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  1. The Silence of Scheherazade Audiobook The Silence of Scheherazade
  2. Think Big: Take Small Steps and Build the Future You Want Audiobook Think Big: Take Small Steps and Build the Future You Want
  3. Appetite: A Memoir in Recipes of Family and Food Audiobook Appetite: A Memoir in Recipes of Family and Food
  4. A Line to Kill: from the global bestselling author of Moonflower Murders Audiobook A Line to Kill: from the global bestselling author of Moonflower Murders
  5. Such a Quiet Place Audiobook Such a Quiet Place
  6. 1979 Audiobook 1979
  7. The Reckoning: America's Trauma and Finding a Way to Heal Audiobook The Reckoning: America's Trauma and Finding a Way to Heal
  8. Land of Big Numbers Audiobook Land of Big Numbers
  9. Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose Audiobook Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose
  10. What We Find Audiobook What We Find
The Awakened Brain: The Psychology of Spirituality and Our Search for Meaning Audiobook

The Awakened Brain: The Psychology of Spirituality and Our Search for Meaning

Author: Lisa Miller Narrator: Brittany Pressley Release Date: August 2021

Brought to you by Penguin. A ground-breaking exploration of the neuroscience of spirituality and a bold new paradigm for health, healing and resilience Whether it's an uplifting walk in nature, meditation or prayer, there are many ways to experience heightened awareness and escape the relentless demands of modern life. The range of opportunities of this kind suggest that it isn't dependent on faith or religion, but that it's about a different mode of living; an innate spirituality. Lisa Miller has spent decades researching the effects of spirituality on the brain. In this book she draws on her clinical experience and award-winning research to show how an active spiritual life can transform our physical and psychological wellbeing. Bringing scientific rigour to the most intangible aspect of our lives, Miller offers insights into the neurological basis for the increased resilience that comes with nurturing spirituality and highlights its measurable positive effects: decreasing the likelihood of depression and substance abuse, and shifting the course of recovery in many other clinical settings. Woven throughout is Miller's personal story of how, while confronting her own challenges, her professional pragmatism gave way to a greater appreciation of insights that are important to so many people and yet so often dismissed as unscientific. Brimming with inspiration and compassion, this landmark book will revolutionize your understanding of spirituality, mental health and how we find meaning and purpose in life. © Lisa Miller 2021 (P) Penguin Audio 2021

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Cannabinoids and the Brain Audiobook

Cannabinoids and the Brain

Author: Linda A. Parker Narrator: Erin Deward Release Date: August 2021

Parker describes the discovery of tetrahydocannbinol (THC), the main psychoactive component of cannabis, and the further discovery of cannabinoid receptors in the brain. She explains that the brain produces chemicals similar to THC, which act on the same receptors as THC, and shows that the endocannabinoid system is involved in all aspects of brain functioning. Parker reports that cannabis contains not only the psychoactive compound THC, but also other compounds of potential therapeutic benefit, and that one of them, cannabidiol (CBD), shows promise for the treatment of pain, anxiety, and epilepsy. Parker reviews the evidence on cannabinoids and anxiety, depression, mood, sleep, schizophrenia, learning and memory, addiction, sex, appetite and obesity, chemotherapy-induced nausea, epilepsy, and such neurodegenerative disorders as multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's Disease. Each chapter also links the scientific evidence to historical and anecdotal reports of the medicinal use of cannabis. As debate about the medical use of marijuana continues, Parker's balanced and objective review of the fundamental science and potential therapeutic effects of cannabis is especially timely.

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What Are the Chances?: Why We Believe in Luck Audiobook

What Are the Chances?: Why We Believe in Luck

Author: Barbara Blatchley Narrator: Wendy Tremont King Release Date: August 2021

Most of us, no matter how rational we think we are, have a lucky charm, a good-luck ritual, or some other custom we follow in the hope that it will lead to a good result. Is the idea of luckiness just a way in which we try to impose order on chaos? Do we live in a world of flukes and coincidences, good and bad breaks, with outcomes as random as a roll of the dice-or can our beliefs help change our luck? What Are the Chances? reveals how psychology and neuroscience explain the significance of the idea of luck. Barbara Blatchley explores how people react to random events in a range of circumstances, examining the evidence that the belief in luck helps us cope with a lack of control. She tells the stories of lucky and unlucky people-who won the lottery multiple times, survived seven brushes with death, or found an apparently cursed Neanderthal mummy-as well as the accidental discoveries that fundamentally changed what we know about the brain. Blatchley considers our frequent misunderstanding of randomness, the history of luckiness in different cultures and religions, the surprising benefits of magical thinking, and many other topics. Offering a new view of how the brain handles the unexpected, What Are the Chances? shows why an arguably irrational belief can-fingers crossed-help us as we struggle with an unpredictable world.

