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I've been an Editorial Expert writing reviews for Lovereading, since February 2014. I relish my time spent exploring all genres, and particularly enjoy novels that encourage my emotions to run riot, or fling me back in time or to unknown places. Books have always played a huge part in my life, they take pride of place on my ever increasing bookshelves, and often receive a pat or a hug as I pass.

I worked as a member of police support staff for twenty years (as a Communications Officer, Criminal Intelligence Analyst, Briefing Officer, and Crime Reduction Advisor). I count myself as a somewhat expert armchair detective and therefore I’m thrilled when broadsided by an unexpected twist.

I was invited by the Romantic Novelists Association to be a judge for the Goldsboro Romantic Novel of the Year award 2018, and adored the seven category winners, though picking the eventual winner was a tricky task.

I would describe myself as a reader, a lover of all things books, and can be found on twitter as @LRLizRobinson.

Latest Reviews By Liz Robinson

‘Mine’ is a sharply focused, edgy, wonderfully compelling read, where the tension tightens into a lightning ball before powerfully exploding. Lawyer Francine Day begins an affair with client Martin Joy after taking on his divorce, when his wife goes missing danger edges ever closer. The prologue, particularly the first sentence hit me with a whammy, I was instantly hooked. There is a lot of information to take on board, yet I felt alert and energised as I read. My feelings for Fran tossed and turned, the more I learned, the closer I became, and the more real she ... View Full Review
An absorbing, twisting, uneasy reflection of a marriage, as it is being lived with an untold secret at its heart. Kate and Paul have been married for ten years, as they celebrate their anniversary Kate looks back to the time they met as children, and to what could lie ahead in their future. Holly Seddon has become a must-read author for me, each book has had different themes, even edged into different genres, yet the undeniable authenticity of each really shines through. Her writing feels heartfelt, honest, and she has the ability to create such tangible characters, I could turn ... View Full Review
A forbidden love. A deadly secret. `An absorbing, well-researched story that brings to life an extraordinary period in history' GILL PAUL, bestselling author of The Secret Wife A fascinating, bold read, allowing you access to the Second World War from an unusual viewpoint.  Magda Ritter tells her own story as she moves from Berlin to Hitler’s retreat The Berghof to act as the ultimate protector, Hitler’s food taster. Magda has to be prepared to give her life for the Fuhrer, yet she finds love and a social conscience in the most unlikely of places. V. ... View Full Review
An exciting change of direction by Sarah Morgan has led to a deliciously entertaining and heartfelt read. Sisters Lauren and Jenna find that a life based on a secret can be a very destructive thing, yet love, compassion and honesty are waiting in the background, ready to be called. I’ve always loved Sarah Morgan’s novels, they’ve been beautifully simple and full of romance, now she has added a real depth, creating a world surrounding, yet entirely part of the story. The characters within this family, from teenager Mack to grandmother Nancy have a real ... View Full Review
Brilliantly constructed speculative crime fiction A classic whodunit Dark psychological suspense Doug Johnstone returns with his most explosive and original thriller yet... Short, sharp, punchy. As a reimagined Edinburgh sits with a volcano on the doorstep, volcanologist Surtsey discovers the very dead body of her lover, and a split-second decision turns her entire world upside down. Doug Johnstone sets the pace from the very beginning, fast moving chapters kept my thoughts whirring. Surtsey is a fascinating character, living her life in the moment, her actions reverberated across the surface of the pages. I could feel her shock, her confusion, yet ... View Full Review
May 2018 Book of the Month A tense, Hitchcockian psychological thriller in which nothing is as it seems, every truth might be a lie, and the past looms ever larger over the present, The Old You is a nail-bitingly modern slice of domestic noir.   The Old You by Louise Voss  A clever, gripping and thrilling tale that just demands to be read in one sitting. Lynn’s husband Ed has been diagnosed with Pick’s disease, a rare form of progressive dementia. As their world is turned upside down, odd things start to happen, and the past ... View Full Review
The brand-new feel-good story from bestseller Veronica Henry - a perfect mix of family, friends and delicious food. So absolutely and completely gorgeous in every way! I do look forward to the latest Veronica Henry, I fairly danced with glee when ‘A Family Recipe’ arrived. Number 11 Lark Hill, Bath sits centre stage in this story, set during the Second World War and 2017. The house connects two tales, two women and the people they love. I read this in one sitting, once started, I quite simply didn’t want to stop. Jilly and Laura became known and loved, ... View Full Review
'If you like Jodi Picoult try Melissa Hill' Woman and Home Good mother or bad ... who decides?' With clever writing, this provocative tale is just so, so readable. Rosie can’t have her childhood vaccinations due to a medical condition, while Clara’s parents have decided not to vaccinate for personal reasons. When measles strikes both girls, is anyone to blame, and will life ever be the same again? Melissa Hill writes in such a compassionate and measured way, neither judging nor condemning, yet she brings this highly sensitive and volatile subject vibrantly to life. Mums Kate ... View Full Review
April 2018 Book of the Month The intriguing title more than delivers in this entirely captivating read. Three stories belonging to Emma, Stella and Lizzie, fuse together into one. Emma lives life constantly balanced on the edge of fear, 14 year old Stella believes her mum has a secret, while student Lizzie finds herself living in a nightmare. The present is told by Stella and Emma, I felt thoughts, emotions, an intimate connection, while in the past Lizzie is kept at a slight distance. Sanjida Kay gradually releases information, yet there is so much I still didn’t know, I had ... View Full Review
Longlisted for the Desmond Elliott Prize 2018 A searing, sometimes painful, yet fully rich and fascinating read. 21 year old student Frances, and her ex-girlfriend Bobbi are interviewed by Melissa about their spoken word performances. They are invited to enter Melissa’s world, they meet her actor husband, their friends, join parties, even a holiday, yet as friendships form and blossom, one particular relationship threatens all. Sally Rooney writes with a beautifully observant pen, she sees beneath the skin, testing, sifting through thoughts and feelings. Frances is one of the most intriguing characters I have met, incredibly bright and witty, she ... View Full Review
Shortlisted for the Desmond Elliott Prize 2018   A darkly mesmerising and fascinating epic of a tale based in India, one that is all-consuming and fiercely beautiful. A family descends into a hellish nightmare when power, greed, and corruption begin to prowl through their lives. After his mother dies, Jivan returns home to his family and arrives to chaos. The first paragraph gently took hold of my thoughts, setting the departing view in my minds eye, setting my feet on the journey to India. I sank quickly and deeply into the page, Preti Taneja allows the words to sing, to explain, ... View Full Review
May 2018 Debut of the Month A poignant, inspiring debut to really immerse yourself in, to feel and become a part of. Hero De Vera originally from the Philippines, joins her Uncle and his family in California, she arrives with secrets, and enters a house with secrets, can the family unite as one? The prologue sets the stage, another woman, not Hero, speaks. Elaine Castillo placed me entirely into an unknown world, her words took me there so completely I felt empathy, warmth, remorse resonating through me. Each central character has a distinctive voice, the different women take centre stage, strong, ... View Full Review