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  2. Wilde Women Audiobook Wilde Women
  3. The Holiday Audiobook The Holiday
  4. The Runaway Daughter Audiobook The Runaway Daughter
  5. Kneel Audiobook Kneel
  6. Love for Imperfect Things: How to Accept Yourself in a World Striving for Perfection Audiobook Love for Imperfect Things: How to Accept Yourself in a World Striving for Perfection
  7. The Morning Mind: Use Your Brain to Master Your Day and Supercharge Your Life Audiobook The Morning Mind: Use Your Brain to Master Your Day and Supercharge Your Life
  8. How to be Heard: Secrets for Powerful Speaking and Listening Audiobook How to be Heard: Secrets for Powerful Speaking and Listening
  9. Keep Moving: And Other Tips and Truths about Aging Audiobook Keep Moving: And Other Tips and Truths about Aging
  10. The Genius Within Audiobook The Genius Within
Snowboarding: The Ultimate Guide to learn Snowboarding (Extreme sports winter adventure Collection) Audiobook

Snowboarding: The Ultimate Guide to learn Snowboarding (Extreme sports winter adventure Collection)

Author: Ryan M. Swan Narrator: Matt Montanez Release Date: January 2019

Have you always wanted to try snowboarding? Are you worried that you don't know much about the sport or what you'll need to get started? This book will help to build your confidence! Snowboarding is an exciting sport that has gained in popularity in recent years and is perfect for a wide range of ages and abilities. The thrill of hurtling downhill at speed, performing a range of tricks or simply enjoying being outdoors with friends is one of the great attractions of it. In this book, Snowboarding: The Ultimate Guide to Learn Snowboarding (Extreme sports winter adventure Collection), you can learn most things about snowboarding with chapters that include: - Getting Started - Choosing a Snow Boarding Instructor - Snowboarding Trick Fundamentals - Snow Boarding Safety - Avoiding Common Snowboarding Injuries - Snow Boarding Destinations - Snow Board Preparation Tips And More... With the knowledge you'll gain you will be ready to take your first outing to the slopes and enjoy your first session with a lot more confidence than if you just turn up. Then, as you gradually build your confidence and ability through practicing the sport, you can refer back to chapters to consolidate your knowledge further. Get a copy of Snowboarding: The Ultimate Guide today and start learning the basics now!

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Finding Your Way Without Map or Compass Audiobook

Finding Your Way Without Map or Compass

Author: Harold Gatty Narrator: Eric Martin Release Date: December 2018

During his remarkable lifetime, Harold Gatty became one of the world's great navigators (in 1931, he and Wiley Post flew around the world in a record-breaking eight days) and, to the benefit of posterity, recorded in this book much of his accumulated knowledge about pathfinding both on land and at sea. Applying methods used by primitive peoples and early explorers, the author shows how to determine location, study wind directions and reflections in the sky, even how to use the senses of smell and hearing to find your way in the wilderness, in a desert, in snow-covered areas, and on the ocean. By observing birds and other animals, weather patterns, vegetation, shifting sands, patterns of snow fields, and the positions of the sun, moon, and stars, would-be explorers can learn to estimate distances and find their way without having to rely on a map or a compass. The wealth of valuable data and advice in this volume-much of it unavailable elsewhere-makes it indispensable for hikers, bikers, scouts, sailors, and outdoorsmen-all those who might find themselves stranded or lost in an unfamiliar area. Through careful study of this book and its lessons, pathfinders can learn to interpret signs in the natural world to find their way in almost any kind of terrain.

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Still Life with Brook Trout Audiobook

Still Life with Brook Trout

Author: John Gierach Narrator: David Colacci Release Date: December 2018

Brilliant, witty, perceptive essays about fly-fishing, the natural world, and life in general by the acknowledged master of fishing writers In Still Life with Brook Trout, John Gierach demonstrates once again that fishing, when done right, is as much a philosophical pursuit as a sport. Gierach travels to Wyoming and Maine and points in between, searching out new fly-fishing adventures and savoring familiar waters with old friends. Along the way he meditates on the importance of good guides ("Really, the only thing a psychiatrist can do that a good guide can't is write prescriptions"), the challenge of salmon fishing ("Salmon prowl. If they're not here now, they could be here in half an hour. Or tomorrow. Or next month"), and the zen of fishing alone ("I also enjoy where my mind goes when I'm fishing alone, which is usually nowhere in particular and by a predictable route"). On a more serious note, he ponders the damaging effects of disasters both natural and man-made: drought, wildfires, and the politics of dam-building, among others. Reflecting on a trip to a small creek near his home, Gierach writes, "In my brightest moments, I think slowing down . . . has opened huge new vistas on my old home water. It's like a friendship that not only lasts, but gets better against the odds." Similarly, Still Life with Brook Trout proves that Gierach, like fly-fishing itself, becomes deeper and richer with time.

