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  1. The Eye of the World: Book One of The Wheel of Time Audiobook The Eye of the World: Book One of The Wheel of Time
  2. Go Tell the Bees that I am Gone Audiobook Go Tell the Bees that I am Gone
  3. Under the Whispering Door Audiobook Under the Whispering Door
  4. The Last Days of John Lennon Audiobook The Last Days of John Lennon
  5. Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing: Inspired by the hit BBC series Audiobook Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing: Inspired by the hit BBC series
  6. Go Set a Watchman Audiobook Go Set a Watchman
  7. Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life Audiobook Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life
  8. It Ends With Us Audiobook It Ends With Us
  10. Ride Audiobook Ride
N B C University Theater - Babylon Revisited Audiobook

N B C University Theater - Babylon Revisited

Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald Narrator: Various Release Date: September 2019

'NBC University Theater' initially started in Chicago with a remit to bring adaptations of classic novels, usually Anglo-American, to a radio audience. Additionally, if listeners signed up they received college credit to a radio-assisted correspondence course. A study guide, The Handbook of the World's Great Novels, was available for 25 cents. In its later years it also included short stories and plays and went on to win the distinguished Peabody award.Unlike many other radio shows University Theatre did not pursue the glamourous stars for its productions but instead relied on excellent distillations of the novels and first class acting alongside high production values.But now its time to enjoy these timeless novels. Let's begin.

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The Life and Works of Liszt Audiobook

The Life and Works of Liszt

The life of Franz Liszt was as daring and spectacular as his music. Famed throughout Europe as the greatest pianist of the nineteenth century, he was one of the most original and prophetic composers who ever lived. Beautiful in youth, glowering in age, his high-profile love affairs were the talk of the town wherever he went and his generosity to young musicians was legendary. In this account of his epic life, actors' readings combine with plentiful musical excerpts to paint a living portrait of a highly complex man.

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A Rare Recording of Helen Keller, Anne Sullivan and Polly Thompson Audiobook

A Rare Recording of Helen Keller, Anne Sullivan and Polly Thompson

Helen Keller was born on June 27, 1880, in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Though born with the ability to see and hear, at 19 months-old she contracted an acute illness that left her both deaf and blind. Eventually, 20-year-old Anne Sullivan, herself visually impaired, became Keller's speech instructor. It was the beginning of a 49-year-long relationship during which Sullivan evolved into Keller's governess and eventually her companion. In 1914, Sullivan's health began to fail, so a young woman from Scotland, Polly Thomson, was hired to keep house. Though she had no experience with deaf or blind people, Thompson progressed to working as a secretary, and eventually became a constant companion to Keller. Keller went on to become a world-famous speaker and author. She was a suffragist, a pacifist, a radical socialist, and a birth control supporter. In 1915 she and George Kessler founded the Helen Keller International organization, devoted to research in vision, health and nutrition. In 1920 she helped to found the American Civil Liberties Union.

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Star Trek Next Generation: Crossover Audiobook

Star Trek Next Generation: Crossover

Author: Michael Jan Friedman, Michael Jan Friedman Narrator: Jonathan Frakes, Jonathan Frakes Release Date: July 2004

Ambassador Spock continues his mission to unify the Romulan and Vulcan peoples, but is captured by a Romulan spy. Starfleet dispatches its best ship, the U.S.S. EnterpriseTM 1701-D, and its most respected captain, Jean-Luc Picard, to secure the release of the ambassador. Ambassador McCoy, now over 140 years old, is also sent to assist in the negotiations. But the situation becomes further complicated when another of Spock's former shipmates, Montgomery "Scotty" Scott confiscates an out-of-service starship and effects his own daring rescue of his friend. ***This hit TV show has been adapted to an audiobook format***

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Doctor Who: The Tenth Planet Audiobook

Doctor Who: The Tenth Planet

The Cybermen make their first ever appearance whilst William Hartnell's Doctor nears the end of his first incarnation, in this classic soundtrack adventure with linking narration by Anneke Wills. The year is 1986, and at the South Pole the crew of the Snowcap Base have detected a new planet on their radar. The arrival of the Doctor, Ben and Polly at the Base coincides with another landing - that of a spaceship whose humaoid passengers have used cybernetics to replace their limbs and vital organs. Battling alongside the humans to save their planet, the Doctor appears to weaken and age before the eyes of his companions. An ultimate collapse appears to signal his death - but then... In an exclusive bonus interview, Anneke Wills - who also narrates the story's soundtrack - recalls her memories of making The Tenth Planet.

