This August has seen plenty of Summer sunshine and opportunites to curl up with a cool drink and relax with a new book. There's been no shortage of captivating fiction and immersive non-fiction titles to pick from either. If you're still wanting to make every bit of Summer count, or you're wanting to catch up and see what we've loved reading this month, take a look at our top August picks and shop the titles below. 

Fiction Books of the Month

These fiction books include the latest hardback and paperback releases. From darkly provocative thrillers to heartfelt historical romances. Check out these mesmerising reads or click to explore our Fiction Books of the Month page

My Other Husband by Dorothy Koomson - "Darkly provocative and chilling, this psychological thriller delves into the past of a woman being framed for murder."

Who's Lying Now? by Susan Lewis - "Someone is missing. Someone is lying. Who knows the truth? Suspicion, doubt, passion and fear take centre-stage in this captivatingly tense crime drama."

We'll Meet Again by Anton Du Beke - "Old friends from the Buckingham Hotel return in this heartfelt romance which sees the glitz and glamour of the ballroom fall under the shadow of the Second World War."

The Last House on the Street by Diane Chamberlain - "Social issues from the dark past of the USA hit home in this novel that welds two time frames, two women, and a mystery together."

When You Are Mine by Michael Robotham - "This tremendously entertaining and engaging thriller throws a young police officer in the midst of murder, gangsters, and corrupt colleagues."

The Last Party by Clare Mackintosh - "Sensationally smart and gorgeously gossipy while being an absolute humdinger of a thrilling read, and what’s more, it’s the start of a new series!"

Summer People by Julie Cohen - "A startling beautiful firework of a novel proving that it’s never too late to work out who you truly are."

The Frequency of Us by Keith Stuart - "A unique, truly beautiful and mesmerising LoveReading Star Book that encourages thoughts and feelings to soar."

Her Majesty's Royal Coven by Juno Dawson - "With a diverse cast of powerful women, this is a world of witches I want to exist in. For Gaia's sake, get me a spot in this sacred sisterhood."

The Draw of the Sea by Wyl Menmuir - "A beautiful exploration of how the ocean shapes and intrigues us"

Non-Fiction Books of the Month

In a lull and looking for something new? Our non-fiction books can help to expand your horizons. Connecting to the natural world or learning more about compelling women in medieval history? Keep scrolling or click to explore more of our non-fiction picks. 

Those Who Can, Teach by Andria Zafirakou - "The book teaches us all valuable life lessons: Never judging a child on first impression and the importance of mutual respect are two themes that run throughout the book."

The Way Back Almanac 2023 by Melinda Salisbury - "A warm and welcoming almanack full of fascinating facts, tips, recipes, and suggestions for anyone wanting to connect to the natural world around us."

A Woman's World, 1850–1960 by Dan Jones, Marina Amaral - "With scores of colourised photographs, this glorious global journey through women’s lives in an era of unprecedented change is an immersive, enlightening joy."

The Right Sort of Girl by Anita Rani - "Full of genuine warmth, Anita Rani transfers her popular TV personality to books with this inspiring and insightful memoir"

The Grove by Ben Dark - "An absolute dream of a read, this invitation to fall in love with plants and nature really shouldn’t be missed."

Femina by Janina Ramirez - "Inspiring, fascinating, and addictively moreish, this is a seriously serious and compelling look at some of the women who feature in medieval history."

Debuts of the Month

New voices on the scene and these books are certainly ones to pick up asap and make a note of the author's name for the future. There's character driven scandi-noir, mind consuming fantasy on the verge of horror and darkly comic but emotionally stirring literary picks. Add these to your wishlist and click to check out other debut authors we've discovered and loved. 

The Book Eaters by Sunyi Dean - "Sitting on the edge of horror this beautifully fantastical tale focuses on a mother desperately trying to protect her mind-eating child."

The Change by Kirsten Miller - "Three women discover a thirst for burning rage and retribution as they investigate the murder of a teenage girl in this all-consuming debut."

Housebreaking by Colleen Hubbard - "Family feuds, unlikely bonds, rebuilding a life through breaking a house, this outstanding debut is a darkly comic, emotionally stirring joy."

The Bone Road by N.E. Solomons - "High on a Balkans Road, two cyclists race for fun. One is a retired Olympian, the other her long-standing journalist boyfriend. In that moment, Heather and Ryan are joyous and excited about their future life. In the next, Ryan is gone, disappeared. And when the local Serbian police, led by Inspector Subotic, investigate, Heather's discoveries about Ryan lead her into ever-increasing danger."

Lemon by Kwon Yeo-sun - "This fascinating, psychologically astute vignette about grief, blame and searching for the truth delivers piercing emotional depth in unique and elegant style."

Small Miracles by Anne Booth - "Three nuns, small miracles, and love and friendship all come together to create the most fabulous of feel-good stories."

My Name is Jensen by Heidi Amsinck - "This character-driven, Scandi-noir thriller has style, atmosphere and charisma by the sled-load."

Good Husbands by Cate Ray - "A shocking letter threatens to destabilise three families in this compelling thriller laced with ethical dilemmas and surprising twists."

Fledgling by Hannah Bourne Taylor - "Set against contrasting Ghanaian and British landscapes, this touching memoir explores nature’s power to offer us hope, purpose and a sense of belonging when we need it the most."

Liz Robinson's Picks of the Month

Liz Robinson's Picks always highlight some truly fabulous reads and this month is no different. From the weirdly wonderful to historical fiction drenched in menace and joyful feel-good picks, see what Liz thought or click to explore her highlights, past and present. 

The Book Eaters by Sunyi Dean - "a richly dark fantasy debut and brings new meaning to the term bookworm, enter if you dare."

Wish You Were Here by Jodi Picoult - "We declare this a must-read. Striking, eloquent, and thought-provoking, this story charts a relationship during the early months of the pandemic."

The Generation Killer by Adam Simcox - "A supernatural squad of cops police the living and dead in this full-on weirdly wonderful read."

The Change by Kirsten Miller - "Channelling the energy of women The Change is a novel for all, it’s surprising, oh so readable and tremendously entertaining."

The Night Ship by Jess Kidd - "A searing haunting beauty is to be found within this dual time-line novel based on the calamitous voyage of the Batavia in 1628."

A Corruption of Blood by Ambrose Parry - "This historical mystery is drenched in a menace that reeks of the mid 19th century before bursting into devouring flames."

Forever Yours by Debbie Johnson - "Feel-good? Feel-wonderful! This joyful novel delves into friendship, family, and love with true warmth and empathy."

Star Books

August might be synonymous for the lazy days of summer but we certainly haven't slacked off when it comes to finding Star Books. Books that sit at the very top of our recommendations to you, click to browse the full selection or shop them below.