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Audiobooks Narrated by Kirsten Potter

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LoveReading Top 10

  1. The Therapist Audiobook The Therapist
  2. The Dream Weavers Audiobook The Dream Weavers
  3. Working Hard, Hardly Working: How to achieve more, stress less and feel fulfilled Audiobook Working Hard, Hardly Working: How to achieve more, stress less and feel fulfilled
  4. The Summer Job: The most feel-good romcom of 2021 soon to be a TV series Audiobook The Summer Job: The most feel-good romcom of 2021 soon to be a TV series
  5. Dreamland Audiobook Dreamland
  6. The Wolf Den Audiobook The Wolf Den
  7. Transcendent Kingdom Audiobook Transcendent Kingdom
  8. The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse Audiobook The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse
  9. One Two Three Four: The Beatles in Time Audiobook One Two Three Four: The Beatles in Time
  10. Outlander 'International Edition' Audiobook Outlander 'International Edition'
Covenant Child Audiobook

Covenant Child

Author: Terri Blackstock Narrator: Kirsten Potter Release Date: April 2021

Amanda is heartbroken as she watches them drive her beloved twins away. She's resolved to hope and fight for them until her last breath. Kara and Lizzie are heiresses to one of the largest fortunes in the country. But when their father dies suddenly, the toddlers are taken from the arms of their loving stepmother, Amanda, and given to relatives who only want the children's fortune for themselves. Kara and Lizzie grow up questioning their worth-until the day they learn the truth. Intensely engaging, emotionally charged, and infused with hope, Covenant Child is an inspiring story that challenges readers to embrace the life God holds out to us. Praise for Terri Blackstock: "Full of secrets, lies and with a visceral impact that grabs from the first sentence, Smoke Screen is Terri Blackstock at her finest. Well-drawn characters and a plot that unspools seamlessly make it unputdownable. Highly recommended!" -Colleen Coble, USA TODAY bestselling author, regarding Smoke Screen "Wow . . . just . . . wow. Terri Blackstock has been one of my favorite authors for a very long time. I just finished Smoke Screen in one sitting simply because I couldn't put it down. Just a word of warning if you decide to pick up this book-don't plan to do anything else until you finish it." -Lynette Eason, bestselling author, regarding Smoke Screen "Terri Blackstock once again proves she's the queen of suspense with this masterfully penned novel. The story grips you on page one and doesn't let go until you've ripped through every page." -Carrie Stuart Parks, bestselling author, regarding Smoke Screen "Justice may be blind but that doesn't keep it from facing mortal danger. In Aftermath, expert storyteller Terri Blackstock ratchets up the suspense in a novel that delivers on every level. Conflicts rage and loyalties are tested to the ultimate limit. Set aside plenty of time when you pick up this book-you'll not to want to take a break." -Robert Whitlow, bestselling author, regarding Aftermath - Stand-alone suspense novel - Book length: 72,000 words - Includes discussion questions for book clubs - Also by Terri Blackstock: Aftermath, If I Run, If I'm Found, If I Live, Smoke Screen, Cape Refuge, and Truth-Stained Lies

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Power to the Public: The Promise of Public Interest Technology Audiobook

Power to the Public: The Promise of Public Interest Technology

Author: Hana Schank, Tara Dawson Mcguinness Narrator: Kirsten Potter Release Date: April 2021

As the speed and complexity of the world increases, governments and nonprofit organizations need new ways to effectively tackle the critical challenges of our time-from pandemics and global warming to social media warfare. In Power to the Public, Tara Dawson McGuinness and Hana Schank describe a revolutionary new approach-public interest technology-that has the potential to transform the way governments and nonprofits around the world solve problems. Through inspiring stories about successful projects ranging from a texting service for teenagers in crisis to a streamlined foster care system, the authors show how public interest technology can make the delivery of services to the public more effective and efficient. At its heart, public interest technology means putting users at the center of the policymaking process, using data and metrics in a smart way, and running small experiments and pilot programs before scaling up. And while this approach may well involve the innovative use of digital technology, technology alone is no panacea-and some of the best solutions may even be decidedly low-tech. Clear-eyed yet profoundly optimistic, Power to the Public presents a powerful blueprint for how government and nonprofits can help solve society's most serious problems.

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The Girl Explorers: The Untold Story of the Globetrotting Women Who Trekked, Flew, and Fought Their  Audiobook

The Girl Explorers: The Untold Story of the Globetrotting Women Who Trekked, Flew, and Fought Their

Author: Jayne Zanglein Narrator: Kirsten Potter Release Date: March 2021

Never tell a woman where she doesn't belong. In 1932, Roy Chapman Andrews, president of the men-only Explorers Club, boldly stated to hundreds of female students at Barnard College that 'women are not adapted to exploration,' and that women and exploration do not mix. He obviously didn't know a thing about either . . . The Girl Explorers is the inspirational and untold story of the founding of the Society of Women Geographers-an organization of adventurous female world explorers-and how key members served as early advocates for human rights and paved the way for today's women scientists by scaling mountains, exploring the high seas, flying across the Atlantic, and recording the world through film, sculpture, and literature. Follow in the footsteps of these rebellious women as they travel the globe in search of new species, widen the understanding of hidden cultures, and break records in spades. For these women dared to go where no woman-or man-had gone before, achieving the unthinkable and breaking through barriers to allow future generations to carry on their important and inspiring work.

