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Law Audiobooks in Non-Fiction

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LoveReading Top 10

  1. Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man Audiobook Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man
  2. The Sin Eater Audiobook The Sin Eater
  3. Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You: A Remix of the National Book Award-winning Stamped from the Be Audiobook Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You: A Remix of the National Book Award-winning Stamped from the Be
  4. Near Dark: A Thriller Audiobook Near Dark: A Thriller
  5. Coming Home to Island House Audiobook Coming Home to Island House
  6. Outsider: A Novel of Suspense Audiobook Outsider: A Novel of Suspense
  7. What You Wish For: A Novel Audiobook What You Wish For: A Novel
  8. The Alchemist Audiobook The Alchemist
  9. Relationship Goals: How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex Audiobook Relationship Goals: How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex
  10. Tempt Me Audiobook Tempt Me
Democracy and Equality: The Enduring Constitutional Vision of the Warren Court Audiobook

Democracy and Equality: The Enduring Constitutional Vision of the Warren Court

Author: David A. Strauss, Geoffrey R. Stone Narrator: Tom Perkins Release Date: July 2020

From 1953 to 1969, the Supreme Court under Chief Justice Earl Warren brought about many of the proudest achievements of American constitutional law. The Warren Court declared racial segregation and laws forbidding interracial marriage to be unconstitutional; it expanded the right of citizens to criticize public officials; it held school prayer unconstitutional; and it ruled that people accused of a crime must be given a lawyer even if they can't afford one. Yet, despite those and other achievements, conservative critics have fiercely accused the justices of the Warren Court of abusing their authority by supposedly imposing their own opinions on the nation. As the eminent legal scholars Geoffrey R. Stone and David A. Strauss demonstrate in Democracy and Equality, the Warren Court's approach to the Constitution was consistent with the most basic values of our Constitution and with the most fundamental responsibilities of our judiciary. Stone and Strauss describe the Warren Court's extraordinary achievements by reviewing its jurisprudence across a range of issues. In each chapter, they tell the story of a critical decision, exploring the historical and legal context of each case, the Court's reasoning, and how the justices of the Warren Court fulfilled the Court's most important responsibilities.

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Angela Davis; Words for The Coming Revolution Audiobook

Angela Davis; Words for The Coming Revolution

Author: Geoffrey Giuliano Narrator: Geoffrey Giuliano Release Date: July 2020

This unique audiobook from historian and author Geoffrey Giuliano chronicles the life, times, trials, and triumphs of the remarkable scholar, activist, feminist, teacher, and reformer Angela Davis, using informed commentary, but most significantly, the words and wisdom of Ms. Davis herself. Forget the rhetoric, rumors, and urban legends surrounding this polarizing figure and listen directly to Ms. Davis. Prison reform, civil rights, racial equality - all these topics are presented by author and producer Giuliano. Icon Audio Arts is privileged to present the important, liberating teachings of the dame of American civil rights and a tireless lifetime champion of the poor and oppressed. This audiobook is a must for all university library collections and institutions. Edited by Macc Kay Production executive Avalon Giuliano ICON Intern Eden Giuliano Music By AudioNautix With Their Kind Permission ©2020 Eden Garret Giuliano (P) Eden Garret Giuliano Geoffrey Giuliano is the author of over thirty internationally bestselling biographies, including the London Sunday Times bestseller Blackbird: The Life and Times of Paul McCartney and Dark Horse: The Private Life of George Harrison. He can be heard on the Westwood One Radio Network and has written and produced over seven hundred original spoken-word albums and video documentaries on various aspects of popular culture. He is also a well known movie actor.

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Shortlisted: Women in the Shadows of the Supreme Court Audiobook

Shortlisted: Women in the Shadows of the Supreme Court

Author: Hannah Brenner Johnson, Renee Knake Jefferson Narrator: Kitty Hendrix Release Date: June 2020

The inspiring and previously untold history of the women considered-but not selected-for the US Supreme Court In 1981, after almost two centuries of exclusively male appointments, Sandra Day O'Connor became the first female Supreme Court Justice of the United States, a significant historical moment and a symbolic triumph for supporters of women's rights. Most do not know, however, about the remarkable women shortlisted for the Supreme Court in the decades before O'Connor's success. Since the 1930s, nine women were formally considered for a seat on the Supreme Court, but were ultimately passed over. Shortlisted gives them the recognition they deserve. Award-winning scholars Renee Knake Jefferson and Hannah Brenner Johnson rely on previously unpublished materials to illustrate the professional and personal lives of these accomplished women. From Florence Allen, the first woman judge in Ohio, and the first to appear on a president's list for the Court, to Cornelia Kennedy, the first woman to serve as chief judge of a US district court, shortlisted by Ford and Reagan, Shortlisted shares the often overlooked stories of those who paved the way for women's representation throughout the legal profession and beyond.