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Michael Carrick: Between the Lines: My Autobiography Audiobook

Michael Carrick: Between the Lines: My Autobiography

Author: Michael Carrick Narrator: Chris Hood, Michael Carrick Release Date: December 2018

'The whistle blows and I set off for the one kick I know will stay with me for the rest of my life, maybe even define my life...' Michael Carrick was the heartbeat of Manchester United. For more than a decade he was the player that made them tick. Loved by his managers, lauded by his fellow professionals, worshipped by the Old Trafford faithful, yet regularly misunderstood by the wider public, Carrick was a player like no other. Intelligent, calm, thoughtful - in many ways the opposite of the archetypal English midfielder - Carrick has always been his own man and is typically forthright. In his book he reveals what it's really like to win relentlessly under legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson, shows us the hidden secrets of the famous Carrington training ground, invites us to experience the camaraderie and clashes inside the United dressing room, and lets us feels what it's like to walk out on the Old Trafford pitch alongside some of the biggest names in the game - from Ronaldo to Scholes to Giggs, Rooney and the rest. A deeply personal book, Between the Lines reveals for the first time Michael's battles with mental health, his struggles with the national side, as well as the redemption he has found with his family and his team. From growing up in the north-east to winning the Champions League and five Premier League titles with Manchester United, via West Ham and Tottenham, Carrick's story reveals him to be his own man: fearless, thoughtful, intelligent and honest. *All of Michael Carrick's proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to the Michael Carrick Foundation, dedicated to providing financial support to community services that will give underprivileged children living in the North and North East better opportunities so that they feel safe, valued and inspired.*

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Bass Fishing: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Bass Fishing With Proven Methods, Tactics, and Techniq Audiobook

Bass Fishing: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Bass Fishing With Proven Methods, Tactics, and Techniq

Author: George J. Wilson Narrator: Matt Montanez Release Date: December 2018

Catching Bass is Easy Once You Know How to Apply a Few Basic Principles Today only, get this audio bestseller for a special price. This audiobook will teach you the basics, get them right, consistently, with skill and mastery, and they will eventually lead you to catching all the Bass you can possibly want or handle! Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... What Are We Fishing For Again? The Target: (Bass) Defined Knowing And Going Where The Bass Are The Basics Of Bass Fishing An Overview Tools Of The Trade: Tackle, Boats, Accessories, Lures And Baits Water, Weather, Timing And Other Environmental Aspects Techniques For Bass Fishing Like A Pro Mistakes And Secrets Related to Bass Fishing Styles And Specialty Bass Fishing And basically everything you need to know to start Bass Fishing Like A Pro Download your copy today! Take action today and download this audiobook now at a special price!

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A Rare Recording of Babe Ruth Audiobook

A Rare Recording of Babe Ruth

Author: Babe Ruth Narrator: Babe Ruth Release Date: December 2018

On April 27, 1947, baseball legend Babe Ruth, diagnosed with a terminal case of throat cancer, attended "Babe Ruth Day" at Yankee Stadium. A 13-year-old boy representing the American Legion baseball program introduces Babe Ruth, who delivers a speech to the crowd from home plate.

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A Rare Recording of Boxer Jack Johnson Audiobook

A Rare Recording of Boxer Jack Johnson

Author: Jack Johnson Narrator: Jack Johnson Release Date: December 2018

In this recording, Johnson discusses his July 4, 1910, "Fight of the Century" victory over former undefeated heavyweight champion James J. Jeffries, in front of 20,000 people, at a ring built just for the occasion in downtown Reno, Nevada.

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Playing for Keeps: Michael Jordan and the World He Made Audiobook

Playing for Keeps: Michael Jordan and the World He Made

Author: David Halberstam Narrator: J. D. Jackson Release Date: December 2018

From The Breaks of the Game to Summer of '49, David Halberstam has brought the perspective of a great historian, the inside knowledge of a dogged sportswriter, and the love of a fan to bear on some of the most mythic players and teams in the annals of American sport. With Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls he has given himself his greatest challenge and produced his greatest triumph. In Playing for Keeps, David Halberstam takes the first full measure of Michael Jordan's epic career, one of the great American stories of our time. A narrative of astonishing power and human drama, brimming with revealing anecdotes and penetrating insights, the book chronicles the forces in Jordan's life that have shaped him into history's greatest basketball player and the larger forces that have converged to make him the most famous living human being in the world.

