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  1. The Promise: WINNER OF THE BOOKER PRIZE 2021 Audiobook The Promise: WINNER OF THE BOOKER PRIZE 2021
  2. Dune Audiobook Dune
  3. The Christmas Escape Audiobook The Christmas Escape
  4. Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness Audiobook Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness
  5. Empireland: How Imperialism Has Shaped Modern Britain Audiobook Empireland: How Imperialism Has Shaped Modern Britain
  6. As Good As Dead Audiobook As Good As Dead
  7. How to Kill Your Family Audiobook How to Kill Your Family
  8. Never Audiobook Never
  9. Will: The Sunday Times Bestselling Autobiography Audiobook Will: The Sunday Times Bestselling Autobiography
  10. Touch of Regret Audiobook Touch of Regret
The Direct Path: A User Guide Audiobook

The Direct Path: A User Guide

Author: Greg Goode Narrator: James Anderson Foster Release Date: October 2021

Have you ever done non-dual inquiry and said to yourself, 'I understand it intellectually, but I don't feel it. It's not my experience!' If so, The Direct Path, inspired by Sri Atmananda (Krishna Menon), could be for you. This book is the 'missing manual' to the Direct Path. Direct-Path inquiry is presented from beginning to end and beyond, in a user-friendly way. The core of this book is a set of forty experiments designed to help dissolve the most common non-dual sticking points, from simple to subtle. The experiments cover the world, the body, the mind, abstract objects, and witnessing awareness. You are taken step-by-step from the simple perception of a physical object all the way to the collapse of the witness into pure consciousness. Your takeaway is that there's no experiential doubt that you and all things are awareness, openness, and love. Also included are a section on teaching and the notion of a 'post-nondual realization.' This book can be utilized on its own or as a companion to the author's Standing as Awareness.

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The Commanders' Mate Audiobook

The Commanders' Mate

Author: Grace Goodwin Narrator: James Anderson Foster, Kelsey Navarro, Rock Engle Release Date: October 2021

Commander Karter is a Prillon Warrior. His first duty is to protect his people, to defend the Coalition worlds from a fate too terrible to comprehend. Battle is his life. His heart. He fights. He has never once been selfish enough to believe he deserved an Interstellar Bride. Until he's matched at the worst possible time. Astronomer Erica Roberts has always dreamed of seeing the stars. Volunteering as an Interstellar Bride is a win-win, not only will she be able to see the galaxy, but she's more than ready to take on the two alien warriors she's been promised. She's all in. But when she transports directly into the aftermath of a battle, she quickly learns this won't be an easy match. Her two commanders are torn between battling the Hive and battling their need for her. If a new Hive weapon can destroy a Coalition battlegroup in the space of a single heartbeat, what will it do to Commander Karter's match? And how is he and his second supposed to keep their mate safe if they can't even save themselves?

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Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Stories Audiobook

Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Stories

Author: Bram Stoker Narrator: James Anderson Foster Release Date: August 2021

Published two years after Bram Stoker's death, this collection of short stories from the famed author contains nine pieces filled with horrors and thrills. Filled with haunting rats, inexplicable tension, and an appearance from Dracula himself, Stoker's short stories uphold his reputation from his previous works and allows new audiences to re-discover the master of horror. This collection includes "Dracula's Guest," "The Judge's House," "The Gipsy Prophecy," "The Coming of Abel Behenna," "The Burial of the Rats," "A Dream of Red Hands," "Crooken Sands," and "The Secret of the Growing Gold."

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Firefly: Life Signs Audiobook

Firefly: Life Signs

Author: James Lovegrove Narrator: James Anderson Foster Release Date: June 2021

The fifth original novel from the much-loved Space Western Firefly, produced with Joss Whedon as consulting editor, set between the TV series and the movie Serenity. Deadly disease Months after Inara leaves Serenity, Mal and the crew finally learn the reason for her sudden departure: she is dying of a terminal illness. It is Kiehl's Myeloma, a form of cancer that's supposedly incurable, and Inara has very little time left. A disreputable scientist Through their shock and despair, rumors of a cure reach the crew. Expert Esau Weng is said to have developed a means to treat Inara's condition, but he has been disgraced and incarcerated for life on a notorious Alliance prison planet. An infamous prison On Atata planet, inmates are abandoned with no guards and left to survive as best they can. What's more, terraforming the planet did not take properly, so the world is a frozen wasteland. To save Inara, the Serenity crew must infiltrate the prison...

