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  1. The Silence of Scheherazade Audiobook The Silence of Scheherazade
  2. Think Big: Take Small Steps and Build the Future You Want Audiobook Think Big: Take Small Steps and Build the Future You Want
  3. Appetite: A Memoir in Recipes of Family and Food Audiobook Appetite: A Memoir in Recipes of Family and Food
  4. A Line to Kill: from the global bestselling author of Moonflower Murders Audiobook A Line to Kill: from the global bestselling author of Moonflower Murders
  5. Such a Quiet Place Audiobook Such a Quiet Place
  6. 1979 Audiobook 1979
  7. The Reckoning: America's Trauma and Finding a Way to Heal Audiobook The Reckoning: America's Trauma and Finding a Way to Heal
  8. Land of Big Numbers Audiobook Land of Big Numbers
  9. Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose Audiobook Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose
  10. What We Find Audiobook What We Find
Killing John Wayne: The Making of the Conqueror Audiobook

Killing John Wayne: The Making of the Conqueror

Author: Ryan Uytdewilligen Narrator: Peter Berkrot Release Date: September 2021

Behold the history of a film so scandalous, so outrageous, so explosive it disappeared from print for over a quarter century! A film so dangerous half its cast and crew met their demise bringing it, eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes's final cinematic vision, to life! Starring all-American legend John Wayne in full Fu Manchu make-up as Mongol madman Genghis Khan and sultry seductress Susan Hayward as his lover, The Conqueror is possibly the worst movie ever made. Filmed during the dark underbelly of the 1950s-the Cold War-when nuclear testing in desolate southwestern landscapes was a must for survival, the very same landscapes were where exotic stories set in faraway lands could be made. Just 153 miles from the St. George, Utah, set, nuclear bombs were detonated regularly at Yucca Flat and Frenchman Flat in Nevada, providing a bizarre and possibly deadly background to an already surreal moment in cinema history. This book tells the full story of the making of The Conqueror, its ignominious aftermath, and the radiation-induced cancer that may have killed John Wayne and many others.

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A Writer Prepares Audiobook

A Writer Prepares

Author: Lawrence Block Narrator: Peter Berkrot Release Date: June 2021

Sometime in 1953, I knew with unusual certainty what I intended to do with my life. I would become a writer. By the time I was twenty-five, I had published over fifty books. Most of these bore pen names, and for a time I resisted acknowledging my early pseudonymous work. Then, in one astonishing and feverish week in 1994, I recalled those early years in fifty thousand words of memoir. A publisher contracted to bring out my memoir once I'd completed it. Instead I put it on a shelf and never looked at it again. Early in 2020, I had a fresh look at A Writer Prepares. By the time I was ready to stop, I'd written about my life as a writer well into 1966, when I'd completed The Thief Who Couldn't Sleep. A Writer Prepares, an examination of the first quarter century of one writer's life, is arguably the work of two writers. There's the middle-aged fellow who wrote about half of it at a blistering pace in 1994, and there's the octogenarian who finished the job another quarter century later. The older fellow brought less raw energy to the task, and his memory is a long way from infallible, but one can only hope he's offset these losses with a slight edge in judgment, in perspective, in maturity.

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The Coldness of Night Audiobook

The Coldness of Night

Author: George Fong Narrator: Peter Berkrot Release Date: May 2021

Promises are made to be kept, no matter how long-or what-it takes. Five years ago, Robert Clarion was immersed in that perilous world of double-crosses, late-night drug deals, and constant glances over his shoulder. A dispute with a drug supplier culminated in the kidnapping of Clarion's daughter Rachel. He made a promise to his wife that, if they got their daughter back, he would get out of the drug business and never let anyone stand in the way of his family's safety again. With the help of FBI Agent Jack Paris, Clarion's daughter was rescued, but the person who carried out the kidnapping was never identified or captured. Paris promised that, if anyone came back looking for Rachel, he would keep her safe. Now, after all these years, the nightmare of the past has returned . . .

