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Hobbies & Games Audiobooks in Non-Fiction

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LoveReading Top 10

  1. The Final Twist Audiobook The Final Twist
  2. The Bomber Mafia: A Dream, a Temptation, and the Longest Night of the Second World War Audiobook The Bomber Mafia: A Dream, a Temptation, and the Longest Night of the Second World War
  3. Soundtracks: The Surprising Solution to Overthinking Audiobook Soundtracks: The Surprising Solution to Overthinking
  4. Win at Work and Succeed at Life: 5 Principles to Free Yourself from the Cult of Overwork Audiobook Win at Work and Succeed at Life: 5 Principles to Free Yourself from the Cult of Overwork
  5. Left You Dead Audiobook Left You Dead
  6. Protector: The epic new adventure through the battlefields of ancient Greece Audiobook Protector: The epic new adventure through the battlefields of ancient Greece
  7. Because of You: The instant Sunday Times bestseller 2020 Audiobook Because of You: The instant Sunday Times bestseller 2020
  8. The Wife Who Got a Life Audiobook The Wife Who Got a Life
  9. Covet Audiobook Covet
  10. The Power of Geography: Ten Maps That Reveal the Future of Our World Audiobook The Power of Geography: Ten Maps That Reveal the Future of Our World
Press Reset: Ruin and Recovery in the Video Game Industry Audiobook

Press Reset: Ruin and Recovery in the Video Game Industry

Author: Jason Schreier Narrator: Ray Chase Release Date: May 2021

From the bestselling author of Blood, Sweat, and Pixels comes the next definitive, behind-the-scenes account of the video game industry: how some of the past decade's most renowned studios fell apart-and the stories, both triumphant and tragic, of what happened next. Jason Schreier's groundbreaking reporting has earned him a place among the preeminent investigative journalists covering the world of video games. In his eagerly anticipated, deeply researched new book, Schreier trains his investigative eye on the volatility of the video game industry and the resilience of the people who work in it. The business of videogames is both a prestige industry and an opaque one. Based on dozens of first-hand interviews that cover the development of landmark games-Bioshock Infinite, Epic Mickey, Dead Space, and more-on to the shocking closures of the studios that made them, Press Reset tells the stories of how real people are affected by game studio shutdowns, and how they recover, move on, or escape the industry entirely. Schreier's insider interviews cover hostile takeovers, abusive bosses, corporate drama, bounced checks, and that one time the Boston Red Sox's Curt Schilling decided he was going to lead a game studio that would take out World of Warcraft. Along the way, he asks pressing questions about why, when the video game industry is more successful than ever, it's become so hard to make a stable living making video games-and whether the business of making games can change before it's too late.

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Confessions From The Quilting Circle Audiobook

Confessions From The Quilting Circle

Author: Maisey Yates Narrator: Samantha Cook Release Date: May 2021

It takes secrets of the heart to unlock their future The Ashwood sisters have never had anything in common. Except their ability to keep secrets. But when their grandmother dies they must all return to their hometown to clear her estate... and face up to the reasons they all left. Lark has been running away from her past for years. But now finally she must face up to the secret she's been hiding...and the man she's never stopped loving? Hannah spent her whole childhood dreaming of escaping and she plans to leave as soon as she can. Until she comes face to face with the only man who's ever been able to distract her... Avery has built the perfect life in her hometown. But can she carry on paying the price of perfection? Or will the support of her sisters help her find a different version of perfect? The Ashwood family must learn to heal. But first they must learn to trust each other like never before...

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Senbazuru: Small Steps to Hope, Healing and Happiness Audiobook

Senbazuru: Small Steps to Hope, Healing and Happiness

Author: Michael James Wong Narrator: Michael James Wong Release Date: May 2021

Brought to you by Penguin. The paper crane is an iconic and powerful symbol of hope, healing and happiness. According to tradition, if a person were to fold a thousand paper cranes in one year, they would be granted a single wish and a long and joyful life. In this beautiful and inspiring book, renowned mindfulness and meditation teacher Michael James Wong shares a personal collection of short stories and teachings, accompanied by proverbs and prayers. Together these bring to life gentle wisdoms and universal truths to guide a meaningful way of living. Shared throughout the book in twelve straightforward steps is also the powerful practice of orizuru, the art of folding paper cranes, a journey that will encourage you to slow down and ignite a hopeful perspective for the future. Senbazuru is an essential book for mindful living. © Michael James Wong 2021 (P) Penguin Audio 2021