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The Perfect Murder Audiobook

The Perfect Murder

Author: Kat Martin Narrator: James Anderson Foster Release Date: June 2021

"Kat Martin is a fast gun when it comes to storytelling, and I love her books." -Linda Lael Miller, #1 New York Times bestselling author New York Times bestselling author Kat Martin is back with her most thrilling novel yet in the Maximum Security series-The Perfect Murder. Fans of Sandra Brown, Linda Howard and Julie Garwood will fall in love with The Max. The eldest of the three wealthy Garrett brothers, Reese Garrett is in the middle of a major purchase for his multimillion-dollar oil and gas company, Garrett Resources. The Poseidon offshore drilling platform venture will greatly enhance the company's value. But when Reese is on a trip out to see the rig, his helicopter crashes, leaving him hospitalized and two men dead. It's discovered the chopper was sabotaged, and Reese is determined to find out who's behind the crash-and whether he was the intended target. Then, when his lover, Kenzie, is accused of her ex-husband's murder-a man with a vested interest in the Poseidon deal-clues start pointing to a connection that puts Reese, Kenzie and her young son in the sights of a killer. From the Texas heat to the Louisiana bayous, Reese and his brothers must track down the truth before the body count gets any higher. Watch for The Perfect Murder, the latest in the bestselling Maximum Security series, coming soon! Maximum Security Book 1: The Conspiracy Book 2: The Deception Book 3: The Ultimate Betrayal

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Come Midnight Audiobook

Come Midnight

Author: Kat Martin Narrator: James Anderson Foster Release Date: June 2021

A routine flight turns into a suspenseful race through the remote jungles of Honduras When strangers Breanna Winters and Derek Stiles met on a flight to Colombia, they never imagined they would need to rely on each other for survival. Taken hostage by a group of radical environmental vigilantes, Bree worries her secret identity has been discovered-and her fears are confirmed when she learns a ransom request has been sent to her father. Though she's the daughter of a prominent tech mogul, Bree's wealth can't guarantee her safety, so former Navy fighter pilot Derek pretends to be her fiancé in order to accompany her on a dangerous jungle trek led by the radicals. With chemistry building between the pair, a romance isn't hard to fake, though they can't let their attraction distract them. If Bree and Derek ever want to see civilization again, they'll have to work together and rely on their wits to escape their captors.

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I Somehow Survived: Eyewitness Accounts from World War II Audiobook

I Somehow Survived: Eyewitness Accounts from World War II

Author: Klaus G. Forg Narrator: James Anderson Foster, Janet Metzger Release Date: April 2021

The first in a series of books, I Somehow Survived is an extraordinary collection of true stories giving testimony to those who survived World War II. Based on interviews with numerous veterans from across the spectrum of wartime experience, the book documents and reflects upon one of the most gruesome times in history. From anti-partisan warfare in the French mountains and atrocities in East Prussia to the experience of a Norwegian concentration camp, the accounts include rarely heard stories from a range of people caught up in the war. With the distance of time, these survivors have been able to offer new perspectives on their experiences and expose truths they would not have dared admit several decades ago. German Army officers reveal their role in the Vercors and Kiev massacres. A Luftwaffe officer-applicant who never flew describes service on the ground. And a Norwegian woman writes of marrying a German Kriegsmarine while her mother was in a Norwegian concentration camp for political activity and her father was in hiding from the Gestapo. 'I have no objection to your marrying him,' her father told her, 'I just want them to give us our country back.'

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An Introduction to the Old Testament, Third Edition: The Canon and Christian Imagination Audiobook

An Introduction to the Old Testament, Third Edition: The Canon and Christian Imagination

Author: Tod Linafelt, Walter Brueggemann Narrator: James Anderson Foster Release Date: April 2021

In this updated edition of the popular textbook An Introduction to the Old Testament, Walter Brueggemann and Tod Linafelt introduce the listener to the broad theological scope of the Old Testament, treating some of the most important issues and methods in contemporary biblical interpretation. This clearly written textbook focuses on the literature of the Old Testament as it grew out of religious, political, and ideological contexts over many centuries in Israel's history. Covering every book in the Old Testament (arranged in canonical order), the authors demonstrate the development of theological concepts in biblical writings from the Torah through postexilic Judaism. Incorporating the most current scholarship, this new edition also includes concrete tips for doing close examinations of the Old Testament text, and a chapter on ways to read Scripture and respond in light of pressing contemporary issues, such as economic inequality, racial and gender justice, and environmental degradation. This introduction invites listeners to engage in the construction of meaning as they venture into these timeless texts.