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Free Justice: A History of the Public Defender in Twentieth-Century America Audiobook

Free Justice: A History of the Public Defender in Twentieth-Century America

Author: Sara Mayeux Narrator: Ann Richardson Release Date: June 2020

Though often taken for granted, the modern American public defender is a recent invention with a surprisingly contentious history-one that offers insights not only about the 'carceral state,' but also about the contours and compromises of twentieth-century liberalism. First gaining appeal amidst the Progressive Era fervor for court reform, the public defender idea was swiftly quashed by elite corporate lawyers who believed the legal profession should remain independent from the state. Public defenders took hold in some localities but not yet as a nationwide standard. By the 1960s, views had shifted. Gideon v. Wainwright enshrined the right to counsel into law and the legal profession mobilized to expand the ranks of public defenders nationwide. Yet within a few years, lawyers had already diagnosed a 'crisis' of underfunded, overworked defenders providing inadequate representation-a crisis that persists today. This book shows how these conditions, often attributed to recent fiscal emergencies, have deep roots, and chronicles the intertwined histories of constitutional doctrine, big philanthropy, professional in-fighting, and Cold War culture that made public defenders ubiquitous but embattled figures in American courtrooms.

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Digitize and Punish: Racial Criminalization in the Digital Age Audiobook

Digitize and Punish: Racial Criminalization in the Digital Age

Author: Brian Jefferson Narrator: Leon Nixon Release Date: June 2020

The US Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates that law enforcement agencies have access to more than 100 million names stored in criminal history databases. In some cities, 80 percent of the black male population is registered in these databases. Digitize and Punish explores the long history of digital computing and criminal justice, revealing how big tech, computer scientists, university researchers, and state actors have digitized carceral governance over the past forty years-with devastating impact on poor communities of color. Providing a comprehensive study of the use of digital technology in American criminal justice, Brian Jefferson shows how the technology has expanded the wars on crime and drugs, enabling our current state of mass incarceration and further entrenching the nation's racialized policing and punishment. After examining how the criminal justice system conceptualized the benefits of computers to surveil criminalized populations, Jefferson focuses on New York City and Chicago to provide a grounded account of the deployment of digital computing in urban police departments. By highlighting the intersection of policing and punishment with big data and web technology, Digitize and Punish makes clear the extent to which digital technologies have transformed and intensified the nature of carceral power.

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Break Every Yoke: Religion, Justice, and the Abolition of Prisons Audiobook

Break Every Yoke: Religion, Justice, and the Abolition of Prisons

Author: Joshua Dubler, Vincent Lloyd Narrator: Leon Nixon Release Date: June 2020

Changes in the American religious landscape enabled the rise of mass incarceration. Religious ideas and practices also offer a key for ending mass incarceration. These are the bold claims advanced by Break Every Yoke. Once, in an era not too long past, Americans, both incarcerated and free, spoke a language of social liberation animated by religion. In the era of mass incarceration, we have largely forgotten how to dream-and organize-this way. To end mass incarceration we must reclaim this lost tradition. Properly conceived, the movement we need must demand not prison reform but prison abolition. Break Every Yoke weaves religion into the stories about race, politics, and economics that conventionally account for America's grotesque prison expansion of the last half century, and in so doing it sheds new light on one of our era's biggest human catastrophes. By foregrounding the role of religion in the way political elites, religious institutions, and incarcerated activists talk about incarceration, Break Every Yoke is an effort to stretch the American moral imagination and contribute resources toward envisioning alternative ways of doing justice. By looking back to nineteenth century abolitionism, and by turning to today's grassroots activists, it argues for reclaiming the abolition 'spirit.'

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Letters to a Young Lawyer Audiobook

Letters to a Young Lawyer

Author: Alan M. Dershowitz Narrator: Joe Barrett Release Date: June 2020

As defender of both the righteous and the questionable, Alan Dershowitz has become perhaps the most famous and outspoken attorney in the land. Whether or not they agree with his legal tactics, most people would agree that he possesses a powerful and profound sense of justice. In this meditation on his profession, Dershowitz writes about life, law, and the opportunities that young lawyers have to do good and do well at the same time.We live in an age of growing dissatisfaction with law as a career, which ironically comes at a time of unprecedented wealth for many lawyers. Dershowitz addresses this paradox, as well as the uncomfortable reality of working hard for clients who are often without many redeeming qualities. He writes about the lure of money, fame, and power, as well as about the seduction of success. In the process, he conveys some of the 'tricks of the trade' that have helped him win cases and become successful at the art and practice of 'lawyering.'

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Free to Move: Foot Voting, Migration, and Political Freedom Audiobook

Free to Move: Foot Voting, Migration, and Political Freedom

Author: Ilya Somin Narrator: Peter Lerman Release Date: June 2020

Ballot box voting is often considered the essence of political freedom. But it has two major shortcomings: individual voters have little chance of making a difference, and they also face strong incentives to remain ignorant about the issues at stake. 'Voting with your feet,' however, avoids both of these pitfalls and offers a wider range of choices. In Free to Move, Ilya Somin explains how broadening opportunities for foot voting can greatly enhance political liberty for millions of people around the world. People can vote with their feet through international migration, by choosing where to live within a federal system, and by making decisions in the private sector. These three types of foot voting are rarely considered together, but Somin explains how they have important common virtues and can be mutually reinforcing. He contends that all forms of foot voting should be expanded and shows how both domestic constitutions and international law can be structured to increase opportunities for foot voting while mitigating possible downsides.

