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  1. It Happened One Summer: A Novel Audiobook It Happened One Summer: A Novel
  2. The Viscount Who Loved Me Audiobook The Viscount Who Loved Me
  3. Manifest: The Sunday Times bestseller that will change your life Audiobook Manifest: The Sunday Times bestseller that will change your life
  4. The Dark Queens: The Bloody Rivalry that Forged the Medieval World Audiobook The Dark Queens: The Bloody Rivalry that Forged the Medieval World
  5. The Dictionary of Lost Words Audiobook The Dictionary of Lost Words
  6. The Match: From the #1 bestselling creator of the hit Netflix series Stay Close Audiobook The Match: From the #1 bestselling creator of the hit Netflix series Stay Close
  7. Arsenic and Adobo Audiobook Arsenic and Adobo
  8. The Cabinet Audiobook The Cabinet
  9. The Night Circus Audiobook The Night Circus
  10. Open Mind Audiobook Open Mind
Dream Town Audiobook

Dream Town

Author: David Baldacci Narrator: Brittany Pressley, Edoardo Ballerini Release Date: April 2022

Private Investigator and WWII veteran, Aloysius Archer, returns to solve a new case in Hollywood in this riveting thriller from international number 1 bestselling author, David Baldacci. All that glitters . . . 1952, Los Angeles. It is New Year’s Eve and PI Aloysius Archer is dining with his friend and rising Hollywood actress Liberty Callahan when they’re approached by Eleanor Lamb, a screenwriter who would like to hire him, as she suspects someone is trying to kill her. Murder and mystery A visit to Lamb’s Malibu residence leaves Archer knocked unconscious after he stumbles over a dead body in the hallway; and Lamb seems to have vanished. With the police now involved in the case, a close friend and colleague of Lamb’s employs Archer to find out what’s happened to the screenwriter. The City of Angels – or somewhere much, much darker? Archer’s investigation takes him from the rich, glamorous and glitzy LA to the seedy, dark side of the city, and onward to the gambling mecca of Las Vegas, just now hitting its stride as a hot spot for celebrities and a money-making machine for the mob. In a place where cops and crooks work hand in hand, Archer will cross paths with Hollywood stars, politicians and notorious criminals. He’ll almost die several times, and he’ll discover bodies and secrets from the canyons and beaches of Malibu and the luxurious mansions of Bel Air and Beverly Hills to the narcotics clubs of Chinatown. With the help of Liberty and his PI partner Willie Dash, Archer will risk everything and leave no stone unturned in finding the missing Eleanor Lamb, and in bringing to justice killers who would love nothing better than to plant Archer six feet under.

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Mouth to Mouth Audiobook

Mouth to Mouth

Author: Antoine Wilson Narrator: Edoardo Ballerini Release Date: March 2022

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To Paradise Audiobook

To Paradise

Author: Hanya Yanagihara Narrator: Bd Wong, Catherine Ho, Edoardo Ballerini, Feodor Chin, Kurt Kanazawa Release Date: January 2022

'After the painfully affecting [A Little Life] To Paradise gives us three stories far apart in space and time but each unique in their power to summon the joy and complexity of love, the pain of loss. I’m not sure I’ve ever missed the world of a book as much as I miss To Paradise now I’ve left it.' – Observer 'Awe-inspiring . . . the characters are so well drawn and the plot so well paced, I couldn’t put it down.' – Daily Telegraph 'A bravura achievement . . . Behind this impressive, significant novel stands the question: what is a life, if it is not lived in freedom?' – Guardian 'A very unusual sensibility and a burning subject matter have come together here . . . Highly affecting. Read it and hope not to revisit it in your dreams.' – Sunday Times From the author of the modern classic A Little Life, a bold, brilliant novel spanning three centuries and three different versions of the American experiment, about lovers, family, loss and the elusive promise of utopia. In an alternate version of 1893 America, New York is part of the Free States, where people may live and love whomever they please (or so it seems). The fragile young scion of a distinguished family resists betrothal to a worthy suitor, drawn to a charming music teacher of no means. In a 1993 Manhattan besieged by the AIDS epidemic, a young Hawaiian man lives with his much older, wealthier partner, hiding his troubled childhood and the fate of his father. And in 2093, in a world riven by plagues and governed by totalitarian rule, a powerful scientist’s damaged granddaughter tries to navigate life without him – and solve the mystery of her husband’s disappearances. These three sections are joined in an enthralling and ingenious symphony, as recurring notes and themes deepen and enrich one another: A townhouse in Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village; illness, and treatments that come at a terrible cost; wealth and squalor; the weak and the strong; race; the definition of family, and of nationhood; the dangerous righteousness of the powerful, and of revolutionaries; the longing to find a place in an earthly paradise, and the gradual realization that it can’t exist. What unites not just the characters, but these Americas, are their reckonings with the qualities that make us human: Fear. Love. Shame. Need. Loneliness. To Paradise is a fin-de-siecle novel of marvellous literary effect, but above all it is a work of emotional genius. The great power of this remarkable novel is driven by Yanagihara’s understanding of the aching desire to protect those we love – partners, lovers, children, friends, family and even our fellow citizens – and the pain that ensues when we cannot.

