Breaking Sunday Times Number One Bestseller
  8. The Boy from the Woods: New from the #1 bestselling creator of the hit Netflix series The Stranger Audiobook The Boy from the Woods: New from the #1 bestselling creator of the hit Netflix series The Stranger
  9. Us Three Audiobook Us Three
  10. Grown-Ups Audiobook Grown-Ups
Desperate Measures Audiobook

Desperate Measures

Author: Michael Anderle Narrator: Greg Tremblay Release Date: October 2020

An unexpected challenge was beaten, but not without death and destruction to Erik's and Jia's team.Will the knowledge they gained be enough to pull more secrets into the light?Assigned their first mission outside the Solar System, Erik and Jia head to Alpha Centauri on the trail of smuggled alien artifacts.Those who guard it are some of the conspiracy's most elite and ruthless agents. This time, Erik is forewarned, and forewarned is forearmed.Will the cabal of lies start unraveling, or will the powerful seek the darkness as far away from Erik and Jia as they can get?Erik and Jia said the words, and now they can't go back. How will it change their relationship?He will have vengeance, no matter the cost. She will dig for the truth, no matter how risky it is to reveal.

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Tintenwelt, Band 4: Die Farbe der Rache, Kapitel 14 Audiobook

Tintenwelt, Band 4: Die Farbe der Rache, Kapitel 14

Author: Cornelia Funke Narrator: Rainer Strecker Release Date: October 2020

Die lang ersehnte Fortsetzung der erfolgreichen 'Tintenwelt'-Reihe: 'Die Farbe der Rache' spielt fünf Jahre nach 'Tintentod' und wir dürfen alle bekannten Charaktere, wie Meggie, Mo und Staubfinger auf ihrem neuesten Abenteuer begleiten.

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Witch Of The Federation V Audiobook

Witch Of The Federation V

Author: Michael Anderle Narrator: Jesse Vilinsky Release Date: September 2020

The Federation knows where a lurking Teloran ship is hiding and decides to send Morgana Inc. to ferry a special-operations team to procure data. Unfortunately, the team only needs to provide the data, getting back off is up to them.Since this team is the Hooligans, led by Stephanie's boyfriend, they secretly suspect she will help. But what happens when Morgana shows up scares Todd's team to their core.Will they share what they find out with the Navy Brass?Then what Todd's team finds changes the whole future of the war.Will the Federation succumb to the Telorans, or will the Telorans find out an ancient enemy still fights them to this day?Elizabeth is pulling together the largest, fastest computer the Federation has...Can Stephanie help create the sensitive parts? Will they be able to move BURT if they do?The small girl from the gov-subs now moves the forces of the Universe to stop an implacable foe. Will she burn her energy pathways out in the process?She is THE MORGANA. There are no other alternatives, no matter the risk to her and her team.

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D (A Tale of Two Worlds): A modern-day Dickensian fable Audiobook

D (A Tale of Two Worlds): A modern-day Dickensian fable

Author: Michel Faber Narrator: Isabel Adomakoh-Young Release Date: September 2020

Brought to you by Penguin. A modern-day Dickensian fable and a celebration of friendship and humanity, by the acclaimed author of The Crimson Petal and the White. It all starts on the morning the letter D disappears from the language. First, it vanishes from her parents' conversation at breakfast, then from the road signs outside. Soon the local dentist and the neighbour's Dalmatian are missing, and even the Donkey Derby has been called off. Though she doesn't know why, Dhikilo is summoned to the home of her old history teacher Professor Dodderfield and his faithful Labrador, Nelly Robinson. And this is where our story begins. Set between England and the wintry land of Liminus, a world enslaved by the monstrous Gamp and populated by fearsome, enchanting creatures, D (Tale of Two Worlds) is a mesmerising tale of friendship and bravery in an uncertain world. Told with simple beauty and warmth, its celebration of moral courage and freethinking is a powerful reminder of our human capacity for strength, hope and justice. 'Faber's writing is so dizzyingly accomplished that he is able to convince you that, just sometimes, the old stories are the best ones' GUARDIAN 'Glorious. A story that will be found and enjoyed and dreamed about for years to come' NEIL GAIMAN 'If ever a book like this was needed, it is now. Dhikilo is a splendid heroine for our time: She stands for kindness, honesty and humanity. Her triumph will have readers rejoicing' DIANE SETTERFIELD © Michel Faber 2020 (P) Penguin Audio 2020

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A Cathedral of Myth and Bone: Stories Audiobook

A Cathedral of Myth and Bone: Stories

Author: Kat Howard Narrator: Madeleine Lambert Release Date: September 2020

Kat Howard has already been called a "remarkable writer" by Neil Gaiman, and her "dark and enticing" (Publishers Weekly) debut novel, Roses and Rot, was beloved by critics and fans alike.Now you can experience her collected shorter works, including two new stories. In these stories, equally as beguiling as her novels, Howard expands into the enchanted territory of myths and saints, as well as Arthurian legend, with a novella set upon a college campus, retelling the story of King Arthur through women's eyes.Captivating and engrossing and adorned in gorgeous prose, Kat Howard's stories are a fresh and stylish take on fantasy.

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Lost Camelot Audiobook

Lost Camelot

Author: M.L. Bullock Narrator: Lyssa Browne Release Date: September 2020

Guinevere thought that her life was over, that she would spend the rest of her days in a convent or hidden away in Avalon, but she was wrong. Cursed by Morgan LeFay, Queen Guinevere is banished from Avalon and must face the ages alone, hiding in the shadows as a vampire. Through the centuries, she's watched Arthur return again and again, but her love and respect for her husband and king has kept her away.Until now.Morgan LeFay has returned with an ominous threat, and once again Guinevere is forced to make an impossible choice. Supernatural forces are arrayed against the once-powerful queen...can she overcome them and settle an ancient score?Lost Camelot is a compilation of Books 1-3 of the Lost Camelot series: Guinevere Forever, Guinevere Unconquered, and The Undead Queen of Camelot.