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Icons: My Inspiration. My Motivation. My Obsession. Audiobook

Icons: My Inspiration. My Motivation. My Obsession.

Author: Bradley Wiggins Narrator: Tom Watt Release Date: November 2018

With a foreword by Eddy Merckx The world of professional cycling is fraught with fierce competition, fervent dedication and unerring ambition, and only a handful of competitors reach iconic status. Among them is Sir Bradley Wiggins - a man uniquely placed to reflect on the history of this remarkable sport and its unforgettable titans. In Icons, Wiggins takes the reader on an extraordinarily intimate journey through the sport, presenting key pieces from his never-before-seen collection of memorabilia. Over the course of his illustrious career, he amassed hundreds of items - often gifts from its greatest and most controversial figures. Each reflects an icon, a race or a moment that fundamentally influenced Wiggins on both a personal and professional level. By exploring the lives and achievements of 21 of the sport's key figures - among them Fausto Coppi, Jacques Anquetil, Miguel Induráin and Tom Simpson - Wiggins sheds new light on what professional cycling demands of its best competitors. Icons lauds their triumphs, elucidates their demons and sheds light on the philosophy and psychology that comprise the unique mindset of a cycling champion.

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How Football (Nearly) Came Home: Adventures in Putin's World Cup Audiobook

How Football (Nearly) Came Home: Adventures in Putin's World Cup

Author: Barney Ronay Narrator: Rupert Farley Release Date: November 2018

The summer of 2018: England sweltered in the most sustained heatwave for 42 years, the government tore itself apart over deals and no deals, and hundreds of miles away, in a taciturn and strange state, the national football team did the unthinkable in the World Cup: they didn't screw it up. The England team that touched down in Russia for the 2018 World Cup was a new-look outfit: there were no real stars, no overblown egos, and no dickheads. Still reeling from the wincing exit to Iceland in the 2016 Euros, expectations were at an all-time low. Qualification had been smooth if not spectacular, and pundits and fans alike were lukewarm about the team's chances. Just avoiding embarrassment would have counted as some kind of success. As the tournament kicked off, a stunningly stage-managed occasion by Putin and his cronies at FIFA, we all took a deep inhale of breath and waited for the inevitable: technical ineptitude and crap penalties. How wrong we were. Over the next three weeks, as back home we dissolved in the heat, our football team gave us reason to believe. We squeaked a win against Tunisia, trounced Panama and had a great tactical defeat to Belgium to open up the draw to the final. We all bought waistcoats and eulogised Southgate's calm, fatherly manner. We all fell in love with 'Slabhead', aka Harry Maguire. And we did it all to the tune of 'It's Coming Home'. Barney Ronay was there through the whole tournament, criss-crossing over Russia as he followed the England team, and the rest, on their quest for glory. Here, he captures the sights and sounds, the twists and turns, the bad food and the great football that contributed into making this World Cup one of the greatest of all time.

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Dr. Z: The Lost Memoirs of an Irreverent Football Writer Audiobook

Dr. Z: The Lost Memoirs of an Irreverent Football Writer

Author: Paul Zimmerman Narrator: Barry Abrams Release Date: November 2018

During his nearly fifty years of sportswriting, including twenty-eight at Sports Illustrated, readers of Dr. Z came to expect a certain alchemical, trademark blend: words which were caustic and wry, at times self-deprecating or even puzzling, but always devilishly smart with arresting honesty. A complex package, that's the Doctor. The one-time sparring partner of Ernest Hemingway, Paul Zimmerman is one of the modern era's groundbreaking football minds, a man who methodically charted every play while generating copious notes, a human precursor to the data analytics websites of today. In 2008, Zimmerman had nearly completed work on his personal memoirs when a series of strokes left him largely unable to speak, read, or write. Compiled and edited by longtime SI colleague Peter King, these are the stories he still wants to see told. Dr. Z's memoir is a rich package of personalities, stories never shared about such characters as Vince Lombardi, Walter Payton, Lawrence Taylor, and Johnny Unitas. Even Joe Namath, with whom Zimmerman had a legendary and well-documented twenty-three-year feud, saw fit to eventually unburden himself to the remarkable scribe.

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Sports Byline: Carmen Policy Audiobook

Sports Byline: Carmen Policy

Author: Ron Barr Narrator: Ron Barr Release Date: November 2018

Executive Carmen Policy was an NFL trailblazer who was team president when the San Francisco 49ers were winning Super Bowls and was part of the expansion Cleveland Browns upon their return to the league in 2000. In this interview, Policy talks about making a decision to keep his grandson out of playing football, the dangers of head trauma for kids playing sports, and how new equipment and rules in high school sports help keep athletes safer.

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