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Philosophy Audiobooks in Non-Fiction

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LoveReading Top 10

  1. How to Own the Room: Women and the Art of Brilliant Speaking Audiobook How to Own the Room: Women and the Art of Brilliant Speaking
  2. Between the World and Me Audiobook Between the World and Me
  3. The Gates of Athens: Book One of Athenian Audiobook The Gates of Athens: Book One of Athenian
  4. Written in Blood Audiobook Written in Blood
  5. The Giver of Stars: Fall in love with the enchanting Sunday Times bestseller from the author of Me B Audiobook The Giver of Stars: Fall in love with the enchanting Sunday Times bestseller from the author of Me B
  6. The Last Widow Audiobook The Last Widow
  7. Daughters of Cornwall Audiobook Daughters of Cornwall
  8. How Do We Know We're Doing It Right?: Essays on Modern Life Audiobook How Do We Know We're Doing It Right?: Essays on Modern Life
  9. The Facilitator Audiobook The Facilitator
  10. The Lying Life of Adults Audiobook The Lying Life of Adults
Anger: The Conflicted History of an Emotion Audiobook

Anger: The Conflicted History of an Emotion

Author: Barbara H. Rosenwein Narrator: Jennifer Jill Araya Release Date: August 2020

Tracing the story of anger from the Buddha to Twitter, Rosenwein provides a much-needed account of our changing and contradictory understandings of this emotion All of us think we know when we are angry, and we are sure we can recognize anger in others as well. But this is only superficially true. We see anger through lenses colored by what we know, experience, and learn. Barbara H. Rosenwein traces our many conflicting ideas about and expressions of anger, taking the story from the Buddha to our own time, from anger's complete rejection to its warm reception. Rosenwein explores how anger has been characterized by gender and race, why it has been tied to violence and how that is often a false connection, how it has figured among the seven deadly sins and yet is considered a virtue, and how its interpretation, once largely the preserve of philosophers and theologians, has been gradually handed over to scientists-with very mixed results. Rosenwein shows that the history of anger can help us grapple with it today.

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Grandstanding: The Use and Abuse of Moral Talk Audiobook

Grandstanding: The Use and Abuse of Moral Talk

Author: Brandon Warmke, Justin Tosi Narrator: Christopher Grove Release Date: August 2020

We are all guilty of it. We call people terrible names in conversation or online. We vilify those with whom we disagree, and make bolder claims than we could defend. We want to be seen as taking the moral high ground not just to make a point, or move a debate forward, but to look a certain way-incensed, or compassionate, or committed to a cause. We exaggerate. In other words, we grandstand. Nowhere is this more evident than in public discourse today, and especially as it plays out across the internet. To philosophers Justin Tosi and Brandon Warmke, who have written extensively about moral grandstanding, such one-upmanship is not just annoying, but dangerous. As politics gets more and more polarized, people on both sides of the spectrum move further and further apart when they let grandstanding get in the way of engaging one another. Drawing from work in psychology, economics, and political science, and along with contemporary examples spanning the political spectrum, the authors dive deeply into why and how we grandstand. Using the analytic tools of psychology and moral philosophy, they explain what drives us to behave in this way, and what we stand to lose by taking it too far. Most importantly, they show how, by avoiding grandstanding, we can re-build a public square worth participating in.

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Entitled: How Male Privilege Hurts Women Audiobook

Entitled: How Male Privilege Hurts Women

Author: Kate Manne Narrator: Cynthia Farrell Release Date: August 2020

Brought to you by Penguin. A vital exploration of gender politics from a highly influential intellectual who has been described as 'the philosopher of #MeToo' Male entitlement takes many forms. To sex, yes, but more insidiously to admiration, bodily autonomy, knowledge, power, even care. In this urgent intervention, philosopher Kate Manne offers a radical new framework for understanding misogyny. In clear-sighted, powerful prose, she ranges widely across the culture -- from the Kavanaugh hearings and 'Cat Person' to Harvey Weinstein and Elizabeth Warren -- to show how the idea that a privileged man is tacitly deemed to be owed something is a pervasive problem. Male entitlement can explain a wide array of phenomena, from mansplaining and the undertreatment of women's pain to mass shootings by incels and the seemingly intractable notion that women are 'unelectable'. The consequences for girls and women are often devastating. As Manne shows, toxic masculinity is not just the product of a few bad actors; we are all implicated, conditioned as we are by the currents of our time. With wit and intellectual fierceness, she sheds new light on gender and power and offers a vision of a world in which women are just as entitled as men to be cared for, believed and valued. © Kate Manne 2020 (P) Penguin Audio 2020

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Bunker: Building for the End Times Audiobook

