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Liz Robinson - Editorial Expert

Liz has been an Editorial Expert writing reviews for LoveReading since 2014. Reading has always played a huge part in her life and she can quite happily chat books all day. She previously spent twenty years working as a member of police support staff, including roles as Criminal Intelligence Analyst, Briefing Officer, and Crime Reduction Advisor. She relishes her time spent exploring all genres of fiction and non fiction. She video reviews her selections for the LoveReading LitFest Festival Favourites and is also a Presenter for their events. Liz has previously judged the Romantic Novelists’ Association Goldsboro Romantic Novel of the Year Award, the Chiddingstone Castle Literary Festival Short Story Competition, the LoveReading Very Short Story Award, and the Crime Writers’ Association (CWA) Gold Dagger Award. Her next judging stint sees her joining the CWA Crime Fiction in Translation Award 2023-2025. She describes herself as a reader, a lover of all things books, and can be found on Twitter and Instagram as @LRLizRobinson.

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This reimagining of the story of the son of God is gently powerful and beautifully thought-provoking. Virgin Maryam gives birth to Avigayil in Nazareth, as she grows, Avigayil determines to be a boy, challenges thoughts and behaviours, and performs miracles. I found Him to be thoughtful and considerate, though I appreciate others may well have a completely different experience with the concept of this new story. Author Geoff Ryman has set the novel in an alternate reality, and writes with sensitivity and empathy. It was easy to slip into the tale as there are known frames of reference even though ... View Full Review
That Festive Feeling
Gorgeously full of festive fun, love, and friendship, I absolutely adored this Christmassy read. Holly wants to keep to herself when she house-sits for friends over Christmas, she needs to recuperate after the end of her marriage, and plan her next steps. Life though has other plans, and throws a whole host of challenges her way. I love Heidi Swain’s novels, and have a particularly soft spot for those set within the community of Nightingale Square in Norwich. She has a deft touch, ensuring a feeling of authenticity sweeps through the novel, while empathy, kindness, and compassion is ... View Full Review
The Stellar Debut of Galactica MacFee
I can’t quite believe that we are at book 17 in the wonderful 44 Scotland Street series! This is a series that explores just how admirable, and awful, we humans can be in both our conventionality and complexities. When Galactica MacFee joins Bertie’s class at school, war ensues between her and Olive. The characters, with their individual quirks on full display, are fabulous. I adore the gorgeous Bertie, and revel in the awfulness of his mother Irene, while Cyril’s love of ankles makes me smirk. I feel as though I am a part of these characters ... View Full Review
House of Open Wounds
I announce this absolute humdinger of a LoveReading Star Book as an extraordinarily powerful and provocative read. As the Palleseen army invade, battle, and retreat their way in a never ending cycle, the crew of a field hospital just behind the front line battle to save lives and each other. Carrying a box of Gods on his back, Yasnic is sent to join the bizarre medical team led by the Butcher. This is the second book in the The Tyrant Philosophers series, you could very easily read this as a standalone, yet I recommend starting with City of Last Chances ... View Full Review
The Witch's Daughter
A richly evocative and gloriously compelling historical novel set between 1916-1919 and the collapse of Tsarist Russia during the revolution. This follows The Witches of St. Petersburg where Princesses Anastasia and Militza from Montenegro introduced Rasputin to the Imperial court of Nicholas II. Here the story concentrates on Militza and her daughter Nadezhda as their world shatters. Author Imogen Edwards-Jones sends the story weaving around actual events and figures which immediately creates a feeling of familiarity within the wider field of history. The inclusion of a deep ancestral magic that follows the family was fascinating. It was easy to fall ... View Full Review
The Wit and Wisdom of David Attenborough
Just gorgeous, good things come in small packages has never been more apt, neat and perfectly formed, this would make a great stocking filler. While Sir David Attenborough himself is not affiliated with this book, it is a fabulous celebration of the man, as the first line confirms: “Sir David Attenborough is many things - all of them wonderful” and further: “If he won’t celebrate himself we will have to do it for him”. It includes a time line of his life so far, chapters of his early years and his big break, through ... View Full Review
A Therapeutic Library
A fascinating collection of books lies within these pages. From fiction and poetry through to memoirs and books on nature and science, psychology, history, and philosophy, the one hundred books recommended in A Therapeutic Library have been selected as they can help promote well-being, a sense of calm, and fulfilment. Well chosen illustrations accompany the titles, and sit beautifully alongside the text. The School of Life state: “The truly well-read person isn’t one who has read a gargantuan number of books; it is someone who has let themselves be deeply shaped by just a few well-chosen titles&... View Full Review
Dirty Geese
This political thriller set in the near-future feels so very authentic it pulses with provocative power. Artificial intelligence when in the hands of the corrupt proves to be deadly as Chief Whip Esme Kanha, and new Minister for Personal Information Harry Colbey, attempt to challenge the politically corrupt. Author Lou Gilmond immediately caught me in a web of intrigue, this is a future that feels imminent, credible, and so all the more chilling. The story takes you into the shadows, behind the public face of those in power. The characters are vivid on the page, each introduction adds a convincing ... View Full Review
Winter Lights
This interlocking collection of uplifting short stories taking place over Christmas is soul-warming. Each tale is set in and around a small town in Sussex, and takes delight in exploring the joy in the small things that actually matter most, and should be held close to our hearts. I would advise reading these stories as they are presented, there is a link that would be broken if you read out of order. Author Deborah Jenkins has the gift of observation, she is able to draw back the curtain between hearts and minds, revealing truth. There is an understated expressive eloquence ... View Full Review
Joe Nuthin's Guide to Life
Beautifully observant, funny, and affectionate, this uplifting novel deserves to soar. With the help of his mum’s blue and yellow notebooks full of advice Joe-Nathan navigates his way through life. Author Helen Fisher shone with her debut Space Hopper, and Joe Nuthin’s Guide to Life joins it as a LoveReading Star Book. The two novels are very different, each is unique and yet contains an unmistakable eloquence. Joe-Nathan himself steps in to join my list of favourite characters, in fact each member of this cast-list is a delight. Whether in the starring role or on the ... View Full Review
Jungle House
Incredibly tense and intense this dystopian novel fills senses and batters at thoughts while stunning with its beauty. A jungle holiday home is rigorously protected by its staff and a security fence, yet the outer world begins to penetrate. Thoughtfully provocative and eloquently written, author Julianne Pachico explores the relationship between humans and machines. Clever and challenging, an awareness settles that this potential future might not be that far away. The sense of place is so very powerful, the jungle almost cuts and carves its place into your minds eye. The dwelling is in itself, a character, one that is ... View Full Review
The Mantis
Immensely enjoyable, humorous, and highly visual, this novel may be relatively short in length but has a huge impact. Japanese assassin for hire Kabuto finds life a strain as he tries to keep his wife and son happy and his attempts to retire are rebutted by his handler.  While amusing and entertaining, themes of friendship and family sit alongside self-confidence and self-respect. Award-winning author Kotaro Isaka (of Bullet Train fame) spins a number of plates as he sets the scene and allows intimate access to Kabuto. The translation by Sam Malissa is spot on, while my eyes were opened, ... View Full Review