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The Psychology of Advertising: 3rd Edition Audiobook

The Psychology of Advertising: 3rd Edition

Author: Bob M. Fennis, Wolfgang Stroebe Narrator: Nigel Patterson Release Date: August 2021

The Psychology of Advertising offers a comprehensive exploration of theory and research in (consumer) psychology on how advertising impacts the thoughts, emotions, and actions of consumers. It links psychological theories and empirical research findings to real-life industry examples, showing how scientific research can inform marketing practice. Advertising is a ubiquitous and powerful force, seducing us into buying wanted and sometimes unwanted products and services, donating to charitable causes, voting for political candidates, and changing our health-related lifestyles for better or worse. This revised and fully updated third edition of The Psychology of Advertising offers a comprehensive and state-of-the art overview of psychological theorizing and research on the impact of online and offline advertising and discusses how the traces consumers leave on the Internet (their digital footprint) guides marketers in micro-targeting their advertisements. The new edition also includes new coverage of big data, privacy, personalization, and materialism, and engages with the issue of the replication crisis in psychology, and what that means in relation to studies in the book.

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A Brain for Business-A Brain for Life: How insights from behavioral and brain science can change bus Audiobook

A Brain for Business-A Brain for Life: How insights from behavioral and brain science can change bus

Author: Shane O'mara Narrator: Mike Cooper Release Date: August 2021

Behavior change is hard, but O'Mara shows that by adopting strategies that are well-founded in the science of brain and behavior individuals and organizations can adapt to the demands of the modern world. The brain matters in business. The problem is that our brains have many biases, heuristics, and predilections that can distort behavior and decision making. The good news is that we know more about how these work than ever before. O'Mara's starting point is that, as our behavior arises from the structure and function of our brains, careful examination of a series of brain-based ("neurocognitive") analyses of common aspects of human behavior relevant to business and management practice reveals lessons that can be used at work. He begins by looking at neuroplasticity and how it enables a shift from a restrictive "fixed mindset" to an enabling "growth mindset." He shows how this changing mindset approach-where the focus is on task and improvements based on effort-is scalable within organizations. Next, as the brain is a living organ like the heart and lungs, O'Mara shows how to keep it physically in the best possible shape before examining how we exercise control over our behavior, build resilience and create positive brain states. He also considers the implications for business of our brains wiring for status and illustrates how research shows that it is possible to de-bias assumptions about gender and race-and the impact that this has on performance.

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Mystery: A Seduction, A Strategy, A Solution Audiobook

Mystery: A Seduction, A Strategy, A Solution

Author: Jonah Lehrer Narrator: Jonathan Davis Release Date: August 2021

Why does mystery create a mental itch that must be scratched? New York Times bestselling author Jonah Lehrer unlocks the secrets of mystery's allure, putting together recent discoveries in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, and anthropology and shining a new light on everything from the formulas of our favorite detective shows to the tricks of successful advertising campaigns and the calculated risks of the stock market. Why is mystery so compelling? What draws us to the unknown? Jonah Lehrer sets out to answer these questions in a vividly entertaining and surprisingly profound journey through the science of suspense. He finds that nothing is proven to capture a person's attention as strongly as mystery, making mystery the key principle in how humans see and learn to understand the world. Whenever patterns are broken, we are hard-wired to find out why. Without our curiosity driving us to pursue new discoveries and persevere in solving stubborn problems, we would never have achieved the breakthroughs that have revolutionized human medicine, technology—and culture. From Shakespeare's plays to the earliest works of the detective genre, our entertainment and media have continually reinvented successful forms of mystery to hook audiences. In Mystery, Lehrer interviews individuals in unconventional fields who use mystery to challenge themselves and to motivate others to reach to new heights, from dedicated small-business owners to innovative schoolteachers. He also examines the indelible role of mystery in our culture, revealing how the magical world of Harry Potter triggers the magic of dopamine in our brains, why the baseball season is ten times longer than the football season, and when the suspect is introduced in each episode of Law & Order. Illuminating and engaging, Mystery explores the many surprising ways in which embracing a sense of awe and curiosity can enrich our lives.

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Dark Persuasion: A History of Brainwashing from Pavlov to Social Media Audiobook

Dark Persuasion: A History of Brainwashing from Pavlov to Social Media

Author: Joel E. Dimsdale Narrator: Eric Jason Martin Release Date: August 2021

A harrowing account of brainwashing's pervasive role in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries This gripping book traces the evolution of brainwashing from its beginnings in torture and religious conversion into the age of neuroscience and social media. When Pavlov introduced scientific approaches, his research was enthusiastically supported by Lenin and Stalin, setting the stage for major breakthroughs in tools for social, political, and religious control. Tracing these developments through many of the past century's major conflagrations, Dimsdale narrates how when World War II erupted, governments secretly raced to develop drugs for interrogation. Brainwashing returned to the spotlight during the Cold War in the hands of the North Koreans and Chinese. In response, a huge Manhattan Project of the Mind was established to study memory obliteration, indoctrination during sleep, and hallucinogens. Cults used the techniques as well. Nobel laureates, university academics, intelligence operatives, criminals, and clerics all populate this shattering and dark story-one that hasn't yet ended.

