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Lucy Martin spent ten years as a city lawyer before leaving to set up a language school and become a writer. Like her protagonist, women’s rights have always been important to her: in 2000, she wrote an article for the Times on sexual discrimination in law firms, something she had spent many years fighting, before setting up Wimbledon Women in Business to support female entrepreneurs. 

Stop at Nothing is her debut novel and the first in a series featuring DS Veronica Delmar

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Stop at Nothing

Stop at Nothing

Author: Lucy Martin Format: Paperback Release Date: 11/11/2021

Driven by protagonist DS Veronica “Ronnie” Delmar, Lucy Martin’s Stop at Nothing heralds a refreshing new voice in female-fronted crime fiction. It’s a bona fide page-turner that’ll keep thriller fans on their toes, and reading long after bedtime. Secrets, lies and betrayals abound throughout the novel, which sees divorcee DS Ronnie Delmar drawn into a complex case (and a complex family) when a teenage girl, Amie, is abused by the caretaker at her suburban school. With teenage kids of her own, and the case resonating with her life, Ronnie is driven to see justice done, while her own life feels like it’s unravelling. Putting the caretaker behind bars is only the first piece of this complicated puzzle, as Ronnie discovers when he’s released. As both Ronnie and Amie feel ransacked by betrayal, the action ramps up when Ronnie starts to truly untangle the mess - but not before a succession of edge-of-your-seat twists and action scenes, and the truth coming as an unexpected shock.

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Helping a friend

Helping a friend

Author: Lucy Martin Format: Paperback Release Date: 30/09/2021

Join Alice the Aspiesaurus in this new heart-warming picture book that teaches children the value of friendship and helping others. It gives children a positive role model by showing Alice growing in confidence and facing her fear, while also teaching children that not everyone likes to be teased. Alice the Aspiesaurus thought she was the only dinosaur who found it hard to fit in. But when new dinosaur Caitlin joins her class, Alice discovers that Caitlin is shy, too. What's more, Caitlin's birthday is coming up, and the other dinosaurs are teasing her. Unless Alice helps her, Caitlin will have no one to celebrate her birthday with. Now Alice must be brave. With the help of her friends, she arranges a surprise birthday party for Caitlin. And thanks to Alice's help, Caitlin can befriend her classmates. This fun, easy-to-read story is based on the author's personal experiences of what it's like to be different. The book's original, colourful illustrations are based on the latest dinosaur research, and will appeal to any child who loves dinosaurs.

Different is Good

Different is Good

Author: Lucy Martin Format: Paperback Release Date: 15/10/2020

The story of Alice the Aspiesaurus draws on the author's personal experiences to give children a positive message about autism. An autistic dinosaur called Alice is finding it hard to make friends at her school, and we learn about some of the difficulties that Alice has, such as finding busy places scary, but also about some of the positives of having autism, like having a good memory. Along the way, Alice meets an older Aspiesaurus called Alvin, who helps her to see her differences as a good thing. Alice then has the confidence to befriend the other dinosaurs and use her amazing brain to help them. This book will appeal to all children with its relevant message, easy to read story, and fun, colourful illustrations of dinosaurs. Children who have autism themselves can greatly benefit from this book, which explains why they may feel different, and reassures them that differences are a good thing.

The Childcare Bible

The Childcare Bible

Author: Lucy Martin Format: Paperback Release Date: 06/08/2009

For single parent families as well as those with two working parents, organising formal childcare can seem complicated and daunting. How are you to navigate your way through all the options available, work out what you can afford and plan all this around you or your partner returning to work? In The Childcare Bible Lucy Martin offers clear, comprehensive guidance on the world of nannies, nurseries, childminders, and much more. As an ex-solicitor, working mother of three children and owner of a successful nanny-finding business Lucy is excellently placed to give you the best advice on how to negotiate the childcare minefield. Having interviewed parents across the country to ensure the widest range of concerns and issues are covered, The Childcare Bible tells you everything you need to know, including: - What types of childcare are available and what they each offer - How to evaluate a childcare provider or childcare setting - What financial support you can get and how it works - How to interview nannies and the relevant employment law issues - How to decide whether returning to work is right for you - What your rights are on returning to work With checklists and case studies, this essential guide sets out the pros and cons, costs and implications of all available options. Accompanied by a regularly updated website containing the latest legal changes affecting childcare, The Childcare Bible makes organising the right childcare for your family a painless task.

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