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  1. It Happened One Summer: A Novel Audiobook It Happened One Summer: A Novel
  2. The Viscount Who Loved Me Audiobook The Viscount Who Loved Me
  3. Manifest: The Sunday Times bestseller that will change your life Audiobook Manifest: The Sunday Times bestseller that will change your life
  4. The Dark Queens: The Bloody Rivalry that Forged the Medieval World Audiobook The Dark Queens: The Bloody Rivalry that Forged the Medieval World
  5. The Dictionary of Lost Words Audiobook The Dictionary of Lost Words
  6. The Match: From the #1 bestselling creator of the hit Netflix series Stay Close Audiobook The Match: From the #1 bestselling creator of the hit Netflix series Stay Close
  7. Arsenic and Adobo Audiobook Arsenic and Adobo
  8. The Cabinet Audiobook The Cabinet
  9. The Night Circus Audiobook The Night Circus
  10. Open Mind Audiobook Open Mind
The Perfect Ending Audiobook

The Perfect Ending

Author: Rob Kaufman Narrator: Peter Berkrot Release Date: April 2022

WHAT DOES A BEST-SELLING THRILLER AUTHOR DO WHEN HE RUNS OUT OF IDEAS? JUST ABOUT ANYTHING . . . Paralyzed by writer's block, Scott Atwood (the award-winning, psychological thriller author) realizes his career is over. He decides to end his life in a way that will thrill fans with his typical mind-blowing finale. But just as Scott resolves to jump in front of a train, he comes up with a plot for his next bestseller-a thriller-suspense writer who wreaks havoc in other people's lives to help create new ideas. He starts by exposing his neighbor's affair with devastating and lethal repercussions. His plan quickly spirals wildly out of control as the lines between fiction and reality get hazy and deadly. This twisted and masterful Hitchcockian thriller will shock you with the perfect ending. The question is . . . to what?

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An Unwitting Prince: A LitRPG Adventure Audiobook

An Unwitting Prince: A LitRPG Adventure

Author: Sean Oswald Narrator: Peter Berkrot Release Date: March 2022

Coming of age is hard enough when you don't have to face monsters ...When your family ends up stranded in a magical world, you don't have much choice. Jackson's class as an Ironwood Monk puts him right in the front line. He gets stronger the more he gets hit and can pass that on to the rest of the team. That is if he can get his mom to actually let him fight. No one, least of all Jackson, fully understands the importance he holds for his family's future or that of all Talos. He will have to navigate challenges both in dungeons and the halls of power if he is to find A New Home. The next LitRPG series from Amazon Bestselling author of Life in Exile, Sean Oswald is here. It's perfect for fans of Dakota Krout, Luke Chmilenko, and Troy Osgood.

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Collectibles Audiobook


Author: Lawrence Block Narrator: Peter Berkrot, Teri Schnaubelt Release Date: February 2022

A COLLECTION . . . OF COLLECTIONS What leads one person to collect stamps and another coins, one fine art and another butterflies? Who can say? But one thing is certain: those who've got the collecting bug care passionately-sometimes violently-about the objects of their obsession. No one covets like a collector; and as you will find in the pages of this brand new anthology from MWA Grand Master Lawrence Block, a truly dedicated collector will ignore the other nine commandments, too, in his quest for his personal Holy Grail. From Joyce Carol Oates's tale of the ultimate Marilyn Monroe collectible to Dennis Lehane's bookseller with a penchant for other people's tragic correspondence, from Lee Goldberg's Hollywood hustler with a collection of unaired TV shows to Joe R. Lansdale's stylish foray into noir, culminating in Lawrence Block's own classic story of a killer with a unique approach to choosing his victims, Collectibles illustrates the range of the collecting impulse and the lengths people will go to in their hunger to possess the perfect piece.

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Hunting Buffalo with Bent Nails Audiobook

Hunting Buffalo with Bent Nails

Author: Lawrence Block Narrator: Peter Berkrot Release Date: February 2022

While he is probably best known as a novelist and short-story writer, Lawrence Block has produced a rich trove of nonfiction over the course of a sixty-year career. Over the years, Block has written extensively for magazines and periodicals. Generally Speaking collects his philatelic columns from Linn's Stamp News, while his extensive observations of crime fiction, along with personal glimpses of some of its foremost practitioners, have won wide acclaim in book form as The Crime of Our Lives. Hunting Buffalo With Bent Nails is what he's got left over. The title piece, originally published in American Heritage, recounts the ongoing adventure Block and his wife undertook, crisscrossing the United States and parts of Canada in their quixotic and exotic quest to find every 'village, hamlet, and wide place in the road named Buffalo.' Other travel tales share space with a remembrance of his mother, odes to New York, a disquisition on pen names and book tours, and, well, no end of bent nails not worth straightening. Where else will you find 'Raymond Chandler and the Brasher Doubloon,' an assessment of that compelling writer from a numismatic standpoint? Where else can you hear about Block's collection of old subway cars? Highly recommended.

