Watch Her Fall

Hardback edition released 01/04/2021

by Erin Kelly

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LoveReading Expert Review of Watch Her Fall

This stunning LoveReading Star Book is an unexpected and breathtaking thriller set in the world of ballet. We proclaim it a must-read!

A shout from the rooftops type of book, and this is so special, I may be there for some time! Ava is at the peak of her ballet career and about to appear in the most challenging role of her life, but she’s just one small step away from falling from grace, and someone desperately wants her crown. I am always so careful to avoid spoilers, and also wary of stating if there are twists. With this novel though, I feel as though I can proclaim that it is most cleverly unexpected read, without spoiling it in any way! Erin Kelly takes us behind the scenes, to the effort and obsession, to the pain and glory, and sets the most thrilling and intoxicating plot. This novel builds in an intensity that I couldn’t have even imagined when I first opened the pages. It was only as I got further in that my thoughts began to stutter, and then went into free fall. I became absolutely transfixed. The plot is everything, so cunning and smart, yet the characters and descriptions are absolutely on point too. I know this will sit as one of my favourite reads of the year, and along with a standing ovation it also receives a LoveReading Star Book. Breathtaking, sharp, and wonderfully rewarding, Watch Her Fall is an absolute stunner and I proclaim it a must-read.

Liz Robinson

Watch Her Fall Synopsis

Swan Lake is divided into the black acts and the white acts. The Prince is on stage for most of the ballet, but it's the swans audiences flock to see. In early productions, Odette and Odile were performed by two different dancers. These days, it is usual for the same dancer to play both roles. Because of the faultless ballet technique required to master the steps, and the emotional range needed to perform both the virginal Odette and the dark, seductive Odile, this challenging dual role is one of the most coveted in all ballet. Dancers would kill for the part.

Ava Kirilova has reached the very top of her profession. After years and years of hard graft, pain and sacrifice as part of the London Russian Ballet Company, allowing nothing else to distract her, she is finally the poster girl for Swan Lake. Even Mr K - her father, and the intense, terrifying director of the company - can find no fault. Ava has pushed herself ahead of countless other talented, hardworking girls, and they are all watching her now.

But there is someone who really wants to see Ava fall . . .

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781473680838
Publication date: 1st April 2021
Author: Erin Kelly
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 400 pages
Collections: 100+ Female Led Crime Fiction, Summer Is Here - Feast Your Eyes on LoveReading's Ever-growing List of Summer Reading Recommendations,
Primary Genre Thriller and Suspense
Other Genres:

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Erin Kelly Press Reviews

Watch Her Fall is a triumph of storytelling, full of swooping passion and explosive twists that will take your breath away. I was entranced from the first page, losing my heart to the characters and swept up in their stories which were seamlessly intertwined in the way only a writer at the height of her powers can achieve. An absolute joy of a book - Sarah Hilary

In what I believe is her best book to date, Erin Kelly leaps into the dark and enchanting world of Russian ballet with a dancer's precision. The mesmeric tale of Ava Kirilova unfolds like the darkest and most delicious fairytale. I read it in two sittings and found myself enraptured, transported, spun around and left dizzy by the final page - Charlotte Philby, bestselling author of Part of the Family and A Double Life

An immersive, addictive thriller set in the high-stakes world of ballet, with a jolting twist you absolutely won't see coming - Claire McGowan, author of The Other Wife

Just finished Watch Her Fall - an elegant thriller set around the secretive world of elite Russian ballet. Powerful, ingenious and EXCITING. Loved peeking behind the curtain and learning about Swan Lake. Memorable characters and gasp-out-loud twists. SUPERB! - Will Dean

Kelly's characters could walk into a room and take a seat next to you and you'd know who they were, and her plots are the smartest in the industry, but with this one she somehow captured the intense, constrained, sinister world of ballet. I absolutely loved it - Gillian McAllister, author of Sunday Times bestseller How to Disappear

A captivating hall of mirrors of a novel, where nothing and no one is as they seem - Paula Hawkins, bestselling author of The Girl on the Train

I would read a shopping list from Erin Kelly, if it were set in the same rarified, cut-throat world in which she has set her latest novel. Watch Her Fall is not only a cleverly plotted, beautifully written thriller; it is also a mesmerising glimpse behind the curtain into a world few of us will ever see - Clare Mackintosh

Think Black Swan meets Killing Eve, with the most brilliant twist - Grazia Online

Superbly dark, gloriously twisted and utterly seductive - this is Erin Kelly at her mind-bending best - Ruth Ware

Kelly's pirouetting plot is up there with her best - Daily Express

Erin Kelly plunges readers into the highly competitive world of ballet in Watch Her Fall - Sunday Express S Magazine

Thriller queen Kelly is back with a new novel about a dancer at the London Ballet Company . . . Think Black Swan but in book form - Cosmopolitan

Bestselling crime novelist Kelly returns with a dark tale of obsession and ambition set in a prestigious ballet company and based around the story of Swan Lake - ipaper

Immerse yourself in the claustrophobic, competitive world of ballet. Beautifully dark and complex. So good! - Jane Fallon

The new addictive thriller of 2021 . . . Gripping with a devilish twist - Alice O'Keeffe

This was a wild ride! Erin Kelly's new book Watch Her Fall is a thrilling high-wire of twists and switchbacks! Brilliant - Marian Keyes

Watch Her Fall is a terrifically absorbing novel, rich in atmosphere, style and surprises - Erin Kelly once again leads her readers on a dark and merry dance, and they'll love her for it - Sarah Perry

Glitters with dark brilliance and portrays the complex, painful world of ballet with great authenticity. I loved it! - Kate Rhodes

This thriller is being described as Killing Eve meets Black Swan - how amazing does that sound? Set in the world of ballet, it's about two rival dancers and the lengths they go to to get to the top - Good Housekeeping 'Books to Watch in 2021'

Watch Her Fall is an absolute masterclass in misdirection, the kind of book that you finish and then turn straight back to the beginning to see how on earth she did it . . . A central twist so ingenious that this reader gasped out loud . . . The pressured, high-stakes world of professional ballet is brilliantly evoked . . . The brilliant Watch Her Fall will take some beating - Alice O'Keeffe, The Bookseller

Watch Her Fall dances with artistic passion and intrigue, beauty and pain; the plot pirouettes in ways that leave you breathless. More than an exciting read - it is a dazzling performance. Brava, Erin Kelly! - Rachel Edwards

Twisty and brilliant and completely absorbing - not only a masterclass of a thriller but also sneakily profound about identity, ambition and greed - Bridget Collins

Watch Her Fall is Erin Kelly's most ambitious and captivating book to date, an absolutely enthralling look at the dark underbelly of the ballet world, built into a shifting narrative of time and place that was so thrilling and unexpected that it made my head spin - Lisa Jewell

It's awfully gripping and beautifully written - Marian Keyes for OK! Magazine

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ISBN: 9781473680838
Publication date: 01/04/2021
Format: Hardback

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Erin Kelly read English at Warwick University. Author of THE POISON TREE and THE SICK ROSE, she has worked as a freelance journalist for over ten years and has written for the Daily Mail, Psychologies, the Guardian and Cosmopolitan, among others. She lives in North London with her family. THE BURNING AIR is her third novel.   Author photo © Domenico Pugliese

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