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  1. The Silence of Scheherazade Audiobook The Silence of Scheherazade
  2. Think Big: Take Small Steps and Build the Future You Want Audiobook Think Big: Take Small Steps and Build the Future You Want
  3. Appetite: A Memoir in Recipes of Family and Food Audiobook Appetite: A Memoir in Recipes of Family and Food
  4. A Line to Kill: from the global bestselling author of Moonflower Murders Audiobook A Line to Kill: from the global bestselling author of Moonflower Murders
  5. Such a Quiet Place Audiobook Such a Quiet Place
  6. 1979 Audiobook 1979
  7. The Reckoning: America's Trauma and Finding a Way to Heal Audiobook The Reckoning: America's Trauma and Finding a Way to Heal
  8. Land of Big Numbers Audiobook Land of Big Numbers
  9. Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose Audiobook Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose
  10. What We Find Audiobook What We Find
Brexitland: Identity, Diversity and the Reshaping of British Politics Audiobook

Brexitland: Identity, Diversity and the Reshaping of British Politics

Author: Maria Sobolewska, Robert Ford Narrator: Jennifer M. Dixon Release Date: April 2021

Long-term social and demographic changes-and the conflicts they create-continue to transform British politics. In this accessible and authoritative book, Sobolewska and Ford show how deep the roots of this polarization and volatility run, drawing out decades of educational expansion and rising ethnic diversity as key drivers in the emergence of new divides within the British electorate over immigration, identity, and diversity. They argue that choices made by political parties from the New Labour era onwards have mobilized these divisions into politics, first through conflicts over immigration, then through conflicts over the European Union, culminating in the 2016 EU referendum. Providing a comprehensive and far-reaching view of a country in turmoil, Brexitland explains how and why this happened, for students, researchers, and anyone who wants to better understand the remarkable political times in which we live.

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Why We Are Restless: On the Modern Quest for Contentment Audiobook

Why We Are Restless: On the Modern Quest for Contentment

Author: Benjamin Storey, Jenna Silber Storey Narrator: Laurel Lefkow Release Date: April 2021

This audiobook narrated by Laurel Lefkow reflects on how our pursuit of happiness makes us unhappy We live in an age of unprecedented prosperity, yet everywhere we see signs that our pursuit of happiness has proven fruitless. Dissatisfied, we seek change for the sake of change—even if it means undermining the foundations of our common life. In Why We Are Restless, Benjamin and Jenna Storey offer a profound and beautiful reflection on the roots of this malaise and examine how we might begin to cure ourselves. Drawing on the insights of Montaigne, Pascal, Rousseau, and Tocqueville, Why We Are Restless explores the modern vision of happiness that leads us on, and the disquiet that follows it like a lengthening shadow. In the sixteenth century, Montaigne articulated an original vision of human life that inspired people to see themselves as individuals dedicated to seeking contentment in the here and now, but Pascal argued that we cannot find happiness through pleasant self-seeking, only anguished God-seeking. Rousseau later tried and failed to rescue Montaigne’s worldliness from Pascal’s attack. Steeped in these debates, Tocqueville visited the United States in 1831 and, observing a people “restless in the midst of their well-being,” discovered what happens when an entire nation seeks worldly contentment—and finds mostly discontent. Arguing that the philosophy we have inherited, despite pretending to let us live as we please, produces remarkably homogenous and unhappy lives, Why We Are Restless makes the case that finding true contentment requires rethinking our most basic assumptions about happiness.

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E allora le foibe? Audiobook

E allora le foibe?

Author: Eric Gobetti Narrator: Eric Gobetti Release Date: April 2021

«Decine di migliaia», poi «centinaia di migliaia», fino a «oltre un milione»: a leggere gli articoli dei giornali e a sentire le dichiarazioni dei politici sul numero delle vittime delle foibe, è difficile comprendere le reali dimensioni del fenomeno. Anzi, negli anni, tutta la vicenda dell'esodo italiano dall'Istria e dalla Dalmazia è diventata oggetto di polemiche sempre più forti e violente. Questo libro è rivolto a chi non sa niente della storia delle foibe e dell'esodo o a chi pensa di sapere già tutto, pur non avendo mai avuto l'opportunità di studiare realmente questo tema. Questo "Fact Checking" non propone un'altra verità storica precostituita, non vuole negare o sminuire una tragedia. Vuole riportare la vicenda storica al suo dato di realtà, prova a fissare la dinamica degli eventi e le sue conseguenze. Con l'intento di evidenziare errori, mistificazioni e imbrogli retorici che rischiano di costituire una 'versione ufficiale' molto lontana dalla realtà dei fatti. È un invito al dubbio, al confronto con le fonti, nella speranza che questo serva a comprendere quanto è accaduto in anni terribili.