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Fringe Station Audiobook

Fringe Station

Author: Rachel Aukes Narrator: James Anderson Foster Release Date: March 2021

The rebellion may be over before it begins... Two colonies have been destroyed. The remaining colonies are in a chokehold while the Collective uses firepower to silence protestors.  Word of a fringe rebellion has been spreading, but getting recruits to sign up is proving to be a challenge, especially with Critch imprisoned in the unescapable Citadel. Cut off from their supplies and recruits, Aramis Reyne must put his trust in a mysterious new ally. Together, they devise a reckless plan for rescuing Critch and building a torrent army.  With enemies coming at them from every angle, they soon realize that no one, not even the fringe, wants them to succeed. But if they fail, the fringe will burn.

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Firefly: Generations Audiobook

Firefly: Generations

Author: Tim Lebbon Narrator: James Anderson Foster Release Date: February 2021

The fourth original novel from the much-loved Space Western Firefly, produced with Joss Whedon as consulting editor, set between the TV series and the movie Serenity. A mysterious star map On an Outer Rim moon, Captain Malcolm Reynolds ends a card game the lucky winner of an old map covered in mysterious symbols. The former owner insists it's worthless; back on Serenity, River Tam is able to interpret it. An ancient legend River claims the map points the way to one of the Arks: legendary generation ships that brought humans from Earth-That-Was to the 'Verse. The salvage potential alone is staggering. A drifting relic As the crew approach the aged floating ship, they find it isn't quite as dead as it first seemed. The closer they get, the more agitated River becomes. She claims something is waiting on board, something powerful, and very angry ...

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Conspiracy Theory Audiobook

Conspiracy Theory

Author: John G. Hartness Narrator: James Anderson Foster Release Date: February 2021

There are rogue government agents hunting supernatural creatures all over Charlotte. There's a bloodbath in the parking lot of a demon bar and a massacre at a shopping mall. There are protests and tear gas and riot cops and somehow Quincy F'n Harker is the one stuck in the middle of cops, monsters, and DEMON agents trying to keep them from tearing his city apart. And now there seems to be a traitor in their midst. Couple that with the revelation that Harker's guardian angel might have an ulterior motive, and you've got a web of deception and intrigue that can only be CONSPIRACY THEORY.

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Wait Until Dark & Shadows at Dawn & Before Nightfall Audiobook

Wait Until Dark & Shadows at Dawn & Before Nightfall

Author: Kat Martin Narrator: James Anderson Foster Release Date: December 2020

Wait Until Dark Don’t miss the thrilling prequel to New York Times bestselling author Kat Martin’s brand-new series, Maximum Security!Private investigator Jonah Wolfe knows trouble when he sees it. So when April Vale storms into his office at Maximum Security, all his warning signs flash red. April’s been accused of murder, except she has no memory of how she woke up in her coworker’s bed—drenched in his blood, as he was shot with her gun. As the campaign manager for the mayor, April’s job and life are on the line if she doesn’t figure out who’s trying to frame her. But the clock is ticking, and the pair must find the murderer…before April winds up dead. “Kat Martin is a fast gun when it comes to storytelling, and I love her books.” —#1 New York Times bestselling author Linda Lael Miller Shadows at Dawn Don’t miss this scorching novella, part of what Publishers Weekly is calling Kat Martin’s “tantalizing” new Maximum Security series!Private detective Jaxon Ryker swore to himself he would keep his hands off Mindy Stewart. No matter how much Jax might secretly wish otherwise, his colleague at The Max is strictly off-limits. But when Mindy is the victim of an attempted kidnapping, everything changes. With both of them thrust into danger, Jax swears to protect her. As they work together in search of answers, it becomes clear Mindy’s life is on the line, so a trap is set—with Mindy as bait. Jax and Mindy have to put aside their overwhelming attraction, but if they live through this, all bets are off… “Martin keeps the twists and turns coming in the sensuous and spirited Maximum Security romantic thrillers.” —Publishers Weekly Before Nightfall Kat Martin is back with another thrilling Maximum Security novella filled with danger, suspense and one smoldering road trip to the mountains of Mexico! When her best friend’s son is kidnapped, private detective Lissa Blayne drops everything to focus on the missing boy. Julie and Lissa have been close for years, so when Julie’s friend Colt Wheeler joins the investigation, Lissa bristles at the former ranger’s take-charge attitude. Lissa doesn’t need a man calling the shots, even if there is something about Colt’s protective side that has her tough exterior melting away. As Lissa and Colt take their search on the road, the tension between them slowly morphs into trust and understanding—and they’ll need both in order to outsmart the dangerous abductor they’re tracking. The only thing hotter than their attraction is the heat of the Mexican sun, but this road trip is no vacation…

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