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Classics Audiobooks in Science Fiction & Fantasy

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LoveReading Top 10

  1. The Handmaid's Tale Audiobook The Handmaid's Tale
  2. The Rosie Result Audiobook The Rosie Result
  3. In at the Deep End Audiobook In at the Deep End
  4. The Hate U Give Audiobook The Hate U Give
  5. The Future of Capitalism: Facing the New Anxieties Audiobook The Future of Capitalism: Facing the New Anxieties
  6. Best Self: Be You, Only Better Audiobook Best Self: Be You, Only Better
  7. 10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This Strange World Audiobook 10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This Strange World
  8. The Beekeeper of Aleppo: A moving testament to the human spirit Audiobook The Beekeeper of Aleppo: A moving testament to the human spirit
  9. Hired: Six Months Undercover in Low-Wage Britain Audiobook Hired: Six Months Undercover in Low-Wage Britain
  10. The Whisper Man: The chilling must-read thriller of summer 2019 Audiobook The Whisper Man: The chilling must-read thriller of summer 2019
The Crucible Audiobook

The Crucible

Author: Arthur Miller Narrator: Troy W. Hudson Release Date: June 2019

The place is Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692, an enclave of rigid piety huddled on the edge of a wilderness. Its inhabitants believe unquestioningly in their own sanctity. But in Arthur Miller's edgy masterpiece, that very belief will have poisonous consequences when a vengeful teenager accuses a rival of witchcraft - and then when those accusations multiply to consume the entire village. About this author: Arthur Asher Miller was an American playwright and essayist. He was a prominent figure in American literature and cinema for more than 61 years, writing a wide variety of plays, including celebrated plays such as The Crucible, A View from the Bridge, All My Sons, and Death of a Salesman, which are still studied and performed worldwide. Miller was often in the public eye, most famously for refusing to give evidence against others to the House Un-American Activities Committee, being the recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama among other awards, and for marrying Marilyn Monroe. At the time of his death, Miller was considered one of the greatest American playwrights.

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The James Joyce BBC Radio Collection: Ulysses, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man & Dubliners Audiobook

The James Joyce BBC Radio Collection: Ulysses, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man & Dubliners

Three BBC radio productions of major works by James Joyce - plus Gordon Bowker's fascinating biographical account of his life Ulysses In this full-cast dramatisation of Joyce's epic modernist novel, the stories of Stephen Dedalus and Leopold Bloom combine as they meander through Dublin in the course of one day, 16 June 1904. Andrew Scott stars as Stephen, with Henry Goodman as Bloom, Niamh Cusack as Molly Bloom and Stephen Rea as the Narrator. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man An abridged reading of James Joyce's autobiographical masterpiece portraying the adolescence of Stephen Dedalus, who must question the culture and religion of his native land before he can break free to become an artist. Read by Andrew Scott. Dubliners This abridged collection of fifteen naturalistic tales depicts an array of characters from childhood, through adolescence, to maturity. Stories of love, loss, friendship, marriage, politics and family combine to create a unified world and a celebration of a city. Read by Stephen Rea. James Joyce - A Biography Gordon Bowker's comprehensive study explores Joyce's years spent in exile in Europe, and examines how his life shaped his genius. Read by Jim Norton, with Andrew Scott as the voice of Joyce.

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The Lady Detectives: Four BBC Radio 4 crime dramatisations Audiobook

The Lady Detectives: Four BBC Radio 4 crime dramatisations

A series of BBC Radio short stories, comprising of classic and period dramas featuring four female sleuths to rival Sherlock Holmes himself. The Redhill Sisterhood by Catherine Louisa Pirkis Autumn,1897. Victorian undercover agent Loveday Brooke investigates some suspicious nuns who appear to have forsaken their vows - and turned to burglary. Mr Bovey's Unexpected Will by LT Meade and Robert Eustace Brilliant, beautiful Miss Florence Cusack is one of Victorian London's most respected consulting detectives. Here, she investigates the extraordinary case of a man whose fate depends on his weight in gold. The Golden Slipper by Anna Katharine Green Vivacious debutante Violet Strange sparkles in New York society - but leads a secret life as a professional agency detective. In this case from 1910, she investigates 'The Inseparables', four wealthy young women suspected of a series of thefts. The Law and the Lady by Wilkie Collins In this sensational Gothic tale from the author of The Woman in White and The Moonstone, new bride Valeria Woodville sets out to clear her husband of murdering his first wife. Starring Gayanne Potter as Loveday Brooke, Elizabeth Conboy as Florence Cusack, Teresa Gallagher as Violet Strange and Abigail Docherty as Valeria Woodville.