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Progress and Perils in Daily Life in Ancient Rome Audiobook

Progress and Perils in Daily Life in Ancient Rome

Author: Veronica Ambrose Narrator: Veronica Ambrose Release Date: April 2021

Would you like to learn about daily life in ancient Rome, but find conventional history books a bit boring? Are you looking for a more entertaining way to learn about Roman history, from the Republic to the Empire? Then Progress and Perils in Daily Life in Ancient Rome: An Entertaining Exploration of Roman History from the Beginning of the Republic to the Fall of the Empire is just the book for you. If you are a Monty Python fan, you will remember the most-often quoted line from the movie The Life of Brian: What have the Romans ever done for us? The satirical retort to the question was: “apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, a fresh water system, and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?” Using this quotation as our inspiration, we have an entertaining and sometimes irreverent look at the various forms of progress made in civilization in ancient Rome. We have a look at Roman sanitation, medicine, education, wine, bathing, sex, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh water system, and public health from an accessible, non-academic perspective in this book, as well as looking at some of the perils or downsides of these advances in civilization. We discuss the developments in these aspects of daily life for the time period from 753 BC, before the beginning of the Roman Republic, through to the end of the Roman Empire around 1200 years in 476 AD. Get a more lively and interesting experience of Roman history with this great book!

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Grandmama of Europe: The Crowned Descendants of Queen Victoria Audiobook

Grandmama of Europe: The Crowned Descendants of Queen Victoria

Author: Theo Aronson Narrator: Pearl Hewitt Release Date: April 2021

The family that shaped Europe's ruling classes in the twentieth century Although rarely documented as the warmest of monarchs and often criticized for her surly attitude to motherhood, Queen Victoria did successfully heir nine children. By the late nineteenth century, she had over thirty surviving grandchildren. Understanding the important role of marriage in upholding Britain's power and influence over Europe, Victoria inserted herself as somewhat of a royal matchmaker in her grandchildren's lives, recommending or despairing at their varied suitors. In this comprehensive delve into Victoria's offspring, Theo Aronson describes the intersection of cultures as princesses with British upbringings experienced the courts of Spain, Romania, Greece, Russia, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. He also explores how the queen's best intentions for royal diplomacy failed to prevent World War I but did, at least, have a significant influence on the absorption of British customs into other courts.

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Royal Bastards: Illegitimate Children of the British Royal Family Audiobook

Royal Bastards: Illegitimate Children of the British Royal Family

Author: Peter Beauclerk-Dewar, Roger Powell Narrator: John Lee Release Date: April 2021

Since 1066 when William the Conqueror took the throne, English and Scottish kings have sired at least 150 children out of wedlock. Many were acknowledged at court and founded dynasties of their own; several of today's dukedoms are descended from them. Others were only acknowledged grudgingly or not at all. In the twentieth century this trend for royals to father illegitimate children continued, but the parentage, while highly probable, has not been officially recognized. This book is a genuinely fresh approach to British kings and queens, examining their lives and times through the unfamiliar perspective of their illegitimate children. Interviewees include many of their descendants. But beyond personal narratives it also sheds light on the perennially fascinating topic of sexual habits; the links between politics, power, and patronage; the class system, scandal, and celebrity; and the different expectations we have of men and women.

