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The Bone Road

"High on a Balkans Road, two cyclists race for fun. One is a retired Olympian, the other her long-standing journalist boyfriend. In that moment, Heather and Ryan are joyous and excited about their future life. In the next, Ryan is gone, disappeared. And when the local Serbian police, led by Inspector Subotic, investigate, Heather's discoveries about Ryan lead her into ever-increasing danger."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

I love it when a book that is written to entertain provides an insight into a world I am not familiar with or to places I have never been. This cleverly written thriller does both.

As we learn about the world of competitive cycling, Solomons takes us on a descriptive journey through Serbia and the Balkans where we meet people who are still recovering from, and suffering the effects of, a war that only ended in 1995. Serbia, we discover, is a country of great beauty but with dark secrets born of a violent past.

Combine a Wallender-style detective with a former Olympic cyclist and you have a recipe for fireworks. As the body count climbs, The Bone Road doesn’t disappoint.

Matt Johnson

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