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Video Game Careers Demystified: Trifecta of Game Makers, Athletes, and Ecosystem in a Thriving Indus Audiobook

Video Game Careers Demystified: Trifecta of Game Makers, Athletes, and Ecosystem in a Thriving Indus

Author: Michael S. Chang Narrator: Jonny Unitus Release Date: May 2021

International Bestseller in multiple categories in over 7 countries on Amazon Kindle (Computer Games Programming, Children's Computer Games.) Written by a video game marketer and consultant who had worked in both AAA game development and indie game studios for over a decade. Come experience the thrills and the ups and downs of this incredible industry - with an emphasis on first-hand accounts of what IT'S REALLY LIKE to develop, launch, and publish video games. Hear first-hand accounts and WORDS OF WISDOM - about how THEY got their starts in the video game industry - from celebrated experts who have worked on such iconic games like Pac-Man, Ultima, RuneScape, Dark Age of Camelot, Candy Crush Saga, DungeonKeeper, Dragon Age, Star Wars the Old Republic, ABC Mouse, Halo, Pieces of Flair, Real Racing, FIFA Ultimate Team, and many more. Together with a framework that allows a young gamer to look inside one's self; explore one's unique set of strengths, weaknesses, talents, and values; decide if this industry is right for one's self, how to stand out, and how to get started... This book seeks to delight, educate, and inspire the readers by answering three sets of questions: 1. WHAT IS IT REALLY LIKE to create and publish games? 2. Does THE INDUSTRY OFFER VIABLE OPPORTUNITIES for young people? What about teens who are not STEM-inclined or artistic? 3. SHOULD EDUCATORS AND PARENTS FOSTER, CULTIVATE, OR CURE such “dreamers”? And if the former, How?

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The Dressmaker's Secret: A heart-warming family saga Audiobook

The Dressmaker's Secret: A heart-warming family saga

Author: Karen Dickson Narrator: Jess Nesling Release Date: April 2021

'A compelling saga that will hold you fast from the first page to the last. Loved it' VAL WOOD, author of The Lonely Wife Perfect for fans of Dilly Court and Gracie Hart, The Dressmaker's Secret is a moving and heartfelt family saga from the talented author of The Shop Girl's Soldier.   Dorset, 1876. When young Beatrice Cullen shows up in the local church with her illegitimate child in her arms, Reverend Michael Redfern takes it upon himself to help her.   He finds her daughter, Lily, a home with a kindly couple. But when, at the age of 9, Lily loses her adopted parents, she is forced to live with her awful Aunt Doris and cousin Jez, who treat her no better than a slave. Lily can only seek solace in her dream of one day escaping her aunt and becoming a seamstress.   Five years later, now aged fourteen, Lily makes a startling discovery: that her birth father is none other than local aristocrat Sir Frederick Copperfield. Lily is stunned. And when she gets the chance to work for the Copperfields, she can't pass up the opportunity to get to know her half-sister Eleanor.   But will Eleanor ever really get to know her, or will Lily's true identity forever remain a secret? 'This rollercoaster of a novel draws you in from the first page. Expertly researched and a fabulous storyline with real heart at the centre... I devoured this in one sitting and look forward to more from this author. In short a gem of a read' FIONA FORD, author of Wartime at Liberty's 'A delight to read... Lily Hayter is a wonderful heroine whose resilience and integrity shine through as she struggles to claim a life of her choosing and find a family. At the heart of the story is a warmth and humanity that makes it a truly uplifting read. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was sorry when I reached the end because I wanted to linger in Dickson's world. I eagerly await more from Karen Dickson' VICKI BEEBY, author of The Ops Room Girls 'The characters in this novel are so believable that I cared deeply about them from the first chapter. A heartfelt, hopeful account of one young woman's fight to keep her child safe when all the odds are against her. Atmospheric and beautifully written' JAN CASEY, author of The Women of Waterloo Bridge  'An exciting, fresh and talented new voice - a five-star read!' CAROL RIVERS on The Shop Girl's Soldier

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Celebrating Birds: An Interactive Field and Listening Guide Inspired by the Wingspan Game Audiobook

Celebrating Birds: An Interactive Field and Listening Guide Inspired by the Wingspan Game