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Churchill's Band of Brothers: WWII's Most Daring D-Day Mission and the Hunt to Take Down Hitler's Fu Audiobook

Churchill's Band of Brothers: WWII's Most Daring D-Day Mission and the Hunt to Take Down Hitler's Fu

Author: Damien Lewis Narrator: Derek Perkins Release Date: April 2021

On the night of June 13th, 1944, a twelve-man SAS unit parachuted into occupied France. Their objective: hit German forces deep behind the lines, cutting the rail-tracks linking Central France to the northern coastline. In a country crawling with enemy troops, their mission was to prevent Hitler from rushing his Panzer divisions to the D-Day beaches and driving the Allied troops back into the sea. It was a Herculean task, but no risk was deemed too great to stop the Nazi assault. In daring to win it all, the SAS patrol was ultimately betrayed, captured, and tortured by the Gestapo before facing execution in a dark French woodland on Hitler's personal orders. Miraculously, two of the condemned men managed to escape, triggering one of the most secretive Nazi-hunting operations ever, as the SAS vowed to track down every one of the war criminals who had murdered their brothers in arms . . . With Nazi Germany's lightning seizure of much of Western Europe, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill had called for the formation of specially trained troops of the 'hunter class.' Churchill's warriors were to shatter all known rules of warfare, taking the fight to the enemy with no holds barred. In doing so, the Special Air Service would be tested as never before during the pivotal D-Day landings, and the quest for vengeance that followed.

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Murder: The Biography Audiobook

Murder: The Biography

Author: Kate Morgan Narrator: Emilia Fox Release Date: April 2021

THE CRIMES. THE STORIES. THE LAW ‘Masterful’ – Judith Flanders ‘A page-turning read' – Prof. David Wilson Totally gripping and brilliantly told, Murder: The Biography is a gruesome and utterly captivating portrait of the legal history of murder. The stories and the people involved in the history of murder are stranger, darker and more compulsive than any crime fiction. There’s Richard Parker, the cannibalized cabin boy whose death at the hands of his hungry crewmates led the Victorian courts to decisively outlaw a defence of necessity to murder. Dr Percy Bateman, the incompetent GP whose violent disregard for his patient changed the law on manslaughter. Ruth Ellis, the last woman hanged in England in the 1950s, played a crucial role in changes to the law around provocation in murder cases. And Archibald Kinloch, the deranged Scottish aristocrat whose fratricidal frenzy paved the way for the defence of diminished responsibility. These, and many more, are the people – victims, killers, lawyers and judges, who unwittingly shaped the history of that most grisly and storied of laws. Join lawyer and writer Kate Morgan on a dark and macabre journey as she explores the strange stories and mysterious cases that have contributed to UK murder law. The big corporate killers; the vengeful spouses; the sloppy doctors; the abused partners; the shoddy employers; each story a crime and each crime a precedent that has contributed to the law’s dark, murky and, at times, shocking standing.

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Apprendre l'Allemand: Histoires Courtes pour  Débutants et Avancés - A2-B1: 12 Histoires Faciles en  Audiobook

Apprendre l'Allemand: Histoires Courtes pour Débutants et Avancés - A2-B1: 12 Histoires Faciles en

Author: Fiona Wagenar Narrator: Christian Woelfig, Yoan Fournier-Moreau Release Date: April 2021

Vous en avez assez d'apprendre l'allemand à travers des manuels?Vous souhaitez vérifier de manière concrète votre niveau d'allemand ?Améliorez vos compétences en allemand et développez votre vocabulaire avec ces 12 nouvelles intéressantes en allemand, faciles à lire, à écouter et à comprendre. Ces histoires sont réalistes, amusantes et instructives! Dans ces histoires, vous trouverez de nombreux dialogues réalistes qui vous permettront d'améliorer votre capacité d'expression et de compréhension. Utiliser une grammaire facile à comprendre et des mots couramment utilisés vous aideront à apprendre de nouvelles structures grammaticales sans être dépassé. Ce livre vous aidera à: 1. Apprendre un nouveau vocabulaire 2. Apprendre de nouvelles expressions sur un sujet particulier 3. Aprrendre le vocabulaire de tous les jours utilisé pour communiquer avec les gens dans les dialogues 4. Apprendre quelques phrases typiques qui sont souvent utilisées dans les dialogues en allemand 5. Corriger et / ou améliorer la prononciation 6. Améliorer vos capacités de compréhension en écoutant 7. Améliorer simplement votre allemand, quel que soit votre niveau de débutant Obtenez votre copie du livre audio et commencez à apprendre dès aujourd'hui.

