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Outdoor Recreation Audiobooks in Sports & Recreation

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LoveReading Top 10

  1. On Chapel Sands: My mother and other missing persons Audiobook On Chapel Sands: My mother and other missing persons
  2. Quitters Never Win Audiobook Quitters Never Win
  3. The Lost Girls Audiobook The Lost Girls
  4. The Orphans of Bell Lane: A powerful heartwarming saga Audiobook The Orphans of Bell Lane: A powerful heartwarming saga
  5. No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference Audiobook No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference
  6. War Doctor: Surgery on the Front Line Audiobook War Doctor: Surgery on the Front Line
  7. Beloved Audiobook Beloved
  8. Exhalation Audiobook Exhalation
  9. The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in 'Healthy' Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain Audiobook The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in 'Healthy' Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain
  10. I Spy Audiobook I Spy
Outdoor Activities: Become a Practical Backpacker and Camper Audiobook

Outdoor Activities: Become a Practical Backpacker and Camper

Author: Wesley Jones Narrator: Rick Paradis Release Date: August 2019

Book 1: Camping Tips - Many people have no clue what to do when they're camping. When this is the case, it can turn into a boring, frustrating downgrade from a hotel room, or even your own home. But camping can be fun and interesting in a variety of ways. Learn to make the most of your experience in nature and become a super camper! In this book, we'll discuss several topics, such as: Fun activities to engage in when you are camping. Getting ready for the trip by taking the right supplies. A list of items and tips to make your camping experience easier. How to get your children ready for camping and get them excited about it before and during the trip. Ways to stay clean, avoid negative aspects, and be closer to nature. Delicious camping recipes. Book 2: Backpacking - A handy guide to make your backpacking journey better! It has become possible for a larger group of people: To travel the entire world with a single backpack, some items, and a limited amount of money. Some people still show off their income when travelling, but even with a low budget, "backpacking" is an affordable, doable way of living. And yes, you can also make money online while doing it. In this guide, we'll tell you some of the best ways to: Pack your backpack to maximize space Find the most popular destinations in the world for backpackers Go on a hike, and make sure you don't get any physical problems Discover if a hostel is for you and which hostels to look for Find better deals on AirBNB and negotiate with the ones who rent their rooms Avoid scams and tourist traps backpackers sometimes come across in different countries Meet other likeminded backpackers you can socialize with Get some photography tips for your trips

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Escape from the Ordinary Audiobook

Escape from the Ordinary

Author: Julie Bradley Narrator: Janet Metzger Release Date: August 2019

When you arrive at foreign shores by sailboat, it's not such a small world after all. Come along with Glen and Julie as they sail around the world and discover that reality is even bigger than the escape they imagined. This breathtakingly personal true story will thrill those wanting to sail off into the sunset or enjoy the wonders of the world from the comfort of home. Escape from the Ordinary reminds you of the unlimited possibilities in life and nudges the reader into thoughts of their own dreams. Not a technical book about sailing or storm tactics but vividly described, full-tilt adventures on foreign shores.

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Casting into the Light: Tales of a Fishing Life Audiobook