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The Dreaming Jewels Audiobook

The Dreaming Jewels

Author: Theodore Sturgeon Narrator: Peter Berkrot Release Date: February 2022

A desperate boy escapes his abusive home by joining a carnival and is drawn into a dark conspiracy in this tale by 'a master storyteller' (Kurt Vonnegut). Though only eight years old, little Horton 'Horty' Bluett has known a lifetime of sadness. Tormented and abused by his adoptive family, he's had enough-and with a beloved broken toy he calls 'Junky' as his sole companion, the desperate little boy runs away to join a carnival. There, among the fortune tellers, fire-eaters, sideshow freaks, and assorted 'strange people,' Horty hopes to find acceptance and, at long last, a real home. But disgraced doctor Pierre 'Maneater' Monetre's traveling show is no ordinary entertainment, and its performers are not what they appear to be. The Maneater has sinister plans for the world that go far beyond fleecing unsuspecting rubes and other easy marks-a dark and terrible scheme that requires unleashing the extraterrestrial power of the dreaming jewels, and the unwitting assistance of a young boy who may be far more remarkable than he's ever imagined. The full-length debut by Theodore Sturgeon, a legendary writer who won Nebula and Hugo Awards and authored such classics as More Than Human, this journey into a circus of shadows is 'an intensely written and very moving novel of love and retribution' (The Washington Star).

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Drakon Prince: A LitRPG/GameLit Adventure Audiobook

Drakon Prince: A LitRPG/GameLit Adventure

Author: Jamie Mcfarlane Narrator: Peter Berkrot Release Date: January 2022

Accepting his dragon-shifting birthright will place a mark on Theo's head. Can he level fast enough to survive? Separated as a child from his family, Theo has always had a feeling that he's made for something bigger than the suburban life he seems to be headed for. When a bully threatens his best friend, he can't help but step in the way. The problem is that Theo's just not much of a fighter. Bruised and broken, Theo wakes up to a massive headache and what appears to be floating game text inviting him to become a dragon. While ludicrous, no matter how often he rejects the prompt, it simply returns. Knowing that his life can't get any worse, he finally accepts ... And that's when he's finally exposed to the real world, filled with goblins, orcs, and dragons. Having started at such a late point in life, Theo's at a huge disadvantage starting at Level 1 and in extreme danger. As he soon learns from his squire, a woman who's followed him in the shadows since birth, dragons are both jealous and territorial. The only way for Theo to survive is to embark on an epic quest to level up and to claim his rightful draconic heritage. Drakon Prince is an exciting new LitRPG/GameLit novel from bestseller Jamie McFarlane, complete with goblins, dragons, elves, and orcs. The world includes game elements such as skill progression, user and weapon attributes, fortress building, soul shard currency, and much, much more for lovers of all things progression fantasy!

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Killing John Wayne: The Making of the Conqueror Audiobook

Killing John Wayne: The Making of the Conqueror

Author: Ryan Uytdewilligen Narrator: Peter Berkrot Release Date: September 2021

Behold the history of a film so scandalous, so outrageous, so explosive it disappeared from print for over a quarter century! A film so dangerous half its cast and crew met their demise bringing it, eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes's final cinematic vision, to life! Starring all-American legend John Wayne in full Fu Manchu make-up as Mongol madman Genghis Khan and sultry seductress Susan Hayward as his lover, The Conqueror is possibly the worst movie ever made. Filmed during the dark underbelly of the 1950s-the Cold War-when nuclear testing in desolate southwestern landscapes was a must for survival, the very same landscapes were where exotic stories set in faraway lands could be made. Just 153 miles from the St. George, Utah, set, nuclear bombs were detonated regularly at Yucca Flat and Frenchman Flat in Nevada, providing a bizarre and possibly deadly background to an already surreal moment in cinema history. This book tells the full story of the making of The Conqueror, its ignominious aftermath, and the radiation-induced cancer that may have killed John Wayne and many others.

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A Blind Eye Audiobook

A Blind Eye

Author: George Fong Narrator: Peter Berkrot Release Date: September 2021

Sometimes the best person to talk to isn't the one that's living. It has been over a year since his wife had passed. FBI Special Agent Jack Paris lived a complex life with one foot in the world of violence and another in a place of normalcy. Now she's gone and Paris seeks a way to continue his connection with her, even without her physical presence. It's a fierce winter in Yosemite and it's not uncommon people end up dead. Hikers fall, cars take a wrong turn. But this was no accident. The body of a young girl is found in a small patch of frozen grass. Cut and filthy, it's obvious she was left for law enforcement to find. A small note left under her tells it all: Catch Me. Paris fights his own demons in his relentless drive to uncover the secrets within this tight-lipped community. He needs to focus his resources on stopping a killer and at the same time, find the missing tourists. But time is the critical variable. Whether by accident or malicious intent, Agent Paris knows, if the winter cold doesn't kill them, humans will.