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The Creative Strategist Audiobook

The Creative Strategist

Author: Michael Anderle, Sarah Noffke Narrator: Dara Rosenberg Release Date: September 2020

The guardian of the underworld has been awoken, and he's coming after someone very important.But not if Liv can do something about it.Meanwhile, Kayla Sinclair is tracking down the Mortal Seven, preparing to kill them. Talon Sinclair is growing stronger. And Liv has no idea either are alive.Additionally, the House of Fourteen struggles to maintain power.What's the point in policing magic if no one respects your authority? Liv knows that there is only one solution to this: everyone needs to have a vote in the laws-not just magicians.

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The Ghost Tree Audiobook

The Ghost Tree

Author: Christina Henry Narrator: Jan Johns Release Date: September 2020

When people go missing in the sleepy town of Smith's Hollow, the only clue to their fate comes when a teenager starts having terrifying visions, in a chilling horror novel from national bestselling author Christina Henry.   When the bodies of two girls are found torn apart in the town of Smiths Hollow, Lauren is surprised, but she also expects that the police won't find the killer. After all, the year before her father's body was found with his heart missing, and since then everyone has moved on. Even her best friend, Miranda, has become more interested in boys than in spending time at the old ghost tree, the way they used to when they were kids. So when Lauren has a vision of a monster dragging the remains of the girls through the woods, she knows she can't just do nothing. Not like the rest of her town. But as she draws closer to answers, she realizes that the foundation of her seemingly normal town might be rotten at the center. And that if nobody else stands for the missing, she will.

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Pixie-lated Audiobook


Author: Willow Mason Narrator: Gabrielle Baker Release Date: September 2020

A skeleton, fading powers, and an unexpected parental visit. When my parents drop in for an unscheduled visit, a hastily prepared spare room reveals a dark secret. A skeleton is hidden inside the closet walls, and the dead body was a pixie! With rapid-fire revelations coming from my mother and an invisible creature stalking the library, it's hard to grab a moment's peace. Add to that an enraged uncle-the same one who tried to cheat me out of my inheritance-and I'm halfway to wishing I'd never heard of Oakleaf Glade. Worst of all, my pixie powers start disappearing, shunting me out of the supernatural world I so recently discovered. When the local librarian and my flatmate Brody both go missing, I must call on the help of all my friends and neighbors if we're to unravel the mystery of the long-dead skeleton and stand a chance against a powerful foe.

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Brimstone Bound Audiobook

Brimstone Bound

Author: Helen Harper Narrator: Ruth Urquhart Release Date: September 2020

A werewolf killer. A paranormal murder. How many times can Emma Bellamy cheat death? I'm one placement away from becoming a fully fledged London detective. It's bad enough that my last assignment before I qualify is with Supernatural Squad. But that's nothing compared to what happens next. Brutally murdered by an unknown assailant, I wake up twelve hours later in the morgue-and I'm very much alive. I don't know how or why it happened. I don't know who killed me. All I know is that they might try again. Werewolves are disappearing right, left and center. A mysterious vampire seems intent on following me everywhere I go. And I have to solve my own vicious killing. Preferably before death comes for me again.

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Grave Beginnings Audiobook

Grave Beginnings

Author: R.R. Virdi Narrator: Travis Baldree Release Date: September 2020

'Quick, clean action, solid character work and pacing. This series is worth your time.' -JIM BUTCHER, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Dresden Files Another day, another hijacked body. And just thirteen hours to solve a murder . . . Detective Vincent Graves has made a habit of dying. Waking up in someone else's body isn't pleasant, especially when it's inside a coffin with tons of dirt pressing down on it. Once he's out, he learns his soul has thirteen hours to find the borrowed body's killer. With the help of a brilliant FBI agent, Vincent's quest for clues leads to a looming supernatural presence. And escaping the dark threat may be impossible with his ever-ticking clock . . . Can Vincent close the case in time, or will a powerful being make him rest in peace for good? Grave Beginnings is the first book in the Grave Report urban fantasy detective series. If you like paranormal twists, hard-boiled investigators, and noir-style magic, then you'll love R. R. Virdi's paranormal investigator series. "His stuff is badass!' -LARRY CORREIA, New York Times bestselling author

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The Crooked Mask (sequel to The Twisted Tree) Audiobook

The Crooked Mask (sequel to The Twisted Tree)

Author: Rachel Burge Narrator: Kate Okello Release Date: September 2020

The twisty and terrifying sequel to Rachel Burge's ghostly debut, THE TWISTED TREE ('Creepy and evocative' - The Sunday Times Deep in a forest in Northern Norway lies the Circus of Myth & Mayhem. Martha is certain that unsolved mysteries are hidden there - and talks her way into getting a job as a psychic. She soon learns there's something very strange about the circus. Costumed performers re-enact stories of the Norse gods wearing masks, which move and change expression, yet no one notices but her. And then there's the creepy jester who invites her to 'play'. When an old friend shows up at the circus Martha is thrown into turmoil. Is he there because he misses her or because he wants to stop her discovering the truth? And he isn't the only liar she has to worry about. Loki has taken an interest in the circus and Martha finds herself drawn into a dangerous game of the gods. She must look behind the mask and see what's really happening . . . before it's too late. Praise for The Twisted Tree: 'Dark, eerie and wonderfully creepy,' - Culturefly 'Evocative and scary, Burge's debut is perfect for spooky nights' - Mail on Sunday

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