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The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas, Volume 26 Audiobook

The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas, Volume 26

Author: Various Authors, Various Authors Narrator: Various Performers, Various Performers Release Date: November 2013

Experience one of television’s greatest science fiction series: The Twilight Zone. This collection of episodes is fully dramatized for audio and features a full cast, music, sound effects, and narration by some of today’s biggest celebrities. Passage on the Lady Anne (starring Martin Jarvis and Rosalind Ayres) A young couple on the verge of divorce decides to cruise on a ghostly steamship to England in the hopes of saving their marriage. Execution (starring Don Johnson) A murdering cowboy from the old west is transported to the present day by a scientist just as he’s about to be hung. He has a second chance in a new world, but will his thirst for blood be quenched? The Fear (starring Jane Seymour and James Keach) An unknown creature hidden in the shadows—apparently monstrously large and immensely powerful—terrorizes a hysterical young woman and a state trooper who’s arrived to help her. But is this gargantuan invader really what it seems to be? The Amazing Dr. Kyle Powers (starring Sean Astin) A cold, unsympathetic physician is given the opportunity to change his ways when an extraordinary visitor gives him the ability to experience his patients’ symptoms. But will the good doctor change for the better? Nothing in the Dark (starring Marshall Allman) An old woman consumed with the fact that she will die one day soon barricades herself in her cold, dark tenement apartment so that “Mr. Death” cannot visit her. The Hunt (starring Shelley Berman and Karen Black) A man from the sticks can’t figure out why everyone is acting like he’s dead—including his wife. When she throws him a wake, he is really confused.

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Rare Daws Butler: Comedy from the Voice of Yogi Bear! Audiobook

Rare Daws Butler: Comedy from the Voice of Yogi Bear!

Author: Daws Butler, Daws Butler Narrator: Daws Butler, Daws Butler, Stan Freberg, Stan Freberg Release Date: April 2001

"Rare Daws Butler: Comedy from the Voice of Yogi Bear! Daws Butler was the voice magician behind such classic cartoon characters as Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound and Quick Draw McGraw. Daws also co-wrote and voiced many of Stan Freberg's greatest comedy records, including Saint George and the Dragonet. Here is a hilarious colection of rare never-before-release Daws Butler comedy records. Included: Daws Butler's Comedy Demo Daws Demonstrates How to Do Quick Draw, Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear and Snagglepuss Blooper's Soap Daws Butler's Serious Demo Yogi Bear Meets the Celebrities Stan Freberg-Arthur Godfrey Parody The Flea Margery Dickerson Mr. Jinks Tells Mary Had a Little Lamb Romney Tuff Who's Afraid of a Virginian's Wrath.

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Dick Clark Audiobook

Dick Clark

Author: Wink Martindale, Wink Martindale Narrator: Wink Martindale, Wink Martindale Release Date: April 2016

Dick Clark had taken over for a TV show that served as "filler" and showcased different musical acts. Young girls were invited to watch as the studio audience, but when they got bored they got up to dance and a camera man caught the moment. From that moment, American Bandstand was born. For teenagers, American Bandstand served as a replacement for hanging out at the local soda shop and listening to the jukebox with friends. Every episode showcased new music, fashion and dance moves. In this 1974 interview, Wink Martindale sits down with Clark to discuss the early years of the program.

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Ghost Stories 5 of 5 By Walter de la Mare Audiobook

Ghost Stories 5 of 5 By Walter de la Mare

Author: Walter De La Mare, Walter De La Mare Narrator: Walter De La Mare, Walter De La Mare Release Date: May 2017

Prepare to be frightened! This audiobook is sure to bring chills down your spine. Be careful what you wish for!

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Star Trek 5: Final Frontier Audiobook

Star Trek 5: Final Frontier

Author: David Loughery, David Loughery Narrator: Leonard Nimoy, Leonard Nimoy Release Date: January 2001

The planet Nimbus lll. A desolate, forbidding world, situated in the heart of the Neutral Zone. Unremarkable, except for one thing : Nimbus lll is the site of an unprecedented attempt at cooperation among the galaxy's three major powers. Here, to this " Planet of Galactic Peace, " the Klingons, the Romulans, and the Federation have all sent ambassadors, who are working together to develop the planet - an experiment that, if it succeeds, could transform the galactic balance of power. But now terrorists have seized control of Nimbus lll. And when Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise attempt a dramatic rescue, they discover a threat unlike any they have ever faced, a threat that will force them to confront the inner demons of their own, secret pasts - and forbidden secrets that lie at the center of the galaxy itself... ***This hit TV show has been adapted to an audiobook format***

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Star Trek: Envoy Audiobook

Star Trek: Envoy

Author: L.A. Graf, L.A. Graf Narrator: George Takei, George Takei Release Date: September 2006

While on the U.S.S Excelsior, Captain Sulu receives top priority orders to proceed by shuttlecraft to Starbase Three. He is to act as the Federation's envoy to a historic peace ceremony between the Krikiki and the Den-Kai - the two dominant, warring races in that sector. The Federation has made it clear to Sulu that it is vital that this mission be successful. Sulu's role is to hand over a young Krikiki prince to the Den-Kai as a symbol of peace. But once Sulu learns of the physical hardships and isolated life that are to befall the prince, he is faced with one of the most difficult choices of his carreer: carry out his orders and protect another being's life only to see it taken away, or interfere and risk destroying the fragile peace...and violate the prime directive in the process. ***This hit TV show has been adapted to an audiobook format***

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Discover Music of the Baroque Era Audiobook

Discover Music of the Baroque Era

Bach, Vivaldi and Handel are the three great composers of the Baroque era, though there are many other well-known figures, including Albinoni, Pachelbel and Scarlatti. This engaging introduction, interspersed liberally music, shows how the music of these composers graced the courts and churches of Europe from 1600-1750. It is a fascinating story. **Please contact member services for additional documents**

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