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A Lost Lady Audiobook

A Lost Lady

Author: Willa Cather Narrator: Will Damron Release Date: June 2019

To the people of Sweet Water, a fading railroad town on the Western plains, Mrs. Forrester is the resident aristocrat, at once gracious and comfortably remote. To her aging husband she is a treasure whose value increases as his powers fail. To Niel Herbert, who falls in love with her as a boy and becomes her confidant as a man, Mrs. Forrester is by turns steadfast and faithless, dazzling and pathetic. Mrs. Forrester is a woman whose charm is intertwined with a terrifying vulnerability, and whose inevitable decline with age is symbolic of the West itself and its fall from the idealized age of noble pioneers to the age of capitalist exploitation, and A Lost Lady is the portrait of a frontier woman who reflects the conventions of her age even as she defies them.

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Cane Audiobook


Author: Jean Toomer Narrator: Bahni Turpin, Lisa Reneé Pitts, Mirron Willis Release Date: June 2019

The Harlem Renaissance writer's innovative and groundbreaking novel depicting African American life in the South and North Jean Toomer's Cane is one of the most significant works to come out of the Harlem Renaissance, and is considered to be a masterpiece in American modernist literature because of its distinct structure and style. First published in 1923 and told through a series of vignettes, Cane uses poetry, prose, and play-like dialogue to create a window into the varied lives of African Americans living in the rural South and urban North during a time when Jim Crow laws pervaded and racism reigned. While critically acclaimed and known today as a pioneering text of the Harlem Renaissance, the book did not gain as much popularity as other works written during the period. Fellow Harlem Renaissance writer Langston Hughes believed Cane's lack of a wider readership was because it didn't reinforce the stereotypes often associated with African Americans during the time, but portrayed them in an accurate and entirely human way, breaking the mold and laying the groundwork for how African Americans are depicted in literature.

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A Madman's Diary, and Other Stories Audiobook

A Madman's Diary, and Other Stories

Author: Lu Xun Narrator: Paul Michael Garcia Release Date: June 2019

This is A Madman's Diary, and Other Stories by Lu Xun, a renowned writer of modern Chinese literature. Lu Xun was a novelist, editor, translator, literary critic, essayist, and poet who wrote both in Vernacular Chinese and Classical Chinese. He became the titular head of the League of Left-Wing Writers in Shanghai in the 1930s.

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Misericordia Audiobook


Author: Benito Pérez Galdós Narrator: Israel Elejalde Release Date: June 2019

Los mejores libros jamás escritos. Edición de Gregorio Torres Nebrera, catedrático de Literatura Española en la Universidad de Extremadura. Galdós siempre vivió entregado a la tarea de escribir. Uno entre los muchos hitos de su dilatada trayectoria es Misericordia, que, por la precisión de sus descripciones y el nítido trasfondo psicológico de sus personajes, se erige en una muestra señera del naturalismo español. La historia de Benigna, la fiel sirvienta que mendiga para mantener a su señora sin que ésta lo sepa, permite a Galdós reflexionar sobre la religiosidad hipócrita y rutinaria de la burguesía en contraposición a la generosidad y la altura moral de una persona humilde. Esta edición incluye una introducción que contextualiza la obra, un aparato de notas, una cronología y una bibliografía esencial, así como también varias propuestas de discusión y debate en torno a la lectura. Estuvo a su cuidado Gregorio Torres Nebrera, catedrático de literatura española de la Universidad de Extremadura. «Ya ni los santos del cielo son como es debido.»

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El Corazón de las tinieblas Audiobook

El Corazón de las tinieblas

Author: Joseph Conrad Narrator: Staff Audiolibros Colección Release Date: June 2019

Marlow, agente comercial británico, se ve obligado a remontar el río Congo en busca de su compañero Kurtz, el jefe de una explotación de marfil que al parecer ha cruzado la línea que separa el bien del mal y se ha entregado con placer a las más terribles atrocidades. A medida que el barco avance por territorios cada vez más inhóspitos, Marlow se irá construyendo una imagen mitificada de Kurtz. En realidad, encontrará un mundo apocalíptico y tenebroso, gobernado por un cínico que simboliza la degradación moral y las contradicciones de un hombre ante la fuerza indómita de la naturaleza. La obra de Joseph Conrad se ha convertido en una de las novelas más estremecedoras de todos los tiempos, además de una de las obras maestras del siglo XIX.