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The Insecure Mind of Sergei Kraev Audiobook

The Insecure Mind of Sergei Kraev

Author: Eric Silberstein Narrator: Peter Berkrot Release Date: August 2021

Math is perfect; people are not. The year is 2100 and the chaos of the early Internet era is long behind us. Mathematical proof ensures that neural implants can’t be hacked, and the Board of Reality Overseers blocks false information from spreading. When undergraduate Sergei Kraev, who dreams of becoming a professor, is accepted into a prestigious graduate program in computer science, he is thrilled, and throws himself into his assigned research project—one important enough that if he succeeds, he’ll earn the academic appointment of his choice. But Sergei, plagued by insecurity, falls under the influence of Sunny Kim, the beautiful and charismatic leader of a K-pop cult. Sergei then makes a decision that leads him into a terrifying trap and places the lives of billions at risk. With the clock ticking towards catastrophe, can Sergei escape and save the world? Weaving together compelling characters and exotic locales, The Insecure Mind of Sergei Kraev is a classic tale of love, ambition, and self-interest building to a shattering finish. From author Drew Hansen: “An absolutely riveting read—a can’t-put-down look at a world very much like our own, but with all our trends fast-forwarded.” From author and astronomer Bryan Gaensler: “I’ve read thousands of sci-fi stories, and the thing that stands out for me here is the deserves to be read and enjoyed widely!” From author and technologist Cindy Alvarez: “A history told from multiple voices, an evocative projection of the world we may invent to protect us—and the ways in which humans being human can game any system—this is a fantastic read that I couldn't put down.” About the author: Eric Silberstein holds a degree in computer science from Harvard and is a winner of the MIT TR35 prize. About the narrator: Peter Berkrot is a recipient of the Audiofile Earphone Award and Voice Arts Award for Best Voice. The Insecure Mind of Sergei Kraev is his 500th audiobook.

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A Writer Prepares Audiobook

A Writer Prepares

Author: Lawrence Block Narrator: Peter Berkrot Release Date: June 2021

Sometime in 1953, I knew with unusual certainty what I intended to do with my life. I would become a writer. By the time I was twenty-five, I had published over fifty books. Most of these bore pen names, and for a time I resisted acknowledging my early pseudonymous work. Then, in one astonishing and feverish week in 1994, I recalled those early years in fifty thousand words of memoir. A publisher contracted to bring out my memoir once I'd completed it. Instead I put it on a shelf and never looked at it again. Early in 2020, I had a fresh look at A Writer Prepares. By the time I was ready to stop, I'd written about my life as a writer well into 1966, when I'd completed The Thief Who Couldn't Sleep. A Writer Prepares, an examination of the first quarter century of one writer's life, is arguably the work of two writers. There's the middle-aged fellow who wrote about half of it at a blistering pace in 1994, and there's the octogenarian who finished the job another quarter century later. The older fellow brought less raw energy to the task, and his memory is a long way from infallible, but one can only hope he's offset these losses with a slight edge in judgment, in perspective, in maturity.

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The Coldness of Night Audiobook

The Coldness of Night

Author: George Fong Narrator: Peter Berkrot Release Date: May 2021

Promises are made to be kept, no matter how long-or what-it takes. Five years ago, Robert Clarion was immersed in that perilous world of double-crosses, late-night drug deals, and constant glances over his shoulder. A dispute with a drug supplier culminated in the kidnapping of Clarion's daughter Rachel. He made a promise to his wife that, if they got their daughter back, he would get out of the drug business and never let anyone stand in the way of his family's safety again. With the help of FBI Agent Jack Paris, Clarion's daughter was rescued, but the person who carried out the kidnapping was never identified or captured. Paris promised that, if anyone came back looking for Rachel, he would keep her safe. Now, after all these years, the nightmare of the past has returned . . .

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Goodbye, Guns N' Roses: The Crime, Beauty, and Amplified Chaos of America's Most Polarizing Band Audiobook

Goodbye, Guns N' Roses: The Crime, Beauty, and Amplified Chaos of America's Most Polarizing Band

Author: Art Tavana Narrator: Peter Berkrot Release Date: April 2021

A valentine and a breakup letter to one of rock's most controversial bands. Goodbye, Guns N' Roses is a genre-rattling attempt to explain the appeal of America's most divisive rock band. While it includes uncharted history and the self-lacerating connoisseurship of a Guns N' Roses fetishist, it is not a recycled chronicle-this book is a deconstruction of myth, one that blends high and low art sketches to examine how Guns N' Roses impacted popular culture. Unlike those who have penned other treatments of what might be considered a cliched subject, Art Tavana is not writing as a GNR patriot or former employee. His book aims to provide an untethered exploration that machetes through the jungle of propaganda camouflaging GNR's explosive appeal. After circling the band's three-decade plundering of American culture, Goodbye, Guns N' Roses uncovers a postmodern portrait that persuades its viewer to think differently about their symbolic importance. This is not a rock bio, but a biography of taste that treats a former 'hair metal' band like a decomposing masterpiece. This is the first Guns N' Roses book written for everyone; from the Sunset Strip to a hyper-digital generation's connection to 'Woke Axl,' it is a pop investigation that dodges no bullets.

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