Complicated relationships crop up in every genre of literature, from crime right through to romance, fantasy, and historical reads. Quite a few of my favourite fictional relationships are those that have that have added layers of complexity. While a difficult exchange can be the most disheartening experience in real life, on the page it can ensure a gripping and entertaining read. The two leads in Razorblade Tears by S.A. Cosby are absolutely fascinating, each battling their own demons as they seek revenge for their murder of their sons. Some of the relationships in the novels I have included here may not be centre stage, but they are difficult enough to be entirely memorable. Sarah Hilary’s Marnie Rome and Stephen Keele together are a captivating duo, Stephen isn’t the main focus, but Marnie’s foster-brother is always there, waiting in the wings. The characters in Good Intentions by Kasim Ali had me on tenterhooks throughout, the bittersweet plot ensuring it connected with my heart and mind. Life isn’t easy, it is full of ups and downs, these novels square up to the tangled webs that exist between people, meeting them head on. Why not take a dip, and discover why we’ve fallen in love with complicated relationships.