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Goodbye, Guns N' Roses: The Crime, Beauty, and Amplified Chaos of America's Most Polarizing Band Audiobook

Goodbye, Guns N' Roses: The Crime, Beauty, and Amplified Chaos of America's Most Polarizing Band

Author: Art Tavana Narrator: Peter Berkrot Release Date: April 2021

A valentine and a breakup letter to one of rock's most controversial bands. Goodbye, Guns N' Roses is a genre-rattling attempt to explain the appeal of America's most divisive rock band. While it includes uncharted history and the self-lacerating connoisseurship of a Guns N' Roses fetishist, it is not a recycled chronicle-this book is a deconstruction of myth, one that blends high and low art sketches to examine how Guns N' Roses impacted popular culture. Unlike those who have penned other treatments of what might be considered a cliched subject, Art Tavana is not writing as a GNR patriot or former employee. His book aims to provide an untethered exploration that machetes through the jungle of propaganda camouflaging GNR's explosive appeal. After circling the band's three-decade plundering of American culture, Goodbye, Guns N' Roses uncovers a postmodern portrait that persuades its viewer to think differently about their symbolic importance. This is not a rock bio, but a biography of taste that treats a former 'hair metal' band like a decomposing masterpiece. This is the first Guns N' Roses book written for everyone; from the Sunset Strip to a hyper-digital generation's connection to 'Woke Axl,' it is a pop investigation that dodges no bullets.

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The Enigma of Ted Bundy: The Questions and Controversies Surrounding America's Most Infamous Serial  Audiobook

The Enigma of Ted Bundy: The Questions and Controversies Surrounding America's Most Infamous Serial

Author: Kevin M. Sullivan Narrator: Peter Berkrot Release Date: April 2021

If you want a view into the world that lies behind the Ted Bundy murders, this last work in a series of six books on Bundy is definitely for you. For within this audiobook you will find many questions still surrounding this fascinating and intricate case, as well as the answers that are only now being provided here. There's so much more to learn, and new information is still surfacing about Bundy, his victims, and his potential victims. As such, there is new testimony included from those who had a brush with the killer, and others who played their own roles in this multistate case. You will also hear from Bundy case detectives Jerry Thompson of Salt Lake City, Utah, and Don Patchen of Tallahassee, Florida, as they tell of their experiences with Bundy. So does Ron Holmes, the Louisville criminologist who worked with Ted Bundy towards the end of his life. Holmes not only gives accurate details about Ted Bundy but other serial killers as well. On top of this, it contains some very important official reports that have rarely been seen outside of the archives, and there will be commentary to guide listeners through it. This audiobook also makes available Bundy's final confession to Utah detective Dennis Couch, made only hours before the killer's death, where Bundy reveals some startling facts and sparks some additional questions as well. All in all, The Enigma of Ted Bundy is an enlightening journey into this most infamous case.

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Killing Women: The True Story of Serial Killer Don Miller's Reign of Terror Audiobook

Killing Women: The True Story of Serial Killer Don Miller's Reign of Terror

Author: Rod Sadler Narrator: Peter Berkrot Release Date: March 2021

Will a serial killer soon walk the streets again? Don Miller was quiet and reserved. As a former youth pastor, he seemed a devout Christian. No one would have ever suspected that the recent graduate of the Michigan State University School of Criminal Justice was a serial killer. However, when Miller was arrested for the attempted murder of two teenagers in 1978, police quickly realized he was probably responsible for the disappearances of four women. Offered a still-controversial plea bargain, he led police to the bodies of the missing women. Now, after forty years in prison, Miller has served his time and is due to be released into an unsuspecting population. In Killing Women, author Rod Sadler examines the crimes, the "justice" meted out, and the impending freedom of a man nationally renowned psychiatrist Dr. Frank Ochberg described as "a member of a small, deadly, dangerous population: murderers who stalk, capture, torture, and kill; murderers who derive sexual and narcissistic gratification from their predation; murderers who maintain a 'mask of sanity' appearing normal and harmless."

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City Boy: The Adventures of Herbie Bookbinder Audiobook

City Boy: The Adventures of Herbie Bookbinder

Author: Herman Wouk Narrator: Peter Berkrot Release Date: February 2021

An 'enormously entertaining' portrait of 'a Bronx Tom Sawyer' (San Francisco Chronicle), City Boy is a sharp and moving novel of boyhood from Pulitzer Prize winner Herman Wouk. A hilarious and often touching tale of an urban kid's adventures and misadventures on the street, in school, in the countryside, always in pursuit of Lucille, a heartless redhead personifying all the girls who torment and fascinate pubescent lads of eleven.