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In Search of a Kingdom: Francis Drake, Elizabeth I, and the Perilous Birth of the British Empire Audiobook

In Search of a Kingdom: Francis Drake, Elizabeth I, and the Perilous Birth of the British Empire

Author: Laurence Bergreen Narrator: Michael Page Release Date: March 2021

In this grand and thrilling narrative, the acclaimed biographer of Magellan, Columbus, and Marco Polo brings alive the singular life and adventures of Sir Francis Drake, the pirate/explorer/admiral whose mastery of the seas during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I changed the course of history “Bergreen masterly portrays ... the swashbuckling life and times of the explorer who achieved what Magellan could not—and made England’s fortune in the process.” —Kirkus, STARRED review Before he was secretly dispatched by Queen Elizabeth to circumnavigate the globe, or was called upon to save England from the Spanish Armada, Francis Drake was perhaps the most wanted–and successful–pirate ever to sail. Nicknamed 'El Draque' by the Spaniards who placed a bounty on his head, the notorious red-haired, hot-tempered Drake pillaged galleons laden with New World gold and silver, stealing a vast fortune for his queen–and himself. For Elizabeth, Drake made the impossible real, serving as a crucial and brilliantly adaptable instrument of her ambitions to transform England from a third-rate island kingdom into a global imperial power. In 1580, sailing on Elizabeth's covert orders, Drake became the first captain to circumnavigate the earth successfully. (Ferdinand Magellan had died in his attempt.) Part exploring expedition, part raiding mission, Drake's audacious around-the-world journey in the Golden Hind reached Patagonia, the Pacific Coast of present-day California and Oregon, the Spice Islands, Java, and Africa. Almost a decade later, Elizabeth called upon Drake again. As the devil-may-care vice admiral of the English fleet, Drake dramatically defeated the once-invincible Spanish Armada, spurring the British Empire’s ascent and permanently wounding its greatest rival.  The relationship between Drake and Elizabeth is the missing link in our understanding of the rise of the British Empire, and its importance has not been fully described or appreciated. Framed around Drake’s key voyages as a window into this crucial moment in British history, In Search of a Kingdom is a rousing adventure narrative entwining epic historical themes with intimate passions. Supplemental enhancement PDF accompanies the audiobook.

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How to be a Brit: The Classic Bestselling Guide Audiobook

How to be a Brit: The Classic Bestselling Guide

Author: George Mikes Narrator: Richard Goulding Release Date: March 2021

Brought to you by Penguin. George Mikes's perceptive manual for everyone who longs to attain True Britishness provides a complete guide to the British Way of Life. Having been born in Hungary, he eventually spent more than forty years in the field, and the fruits of his labour include insights on important topics including the weather, how to be rude and how to panic quietly. Loved by readers and authors alike, How to Be a Brit contains Mikes's three major works - How to be an Alien, How to be Inimitable and How to be Decadent. If you're British, you'll love it; if you're a foreigner, you'll appreciate it. - How to plan a town: 'Street names should be painted clearly and distinctly on large boards. Then hide these boards carefully.' - Queuing: 'An Englishman, even if he is alone, forms an orderly queue of one.' - Sex: 'Continental people have sex lives: the English have hot water bottles.' © George Mikes 1986 (P) Penguin Audio 2020

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The Cancer Problem: Malignancy in Nineteenth-Century Britain Audiobook

The Cancer Problem: Malignancy in Nineteenth-Century Britain

Author: Agnes Arnold-Forster Narrator: Cat Gould Release Date: March 2021

The Cancer Problem offers the first medical, cultural, and social history of cancer in nineteenth-century Britain. It begins by looking at a community of doctors and patients who lived and worked in the streets surrounding the Middlesex Hospital in London. It follows in their footsteps as they walked the labyrinthine lanes and passages that branched off Tottenham Court Road; then, through seven chapters, its focus expands to successively include the rivers, lakes, and forests of England, the mountains, poverty, and hunger of the four nations of the British Isles, the reluctant and resistant inhabitants of the British Empire, and the networks of scientists and doctors spread across Europe and North America. The Cancer Problem: Malignancy in Nineteenth-Century Britain argues that it was in the nineteenth century that cancer acquired the unique emotional, symbolic, and politicized status it maintains today. Through an interrogation of the construction, deployment, and emotional consequences of the disease's incurability, this book reframes our conceptualization of the relationship between medicine and modern life and reshapes our understanding of chronic and incurable maladies, both past and present.

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