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Call Me Elizabeth Lark Audiobook

Call Me Elizabeth Lark

Author: Melissa Colasanti Narrator: Kirsten Potter, Kristin Condon, Laura Jennings Release Date: March 2021

Twenty years ago off the Oregon coast, Myra Barkley's daughter disappeared from the rocky beach across from the family inn. Ever since, Myra has waited at the front desk for her child to come home. One rainy afternoon, the miracle happens-her missing daughter, now twenty-eight years old with a child of her own, walks in the door.Elizabeth Lark is on the run with her son. She's just killed her abusive husband and needs a place to hide. Against her better judgment, she heads to her hometown and stops at the Barkley Inn. When the innkeeper insists that Elizabeth is her long lost daughter, the opportunity for a new life and, more importantly, the safety of her child, is too much for Elizabeth to pass up. But she knows that she isn't the Barkleys' daughter, and the more deeply intertwined she becomes with the family, the harder it becomes to confess the truth. And as the news spreads that the Barkley girl has returned, Elizabeth suddenly comes into the limelight in a dangerous way, attracting the culprit behind that disappearance back to finish the job.

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Is Everyone Really Equal?: An Introduction to Key Concepts in Social Justice Education Audiobook

Is Everyone Really Equal?: An Introduction to Key Concepts in Social Justice Education

Author: Robin Diangelo, özlem Sensoy Narrator: Kirsten Potter Release Date: March 2021

Based on the authors' extensive experience in a range of settings in the United States and Canada, the book addresses the most common stumbling blocks to understanding social justice. This comprehensive resource includes new features such as a chapter on intersectionality and classism; discussion of contemporary activism (Black Lives Matter, Occupy, and Idle No More); material on White Settler societies and colonialism; pedagogical supports related to 'common social patterns' and 'vocabulary to practice using'; and extensive updates throughout. Accessible to students from high school through graduate school, Is Everyone Really Equal? is a detailed and engaging textbook and professional development resource presenting the key concepts in social justice education. The text includes many user-friendly features, examples, and vignettes to not just define but illustrate the concepts.

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The Resilient Leader: Life Changing Strategies to Overcome Today's Turmoil and Tomorrow's Uncertaint Audiobook

The Resilient Leader: Life Changing Strategies to Overcome Today's Turmoil and Tomorrow's Uncertaint

Author: Christine Perakis Narrator: Kirsten Potter Release Date: February 2021

Life may not be smooth sailing, but with strategies to build strength, you can weather any storm Everyone has encountered their own version of a Category 5 storm -- whether it's launching a new business, drowning in debt, enduring an emotional crisis, or actual flooding in the streets. But events that would normally incapacitate don't need to give us pause. Christine Perakis has created seven resilience strategies that any leader can use to get through whatever your disruptive environment throws at you. You are not meant to live at the whims of others or a negative market. It's time to take control.

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One Snowy Night Audiobook

One Snowy Night

Author: Patience Griffin Narrator: Kirsten Potter Release Date: February 2021

A woman struggling to raise her daughter alone in a small Alaskan town finds her simple existence upended when the father of her child returns. . . .   Sweet Home, Alaska, was once a thriving, idyllic town, where A Stone's Throw Hardware and Haberdashery and the Sisterhood of the Quilt were the cornerstones of the community. Then, in one fatal moment, two young lives were cut short, and everything changed. Now the Stone family businesses have closed, the diner is in the red, and the population has dwindled to 573.   After the tragic accident that took her sister's life, Hope McKnight discovered she was pregnant, and gave up her dreams of college to raise her daughter. When Donovan Stone returns to sell his family's properties and to cut final ties with Sweet Home, he's shocked to find Hope still there--and a single mother. The pull between Hope and Donovan is as powerful as ever. But so are the secrets and lies stemming from that long-ago tragedy. Will they be able to overcome the past, or will the heartbreak of bygone days destroy their love again?

