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The Night Ship

"A searing haunting beauty is to be found within this dual time-line novel based on the calamitous voyage of the Batavia in 1628."

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This title will be released on 11/08/2022. Pre-order now.

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Interpreting history in the best possible way, The Night Ship dances through dreams and nightmares. Two children connected by a thread in time, live on the edge of life itself as the adults around them change their worlds forever. The chapters travel between Mayken in 1628 and Gil in 1989, and as echoes of the past breach the later timeline, a dark dread settles. Award-winning author Jess Kidd has the most wonderful relationship with words, they arrived fully formed in my minds eye, fully capable of sending goosebumps skittering down my arms. There is so much wonder to be found in the writing, a sentence would pluck at my thoughts and send them in new directions. The whisper of the fantastical settles into the darkness, my emotions were on full alert, waiting, anxious, expecting chaos and violence. Friendship and love make themselves known, they felt precious and I treasured those moments. Mayken and Gil have clambered into my heart and will remain there. This is a book that lingers in my thoughts, even days after reading it I still feel the movement of the ship and ponder the connections of the lives lived within. Joining our LoveReading Star Books, The Night Ship lifts and soothes even as it provokes and hurts, it truly is a thing of beauty.

Liz Robinson

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