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Fourth Wing

"Hooked from the first page, swoop into this all-consuming fantasy read and hold on as the characters face two options: graduate or die."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

I’m a contrary kind of reader, when I see book reviews full of hype and positivity I become wary. My socks have already been blown off before I’ve started reading and my expectations become unobtainably high. Will I still enjoy it? Sometimes, but it’s rare that I’ll match the energy of the other reviews and it will become a book that I will obsess over. Fourth Wing is one of these rare exceptions.

Violet has spent her whole life training to be a scribe, but as she enters Basgiath College, she does it aiming to be a cadet for the deadly, dangerous and violent riders. A brutal place where Violet is encouraged to make allies, not friends, and not get attached to anyone because every day might be their last. Not naturally built to face such physical challenges, there’s a target on her back. Not to mention the dragons, who don’t bond with weak humans.

This book has everything: a great premise, a strong female lead, characters to fall in love with, magic, suspense, chemistry and tension that’ll make your temperature rise and a plot that is never shy about having a sting in its tale. I was hooked from the first page and having to put it down to sleep and work has taken a combination of self-control I never knew I possessed and a need for the story not to end just yet. I read the final chapters from between my fingers and with tears in my eyes, and once I’ve calmed down I’ll be picking it up to re-read and I’ll be going straight to pre-order Iron Flame. For Sarah J. Maas fans it has everything ACOTAR has, and more, plus dragons! I’m desperate to find out what happens next. 

Charlotte Walker

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