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Stop Walking on Eggshells: Taking Your Life Back When Someone You Care About Has Borderline Personal Audiobook

Stop Walking on Eggshells: Taking Your Life Back When Someone You Care About Has Borderline Personal

Author: Paul T. Mason Ms, Randi Kreger Narrator: Kirsten Potter Release Date: January 2021

Do you feel manipulated, controlled, or lied to? Are you the focus of intense, violent, and irrational rages? Do you feel you are 'walking on eggshells' to avoid the next confrontation? If the answer is 'yes,' someone you care about may have borderline personality disorder (BPD)-a mood disorder that causes negative self-image, emotional instability, and difficulty with interpersonal relationships. Stop Walking on Eggshells has already helped more than a million people with friends and family members suffering from BPD understand this difficult disorder, set boundaries, and help their loved ones stop relying on dangerous BPD behaviors. This fully revised third edition has been updated with the very latest BPD research on comorbidity, extensive new information about narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), the effectiveness of schema therapy, and coping and communication skills you can use to stabilize your relationship with the BPD or NPD sufferer in your life. This compassionate guide will enable you to: - Make sense out of the chaos - Stand up for yourself and assert your needs - Defuse arguments and conflicts - Protect yourself and others from violent behavior

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The Segonian Audiobook

The Segonian

Author: Dianne Duvall Narrator: Kirsten Potter Release Date: January 2021

Eliana is hurtling through space on board a Lasaran battleship and getting to know not one but two alien races. It's the most exciting adventure of her long life . . . until the ship is unexpectedly attacked. Amid the chaos, she valiantly helps everyone she can before an explosion renders her unconscious. When Eliana awakens, she finds herself alone, floating in space, clad only in a spacesuit, with no ship in sight. Commander Dagon and the crew of the Segonian battleship Ranasura respond to a distress call from their Lasaran allies and join a massive Alliance-wide search-and-rescue mission. He quickly achieves communication with a lone Earthling female and races toward her. Every time they speak, he becomes more desperate to reach her before her oxygen supply runs out. Her strength, bravery, and humor entice him, even more so when she defies all odds and they meet in person. As he and Eliana embark upon a quest to find her missing friends, a bond swiftly grows between them. But they are not the only ones searching for Earthling survivors. When Eliana herself becomes the hunted and their enemies begin to close in, can the two of them fight their way to victory? Contains mature themes.

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Kilt in Scotland Audiobook

Kilt in Scotland

Author: Patience Griffin Narrator: Kirsten Potter Release Date: January 2021

The Kilts & Quilts saga continues with more than stitching and a love match. This time it's mystery and murder . . . In Scotland, the Gandiegow quilters are in an uproar when their favorite fictional quilters-the Buttermilk Guild-are killed off by a bestselling mystery author. Diana McKellen is called in by the publisher to fix this PR nightmare. It's said, there's no such thing as bad publicity, but Diana questions this long-standing notion when an editor is murdered at a book signing. Detective Chief Inspector Rory Crannach has been called in to investigate. He has to interview all the suspects closely . . . including Diana McKellen. He finds it perplexing that he's drawn to her, especially since Diana wants nothing to do with him. She has vowed to never make the same mistake her mother made . . . falling for a man of the law. Despite Diana's resolve, sparks fly between her and DCI Crannach. As the body count rises, they are both on the case to find the killer. But the path to the truth takes twists and turns, putting them both in mortal danger. To save the day, Rory and Diana must accept that love-in all its many shapes and forms-just might hold the answer.

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The Energy Clock: 3 Simple Steps to Create a Life Full of ENERGY - and Live Your Best Every Day Audiobook

The Energy Clock: 3 Simple Steps to Create a Life Full of ENERGY - and Live Your Best Every Day

Author: Molly Fletcher Narrator: Kirsten Potter Release Date: January 2021

A creative solution to productivity that will empower every reader How can we cut the clutter and busy work from our agenda and only experience our best and most important moments? Molly Fletcher has the answer! Premier sports agent turned speaker and CEO, Molly has seen how the elite performers of our time focus their energy to create results. In The Energy Clock, she shares the practical tools you and your team need to prioritize your time and achieve a mindset that can withstand pressure. Using this game-changing book as a tool and metaphor to create true balance, readers can finally achieve focus, flow, and ultimate freedom. *This audiobook includes a PDF of diagrams, tables, and the energy clock exercise from the book.

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Blame It On Scotland Audiobook

Blame It On Scotland

Author: Patience Griffin Narrator: Kirsten Potter Release Date: November 2020

From the author of It Happened in Scotland-a charming new romance set in the magical Scottish Highlands. The quilters of Gandiegow expand more than their quilting enterprise into the village of Whussendale. They bring along a heavy dose of good-hearted meddling, too. What's the outcome? Love will never be the same . . . When Tuck MacBride, Gandiegow's favorite scapegoat, is blamed for a fisherman's tragic accident, Tuck takes on extra work to secretly funnel his earnings to the maimed fisherman's family. Haunted by the mistaken turn of events, Tuck is working night and day. Even so he can't stop thinking about the new lass who has just arrived in town. Ryn Breckenridge has no one left in the world. To fulfill her mother's last request, Ryn travels to Scotland to return a quilt to her long lost cousin. But there is more than quilting on Ryn's mind. The irresistible Tuck MacBride is proving to be a dangerous distraction. She vows to stay away, but can't help taking a closer look when she realizes there is more to Tuck than meets the eye. Both of their pasts contain shattered promises, but Scotland is known to bring reluctant hearts together. Will the two of them be willing to cross the deep chasm between them and find love? If they do, they will only have Scotland to blame . . .

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