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  1. The Eye of the World: Book One of The Wheel of Time Audiobook The Eye of the World: Book One of The Wheel of Time
  2. Go Tell the Bees that I am Gone Audiobook Go Tell the Bees that I am Gone
  3. Under the Whispering Door Audiobook Under the Whispering Door
  4. The Last Days of John Lennon Audiobook The Last Days of John Lennon
  5. Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing: Inspired by the hit BBC series Audiobook Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing: Inspired by the hit BBC series
  6. Go Set a Watchman Audiobook Go Set a Watchman
  7. Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life Audiobook Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life
  8. It Ends With Us Audiobook It Ends With Us
  10. Ride Audiobook Ride
Of Solids and Surds: Notes for Noël Sturgeon, Marilyn Hacker, Josh Lukin, Mia Wolff, Bill Stribling, Audiobook

Of Solids and Surds: Notes for Noël Sturgeon, Marilyn Hacker, Josh Lukin, Mia Wolff, Bill Stribling,

Author: Samuel R. Delany Narrator: Gabrielle De Cuir, Stefan Rudnicki Release Date: December 2021

In the fourth volume in the Why I Write series, the iconic Samuel Delany remembers fifty years of writing and shaping the world of speculative fiction. Science fiction dwells mostly in the realm of possibility, where mysteries proliferate nevertheless, meaning is never static, and "time and history have convinced us that things are not as they seem." So too does all language, argues Samuel Delany, in his vigorous justification for the writing life. Chronicling his struggle with dyslexia, the evolution of his gay and Black identity during the AIDS crisis, and his experiences and relationships through five decades as a writer of fiction and nonfiction, Delany is a longtime observer of language's inner workings. For Delany, the reasons to write are inextricably linked with the habits of reading. Like the number of galaxies in the multiverse, the possibilities are endless; but in the last analysis, we write to discover our own worlds in the worlds of others-and to promote an illusion of their sharing.

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The Damocles Agenda Audiobook

The Damocles Agenda

Author: Jeff Edwards Narrator: Gabrielle De Cuir, Stefan Rudnicki Release Date: December 2021

CIVILIZATION HAS AN OFF SWITCH... The Russians call it Lunnaya Pesnya. Moon Song. They bring the device aboard the International Space Station disguised as an experimental electromagnetic propulsion system. Just a harmless EmDrive prototype, ferried into space for testing in microgravity. But the device is not what it appears to be and it's far from harmless. When military cosmonauts hijack the ISS, Russia's plans of global conquest are revealed. Moon Song is a game-changing electromagnetic pulse weapon, capable of attacking any location on Earth from orbit. The first target is Kennedy Space Center. Uncounted kiloteslas of electromagnetic force slash through the atmosphere like an unseen sword-wiping out microchips, transistors, digital storage devices, and electronic circuits of all kinds. In an instant, Cape Canaveral-and the surrounding areas of Cocoa Beach, Rockledge, Titusville, and Patrick Air Force Base-are stripped of every necessity of modern existence. Throughout the target zone, microchips are fried; credit cards are slicked; hard drives are erased. Electronic systems of all kinds suffer catastrophic failure, taking out cell phones, landlines, radios, vehicles, aircraft, and every electrical component within the footprint of the EMP beam. A single pulse of energy has driven the U.S. manned space program into the dark ages. Now, Russia holds the high ground. From orbit, they can detect and neutralize any attempt to attack the ISS. The destruction of Canaveral shows what will happen to any nation that challenges Russian supremacy. With the world literally held hostage, there's no way to fight back. Or is there?

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Green Mansions: A Romance of the Tropical Forest Audiobook

Green Mansions: A Romance of the Tropical Forest

Author: William Henry Hudson Narrator: Stefan Rudnicki Release Date: November 2021

After a failed revolutionary attempt leads Abel, a young European explorer, to seek refuge in the primeval forests of Venezuela, the curious call of an unseen bird lures him deeper and deeper into the jungle, where he encounters the source of the siren song-a lovely, half-wild girl with mysterious powers. Thus, in the "green mansions" of the forest, begins the romance between Abel and Rima, who speaks the languages of birds and longs to return to the land of her birth to be reunited with others of her kind. But the love that flowers between them is soon overshadowed by cruelty and sorrow ... Written by a British naturalist with a deep love and knowledge of wilderness areas, the richly colored tale transports listeners to the lush atmosphere of the Amazonian outback. Originally published in 1904, this haunting classic offers a narrative of lyric beauty as well as a fascinating link between nineteenth-century Romanticism and modern environmentalism.