Bunker: Building for the End Times

Author: Bradley Garrett Narrator: Adam Sims Release Date: August 2020

Brought to you by Penguin. Since prehistory, bunkers have been built as protection from cataclysmic social and environmental forces, and as places of power and transformation. Today, the bunker has become the extreme expression of our greatest fears: from pandemics to climate change and nuclear war. And once you look, it doesn't take long to start seeing bunkers everywhere. In Bunker, acclaimed urban explorer and cultural geographer Bradley Garrett explores the global and rapidly growing movement of 'prepping' for social and environmental collapse, or 'Doomsday'. From the 'dread merchants' hustling safe spaces in the American mid-West to eco-fortresses in Thailand, from geoscrapers to armoured mobile bunkers, Bunker is a brilliant, original and never less than deeply disturbing story from the frontlines of the way we live now: an illuminating reflection on our age of disquiet and dread that brings it into new, sharp focus. The bunker, Garrett shows, is all around us: in malls, airports, gated communities, the vehicles we drive. Most of all, he shows, it's in our minds. © Bradley Garrett 2020 (P) Penguin Audio 2020

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How Philosophy Works: The concepts explained Audiobook

How Philosophy Works: The concepts explained

Author: Dk Narrator: Daniel Philpott Release Date: August 2020

From Socrates to Jean-Paul Sartre and dualism to existentialism, discover the key philosophers and theories which have shaped the way we view the world. Demystifying the key ideas of the world's greatest philosophers, and exploring all of the most important branches of thought including philosophy of science, philosophy of religion and feminist philosophy in a uniquely visual way, this book is the perfect introduction to the history of philosophy. A clear and accessible guide to philosophy, How Philosophy Works combines bold infographics and jargon-free text to demystify fundamental concepts. Covering everything from ethics to epistemology and phenomenology, the book presents the ideas and theories of key philosophical traditions and philosophers - from Plato and Socrates to Nietzsche and Wittgenstein via Kant - in a novel, easy-to-understand way. Its infographics will help you to understand the elements of philosophy on a conceptual level and, by tackling life's 'big questions', it will help you to look at the world in an entirely new way. With its unique graphic approach and clear, authoritative text, How Philosophy Works is the perfect introduction to philosophy, and the ideal companion to DK's The Philosophy Book in the 'Big Ideas' series. © 2019 Dorling Kindersley Ltd © 2020 DK Audio

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L´aigua és aixó Audiobook

L´aigua és aixó

Author: David Foster Wallace Narrator: David Espunya Release Date: August 2020

L’aclamat i malaguanyat escriptor David Foster Wallace reflexiona sobre alguns dels aspectes més importants de la vida en aquest manifest agut i profund. A mesura que busca respostes a preguntes gens senzilles, plasma les seves creences i deduccions sobre la naturalesa humana i dissecciona sense complexos una de les decisions més importants i alhora inconscients que prenem constantment: què pensem del món que ens envolta i de quina manera ho fem. Escrit amb l’intel·lecte i l’humor inconfusible de l’autor, L’aigua és això ens interpel·la sobre els reptes de la vida diària i ens ofereix reflexions provocadores que ens renoven a cada lectura.

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Buying Buddha, Selling Rumi: Orientalism and the Mystical Marketplace Audiobook

Buying Buddha, Selling Rumi: Orientalism and the Mystical Marketplace

Author: Sophia Rose Arjana Narrator: Natalie Naudus Release Date: August 2020

From jewelry to meditation pillows to tourist retreats, religious traditions-especially those of the East-are being commodified as never before. Imitated and rebranded as "new age" or "spiritual," they are marketed to secular Westerners as an answer to suffering in the modern world, the "mystical" and "exotic" East promising a path to enlightenment and inner peace.In Buying Buddha, Selling Rumi, Sophia Rose Arjana examines the appropriation and sale of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam in the West today, the role of mysticism and Orientalism in the religious marketplace, and how the commodification of religion impacts people's lives.

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You Belong: A Call for Connection Audiobook

You Belong: A Call for Connection

Author: Sebene Selassie Narrator: Sebene Selassie Release Date: August 2020

'A POWERFUL WORK OF SPIRITUALITY AND ANTI-RACISM'—Publishers Weekly 'IF YOU READ ONE BOOK IN 2020, MAKE IT THIS ONE.'—Tricycle  From much-admired meditation expert Sebene Selassie, You Belong is a call to action, exploring our tangled relationship with belonging, connection, and each other You are not separate. You never were. You never will be. We are not separate from each other. But we don’t always believe it, and we certainly don’t always practice it. In fact, we often practice the opposite—disconnection and domination.  From unconscious bias to “cancel culture,” denial of our inherent interconnection limits our own freedom. In You Belong, much-admired meditation expert Sebene Selassie reveals that accepting our belonging is the key to facing the many challenges currently impacting our world. Using ancient philosophy, multidisciplinary research, exquisite storytelling, and razor-sharp wit, Selassie leads us in an exploration of all the ways we separate (and thus suffer) and offers a map back to belonging.  To belong is to experience joy in any moment: to feel pleasure, dance in public, accept death, forgive what seems unforgivable, and extend kindness to yourself and others. To belong is also to acknowledge injustice, reckon with history, and face our own shadows. Full of practical advice and profound revelations, You Belong makes a winning case for resisting the forces that demand separation and reclaiming the connection—and belonging—that have been ours all along. Supplemental enhancement PDF accompanies the audiobook.

