Each April, a billion people around the world mark Earth Day. Earth Day 2023 takes place on Saturday the 22nd April with the theme "Invest in Our Planet".

"EarthDay.org's mission is to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide."

First started in The United States in the 1970s, Earth Day was organised as an opportunity to inspire and educate americans to make changes that could lead to the reduction in pollution and the environmental concerns connected to industrial development. 

Earth Day first went international in 1990, as 200 million people across 141 countries used the day to highlight a range on environmetnal issues on the world stage. Click here to read the full history of Earth Day on www.earthday.org/history

As pollution and global warming are still important issues for governements and their people to address, Earth Day is marked by more than a billion people every year. With events in the the lead up as well as on the day itsself, Earth Day is an opportunity for citizens to demand change.

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