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A Woman's World, 1850–1960

"With scores of colourised photographs, this glorious global journey through women’s lives in an era of unprecedented change is an immersive, enlightening joy."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

This third volume in Marina Amaral and Dan Jones's Histories in Colour series examines women’s roles across domestic, cultural, social and professional realms from 1850 to 1960, just before the transformative second-wave feminist movement took hold.

Gratifyingly global in scope, and celebratory in tone, with incredible colourised historic photographs on every page, this is an enlightening must-have for anyone interested in global history, women’s history, and world affairs during a period of tremendous change.

With fascinating profiles of exceptional women who were seminal in their fields, the book covers women at play (female athletes), at school (women who broke moulds in the education field), at the wheel, in war, in charge, in the arts, on stage, in the wild, on the shop floor, and in white coats.

Alongside familiar figures like Queen Victoria, Virginia Woolf, Simone de Beauvoir, Frida Kahlo, Emmeline Pankhurst, Harriet Tubman, and Florence Nightingale, we’re also given insights into lesser-known women whose contributions to society deserve to be known  – from revolutionaries in Cairo, Cuba and China, to women who blazed a trail for American civil rights, to pioneering women who worked as nurses, pilots, scientists, explorers and creatives.

This hugely impressive, huge book packs undeniable punch.

Joanne Owen

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Reader Reviews

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A beautifully written book with the most extraordinary remastered photographs, showcasing some of recent history's leading ladies.

A Woman's World is a stunning book. The photographs remastered in colour of some of the leading females from recent history are extraordinarily beautiful. The accompanying text is delightfully written and thought provoking. All walks of life are represented, with some well-known faces and some women I've never heard of but have nonetheless influenced history. The book contains some fantastic achievements from some amazing women. It's a very easy book to pick up and get lost in the pages, looking at the fantastic photographs and the accompanying stories.

Nicola Jo Kingswell

Colourful, interesting, informative and easy to read, this wonderful collection of impressive lives lived would adorn any coffee table or reference section in educational institutions and is a must for all school libraries!

“A Woman’s World, 1850-1960” is the third volume in the bestselling ‘The Colour of Time’ series. Written by historian and broadcaster Dan Jones and features Marina Amaral's beautiful, colourized photographic images.

This huge and informative compilation of women, focuses on eleven areas of the roles they have played in history -
Women at Play
Women in School
Women at the Wheel
Women at War
Women in Charge
Women in the Arts
Women in the Streets
Women on Stage
Women in the Wild
Women on the Shop Floor
Women in White Coats

This is quite a book to behold. Perfect for dipping into when you take a fancy and you certainly learn some very interesting facts about women who played an important part in history.

Miriam Smith

This is an absolutely essential and necessary book that should be on everybody’s reading list and in every school and library.

To be able to read and review this book has been an absolute pleasure- because it is the book I have wanted to exist for as long as I can remember.

A Woman’s World finally gives a voice in one volume to all the women between 1850 and 1960 whose place in history has either been passingly acknowledged - or more likely never acknowledged.

However, this book which features the incredible colourised photography by Marina Amaral, and the brilliant accompanying narrative by Dan Jones elevates our consciousness of women’s history to another level.

Clare Reynolds