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The Socrates Express: In Search of Life Lessons from Dead Philosophers Audiobook

The Socrates Express: In Search of Life Lessons from Dead Philosophers

Author: Eric Weiner Narrator: Eric Weiner Release Date: August 2020

The New York Times bestselling author of The Geography of Bliss embarks on a rollicking intellectual journey, following in the footsteps of history's greatest thinkers and showing us how each—from Epicurus to Gandhi, Thoreau to Beauvoir—offers practical and spiritual lessons for today's unsettled times. We turn to philosophy for the same reasons we travel: to see the world from a dif­ferent perspective, to unearth hidden beauty, and to find new ways of being. We want to learn how to embrace wonder. Face regrets. Sustain hope. Eric Weiner combines his twin passions for philosophy and global travel in a pil­grimage that uncovers surprising life lessons from great thinkers around the world, from Rousseau to Nietzsche, Confucius to Simone Weil. Traveling by train (the most thoughtful mode of transport), he journeys thousands of miles, making stops in Athens, Delhi, Wyoming, Coney Island, Frankfurt, and points in between to recon­nect with philosophy's original purpose: teaching us how to lead wiser, more meaningful lives. From Socrates and ancient Athens to Simone de Beauvoir and twentieth-century Paris, Weiner's chosen philosophers and places provide important signposts as we navigate today's chaotic times. In The Socrates Express, Weiner invites us to voyage alongside him on his life-changing pursuit of wisdom and discovery as he attempts to find answers to our most vital questions.

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Time of the Magicians: The Invention of Modern Thought, 1919-1929 Audiobook

Time of the Magicians: The Invention of Modern Thought, 1919-1929

Author: Wolfram Eilenberger Narrator: Rhett Samuel Price Release Date: August 2020

Brought to you by Penguin. The year is 1919. Walter Benjamin flees his overbearing father to scrape a living as a jobbing critic. Ludwig Wittgenstein signs away his inheritance to teach schoolchildren in a provincial Austrian village, seeking spiritual clarity. Martin Heidegger renounces his faith and align his fortunes with the phenomenological school of Edmund Husserl. Ernst Cassirer sketches a new schema of human culture at the back of a cramped Berlin tram. The stage is set for a great intellectual drama, which will unfold over the next decade. The lives and thought of this quartet will converge and intertwine as each gains world historical significance, between them remaking philosophy. Time of the Magicians tells the story of this revolution in Western thought through the remarkable and turbulent lives of its four protagonists, showing philosophy not gifted from on high but worked out in the mess of everyday life, and illuminating their ideas with rare clarity. © Wolfram Eilenberger 2020 (P) Penguin Audio 2020

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Whiskey and Philosophy: A Small Batch of Spirited Ideas Audiobook

Whiskey and Philosophy: A Small Batch of Spirited Ideas

Author: Fritz Allhoff, Marcus P. Adams Narrator: Ryan Desrosiers Release Date: August 2020

Everyone becomes a philosopher with a drink in hand, but Whiskey and Philosophy takes this natural pairing to a new level. From the first reference to Scotch in 1494 in the records of King James IV of Scotland to Hillary Clinton tossing back that famous shot of Crown Royal during the 2008 campaign, this spirited book captures the history of whiskey, its various forms, and its associated philosophical issues through engaging and accessible reflections written by philosophers, academics, journalists, and whiskey specialists.Exploring the aesthetics, metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics of whiskey as well as everything from geographical origin to stylistic differences between whiskey and Scotch, Whiskey and Philosophy will teach you things that are both practical (how do tasting notes vary across guides and whiskey brands?) and thought provoking (why is there the popular conception that drinking whiskey makes people mean, and is it true?). Whether you prefer your whiskey neat or in a Manhattan, from the United States, Scotland, or elsewhere, Whiskey and Philosophy is your perfect drinking companion.

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Zen: Beginning on the Path to Mindfulness and Inner Peace Audiobook

Zen: Beginning on the Path to Mindfulness and Inner Peace

Author: Evie Harrisson Narrator: Mary Johnson Release Date: August 2020

Is Zen meditation something you have been looking into?   Are you mindful of your surroundings?   Do you want to enjoy the present better?   These are things you can enjoy with the help of Zen, which refers to peace of mind and relaxation, in most cases. When you are at work, when you are trying to be more forgiving in an intense relationship, or when you are stressed out too much… Zen can be the principle of living that can pull you through.   Don’t wait and find out why.

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