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Sunny Days and Sea Breezes

"A gorgeous relationship tale that encourages a lovely bond to form with the leading character and allows a proper escape to the Isle of Wight."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

A wonderfully warm, bright book to escape into, to give yourself up to and just enjoy. Jodie Jackson leaves everything she knows for a houseboat in the Isle of Wight, she soon finds herself falling for the island and its inhabitants, but London is calling and won’t take no for an answer. I always look forward to reading the latest book by Carole Matthews, they wrap me up and give me a massive loving squeeze. Having said that, this isn’t syrupy sweet, oh no, some real life dilemmas and mistakes sneak in to ensure a feeling of connection, that this could be you, or someone you know. I loved Jodie’s voice and how she talks to the reader, it not only created a bond, I ended up feeling as though I had made a brand new friend. Pure, wonderful escapism, Sunny Days and Sea Breezes really is the most lovely relationship tale and I can thoroughly recommend picking up a copy and just allowing yourself to sink into the pages. We simply adored this book in the office and so it has been chosen as a LoveReading Star Book as well as a Book of the Month. 

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Liz Robinson

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Primary Genre Romance / Relationship Stories
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Reader Reviews

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A beautiful seaside escape filled with laughter, tears and romance. The perfect setting for romance to blossom, even when all Jodie wants is peace and quiet on her brother’s houseboat.

Jodie escapes her London life and head to the Isle of Wight to live on her brother’s houseboat. It is a far cry from her London apartment and her husband, but she had to get away. Broken and upset she begins her new life at Cockleshell bay. There Jodie meets a plethora of characters; a loud and flamboyant cleaner, a living statue, a noisy and very attractive sculptor, but all she wants is peace and quiet. Slowly they bring Jodie out of her shell as she becomes more accustom to life by the shore.

The setting was perfect for Sunny Days and Sea Breezes and provided a brilliant escape for both Jodie and reader. I was completely charmed by Cockleshell Bay and the characters that call it home, particular Marilyn with her vibrant outfit and a personality to match.... Read Full Review

Alice Robinson

Another beautiful story from Carole Matthews

Carole Matthews is fast becoming one of my favourite authors. Her stories are effortless to sink in to. Although I love the sweet relationships at their heart, in each book I've read so far, also touches on very real and sometimes heartbreaking problems. 

Sunny Days and Sea Breezes is no different. Jodie runs away to her brother's houseboat on the Isle of Wight telling us as she goes that she just wants some peace and quiet. But Marylin comes crashing into her life in vivid technicolour with a "coooeeeee", and Jodie gets to know the locals on the island (including the distracting artist next door).... Read Full Review

Charlotte Walker

A brilliant story for today's times with plausible characters and a great setting.

In this romance, although it is quite hard to define the genre because the novel covers a few, we meet Jodie Jackson, who has had a tricky few months in London. She is on her way to the Isle of Wight, to stay alone on her brother's houseboat. She is escaping London, husband and job as she tries to refocus her life. Jodie is a totally engaging main character, and how she adapts to a completely different way of life is central to the novel and to how she manages to move forward. There are several supporting characters to help. Among them are Marilyn, the extremely hyperactive cleaner, Ned, the sculptor and George the would-be author who poses as a living statue. This is definitely a feel-good book although it does also examine difficult issues.... Read Full Review

maxine broadbent