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Lazarillo de Tormes Audiobook

Lazarillo de Tormes

Author: Anónimo Narrator: Pere Arquillué Release Date: June 2019

Los mejores libros de todos los tiempos disponibles para escuchar El Lazarillo de Tormes inauguró el género de la novela picaresca. Relata las desventuras que un joven de origen humilde sufre al servicio de sus amos, entre los que se cuentan un ciego, un clérigo y un hidalgo pobre. Los avatares por los que pasa Lázaro son un magnífico pretexto para plasmar una ácida crítica a la sociedad de la época. Asimismo, el tratamiento de la anécdota, el lenguaje sobrio y eficaz, y una nueva concepción en el uso de los personajes propiciaron una renovación en la literatura del momento. Este audiolibro incluye una introducción narrada que contextualiza la obra, un aparato de notas y una cronología. La edición está al cuidado de Florencio Sevilla, catedrático de literatura española de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. «Yo le satisfice de mi persona lo mejor que mentir supe, diciendo mis bienes y callando lo demás.»

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La Rabouilleuse, or The Black Sheep (Also, known as The Two Brothers) Audiobook

La Rabouilleuse, or The Black Sheep (Also, known as The Two Brothers)

Author: Honoré De Balzac Narrator: Bill Homewood Release Date: June 2019

Brothers Philippe and Joseph Bridau are completely unlike each other: Philippe, a once courageous soldier and Napoleon's former aide-de-camp, is their mother's favourite, while Joseph, a poor and aspiring artist, is the less favoured of the two. When their mother, Agathe, is reduced to poverty and Philippe amounts gambling debts following unemployment, the family joins together to focus their attentions on Agathe's brother, Jean-Jacques Rouget, the heir of the family fortune. The struggle for his inheritance pits them against Flore Brazier, 'La Rabouilleuse', Jean-Jacques's maid and the apple of his eye, and her lover Maxence Gilet, a crafty rake who manipulates her for his own financial gain. Philippe's greed and selfishness emerge in the aftermath, to the devastation of Agathe, but later prove to be his undoing. Also known as The Black Sheep and The Two Brothers, La Rabouilleuse is one of the Scènes de la vie de province in Balzac's La Comédie humaine.

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The Virginian, A Horseman of the Plains Audiobook

The Virginian, A Horseman of the Plains

Author: Owen Wister Narrator: Robert G. Slade Release Date: June 2019

In this romantic and raw adventure set in the untamed wilderness of Wyoming of 1886, an anonymous college graduate ventures out West where he encounters gun fights, lynching, cattle rustlers, high-stake poker games, Indian attacks, and a brave, honest and imposing cowboy known simply as the Virginian. Presented as the archetypal, ideal hero of the 'western' genre (which was novelised for the very first time in this same book), the Virginian, a foreman at Shiloh Ranch, carries a strong sense of justice that wins him the heart of independent young schoolteacher Molly Stark, and finds his sworn enemy Trampas at the end of a gun. The novel developed many of the central tropes and themes of the western, including morality, faith and honour, and presents its formidable, unforgiving landscape in stunning detail.

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A Time to Love and a Time to Die Audiobook

A Time to Love and a Time to Die

Author: Erich Maria Remarque Narrator: Macleod Andrews Release Date: June 2019

From the quintessential author of wartime Germany, A Time to Love and a Time to Die echoes the harrowing insights of his masterpiece All Quiet on the Western Front. After two years at the Russian front, Ernst Graeber finally receives three weeks' leave. But since leaves have been canceled before, he decides not to write his parents, fearing he would just raise their hopes. Then, when Graeber arrives home, he finds his house bombed to ruin and his parents nowhere in sight. Nobody knows if they are dead or alive. As his leave draws to a close, Graeber reaches out to Elisabeth, a childhood friend. Like him, she is imprisoned in a world she did not create. But in a time of war, love seems a world away. And sometimes, temporary comfort can lead to something unexpected and redeeming.

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