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The Frequency of Us

"A unique, truly beautiful and mesmerising LoveReading Star Book that encourages thoughts and feelings to soar."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

If you’re looking for a unique, transportive, immensely satisfying read then I’ll wave frantically and recommend you stop right here. Laura agrees to assess Will to establish if he is still capable of living on his own, she begins to suspect that Will isn't suffering from dementia and that his strange story may actually be true. Keith Stuart is the author of the truly beautiful Days of Wonder and A Boy Made of Blocks, books that touch emotions, encourage thoughts, and cast a spellbinding atmosphere. I was hugely excited to read his latest and it effortlessly joins the others as particular favourites of mine. Each of his novels have been completely different, yet there is a thread of connection. He opens a door to a side of being human that you might not have seen and encourages emotions to flood your heart and soul. The Frequency of Us takes a step outside of what is known, edging into fantastical and I joined the story with trust and belief. Laura and Will formed a connection with each other and in turn with me. Two time frames allow access to the past, creating intrigue and a mystery that just begs to be solved. The ending really spoke to me and set my feelings free to soar. The Frequency of Us is a mesmerising read full of love and hope, and I’m thrilled to recommend it as one of our LoveReading Star Books.


Liz Robinson

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A fascinating insight into a wireless engineers life during the war, how he lost his new wife and the lengths his new carer in the present day went to trying to find out the truth. Was Elsa a figment of Wills imagination or did she exist and if so where did she disappear to?

A young and innocent Will, a wireless engineer, meets Elsa, a refugee from Austria, during world war two and they fall in love and marry. After a night during which his street is bombed Will finds himself alone and disorientated. Seventy years later Laura becomes his carer and having suffered with mental health problems herself is determined to get to the bottom of where Elsa has disappeared to.

The book weaves its way between the war years and present day, with Will increasingly muddled and Laura wondering if she is capable of being the detective. Has Will made a mistake and Elsa is just a dream or does she really exist?

The story is based around Bath and the characters seem very lifelike and endearing, dementia and mental health being the main topics are tackled with empathy.

Glenda Worth

I recommend everyone reads this book, you are compelled to keep reading.

It was intriguing the way it changed from before the war, during the war and its aftermath. The two main characters held centre stage and both believable. I understood about radios, my dad had a Crystal set when I was young, he fiddled with it constantly, what Will was dealing with was something on a different level, it was real to me.
I recommend everyone reads this book - a novel that has novelty in its pages. Mixed with originality you are compelled to keep reading. The ending was more than I had anticipated.

Marjorie Lacy

An amazing story of what it means to help another human being. Unputdownable. A timeslip with heart. I have discovered a new author to follow.

I have to admit that the synopsis to this book drew me to read it. The writing kept me fascinated and the plot kept me reading until the end. I couldn’t put it down. Told in the first person with a number of points of view, the story ensured the reader could identify with each of the characters. It tells the story of Will who is caught in a bomb blast in 1942 and cannot find his wife, Elsa. In fact, according to everyone who knew him, he wasn’t married. The book moves forward and backwards between 1938 and 2008 as Laura, who is Will’s carer in his later years, is required to assess him for institutional care.

Lynn Johnson