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Days of Wonder

"A highly recommended deeply beautiful and magical read."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

A complete and absolute delight, this is a treasure of a read. Tom and his fifteen year old daughter Hannah believe in the magic of the theatre, of creating moments in time that live forever in the memory, when everything comes under threat, can magic prevail? This is one of those wonderful occasions where I just read for the pure spellbinding pleasure of reading. No notes, no overthinking, just cosying in a chair with a beautiful book. The first paragraph took my hand and welcomed me in. Keith Stuart takes ordinary and allows you to see wonder, captures the unimaginable and transforms it to touchable, greets heartache and encourages thoughtful contemplation… and his words are so gorgeously readable. Either Tom or Hannah head each chapter, their voices distinct, clear, vivid in my mind’s eye. Just as a note, I did cry, I had a little wobble as I read (you’ll know when you get there) and had to have a few minutes before I carried on reading, yet Days of Wonder is full of joy, hope, love and is a truly, deeply beautiful read - highly recommended.

Liz Robinson

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What an amazing book. Informative and candid, it shows both how living with heart disease and parenting can be done. I ended this book feeling not only better informed but also that I could learn from it how to live life a little better.

What an amazing book. I loved A Boy Made of Blocks and this is possibly even better. Informative and candid, it shows how living with heart disease can be done. And also how parenting can be done. The father-daughter relationship portrayed is so realistic, it's inspirational in making you want to work a little harder at your own.... Read Full Review

Jackie Robinson

It made me laugh out loud, it moved me to tears – best book I’ve read in years!

Tom is a single dad to fifteen-year-old Hannah who has a serious heart condition. He manages a local theatre in Somerset and each year, he is putting on mind-blowing productions for his daughter’s birthday, helped by all the people who are also involved in theatre life.

They know that Hannah’s has got a life-limiting condition and both find ways to deal with this as well as with lots of other problems – together and with the help of their great circle of friends.

Keith Stuart depicts a wonderful father/daughter relationship which is funny, tragic, magical, wonderful, sad and incredibly special. He is a master of bringing to life colourful characters that you cannot but fall in love with as a reader.... Read Full Review

Alexandra Harper-Williams

A wonderful, emotional rollercoaster of a book. Have tissues at the ready and a free couple of days as you won't want to put this down!

This book is a real tear-jerker have a box of tissues at the ready! The novel is based around a father (Tom) and his daughter Hannah. Hannah has an underlying heart condition which will essentially end her life prematurely. Both Tom and Hannah are very conscious of this and determined to make the most of the time they have left. Tom is protective whilst Hannah wants to get out there and experience what life has to offer. Tom is the manager of a local theatre which has consumed both their lives, and they both consider the cast of actors their family.

The story is about the threat of closure of the theatre, Hannah's concern about Tom being alone once she is gone, and Tom's concern about saving the theatre and his passion.... Read Full Review

Glenda Worth