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The Holladay Case: A Tale Audiobook

The Holladay Case: A Tale

Author: Burton E. Stevenson Narrator: Stefan Rudnicki Release Date: November 2021

"He says that Miss Holladay entered her father's office late yesterday afternoon, stayed there ten minutes, and then came out hurriedly. A few minutes later Rogers went into the office and found his employer dead. That's the whole case, but it'll be a hard one to break." Lester is a lawyer for a prestigious law firm in New York that represents some of New York City's most wealthy citizens, including Hiram W. Holladay, a Wall Street tycoon. When Mr. Holladay is found dead at his desk from a knife wound to the neck, all evidence points to his daughter, Miss Frances Holladay, as the perpetrator. Courtroom drama, a kidnapping, and a fraught pursuit overseas follow this shocking crime in an ingenious detective story sure to delight mystery fans.

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The Praxis Audiobook

The Praxis

Author: Walter Jon Williams Narrator: Stefan Rudnicki Release Date: November 2021

"Space opera the way it ought to be...Bujold and Weber, bend the knee; interstellar adventure has a new king, and his name is Walter Jon Williams." -George R. R. Martin The first book in the completed Dread Empire's Fall trilogy, followed by The Sundering and Conventions of War. All will must bend to the perfect truth of The Praxis For millennia, the Shaa have subjugated the universe, forcing the myriad sentient races to bow to their joyless tyranny. But the Shaa will soon be no more. The Dread Empire is in its rapidly fading twilight, and with its impending fall comes the promise of a new galactic order ... and bloody chaos. A young Terran naval officer marked by his lowly birth, Lt. Gareth Martinez is the first to recognize the insidious plot of the Naxid-the powerful, warlike insectoid society that was enslaved before all others-to replace the masters' despotic rule with their own. Barely escaping a swarming surprise attack, Martinez and Caroline Sula, a pilot whose beautiful face conceals a deadly secret, are now the last hope for freedom for every being who ever languished in Shaa chains-as the interstellar battle begins against a merciless foe whose only perfect truth is annihilation.

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Birth of the Fae: Locked Out of Heaven: Book One, Volume 1 Audiobook

Birth of the Fae: Locked Out of Heaven: Book One, Volume 1

Author: Danielle M. Orsino Narrator: Gabrielle De Cuir, Stefan Rudnicki Release Date: November 2021

Ride on the backs of fire-breathing dragons with the Dark Fae and watch the Light Fae play in the shadows of primitive humanity as they build their magical world. Abandoned by their creator, two factions of powerful angels remain on earth after the Great War with Lucifer. They struggle to comprehend their Creator's plan while their angel wings, a symbol of their angelic lineage, slowly and painfully decay. With no hope of returning to the Shining Kingdom, two groups of angels denounce their angelic lineage and develop into separate factions-the Court of Light, led by Queen Aurora, a former Virtue Angel, and the Court of Dark, ruled by King Jarvok, a former Power Brigade Angel. The two monarchs have opposing views on how to govern their kin, but the one belief they agree on is that human worship equals power. Birth of the Fae: Locked Out of Heaven is an epic fantasy adventure of heartbreak, rebirth, and hope that examines the bonds of family, friendship, and love. It is a fantastic tale of good versus evil in a beautiful world, where the Light Fae and their potent elemental magick are tested by the raw power of the dragon-riding Dark Fae warriors. They are their own beings and masters of their own destiny. They are the Fae.

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The Mirror of the Sea: Memories & Impressions Audiobook

The Mirror of the Sea: Memories & Impressions

Author: Joseph Conrad Narrator: Stefan Rudnicki Release Date: October 2021

First published in 1906, The Mirror of the Sea was the first of Joseph Conrad's two autobiographical memoirs. Discussing it, he called the book "a very intimate revelation...I have attempted here to lay bare with the unreserve of a last hour's confession the terms of my relation with the sea, which beginning mysteriously, like any great passion the inscrutable Gods send to mortals, went on unreasoning and invincible, surviving the test of disillusion, defying the disenchantment that lurks in every day of a strenuous life; went on full of love's delight and love's anguish, facing them in open-eyed exultation without bitterness and without repining, from the first hour to the last." The Mirror of the Sea is a personal meditation on the sea and its meanings by one of the twentieth century's most important novelists. When Joseph Conrad was discharged from the clipper Torrens in London during the summer of 1893, his seafaring career was over. He had travelled the world by then, risen in rank from apprentice to captain, survived shipwreck and turbulent seas. But, after nineteen years afloat he longed for the land, and wrote to his cousin of the "uniform grey of my existence." Once ashore, however, vivid memories of his past life began to surface. While steam and internal combustion were changing maritime travel forever, Conrad started to reflect on the voyages he had made in the Golden Age of Sail, the people and ships he had known, and the extraordinary communities whose lives, language, and very nature were shaped by the swells and silences of the open ocean.