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Island of Bones Audiobook

Island of Bones

Author: Marta Sprout Narrator: Edoardo Ballerini Release Date: December 2021

'Fabulous-- I love main character Kate Bowers... she's one for the ages.'- Lee Child, International Bestselling Author of the Jack Reacher Series Would you risk your life for total strangers? When she is assaulted while on vacation in Key West, the unforgettable Kate Bowers marshals her skills as a former homicide detective and Army MP. As she hunts down her assailant, she discovers women enslaved in a high-end sex trafficking operation on a luxury super-yacht. That's only the first complication. The president's daughter is missing and in mortal danger. When a U.S. company produces a viable quantum chip, a rogue senator tries to sell it to North Korea, hoping for a $12 billion payoff. But China refuses to let this technology fall into the hands of a rival. This could be war. Determined to do what it takes, Bowers finds herself in the middle of it all. The game is on. Join the BREATH-TAKING MANHUNT and Order Your Copy Today!

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The Midnight Lock Audiobook

The Midnight Lock

Author: Jeffery Deaver Narrator: Edoardo Ballerini Release Date: November 2021

The 'master of ticking-bomb suspense' Jeffery Deaver brings us the latest thriller featuring his most beloved protagonists. Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs are back – on the hunt for a criminal terrorising New York City A killer without limits He comes into your home at night. He watches you as you sleep. He waits.    A city in turmoil He calls himself ‘The Locksmith’. No door can keep him out. No security system can catch him. And now he’s about to kill.   A race against time to stop him Nobody in New York is safe. Now it’s up to Lincoln Rhyme to untangle the web of evidence and catch him.  But with Lincoln under investigation himself, and tension in the city at boiling point, time is running out…

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Termination Shock Audiobook

Termination Shock

Author: Neal Stephenson Narrator: Edoardo Ballerini Release Date: November 2021

The #1 New York Times bestselling author returns with a visionary technothriller about climate change ‘Brilliantly entertaining… at science fiction’s cutting edge’ SFX ‘Ingenious and sometimes prophetic’ Telegraph ‘His most visionary, and timely, book yet’ Chicago Review of Books ‘Stephenson’s reputation as a sci-fi titan is deserved’ Sunday Times Neal Stephenson’s sweeping, prescient new novel transports readers to a near-future world where the greenhouse effect has inexorably resulted in a whirling-dervish troposphere of superstorms, rising sea levels, global flooding, merciless heat waves, and virulent, deadly pandemics. One man has a Big Idea for reversing global warming, a master plan perhaps best described as “elemental.” But will it work? And just as important, what are the consequences for the planet and all of humanity should it be applied? As only Stephenson can, Termination Shock sounds a clarion alarm, ponders potential solutions and dire risks, and wraps it all together in an exhilarating, witty, mind-expanding speculative adventure.

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The Last Beekeeper: Vespling Book 1 Audiobook

The Last Beekeeper: Vespling Book 1

Author: Jared Gulian Narrator: Edoardo Ballerini Release Date: November 2021

Sometimes your safe place... is not. When murder strikes a remote community, a reclusive beekeeper uncovers a horrifying secret that could destroy humanity. Jim Parker, a honeybee expert, has retreated to a small island in Lake Michigan with his teenage daughter after a terrible family tragedy. He longs to hide from an increasingly dangerous world. In the midst of a Global Bee Crisis, bees everywhere are dying and the food supply teeters on the brink of collapse. Pollination now relies on powerful mega-corporations known as Beelords. But this island is not the haven Jim once thought. Someone is torching his traditional beehives, people are disappearing, and an unknown threat is lurking in the woods behind his house. When he finds something very peculiar in his remaining hives, he begins to unravel a mystery that is deeper, darker and more complex than he ever imagined. Now he’s not only fighting for the survival of his family, but for the very future of humankind. If you love suspense, thriller, and science fiction novels in the tradition of Dean Koontz, Stephen King, and Blake Crouch, you’ll love this compelling new series starter. Please note: This is the first book in a series and ends on a cliffhanger. It contains brief references to violence and other themes that some readers may find triggering.