Casting into the Light: Tales of a Fishing Life

Author: Janet Messineo Narrator: Janet Messineo Release Date: July 2019

Tales of a champion surfcaster: the education of a young woman hell-bent on following her dream and learning the mysterious and profound sport, and art, of surfcasting, on the island of Martha's Vineyard.   Janet Messineo knew from the get-go that she wanted to become a great fisherman. She knew she was as capable as any man of catching and landing a huge fish. It took years-and many terrifying nights along on the beach in complete darkness, in search of a huge creature to pull out of the sea-for her to prove to herself and to the male-dominated fishing community that she could make her dream real.   Messineo writes of the object of her obsession: striped bass and how it can take a lifetime to become a proficient striped bass fisherman; of stripers as nocturnal feeders, hard-fighting, clever fish that under the cover of darkness trap bait against jetties or between fields of large boulders near shorelines, or, once hooked, rub their mouths against the rocks to cut the line.   She writes of growing up in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and Salem, New Hampshire, the granddaughter of textile mill workers, tagging along with her father and brother as they cast off of jetties; of going to art school, feeling from a young age the need to escape, and finding herself, one summer, on the Vineyard.   She describes the series of jobs that supported her fishing-waitressing at the Black Dog, Helios, and the Home Port, among other restaurants. She writes of her education in patience and the technique to land a fish; learning the equipment-hooks, sinkers, her first squid jig; buying her first one-ounce Rebel lure.   She re-created the thrill of fishing at night, of being buffeted by the island's harsh winds and torrential rains; the terror of hooking something mysterious in the darkness that might pull her into water over her head.   She gives us a rich portrait of island life and writes of its history and of Chappaquiddick's (it belonged to the Wampanoags, who originally called it Cheppiaquidne-"separate island"); of the Martha's Vineyard Derby: its beginning in 1946 as a way to bring tourism to the island during the offseason, and the Derby's growing into one of the largest tournaments in the world.   Messineo describes her dream of becoming a marine taxidermist, of learning the craft and perfecting the art of it. She writes of the men she's fished with and the women who forged the path for others (among them, Lorraine "Tootie" Johnson, who fished Vineyard waters for more than sixty years, and Lori VanDerlaske, who won the Derby shore division in 1995). And she writes of her life commingled with fishing-her marriage to a singer, poet, activist; their adopting a son with Asperger's; and her teaching him to fish. She writes of the transformative power of fishing that helped her to shake off drugs and alcohol, and of her profound respect for fish as a magnificent animal.   With eighteen of the author's favorite fish recipes, Casting into the Light is a book about following one's dreams and about the quiet reckoning with self in the long hours of darkness at the water's edge, with the sounds of the ocean, the night air, and the jet-black sky. *Includes a PDF of author Janet Messineo's favorite fish recipes

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Microadventures: Local Discoveries for Great Escapes Audiobook

Microadventures: Local Discoveries for Great Escapes

Author: Alastair Humphreys Narrator: Alastair Humphreys Release Date: July 2019

'Enthusiastic, pleasingly madcap' Geographical Adventure - something that's new and exhilarating, outside your comfort zone. Adventures change you and how you see the world, and all you need is an open mind, bags of enthusiasm and boundless curiosity. So what's a microadventure? It's close to home, cheap, simple, short and 100% guaranteed to refresh your life. A microadventure takes the spirit of a big adventure and squeezes it into a day or even a few hours. The point of a microadventure is that you don't need lots of time and money to meet a new challenge. This practical guide is filled with ideas for microadventures - for you to experience on your own or with friends and family, plus tips and advice on safety and kit. Whether it's sleeping on a hilltop or going for a wild swim, cycling a lap of the Isle of Wight or walking home for Christmas, it's time you discovered something new about yourself and the world outside your window. Adventure is everywhere, every day and it is up to us to find it.

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Doumar and the Doctor: The True Story of a Courageous Adventurer Audiobook

Doumar and the Doctor: The True Story of a Courageous Adventurer

Author: Neville De Villiers Narrator: Ian A. Miller Release Date: July 2019

You will be challenged and inspired as you join Neville on board for this real-life, white-knuckle adventure on the high seas... A magni?cent account of courage and perseverance as a young doctor takes time off from his busy practice to sail a 31' yacht (single-handed much of the way) from England to New Zealand. - Mutiny by his crew in Port St Louis, France  - Confrontation with the Sicilian Ma? a at Marsala - Collision with a freighter near Gabo Island, South Australia - Harassed by a UFO mid-ocean in the Tasman sea? ' Having gone through this ordeal, he recognised of himself that he felt mentally and physically better equipped to deal with the challenges of the future. Neville found ocean sailing an extreme challenge, and yet he owns Doumar to this day and sails her as regularly as he is able on the approaches and outer reaches of the Whangarei Harbour. This story is for the ardent reader who wants to feel the joy and the misery of being at sea in a small boat.' --Simon Bliss

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Tales of Southern Rivers Audiobook

Tales of Southern Rivers

Author: Zane Grey Narrator: Robert G. Slade Release Date: June 2019

When not writing his famous Western novels, Zane Grey was an insatiable angler. Tales of Southern Rivers recounts his tales of fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, the Florida Keys, the Everglades, and on remote rivers in the jungles of Mexico. With many of these venues being some of today's most popular saltwater fly-fishing destinations, no one will want to miss these highly entertaining and informative stories. Armchair fishing will never be the same.