A gorgeously illustrated and interactive full-color guide to more than 181 birds of North America, featuring recorded vocalizations of each, based on the bestselling board game, Wingspan. Praised for its gorgeous illustrations, accurate portrayal of bird habitats, and its gameplay, the bird-focused board game Wingspan has become an international sensation, available in a dozen languages and selling more than 200,000 copies its first year. Celebrating Birds is the ultimate companion to the game for fans, as well as a beautiful and in-depth field guide for avian and nature enthusiasts. In addition to large-size representations of each bird and the most up-to-date bird descriptions provided by Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Celebrating Birds includes a step-by-step guide that can be used to take the game into the real world. Players can collect points based on the birds, nests, and various habitat and feeding clues they find outside. Artists and best friends Natalia Rojas and Ana Maria Martinez collaborated to create the beautiful depictions featured in the original Wingspan board game. Celebrating Birds features larger illustrations of the 170 North American birds from the game, plus eleven exciting new birds. With Celebrating Birds, players and amateur naturalists can discover details about many of the birds currently at risk for extinction. As the number of birds in the United States and Canada has declined precipitously, Celebrating Birds is a fun way to raise awareness, educate, encourage activism, and provide resources on some of the most important ecological issues facing us today. Supplemental enhancement PDF accompanies the audiobook. Text descriptions for bird species were provided with permission from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s website,, Copyright © 2021 by Cornell University.  Artists’ Foreword Copyright © 2021 by Natalia Rojas and Ana María Martínez  Foreword Copyright © 2021 by Miyoko Chu Introduction Copyright © 2021 by Elizabeth Hargrave Afterword Copyright © 2021 by Jamey Stegmaier

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Little and Often: A Memoir Audiobook

Little and Often: A Memoir

Author: Trent Preszler Narrator: Matt Bomer Release Date: April 2021

“Little and Often is a beautiful memoir of grief, love, the shattered bond between a father and son, and the resurrection of a broken heart. Trent Preszler tells his story with the same level of art and craftsmanship that he brings to his boat making, and he reminds us of creativity’s power to transform and heal our lives. This is a powerful and deeply moving book. I won’t soon forget it.”   —Elizabeth Gilbert Trent Preszler thought he was living the life he always wanted, with a job at a winery and a seaside Long Island home, when he was called back to the life he left behind. After years of estrangement, his cancer-stricken father had invited him to South Dakota for Thanksgiving. It would be the last time he saw his father alive. Preszler’s only inheritance was a beat-up wooden toolbox that had belonged to his father, who was a cattle rancher, rodeo champion, and Vietnam War Bronze Star Medal recipient. This family heirloom befuddled Preszler. He did not work with his hands—but maybe that was the point. In his grief, he wondered if there was still a way to understand his father, and with that came an epiphany: he would make something with his inheritance. Having no experience or training in woodcraft, driven only by blind will, he decided to build a wooden canoe, and he would aim to paddle it on the first anniversary of his father’s death. While Preszler taught himself how to use his father’s tools, he confronted unexpected revelations about his father’s secret history and his own struggle for self-respect. The grueling challenges of boatbuilding tested his limits, but the canoe became his sole consolation. Gradually, Preszler learned what working with his hands offered: a different per­spective on life, and the means to change it. Little and Often is an unflinching account of bereavement and a stirring reflection on the complexities of inheritance. Between his past and his present, and between America’s heartland and its coasts, Preszler shows how one can achieve reconciliation through the healing power of creativity.

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Gambling Tips: The Essential Guide on the Best Gambling Games, Understand Casino Rules and Games and Audiobook

Gambling Tips: The Essential Guide on the Best Gambling Games, Understand Casino Rules and Games and

Author: P.A. Normand Narrator: Jesse Gross, Marcus Mulenga Release Date: April 2021

Gambling Tips: The Essential Guide on the Best Gambling Games, Understand Casino Rules and Games and How to Win Each One There are a lot of reasons why people enjoy playing online casino games, not only to obtain more profit but also because they find real entertainment while playing online. The industry of online casinos is not really showing any sign of slowing down as more and more individuals are being hooked to different casino games that can be found online.  If you are gambling, you need to make some serious adjustments that are mainly based on such underlying guidelines and principles. Also, if you have in-depth knowledge of the game basics, the likelihood of losing is lower. Such a case is even more important for all beginners. In this audiobook, you will learn the best gambling games. Learn casino rules and games and some tips on how to win each one. Before starting with your gambling sessions, you need to set aside time to read and learn the rules for you to have a better understanding of the ins and outs of the game. Remember, without any solid understanding of the gambling basics, you will never be able to grasp a highly developed strategy.  Even though gambling is something that you should be looked at as a source of entertainment and not really as a source of income, bear in mind that that does not mean you have to throw away the money that you have earned from it. If you want to learn more, download Gambling Tips today!

