Sometimes, a book that makes you cry, really cry, even sob, can be the most wonderful and transportive reading experience. I’ve picked ten books that have had me in pieces, sometimes I’ve even had to put the book down for a while because I couldn’t read through my tears. I’ve been asked why read something that upsets you so much? It’s because that particular emotion also comes with beauty. Any book that truly captures and squeezes your thoughts and feelings is to be celebrated. The fact that words can reach so far inside you they cause your heart to break is incredible. As always, I’ve included a variety of genres in this collection, from crime through to family drama and relationship tales. It goes without saying that some of these books touch on difficult topics, they have at least one particular moment that provokes an extreme emotion, but most also come with a helping of hope and joy too. It is worth noting that two of these novels are deeply dark in their entirety with only moments of light; so My Absolute Darling and The Enchanted come with a warning from me, they are incredibly painful to read yet absolutely impossible to put down. 

Although there are times these novels may actually hurt and you might find yourself crying a river, I can recommend them with my heart and soul.