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The Slow Midnight on Cypress Avenue Audiobook

The Slow Midnight on Cypress Avenue

Author: Mike Figliola Narrator: Callie Beaulieu, Joana Garcia, Peter Berkrot Release Date: February 2021

So, who are these irregular regulars of Cypress Avenue? Set over the course of one Sunday, The Slow Midnight on Cypress Avenue is a collection of interconnected vignettes that takes the listener through the streets and across the sidewalks of Cypress Avenue-an unkempt afterthought, just a place that sits at the neighborhood border edge of Ridgewood Queens, New York. The three-part book-broken into Morning, Afternoon, and Night-introduces you to the irregular regulars of the human race. There is the soft and strange relationship between the eccentric Samuel Jean and a young girl of Puerto Rican descent named Desponda 'Dezzy' Rivera. There's 'Old' Goldie Samuels, a washed-up relic who spends her days spinning yarns and getting free drinks at the local liquor store. But the story is truly centered on Corporal Benjamin Zogby, a veteran who spends his days alone on his stoop watching the bus go by and wishing his love would return to him. It's his tragic fate that sends the avenue and the other inhabitants you'll meet-Earl the fisherman, Father John White, among others-into an unstoppable tailspin toward unexpected change and inner destruction.

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Limelight & Larceny: The Crew-Building Con Audiobook

Limelight & Larceny: The Crew-Building Con

These actors are going to steal more than the show. The Tandem Players love their community theater almost as much as they love the sweet old landlady who gave them a home to perform their plays in over the years. But when she passes away, and the will that was to leave the Broadtown Theater to the acting troupe disappears, they don’t even have time to mourn their loss. Her son comes in like a wrecking ball, brandishing a twenty-year-old will and an ultimatum: leave, or be buried under the rubble when he has the place demolished. The ragtag group of actors—a street magician, a former stuntwoman, an IT student, an FX specialist, a leading man, and their stage manager—will have to pool their talents and steal the will back. And they’ll have to act fast, because the next wrecking ball that swings in is going to be a real one.

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Fragmented Audiobook


Author: George Fong Narrator: Peter Berkrot Release Date: January 2021

George Fong presents Book 1 in the Jack Paris Thriller series.

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Bahama Burnout: A Novel Audiobook

Bahama Burnout: A Novel

Author: Don Bruns Narrator: Kevin Kenerly, Peter Berkrot Release Date: January 2021

For rock and roll writer Mick Sever, another story, another deadly island paradise is all in a day's work. This time, Mick heads to Nassau, Bahamas, home of the legendary Highland Studio. Known for pumping out hits that burn up the charts, Highland is where the magic happens-or rather, where the magic happened until a devastating fire destroyed the entire studio. No one knows how the fire started, who started it-or whose body was found among the charred ruins. Sent to get the inside story on the opening of the new Highland Studio, Mick finds this is hardly the Phoenix-rising-out-of-the-ashes story he expected. Some say the studio's haunted, some say it's cursed, but one thing is for sure: someone-or something-wants to stop the music. A smashed guitar and erased tracks send a subtle warning, but murder? That's an entirely different tune. If Mick doesn't act fast, Highland Studio, along with everything and everyone in its path, could go up in smoke. It's not always better to burn out than to fade away.

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The War on Science: Who's waging it, why it matters, what we can do about it. Audiobook

The War on Science: Who's waging it, why it matters, what we can do about it.

Author: Shawn Otto Narrator: Peter Berkrot Release Date: January 2021

Every so often an audio book comes along that changes the way you view the world. The War on Science: Who's Waging It, Why It Matters, What We Can Do About It by Shawn Otto is one of those rare audio books. If you care about attacks on climate science and the rise of authoritarianism, if you care about biased media coverage or shake-your-head political tomfoolery, this audio book is for you. "The Definitive Book on Science Denialism in America" "The war on science is real, and we ignore it at our peril" "Wherever the people are well informed," Thomas Jefferson wrote, "they can be trusted with their own government." But what happens when they are not? In every issue of modern society-from climate change to vaccinations, transportation to technology, health care to defense-we are in the midst of an unprecedented expansion of scientific progress and a simultaneous expansion of danger. At the very time we need them most, scientists and the idea of objective knowledge are being bombarded by a vast, well-funded, three-part war on science. The result is an unprecedented erosion of thought in Western democracies as voters, policymakers, and justices actively ignore the evidence from science, leaving major policy decisions to be based on the demands of the most strident voices. Shawn Otto's provocative audio book investigates the historical, social, philosophical, political, and emotional reasons for why and how evidence-based politics are in decline and authoritarian politics are once again on the rise, and offers a vision, an argument, and compelling solutions to bring us to our collective senses, before it's too late.

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