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Kill Notice: The Bowers Thriller Series Audiobook

Kill Notice: The Bowers Thriller Series

Author: Marta Sprout Narrator: Edoardo Ballerini Release Date: August 2021

DC’s psychopathic killer just singled out the only detective with the skills to outmatch his twisted game.  “Devious, fast-paced and packed with relatable characters.” —Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of Dogs of War. A new kind of hero emerges on the streets of Washington. Kate Bowers is gritty, compassionate, and deadly. Her battle scars constantly remind her of the friends she lost in combat. Now one of DC’s top homicide detectives, she seeks justice for victims and a little redemption by hunting down a sadistic killer obsessed with capturing her attention.  When he taunts Bowers by leaving trophies from his victims on her doorstep, she refuses to rest until she can end his murderous rampage. With a rising body count, Bowers joins forces with her best friend and colleague, Special Agent Steve Riggs and puts her formidable covert skills to the ultimate test. As her own friends become targets, even this seasoned veteran is disturbed by just how far this psychopath will go to impress her.  Buy Kill Notice to join the white-knuckle manhunt for DC’s most brutal predator today!

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Luca Audiobook


Author: Steve Behling Narrator: Edoardo Ballerini Release Date: June 2021

This junior novelization retells the exciting story of Disney and Pixar's Luca-in theaters June 18th, 2021! Set in a beautiful seaside town on the Italian Riviera, Disney and Pixar's original feature film Luca is a coming-of-age story about one young boy experiencing an unforgettable summer filled with gelato, pasta and endless scooter rides. Luca shares these adventures with his newfound best friend, but all the fun is threatened by a deeply-held secret: they are sea monsters from another world just below the water's surface. Luca opens in theaters June 18, 2021. The film is retold in this Junior Novelization that's perfect for girls and boys ages 8 to 12.

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Searchers in Winter: A Novel of Napolean's Empire Audiobook

Searchers in Winter: A Novel of Napolean's Empire

Author: Owen Pataki Narrator: Edoardo Ballerini Release Date: May 2021

The year is 1806, and a new French Empire is rising from the shadow of the Reign of Terror. The citizens who shouted "Death to Kings" now chant "Vive l'Empereur!" for Napoleon, who is seeking to consolidate his power. While the peace and prosperity he promised is decadently enjoyed in Paris, fear spreads across Europe, and a new coalition has united against him. In Poland, Andre Valiere's efforts to serve out his conscription and return home to his family are complicated when he finds himself lured into a plot to seize a hidden fortune. Containing enough riches to bestow glory and wealth upon whoever delivers it to Napoleon, this elusive cache soon draws other, more powerful forces, wishing to claim it. In Normandy, Sophie Valiere strives to manage the family estate in Andre's absence, but her efforts are imperiled by an influx of refugees and their growing friction with the local farmers. Amidst the infighting that threatens to unleash chaos on the entire province, she is visited by an intriguing Count returning from exile. It isn't long before this mysterious nobleman has his sights on a new prize. In Paris, retired republican lawyer and former revolutionary, Jean-luc St. Clair, finds himself returning to politics. As his fortunes grow so does his list of enemies, and the opulent streets prove just as dangerous as Napoleon's battlefields. Inspired by the mysterious origins of the famed Rothschild's fortune, the bloody battles of the Napoleonic wars, the notorious gangs of nineteenth century Naples, and the real-life mistress who charmed Napoleon into granting Poland a nation-state, Searchers in Winter sets a cast of unforgettable characters-against epic historical events-into thrilling motion from the opening pages.

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Pinocchio Audiobook


Author: Carlo Collodi Narrator: Edoardo Ballerini Release Date: May 2021

The tale of Pinocchio is one of the most ingenious growing-up stories ever told. Pinocchio's desire to be a boy is almost thwarted by his desire for mischief. Were it not for the good-natured Geppetto, the Blue Fairy, that 'miserable croaker' the cricket, and many others Pinocchio would be a story of dreams that don't materialize. However, Pinocchio's story is a happy one. Children and adults will find in Carlo Collodi's timeless classic plenty to admire, to learn, but mostly to delight in.

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A Gambling Man Audiobook

A Gambling Man

Author: David Baldacci Narrator: Brittany Pressley, Edoardo Ballerini Release Date: April 2021

Evoking the golden age of crime, and for fans of Raymond Chandler and Agatha Christie, comes A Gambling Man, from one of the world’s bestselling thriller writers, David Baldacci. A lucky roll of the dice California, 1949. Aloysius Archer is on his way to start a new job with a renowned Private Investigator in Bay Town. Feeling lucky, he stops off at a casino in Reno, where he meets an aspiring actress, Liberty Callahan. Together, they head west on a journey filled with danger and surprises – because Archer isn’t the only one with a secretive past. A risk worth taking Arriving in a town rife with corruption, Archer is tasked with finding out who is doing everything they can to disrupt the appointment of a top official. Then two seemingly unconnected people are murdered at a burlesque club. In a tight-lipped community, Archer must dig deep to reveal the connection between the victims. All bets are off As the final perilous showdown unfurls, Archer will need all of his skills to decipher the truth from the lies and finally, to prove she’s a star in the making, will Liberty have her moment in the spotlight?

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