It's taken the book world by dragon-filled storm and with the paperback of Rebecca Yarros' Fourth Wing now out you might have just finished your first year at Basgiath War College and thought "well, what do I read after that?!". Don't worry, we're here with some suggestions.

Honestly, the first thing I did was read it again. I had absolutely no desire to let go and, like getting off a rollercoaster and running round to join the back of the queue, I was on such a reader's high that I just wanted to experience it all over again. I grew up fixated on a very small number of books that I would pick up or borrow from the library over and over again so when I discover a book like this in adulthood it's an absolute joy and the highest form of a compliment I can give.

My next suggestion Iron Flame. There, that was easy. Thanks for reading. I'm joking, but the obvious next step if you enjoyed Fourth Wing and want more is to dive into the next book in the series. Iron Flame is out in hardback now, with the paperback due for release on the 28th September (if you're someone with an admirably iron will, or the biggest genius of us all and determined to make the wait until January 2025 for Onyx Storm less painful).

Now that the most obvious suggestions are out of the way, and a re-read has been ruled out (or already completed), we've put together a few suggestions  that help to make the hole Fourth Wing has left in our lives less cavernous. 

We're growing a pretty substantial Romantasy Collection. So, if Fourth Wing was the first time you dipped your toe into the ocean that is the fantasy romance / romantasy genre then you're in luck, you'll find most of the big titles and authors of this genre there, all in one place for you to discover. Sarah J. Maas' A Court of Thrones and Roses and Throne of Glass series are equally accessible and well-loved introductions to the genre. 

When trying to decide what to read next, the best thing to do is work out what part of the story you want more of. If you're looking for more dragons, there's endless possibilities in high and epic fantasy novels - think A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones). The Dragons of Deepwood Fen by Bradley P. Beaulieu is a wonderful introduction to a new fantasy realm with vibrantly alive dragons and a fascinating land to explore. For me, Samantha Shannon's The Roots of Chaos series jumped right back up my to-be-read list for this reason, an enthralling epic fantasy about a world on the brink of war with dragons, start with The Priory of the Orange Tree. We loved Shannon's previous hit dystopian series The Bone Season, and with the world tensions and dragons we know The Roots of Chaos will help to scratch our Fourth Wing itch. 

If you're wanting a fantasy romance with dragons, When the Moon Hatched has a beautiful world concept that features dragons, gods, kings, special abilities and romance that finds our main character and assassin for the rebellion Raeve drawn against her better judgement to a dark, dangerous stranger.

Moving away from dragons but still keeping the incredible fantasy world-building and an enemies-to-lovers storyline then you need to check out Deborah Harkness' All Souls series. The first book A Discovery of Witches introduces you to Oxford but not as you know it, it's one filled with vampires, witches and deamons as witch historian Diana Bishop crosses paths with vampire Matthew Clairmont and sets off a series of events that are truly gripping. This is a series I've returned to more than once, and after discovering the exciting as news that a new instalment is on the way (The Black Bird Oracle is coming in July!) I am overdue a re-read. When I first read this series I was as obsessed with the story in that same way I am obsessed with Fourth Wing - the characters dynamics, the world and lore all deliver a stunning series that comes highly recommended by team LoveReading. 

Speaking of enchanting series, Stephanie Garber's Caraval can offer a lot to Fourth Wing fans. Caraval is a once-a-year, week-long performance held on a magical island where the audience participates in the show. There's magic, illusion, lies, mystery and intrigue. For sisters Scarlett and Tella Caraval represents a freedom and escape they're desperate for, and when the invite arrives it seems their dreams have come true. Until Tella vanishes and Scarlett is drawn into a search for her sister where she can't believe anything she sees. It's fantastical - think Victorian carnival with a dose of Absinthe, and heaps of magic and illusion. A magical story that will have you second guessing yourself throughout, each book in the trilogy takes Caraval to exciting and more dramatic heights. And once you've finished this trilogy, continue the story of some of the characters with the Once Upon A Broken Heart series.

We hope this has provided plenty of food for thought for what to read after Fourth Wing. Find the recommended books listed below and let us know in the comments what you've read to fill the void left by Violet and Xaden.