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Tales of Fishing Virgin Seas Audiobook

Tales of Fishing Virgin Seas

Author: Zane Grey Narrator: William Hope Release Date: June 2019

Zane Grey, America's master storyteller of the old West, was a passionate angler. He fished as many as three hundred days of the year. This collection, first published in 1925, describes his fishing adventures in exotic locales throughout the Pacific region. These stories capture the drama and excitement that Grey experienced in being the first person to fish many waters?from the Galapagos Islands to Cabo San Lucas?and in being the first to catch and document many new species of fish. No lover of Zane Grey storytelling will want to miss these real-life adventures. The Los Angeles Times listed Tales of Fishing Virgin Seas as one of the best nonfiction books of 2000.

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Tales of the Angler's Eldorado, New Zealand Audiobook

Tales of the Angler's Eldorado, New Zealand

Author: Zane Grey Narrator: Robert G. Slade Release Date: June 2019

New Zealand is one of the "hot" fly-fishing spots in the world today, known for brilliant, crystal clear rivers. Zane Grey's account of his adventure in New Zealand conjures up images of huge and mythic trout. In Tales of the Angler's Eldorado, he describes fishing these now legendary streams as well as his pursuit of huge swordfish off the coast of the New Zealand shores. It's both a fishing story and adventure story from one of America's favorite storytellers. "There is always something wonderful about a new fishing adventure trip-for a single day, or for a week, or for months. The enchantment never palls...Fishing is like Jason's quest for the Golden Fleece."-Zane Grey, from Tales of the Angler's Eldorado, New Zealand

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Tales of Swordfish and Tuna Audiobook

Tales of Swordfish and Tuna

Author: Zane Grey Narrator: Robert G. Slade Release Date: June 2019

Zane Grey fished up to three hundred days of the year. But, with all that time on the water, there was nothing more exciting or more compelling than the really big fish?the giants of the sea. In Zane Grey's day, blue fin tuna were pursued with harpoons and sometimes are even today. There is the story of a swordfish that was hooked at 10:30 in the morning and played until 11:30 that night?only to ...! Tales of Swordfish and Tuna will dazzle and thrill any fishing heart.

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Tales of Freshwater Fishing Audiobook

Tales of Freshwater Fishing

Author: Zane Grey Narrator: William Hope Release Date: June 2019

Zane Grey, known and loved primarily for his Western novels, was an avid fisherman. When his writing started paying off, he managed to spend as many as three hundred days a year enjoying the sport. And while he is remembered for his record-breaking catches, such as the 464-pound marlin caught off the coast of Tahiti, Zane Grey also enjoyed freshwater fishing for bass, trout, steelhead, and salmon. In Tales of Freshwater Fishing, Grey recounts his expeditions on the Delaware River, off the West Coast of the United States, and in British Columbia.

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An American Angler in Australia Audiobook

An American Angler in Australia

Author: Zane Grey Narrator: William Hope Release Date: June 2019

Australia brings to mind images of the Great Barrier Reef, great white sharks, huge crocodiles, and friendly people. Zane Grey fished everywhere, but he often found himself lured back to the Pacific especially around Australia and New Zealand. Most of the fish caught in An American Angler in Australia are sharks: great white, tiger, and even a few carpet sharks. But Zane Grey found that one can't go big game fishing in Australia and not expect to be teased by marlins.

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How to Survive: Lessons for Everyday Life from the Extreme World Audiobook

How to Survive: Lessons for Everyday Life from the Extreme World

Author: John Hudson Narrator: John Hudson Release Date: June 2019

'When it comes to survival and getting out of trouble, listen to this man. John is the real deal.' - Levison Wood What is the connection between crawling through a jungle and your 'to do' list? What can ejecting out of a stealth bomber teach you about the importance of thinking the worst? What can surviving in extreme situations teach us about surviving everyday life? John Hudson, Chief Survival Instructor to the British Military, knows what it takes to survive. Combining first-hand experience with 20 years of studying the choices people have made under the most extreme pressure, How to Survive is a lifetime's worth of wisdom about how to apply the principles of survival to everyday life. The cornerstone of military survival (surviving anything) is understanding the relationship between effort, hope and goals - a mindset that can be transposed anytime, anywhere. In How to Survive you will learn how this template for survival can be applied to any situation in your everyday life. Through gripping first-hand accounts of near disaster and survival stories from across the extreme world you will learn that by following these principles you can develop the mindset that will allow you to make better decisions under pressure, which are as equally applicable to first dates and presentations as to climbing Everest and getting lost at sea.

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