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Matthew Henson and the Ice Temple of Harlem Audiobook

Matthew Henson and the Ice Temple of Harlem

Author: Gary Phillips Narrator: Stefan Rudnicki Release Date: October 2021

Matthew Henson and the Ice Temple of Harlem is the first in an exciting new retro, rollicking adventure series. This re-imagined pulp novel follows the Doc Savage-style adventures of the first American to reach the North Pole-Matthew Henson. The tail end of the Roaring Twenties. Harlem. Hired by controversial spiritual leader Daddy Paradise to retrieve his adult daughter who has been kidnapped, adventurer Matthew Henson does just that. Then he must safeguard the two until the firebrand can deliver a momentous speech at a mass rally. Henson must employ all his survival skills to fulfill his task-skills that kept him whole in forbidden jungles, across Asia, and in sub-zero ice storms when he first reached the North Pole. Henson's charge brings him face-to-face with such illustrious characters as gangster Dutch Schultz, who's looking to muscle out numbers racket boss Queenie St. Clair; and famed inventor Nikola Tesla, who is using his electrical acumen to surveil plutocrats. Henson's pal Bessie Coleman, America's first Black aviatrix, lends a hand as well. With a death ray zeroing in on him, Henson races against the clock to save lives, and to keep a mysterious and powerful meteor fragment he brought back from the Arctic years ago out of the hands of monied evil-doers.

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The Ship of Ishtar Audiobook

The Ship of Ishtar

Author: A. Merritt Narrator: Stefan Rudnicki Release Date: October 2021

The American adventurer was pitched out of his own time and into a weird world of incredible and enticing marvels. SHIP OF LOVESHIP OF DOOM The goddess of love and beauty is adrift on an enchanted ocean in a magic world. The myriad forces of satanic evil plague the vessel of the red-haired, passionate goddess. Only one man, John Kenton, the American adventurer, can try to save Ishtar's priestess from the black magic which divides her world from ours.

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Duplex: A Micropowers Novel Audiobook

Duplex: A Micropowers Novel

Author: Orson Scott Card Narrator: Stefan Rudnicki Release Date: September 2021

New York Times bestselling author Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author Ryan wakes up to find his contractor dad building walls to turn their big old house into a duplex. The family that moves into the other side includes Bizzy Horvat, the pretty girl he has a crush on at school. Bizzy claims her mother is a witch with the power to curse people with clumsiness or, in Bizzy's case, astonishing beauty. When a bee gets caught in Bizzy's hair, Ryan acts so quickly and radically to save her from getting stung that he attracts the attention of a group of micropotents-people with micropowers. He soon realizes that Bizzy and her mother also have such powers. It becomes Ryan's job, with the help of the other micropotents, to protect the Horvats from a group of witch hunters from their native country, who are determined to kill Bizzy, her mother, and all the other "witches"-micropotents-who have gathered to protect them.

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Tokyo Junkie: 60 Years of Bright Lights and Back Alleys ... and Baseball Audiobook

Tokyo Junkie: 60 Years of Bright Lights and Back Alleys ... and Baseball

Author: Robert Whiting Narrator: Stefan Rudnicki Release Date: September 2021

Tokyo Junkie is a memoir that plays out over the dramatic sixty-year growth of the megacity Tokyo, once a dark, fetid backwater and now the most populous, sophisticated, and safe urban capital in the world. Follow author Robert Whiting (The Chrysanthemum and the Bat, You Gotta Have Wa, Tokyo Underworld) as he watches Tokyo transform during the 1964 Olympics, rubs shoulders with the Yakuza and comes face to face with the city's dark underbelly, interviews Japan's baseball elite after publishing his first bestselling book on the subject, and learns how politics and sports collide to produce a cultural landscape unlike any other, even as a new Olympics is postponed and the COVID virus ravages the nation. A colorful social history of what Anthony Bourdain dubbed, "the greatest city in the world," Tokyo Junkie is a revealing account by an accomplished journalist who witnessed it all firsthand and, in the process, had his own dramatic personal transformation.

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The Masque of the Red Death Audiobook

The Masque of the Red Death

Author: Edgar Allan Poe, Steven Archer Narrator: Stefan Rudnicki Release Date: September 2021

A cinematic audiobook with a haunting score and enhanced atmosphere Edgar Allan Poe wrote "The Masque of the Red Death" nearly 180 years ago, yet its narrative and characters continue to mystify and captivate. The short story is driven by Prince Prospero's attempt to evade the "Red Death," a fatal plague infecting his kingdom, by hiding in his abbey, where he indulges in pleasures and delights with other nobles. He soon finds out that no one can escape their end. Steven Archer has recast the characters of "The Masque" and illuminated the narrative in a novel and perhaps more visceral light, while remaining true to the raw darkness and decadence of the tale. His modern take on the classic story brings it into our new infected world. Perhaps it was prescience that drove him to create the illustrations in 2018, only to have them see the plague-filled light of day in 2020. Even now in our enlightened and modern world, "Darkness and Decay and the Red Death holds illimitable dominion over all." With a foreword by John Langan (The Wide Carnivorous Sky), this is an immersive audio-visual feast that breathes new life into this classic memento mori tale of disease, decadence, and inevitable mortality. The audiobook features a conversation between Steven Archer and Stefan Rudnicki and includes an accompanying PDF of Steven Archer's original illustrations.

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