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The Power of Neurodiversity: Unleashing the Advantages of Your Differently Wired Brain (published in Audiobook

The Power of Neurodiversity: Unleashing the Advantages of Your Differently Wired Brain (published in

Author: Thomas Armstrong Narrator: Mike Lenz Release Date: August 2021

ADHD. dyslexia. autism. the number of illness categories listed by the American Psychiatric Association has tripled in the last fifty years. With so many people affected, it is time to revisit our perceptions on this 'culture of disabilities.' Bestselling author, psychologist, and educator Thomas Armstrong illuminates a new understanding of neuropsychological disorders. He argues that if they are a part of the natural diversity of the human brain, they cannot simply be defined as illnesses. Armstrong explores the evolutionary advantages, special skills, and other positive dimensions of these conditions. A manifesto as well as a keenly intelligent look at 'disability,' The Power of Neurodiversity is a must for parents, teachers, and anyone who is 'differently brained.'

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She: Understanding Feminine Psychology Audiobook

She: Understanding Feminine Psychology

Author: Robert A. Johnson Narrator: Josh Bloomberg Release Date: August 2021

What does it mean to be a woman? What is the pathway to mature femininity? And what of the masculine components of a woman's personality? Robert A. Johnson explores these questions in this new edition of She, updated to reflect the growth of his thinking on these subjects. Many writers and scholars have long considered that the ancient myth of Amor and Psyche is really the story of a woman's task of becoming whole, complete, and individuated. Here, examining this ancient story in depth and lightening up the details, Johnson has produced an arresting and perceptive exploration of what it means to become a woman. You will not listen to this book without understanding the important women in your life and a good deal more about yourself as a woman.

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Dark Psychology Secrets: 2 BOOKS in 1 - The Art of Manipulation & How to Analyze People. The best Te Audiobook

Dark Psychology Secrets: 2 BOOKS in 1 - The Art of Manipulation & How to Analyze People. The best Te

Author: Michael Date Narrator: Joe Wosik Release Date: August 2021

Do you want to learn the secrets to influencing people? Do you have the sensation that somebody's manipulate you? Would you like to be able to see a person's hidden messages? Do you want to learn how to quickly analyze people and know their intentions? If you're dealing with anxiety, stress, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder, or even depression, then this is just the right book for you. In this book you will learn to Speed Reading People through Body Language and Discover People Using Mind Control Techniques. Most manipulators target empathic people. Being able to read and analyze a person will help you know a person's intentions before you respond to their demands or queries. A manipulator can actually be a good person in other aspects. You can make your relationship work. Apart from giving you the profile of a manipulator, this book equips you with various tactics of persuading the manipulator and carving out your space in the relationship. In this complete guide you will discover: - Decoding Manipulation - Warning Signs of Manipulation in Relationships - Outsmart Manipulators - The Power of Persuasion - The role of NPL in Manipulation - Influence of Human Behavior - Deception in Relationships - Healing from Manipulative Relationships - When you're the Manipulator - Reasons for analyzing people - Advantages and disadvantages of analyzing people - How to read facial expressions - The essential mind control techniques for yourself and others - And much more...

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Cheat Me Up: Your Guide To Cheaters Audiobook

Cheat Me Up: Your Guide To Cheaters

Author: Susan Zeppieri Narrator: David Van Der Molen Release Date: August 2021

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, especially by her lover. Suspect your partner is cheating, but don’t know what signs to look out for? This book helps you identify the early signs of cheating in your relationship and offers you advice on how to pay attention to your partner’s behaviour and lifestyle changes. Cheating can never be kept a secret for long and we aim to teach you how to spot the clues that your partner unknowingly leaves behind. Level up and get smart with our foolproof guide on how to catch a cheater. From the sneaky text messages blowing up his phone to the lame excuses about working late, we dive in deeper with you to explore these signs in more detail and help you confront your partner using the right approach. No more second guessing yourself or overthinking the signs. Trust your gut and allow us to help guide you on your investigative journey on finding out the truth. This book is highly informative, packed with statistics, raw, and straight to the point. No beating around the bush and wasting time, follow your instincts and take charge of your relationship. Our step-by-step self healing chapter will help you restore confidence in yourself and heal your broken heart. This book can help you in so many ways. Take back your power now, and let this book help you do it the right way.

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