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CHESS FOR BEGINNERS: The Bible of Chess for Beginners: How to Play Chess with The Most Effective Ope Audiobook

CHESS FOR BEGINNERS: The Bible of Chess for Beginners: How to Play Chess with The Most Effective Ope

Author: Vincent Price Narrator: Connor Chaney Release Date: April 2021

This book will make playing chess a simple and immediate task. Chess can be a very complex game for newbies and for those who approach the game for the first time. If you don’t know the rules, the strategies and the basic openings, you are likely to end up bitterly loosing many many times. Did you know that the number of possible moves during the course of a chess game is higher than the number of atoms present in the universe? It seems crazy, but it’s true! This book is a practical guide (for beginners) that will make the chess game simple and fun. You are going to learn powerful game strategies like: ‘The fork’, ‘Pins’, ‘The skewer’, ‘Attacking a defender’, ‘The discovered attack’, ‘Double checks’ and much more! - How to play chess and the basic rules of it - Explanation of each chess piece - The best strategies to immediately start playing and being competitive - An easy guide to the opening strategies, you’ll always know how to behave at the beginning of every match - Checkmating patterns and methods - How to attack the opponent and defend own pawns - Illustrations to understand the different moves and strategies - Defeat your opponent by predicting his/her moves   Thanks to the immediacy of the explanations provided in this book, you will be able to start applying the strategies of the best chess champions straightaway and win. You’ll amaze your friends and opponents with unpredictable moves and enjoy amazing and well deserved victories! Scroll up this page and... Checkmate!

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Cottagecore Audiobook


Author: Beatrix Barker Narrator: Ross Pipkin Release Date: March 2021

Want to know the secret to simple living? The secret is Cottagecore! Life today is hectic; we’re constantly juggling the pressures of work and family life and if that is not enough we are all suffering from information overload. We often find ourselves surrounded by loved ones yet we feel compelled to stare at our phones or tablets in silence instead of connecting with the very people alongside us. Cottagecore is a concept about embracing a simpler more authentic life. Cottagecore is getting up early to bake some fresh bread, Cottagecore is curling up in front of the fire with a good old fashioned paperback book, Cottagecore is enjoying a picnic on a sunny spring day. This guide will give you tips on how to stop the hectic rat race and enjoy a more simple and wholesome style of living. This cute little book will help you adopt the Cottagecore concept into your life with the help of the 20 day #CottagecoreChallenge. This simple guide to Cottagecore will warm your heart and help heal your soul. Grab your copy now!

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Chess Opening Names - Volume 2 Audiobook

Chess Opening Names - Volume 2

Author: Nathan Rose Narrator: Nathan Rose Release Date: March 2021

Even more of the people, places and stories behind the chess openings and their names When we play chess, the first few moves define the game . You may know the names already: the Italian Game, the Cambridge Springs Defense, the Smith-Morra Gambit, the Max Lange Attack, the Colle System, the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit, the Paulsen Variation, the Damiano Defense, and so on. But most chess players don't know WHY the openings are called what they are. In this entertaining book, bestselling author Nathan Rose lays out the origins of over more 50 chess openings and their names. This second volume of Chess Opening Names dives deeper into the history of the lesser-known openings, because the stories behind the lesser-known chess opening names are every bit as interesting as the better-known ones. The names of the chess openings tell the history of chess. You will meet seminal chess figures such as Anatoly Karpov, Judit Polgár, Tigran Petrosian, Emanuel Lasker, Saviely Tartakower, José Raúl Capablanca, Mikhail Botvinnik, and Viktor Korchnoi. Some of them won their fame in the world chess championship, while some gained renown for reasons other than their ability to play chess. Over 50 standard chess openings and variations. Impress your friends with superior opening knowledge - without the tedious study! Knowing the history of chess will prove your cleverness even more effectively than winning over the board. Once you have read this book, you can speak of your temptation to play the Tal Variation, but instead play the Keres Attack. Then, you can explain the origins of the names to your opponent. Even if you lose the game, your opponent will still be impressed! Enjoy this capitvating romp through the names of the first few moves. Grandmasters and patzers alike are sure to enjoy this entertaining tour through the people, places, and events which have given their names to the first few moves.

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Game Of Go Audiobook

Game Of Go

Author: Li Wei Narrator: Ross Pipkin Release Date: March 2021

The game of go has been played for thousands upon thousands of years, in fact it is one of the oldest board games in the world. This audio book describes the history of go and how you too can enjoy this phenomenal board game! Covering everything from the rules of go to popular strategies you too will be a go expert in no time!

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