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101 Reasons To Kill All The Lawyers Audiobook

101 Reasons To Kill All The Lawyers

Author: Paul Brennan Narrator: Paul Brennan Release Date: June 2020

A funny book about law and lawyers. The hard copy book received the following reviews 'An entertaining take on life as a lawyer that skilfully weaves together witty cartoons with satirical insights into the legal profession.' Lawyers Weekly 'A Humorous insight into the idiosyncratic ways of lawyering, catchy in its unpredictability with clever anecdotes about a lawyer's lot'. Peter Fagan Law Society Journal 'hilarious musings on the legalprofession and legal education peppered with bright and amusing cartoons..... all told in aself-deprecating and offbeat tone'. the blog for law students and lawgraduates “An entertaining take on life as a lawyer that skilfully weaves together witty cartoons with satirical insights into the legal profession.” Lawyers Weekly 'I didn't realise what an uneventful life I've had until I read 101 Reason to Kill All the Lawyers. Paul Brennan's personal anecdotes are hilarious as are his cartoons'. Tony Laumberg Lawyer and playwright “Paul Brennan skillfully blends the two opposing forces of Law and Humour and the result is an extremely funny and enjoyable read' Gary Clark, cartoonist “Paul Brennan has done it again! His new book is full of anecdotes and cartoons that touch a nerve. Guaranteed to make you chuckle!” Simon Tupman, author, Why Lawyers Should Eat Bananas “Dangerously entertaining and hilariously funny' Roger Andrews

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The Right to Privacy Audiobook

The Right to Privacy

Author: Louis D. Brandeis And Samuel D. Warren Narrator: Douglas Harvey Release Date: June 2020

The Right to Privacy is an article that appeared in the Harvard Law Review December 15, 1890 that is considered the first document that argued for the inherent right to privacy, defining the right as one of the natural rights, the “right to be left alone”. The authorship is credited to both Louis Brandeis and his law partner Samuel Warren, but the article was apparently written mostly by Brandeis. The article was inspired by the coverage of intimate details of private lives made possible by the use of instantaneous photography and the mass circulation of newspapers. The core argument is an extension of the fundamental right of the individual to full protection in person and property, and notes that the principle is continually reconfigured in light of political, social and economic change, in much the same way that protection against bodily injury came to include fear of injury in addition to actual injury, and that property grew to add intangible property to tangible property. The article examines libel, slander, and intellectual property law as possible protections and finds them inadequate, and proceeds to examine case law and attempt to define privacy itself, an finally imposes limitations on the protection. While short by contemporary standards, The Right to Privacy has been called one of the most influential essays in the history of American law and is especially relevant today as new technologies and business models seek ever more personal data and threats of terror invoke escalating surveillance tactics.

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The Law of Law School: The Essential Guide for First-Year Law Students Audiobook

The Law of Law School: The Essential Guide for First-Year Law Students

Author: Andrew Guthrie Ferguson, Jonathan Yusef Newton Narrator: Mark Kamish Release Date: June 2020

"Dear Law Student: Here's the truth. You belong here."Law professor Andrew Ferguson and former student Jonathan Yusef Newton open with this statement of reassurance in The Law of Law School. As all former law students and current lawyers can attest, law school is disorienting, overwhelming, and difficult. Unlike other educational institutions, law school is not set up simply to teach a subject. Instead, the first year of law school is set up to teach a skill set and way of thinking, which you then apply to do the work of lawyering. What most first-year students don't realize is that law school has a code, an unwritten rulebook of decisions and traditions that must be understood in order to succeed.The Law of Law School endeavors to distill this common wisdom into one hundred easily digestible rules. From self-care tips such as "Remove the Drama" to studying tricks like "Prepare for Class like an Appellate Argument," topics on exams, classroom expectations, outlining, case briefing, professors, and mental health are all broken down into the rules that form the hidden law of law school. If you don't have a network of lawyers in your family and are unsure of what to expect, Ferguson and Newton offer a forthright guide to navigating the expectations, challenges, and secrets to first-year success. Jonathan Newton was himself a non-traditional student and now shares his story as a pathway to a meaningful and positive law-school experience. This book is perfect for the soon-to-be law-school student or the current 1L and speaks to the growing number of first-generation law students in America.

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Acquitted: Verdicts that Shocked the World Audiobook

Acquitted: Verdicts that Shocked the World

Author: Kendall Rae Narrator: Kendall Rae, Mandy Kaplan Release Date: June 2020

OJ Simpson. Casey Anthony. Amanda Knox. All acquitted for their crimes the public were convinced they had committed. Dive deep into each notorious case, the facts and figures, and the eventual acquittals that shocked the world

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